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February Energy Forecast 2022 - Pressure! Alchemy. Soul Re-membering

If I say the word ‘Ice’, what comes to your heart and mind?

The deep rich blue of the ancient glaciers?

The beautiful fractal patterning of ice frost on your window?

The danger of driving on black ice?

The need for care and caution as you walk along an icy sidewalk?

Running and sliding along an ice rink….just for the sheer joy of doing so!?

The magic of the ice queen Elsa from Disney’s Frozen? (that was for the parents among you who have watched, and sung, Frozen as many times as I have with my children!).

This month, the cosmic vibration that will be settling through you and all around you is one of ice blue, and it holds so much of what I have written above.

Richness, depth, beauty, danger, need for care and caution, potential for joy, and alchemic magic. This could be quite a month!

The very first thing to highlight is that how you come out of this month will depend entirely on how you go through it. That may seem blindingly obvious but one of the vital ingredients to really embracing the fullness of your life is to remember that when it comes to energy you are always co-creating your perceived experiences; nothing is done TO you, you are always a part of creating your reality, of creating your experience, every moment of every day.

We know this at every level; let me give you an example:

When you are experiencing your day through your creative energy field

Yesterday I was lying in bed doing some energy exercises in the morning. My daughter was getting ready to catch the train for college. I knew the weather forecast was for a wild and windy day but I could tell from my window that it hadn’t arrived yet. I checked the weather app on my phone; 90 minutes until the weather front arrived. I jumped out of bed and ran down to the kitchen. My daughter was just leaving to go to the station but waited a few minutes while my husband and I pulled on coats and boots and bundled the dogs into the car. As we dropped her off at the station the train was pulling in. She walked straight onto it. Wow! We drove three miles to the coast and had a wild and windy walk. The trees were dancing in the wind, the sea was fierce with white caps reflecting the rising sun, our young dog (Bee) was chasing the wind and making us laugh. It was so beautiful that when we reached the place where we could choose to do a shorter walk or longer walk, I chose the longer walk and had to really walk fast as I had a meeting scheduled for 9.30am. I jumped over muddy puddles and grabbed onto the tree branches to stop from slipping. We got back to the car just as the torrents of rain started. Yippee. I got home five minutes before my first meeting of the day, in time to make a cup of tea and be at my computer to greet my colleague. It was a morning of perfect timing, and gratitude and joy at noticing it. What a start to the day.

But what about this one:

When you are experiencing your day through your habitual energy field

Yesterday I was lying in bed trying to sort out my energy system after a rubbish night's sleep. It was going to be raining all day (again) but as I checked my phone I saw that there may be an hour or so of only mildly crappy weather before the rain really set in. If I was going to get any exercise then it better be straight away. I had to rush down the stairs and it was a hassle to get coats and boots on in time (I’ve got to sort out that closet at some point; it is a nightmare). We got the dogs in the car and rushed to the train station as we were running late again, what a stress. We got there just as the train was pulling in and I was worried that my daughter would miss the train and I’d have to take her to college, which I didn’t have time for in my busy day. She just made it, so we went for a walk, which was stressful as I didn’t know if I could make the full walk in time to be back for my morning meeting. It was so muddy and slippery, I had to rush and it was such a pain not to have more time. Why can’t I be more organised about timing, or more disciplined about getting up earlier? And the wind was crazy. Even with my hat and my hood it was making my ears cold. We finally made it back to the car, the dogs were covered in mud which was bound to end up all over the kitchen floor. I got back to the house too late to eat anything and could only make myself a tea before rushing upstairs to be on my computer. What a start to the day.

It was the same morning, same walk, same time constraints, and yet each of those perspectives share a totally different experience. One was joyful, one was stressful. One would inspire you for the day and have you reaching for laughter easily. The one would fix the day in struggle and have you falling into bed at night grumpy and exhausted. I know you have experienced both sides of these realities; days that felt really difficult, and days that felt really easy. Have you ever wondered how to help transform the difficult days into easy days? Energetically, it is all about activating the creative energy field within your energy systems. It is always there.

Can you think of a time when you have been having a challenging day and then you spend some time with someone that makes you feel good, maybe some laughter, maybe some compassion, but they do something that lifts your stress and after that your day goes well. That is because that person helped your energy fields move away from their habitual (stress) vibration and into your creative vibration. You have the ability to do that at every moment of every day.

YES! You really are that powerful. You have the ability to choose to be in your creative energy field every day. You simply need to know how to bring in that change. Your energy systems are the foundations of all parts of your health, your physical health, your mental/emotional health, and your vitality. Understanding how to activate your creative energy field so that all of your energy system responds means that you affect everything about your body, your thoughts, your health, your day and your life . And the great news is that being in that creative, radiant energy is highly highly contagious! When you feel it, then others feel it, and it becomes easier and easier for you to nurture that easy joyful flow through your own life. It becomes your norm.

February is going to ask you again and again to make that choice between being in joy and being in stress, being in the flow of consciously creating your experiences, or feeling like your life is happening to you, without your active, conscious participation.

Without conscious alignment of your energy this month you may feel like a victim of your own life. YUK! We’ve all been there and it is not fun.

So let’s ensure that it doesn’t happen.

Remember the themes of this month: Richness, depth, beauty, danger, need for care and caution, potential for joy, and alchemic magic.

To enhance your deep alignment to this ice blue energy, build stillness into your day. Is that possible for you? What would need to happen for you to be still and do nothing for a period each day? The times that I can most easily nurture that stillness is when I first wake up and before I go to sleep. Would that work for you? Perhaps sitting in meditation, or lying with your legs up against the wall. Or you could simply take 20 minutes when you get home from work or after lunch, and do nothing. When you think about that, does it seem easy, or impossible? How can you create that time for stillness this month?

The importance of this stillness is that within it, your energy fields can meet this ice blue and feel the magic of it, the alchemic and transformative energy inherent in it. The meeting point between your own energy fields and the cosmic energy field can create a cocoon in which you can hunker down, rest, rejuvenate, ready to spread your wings when the time is right for you. In your deepest energy system, your soul energy housed in your energetic core, there is a distinct place where your core energy begins to emanate from the vertical flow into the rest of your body and energy systems. This distinct place is a fabulous point of fusion where the magic of transformation happens, and this ice blue vibration will find its way all the way down to this meeting place, touching you at your soul level and awakening re-memberings that can radiate more fully through all that you are. This soul purpose re-membering will be a theme this year as you align deeper and deeper with your essence to bring it forward into every part of your life.

Physically the cosmic vibration this month may show up in two distinct places: your chest and your skin. The reason for this is that there is a great pressure and density inherent in this ice blue vibration. You will feel that pressure in your own ability to respond to your day in balance and ease, and it will also show up in your aura, squeezing it and compressing it so that it will become denser around your skin, which can lead to dryness or challenges with wounds not healing. This auric pressure can also inhibit the easy communication between your inner world of your thoughts and feelings, and your outer world of how those thoughts and feelings get expressed in the world. This pressure may also cause you to feel less than you are, smaller than you are, less vibrant and vital than your natural, vibrant self. The way it affects your chest can also inhibit energy flow as it could feel like a band of pressure around your chest, making it much more likely that you’ll resort to chest breathing rather than the beautiful, nourishing belly breathing that is your natural and instinctive way of breathing when you are in balance and health.

In my February Energy Forecast video below, I lead you through ways of supporting your energy systems so you can meet this inherent pressure and still feel balanced, expansive and joyful.

Wishing you a February filled with joy and alchemic magic

With love



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