Chronic Fatigue - Steps to Full Recovery

It is perfectly possible to become fully well, vibrant and healthy after an experience with CFS/ME. This is true whether the CFS/ME was for 9 months, 2 years or several years. (I mention those three time frames as they are the most common time frames for the illness). I have seen several clients who were housebound for many years now returning to full, active and delighted participation in life.

So, if you are working with CFS/ME then there are a few key energy approaches, but before we get to the details of them, one point that is really important is that with CFS/ME it is all about doing the exercises frequently throughout the day. If you simply  do them once a day it often isn’t enough to start changing patterns of ill-health and limitation into patterns of health and expansion. You don’t have to do all of the exercises at the same time, but it is important to do them regularly throughout your day. You can make it easy for yourself by always doing one of two exercises when, for example, you eat anything, or when you walk through a certain door… Or perhaps when you go to the loo! Anything that helps you start building the energy correction techniques into your day. And the great thing is that you’ll very soon start feeling the positive effects of the exercises and then you’ll be even more encouraged to do them often.

So, to the techniques. Firstly of course, it is essential that you begin to bring balance and co-ordination in the overall organisation of your energy systems. Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine (DER) is your foundational place to begin this. Of especial importance within the DER are the homolateral repatterning exercise and the neurolymphatic massage. Most people with CFS/ME benefit from doing these regularly throughout the day.

Another big factor in recovering full health and vitality is the relationship between Spleen and Triple Warmer. As the sympathetic and parasympathetic arms of the immune system, Triple Warmer and Spleen are always involved in autoimmune illnesses and chronic illness. The Triple Warmer meridian holds the habit of chronic pain and requires frequent sedating to get it to let go of that habit. For the most part when working with  CFS/ME, Triple Warmer is nearly always overenergized and spleen is bearly always underenergized. You can watch my video on balancing  Triple Warmer and spleen and it is a great way to work to start rebalancing the relationship and energy within TW and Spleen. This exercise needs to be done several times throughout the day for maximum effectiveness.  In my Practitioner Series blog on CFS/ME next week, we’ll look more deeply at ways of working with TW  and SP as there may be occasions when it is necessary to strengthen Triple Warmer when working with CFS/ME.

The third area of great importance when working with any chronic illness are the the valves in the body; the diaphragm, the sphincter, the Houston valve, the ileocecal valve and the heart valves. Although each valve has a very important and specific physiological and energetic purpose, they also work synchronistically  to hold the rhythm of your body, (and thus your life). When you have been working with chronic illness such as CFS/ME, you have been knocked off your natural rhythm, and thus the valves can become very compromised in their efficiency. Keeping the valves balanced and active can be done through two exercises, the Diaghram Breath and Balancing the Valves and because of the synchronistic action it is often the case that by working with either or both of these exercises you balance all of the valves in the body. You can see me do both of these exercises  in the Daily Energy Routine video.

The next exercise that is of great importance for recovering from CFS/ME is the Hook Up. I would recommend always hooking up immediately after doing any other of these exercises. When we hook up we are deeply connecting the Central and the Governing meridians, and the more we do it, the more the newly created patterns of health are able to be held by the whole-body system.

When we are working with chronic illnesses this needs to be frequently reinforced.

Lastly (for now), the form of breath (known in yoga as Ujiya breath), pulls up energy from deep within the earth and opens many of the energy channels in the body to move with more balance and flow. I have written extensively on it in The Dragon Breath blog. (In a nutshell,) it involves sitting or standing comfortably, and breathing in through your mouth while gently constricting the breath. When you are doing it correctly, you’ll be making a gentle rasping sound in the back of your throat. Breathe out while making the same sound. Even if you are able to do only one of these breaths, it can start to repattern your energy fields, from your energetic core to the very reaches of your biofield. Most people who have ME have very compromised auras and this breath is a great way to strengthen and build it up again.

If you are currently working with your own experience of CFS/ME, there is every reason to feel hopeful and empowered about your ability to fully heal, and to look forward to re-engaging in every aspect of your life with health and vitality.

With love, Prune


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