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August Energy Forecast 2021 - Radical Bravery. Soothing Your Soul

OK! Fasten your seatbelts. It looks like we are all in for a bumpy ride this month.

August’s energy is squirmy, thick, intense, ungrounding and may well push you into all of your edges. I’ve sat here for a while wondering how I can say it differently or package it in smoother, kinder language. But I can’t. Other than perhaps to put a great big proviso on this whole energy forecast and remind you that EVERY TIME YOU ARE INVITED OR FORCED TO ENTER YOUR DEPTHS YOU CAN COME OUT OF THEM WITH MORE INSIGHT, MORE WISDOM, MORE VITALITY, AND MORE ABILITY TO BE YOU, LIVING THE LIFE YOU ARE REALLY HERE TO LIVE.

The first thing to say about this energy field is that it is close to being invisible. It is a translucent grey, like the colour of the air in front of your eyes on an overcast day… you know the air is there, but you can’t see it. Far from the energy-giving fuchsia of June or the cheery opalescence of July, this near-invisible grey means you will be called at every moment to go inside, to meet your shadows and live in your depth.

This month is not looking like it will be the fun summery August that we may be longing for as we continue to live with the effects of the pandemic. You may find that it highlights and emphasises the deep level of weariness and societal tiredness that are so currently present. Because of this context, August’s energy calls for radical bravery on your part. How does that sound to you? Are you already fired up with the energy of your warrior within and looking forward to stoking your radical bravery? Or does that energy within you feel a bit thin, tired and worn out? Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out together! I want to share with you not only how this energy can impact the human energy field but what you can do in simple, practical ways to help meet it with more strength and stability. This month I have two videos for you, and one of them focuses on how to nurture and activate that deeply grounded, heart-expanded energy you need to experience the deep bravery that I call radical bravery.

Let’s look at the themes this month:

Emotions, emotions, emotions!

This translucent grey will help bring you into contact with all of the emotions that you keep bottled up or bottled down deep inside. One of the challenges of this month’s cosmic energy is that it meets the human energy field in waves. Think of standing on a beach and waves crashing on the shore again and again and again (and again!). That is what we will all be experiencing this month. No sooner will you calm and move through one emotion than the next version of it will surface ready for you to move through that level too. This level of work can feel a bit relentless, and I hope that by knowing what this month is bringing you, you are able to take a deep breath and meet the next wave with more courage and strength. And the exercises in the videos can help hold you much stronger and more resilient too.

Especially prevalent will be those emotions that generally get stuffed down deep inside; grief, fear, anxiety, guilt, and shame. How do those words resonate with you? Which ones especially give you that little squirmy feeling that lets you know that there is something to look at, something that prevents you being your fullest and most healthy you. So often, emotions that get locked in deep simply need a bit of attention and you find that actually they are ready to dissolve, without much effort, without much story, without much drama. They are old energy, old patterns, old pains and all of your energy system knows that life has moved on. It means that when you give these old emotions some time and attention, they can move on too. That is the gift of this translucent grey, like a cloud that passes over, and even as it is moving, you can trust that there is blue sky behind it. How do you begin to let these emotions dissolve?

1. Get really curious about what emotions you are housing and generally ignoring or avoiding.

  • What are you afraid of but don’t think about?

  • Are there events in your life that you are still holding grief about? Grief that can’t move or flow through your energy system?

  • Do you get flashes of anxiety about something but quickly ignore it in case it gets overwhelming?

2. As you are getting curious about your emotions, write them down. The act of simply naming them and putting them on paper already begins to help your energy flow more freely and healthily.

3. As you look at what you have written, get more curious. Give yourself time to go for a walk to think about, talk about, sing about, stamp about that emotion and those experiences. Your energy knows how to be healthy, it knows how to be balanced. When you give imbalances like stuck emotions some focus and attention and bring in movement (whether that is an energy exercise or a walk/song/dance/stamp) you allow those emotions to move back towards balance, back towards health.

4. Light a candle for yourself. Give thanks to your amazing body and all of the varied experiences of your life. Feel a little wonder at the human being you are, with all of your gifts and all of your challenges. There is NO ONE ELSE ALIVE who is like you. You are unique and essential.


Don’t be surprised if emotions within you and within society are stirred up too. This energy can remove you and others from accessing the deep and natural compassion that lives in everyone. Judgement and emotional extremes are much more likely this month and this means that relationships will need extra care.You may find that communication with your friends, family and colleagues feel sticky and uncertain. If there are already challenges in your relationships then this month may well highlight them making communication really tough. Stay committed to showing up as best as you can. This grey energy field moves into the spaces between your cells, within your electrical impulses and helps shift things and shake things up a bit. As hard as it seems, this is a great month to try to communicate from those deep places. Be mindful to set it up well. Make sure you and the person you are going to be sharing with have time to support the communication and listening process. Take your beloved out for a walk, or sit on a blanket in a park, make a special meal and open the door to the conversation that has been waiting to emerge. Be brave. Your soul is supporting this conversation so that you can be more authentic, more real, more you, and so can your relationships.

Ever-shifting ground beneath your feet

Because this translucent grey energy is moving in steep waves and is a bit relentless in its pounding, it may feel very destabilising; like the rug being pulled out from under your feet again and again. That means that this month will be a great one for moving a bit slower. Be gentle with yourself and build in the times for you to simply do nothing.

One of the most important questions this month is - Which is your favourite daily spot to sit and think about the world?

Maybe it is at the kitchen table, or in your garden or a park. Perhaps it is your sofa, your bed or a hammock? I have a bench outside my window and I sit there to do nothing. I never take a book with me, and I have a strict rule with myself that I don’t think about work when I’m sitting on that bench. I just sit. I watch the world. I think. I feel. I allow myself (and my energy fields) to catch up with whatever is being processed, whatever is moving between the conscious and the subconscious, whatever is moving around me in the cosmos. It is sort of like a dreaming seat.

This is a month to invite in daydreams and time outs. Give yourself permission to stare into space and do nothing. To not think, not do, not be productive! Every part of you will benefit from that time out this month as you will be creating space in every part of your energy field for the easing and soothing of those deep places that are ready to heal.

My video below explores how to really support your lungs and the heart chakra this month.

I want to finish this energy forecast with a phrase that I first read when I was 23 and grieving after my mum’s sudden death. It found its way into my energy at that point, and has been a guiding light for me for over two decades. It was written by the anchorite Julian of Norwich over 500 years ago... “All shall be well and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.”

Before I go, I want to tell you about my new exclusive Energy Forecast membership!

From August onwards, as well as the regular Energy Forecast video you'll find within my Energy Forecast blogs and on YouTube, I am also releasing a second video for members only on my YouTube channel that goes deeper into explaining more of the themes of the months and how you can align your own energy to help evolve your health and radiance. This month, my August Energy Forecast members-only video will dive into how to nurture your radical courage so that you can really explore the fullness of your life.

You can join my membership channel by clicking the ‘JOIN’ button from my YouTube channel. Please note, in order to join, you currently need to access YouTube on a laptop or desktop computer, or through the YouTube app on an android device - Youtube apps on iOS (apple) phones and tablets do not feature this join button. A work-around for this is to access YouTube through google chrome on your device - here’s a video that talks you through how to do that. Once you’ve joined, you won’t need to go through this step again as you can access your membership videos from android and iOS devices through the YouTube app.

I hope that you get a chance to do the routines in my videos regularly this month, to really be able to meet this rocky energy and still feel at peace, still feel energised, still feel supported.

With love to you, and with a deep trust in your ability to live your radical courage,



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