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Earth Electrics

I want to share with you something that has changed my life. When my Mum died several years ago we had a ceremony a few months after her death and placed her ashes in a special place in the garden, planting a copper beech sapling in the same place. That little sapling is now a magnificent tree of over 20 years old.

I greet it every day as I drive into my Dad’s farm to look after our chickens and bees, and often my children will have their car window down ready to tap a leaf as we drive past and call ‘High five, Granny Mo!’. It is a sacred place for all of us.

One day, a few years after her death, I was sitting with the tree, spending time in meditation and journeying. I sat cross-legged, facing the trunk. The ground was fairly damp and as I sat I buried my fingertips deep within the soil, anchoring myself in the earth. After a while I noticed that a lot was going on in my energy fields and so I brought my consciousness to what was happening and realised that there was an electrical energy moving through me that was much stronger than my own normal electrical energy. I watched, fascinated, as a deep, incredible wave of energy pulsed through my little finger and up my heart meridian into my body. My Aura was beginning to move in great waves of 8s and spirals and such a deep relaxation took place within me that it felt as if I might never move from that spot. For those of you who have been lucky enough to have a really great treatment with someone that left you feeling recalibrated and relaxed in every cell in your body… well on that day, sitting there with my fingers in the soil, it looked and felt like I was getting the best treatment I had ever had!

After a while, the waves lessened, almost like my body had received all that was necessary, and the activity in my energy systems began to lessen. The treatment was over. I felt completely charged up, like my whole being was full of balanced, revitalised energy. I have been in many sacred sites where the energy of the earth revitalised or informed me, but I had never experienced anything quite as tangible through my energy system as I had just experienced. I had been plugged into the electrical energy of the Earth. I wondered if this was specific to my connection with this sacred place and tree…. was this a gift from Mum? I left it for a few days, enjoying my vitality and radiance, before doing the same exercise in a different place. It was just the same.

You have electromagnetic energy all the way through you and around you. That is why grounding is so important. The Earth has a North and South Pole and as such is an electromagnetic organism as well. You walk on a blanket of electrons that cover the surface of the earth and with each step you suck in these electrons through your soles (as long as you are holding the correct polarity and your kidney energy is strong).

So there is science to show that you absorb essential, life-giving energy from the Earth, and now you have a way to tap into that. All you need it a little time and some soil and it is possible to tap into the electrics of the earth so that you get an electric treatment more organically powerful, and healing than any practitioner or machine can give us.

I have taught the Earth Electrics to many students who love to experience the deep revitalising healing it provides them. It can be done in your garden, in a park, in a field… anywhere you can sit or lie with your fingers in the soil. And it really is that simple.

  • You can enhance your energy in order to be able to get the most out of working with the earth electrics by massaging your hands and feet before you start, opening them to allow the flow of energy to move through you unimpeded.

  • And then you simply sit or lie on the ground outside in a position that you can easily hold for five minutes or more.

  • Once you are comfy, bury your fingertips in the ground so that earth is right over your nails. Sometimes the connection is established within a minute or so, other times it takes several minutes and you can hold the position for as long as you have available to you.

  • Relax and enjoy the gift of the Earth’s electrics moving through your body.

You can watch a video of me demonstrating the Earth Electrics exercise below.

For some people, they experience excess energy or tension moving out of their body leaving them relaxed and recharged, others feel energy moving into their system leaving them relaxed and recharged, and others experience both of these directions. But the important factor is that it leaves them relaxed and recharged.

I have seen powerful and profound changes occur in people who work with this exercise regularly, not only in their health and vitality, but also in their connection to themselves, others and all of Creation.

With love, Prune


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