Earth Electrics

I want to share with you something that has changed my life. When my Mum died several years ago we had a ceremony a few months after her death and placed her ashes in a special place in the garden, planting a copper beech sapling in the same place. That little sapling is now a magnificent tree of over 20 years old.

I greet it every day as I drive into my Dad’s farm to look after our chickens and bees, and often my children will have their car window down ready to tap a leaf as we drive past and call ‘High five, Granny Mo!’. It is a sacred place for all of us.

One day, a few years after her death, I was sitting with the tree, spending time in meditation and journeying. I sat cross-legged, facing the trunk. The ground was fairly damp and as I sat I buried my fingertips deep within the soil, anchoring myself in the earth. After a while I noticed that a lot was going on in my energy fields and so I brought my consciousness to what was happening and realis