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Energy Overview of 2023

The threshold of the new year is here and we are about to step through it and embark on the adventure of 2023. And what an adventure it promises to be.

Each year, close to the time of the Winter Solstice I take a solitary retreat for a week, to enter my own dreamtime, to dive into the imaginal realm and also to communicate with my guides and enquire about the energy of the incoming year. This year I was in the west of Cornwall, where wild beauty and unbroken magic abound. I have always had the ability to channel information, for within my normal experience of being a synesthete, channelling as a form of perception and connection is an active and innate part of how I perceive and connect with energy.

Being a synesthete means there is little separation between my senses. Synesthesia means ‘perceive together’ or, as webMD states ‘synesthesia is when you hear music, but see shapes. Or you hear a word and instantly see a colour. Synesthesia is a fancy name for when you experience one of your senses through another’.

I have always experienced the world this way and, with my twin walking in the otherworld, even as I walk in this world, communication from the spirit world is pretty normal for me too. When my natural language, like yours, is the language of energy, then the invisible holds as much information as the visible, for energy is information, and information is always carried with energetic communication.

As I sat in communication, I asked to be shown the flow and shape of the cosmic energetic vibration throughout 2023. I find it so helpful to explore and understand the energetic themes of the year, for then the subtleties of each month are held within that greater framework. Knowing the key energetic themes can help us make sense of the energy and empower each of us to ride the oncoming cosmic waves with more ease and wisdom.

If you remember, 2022 was a year of Sacred Transformation, with the theme of Courageous Warriorship weaving in and out of each month.

This year we both continue and expand upon those energetic vibrations with the three prominent themes of 2023:

  • Wild Reconnection

  • Conscious Exploration, and

  • Sustained Focus

(On a personal note, I LOVE the sound and feel of these three themes and I’m ready and up for it….how about you?).

The vibrational colour of 2023 is a bright Indigo.

It is a fast and high vibration that requests each of us show up with even more authenticity than we are currently holding. Through the year there will be wars raging as the opposing forces we are so familiar with fight their corners and defend their own stances, not yet quite able to see that we are all on the same page. We are all humans living on the same magnificent planet, and despite the focus on the small print of differences, our similarities and interconnectiveness mean we are all in this together, in every way.

What we perceive as often irreconcilable and opposing views are simply different expressions of a spectrum of heart-mind consciousness. And this spectrum isn’t linear but rather a spiralling spectrum that we continually travel around and around, moving in and out of our own unique and emerging awareness. Each of us have blind spots that tie up our heart-mind awareness. You may be easily able to chat to someone with a different and challenging political view than yours, but not bring yourself to speak to your estranged sibling. Or perhaps you can forgive a wrong done to you by another but have not forgiven yourself for, and are still beating yourself up about, a wrong you did to someone else in the past. You see what I mean? There is nothing linear about awareness and the spiral of heart-mind consciousness that we traverse continually with. Each of us can be radiant and joyful in one arena and stifled or mean in another. We are all skilled experts and all struggling beginners depending on the subject matter that we are exploring.

This year supports you in Conscious Exploration to dive deeper into how to navigate between these places of difference within your life and within the world.

The narrative of mainstream media will continue to focus on the fears and dysfunctions in the world, and we all know that there are plenty of them. So a sustained focus of ours is to look for and support the balance and harmony in the world, for there are even more of them. Never forget that happiness, joy, and harmony are contagious!

A key question this year is 'are you willing to go into the dark to find the light?'

Or even 'are you willing to stand in the dark to BE the light?'.

This is the year to continue creating new ways of thinking and being. Keep ripping up all the old ways, let them crumble, let them dissolve. You don’t have to attack them, or bring a warfare mentality to them; that is the energy of the old paradigm, not the one that we are all working to co-create.

Keep visioning the future, without the limitation of fear, make your vision magnificent. DREAM BIG and then a bit bigger still. Put your attention and intention towards making that magnificent vision more and more accessible to you, to your beloveds, to all of us. In this way you are following the energy of 2023 and doing your part in weaving the pathways of Wild Connection back into being, where the story of separation is no longer the dominant feature of our collective narrative but rather the story of hope, of connection (at the cost of sounding too much of cliche) of love.

I have long been enchanted by the vision and wisdom of 15th century mystic Julian of Norwich. A few months after my Mum died nearly 30 years ago I went to a spiritual sanctuary to help my heart grieve. Beside the door in my room there was a small framed needle point with the words ‘All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well’. These are words that Julian wrote in her text ‘Revelations of Divine Love’ and their simple power entered every cell and every level of awareness within my energy system. They have been a constant since that time.

However, this year, another layer of magical awareness has been added and absorbed. Julian writes, ‘All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well…..for there is a force of love moving through the Universe that holds us fast and will never let us go’.

It is that force of love that I shall be weaving around me like a cloak as I move through 2023 in all of its complexities and all of its wonder. Seeing energy as I do I have no doubt that the Cosmos is filled with a pulsing, active consciousness, one that we call ‘love’. We are a part of it and through our radiant soul energy we are energetically wired to emanate that love of life through every heartbeat, every breath, every step, every blink, every moment of our life.

Your natural being is in constant communication and energetic exchange with the energies of joy, love, hope, and happiness.

With love



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