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Chronic Fatigue - First Steps to Recovery

It is perfectly possible to become fully well, vibrant and healthy after an experience with CFS/ME or long COVID. This is true no matter the period of ill health, and I have seen numerous clients who were housebound for many years now returning to full, active and delighted participation in life.

If you are working with CFS/ME or long COVID, then there are a few key energy approaches that I find really help to start restoring cohesion to the energy systems, but before we get to the details of them, one point that is really important is to do the exercises frequently throughout the day. If you simply do them once a day it often isn’t enough to start changing patterns of ill-health and limitation into patterns of health and expansion. You don’t have to do all of the exercises at the same time, but it is important to do them regularly throughout your day. You can make it easy for yourself by always doing one of two exercises when, for example, you eat anything, or when you walk through a certain door… Or perhaps when you go to the loo! Anything that helps you start building the energy correction techniques into your day. And the great thing is that you’ll very soon start feeling the positive effects of the exercises and then you’ll be even more encouraged to do them often.

So, on to the techniques.

Firstly, of course, it is essential that you begin to bring balance and co-ordination in the overall organisation of your energy systems. My radiant health routine below is a good place to start.

I also really recommend helping to restore the crossover pattern in your energy system, which I show you how to do in the video below - most people with CFS/ME benefit from doing this regularly throughout the day.

Another big factor in recovering full health and vitality is the relationship between Spleen and Triple Warmer (TW). The Triple Warmer meridian holds the habit of chronic pain and requires frequent encouragement to get it to let go of that habit. You can watch my video on balancing Triple Warmer and Spleen below. This exercise needs to be done several times throughout the day for maximum effectiveness.

The hook up exercise below is also one I really encourage you to learn and do regularly when working with CFS/ME or long COVID, and I would recommend always hooking up immediately after doing any other of the exercises above, so that the newly created patterns of health can be held by the whole-body system. When you are working with chronic illnesses this needs to be frequently reinforced.

Lastly, there is a form of breath, known in yoga as Ujjayi breath, that pulls up energy from deep within the earth and opens many of the energy channels in the body to move with more balance and flow. I have written extensively on it in my Breathing for Balance blog. In a nutshell it involves sitting or standing comfortably, and breathing in through your nose while gently constricting the back of the throat. When you are doing it correctly, you’ll be making a gentle rasping sound as you breathe in and out. Even if you are able to do only one of these breaths, it can start to re-pattern your energy fields, from your energetic core to the very reaches of your biofield.

If you are currently working with your own experience of CFS/ME or long COVID, there is every reason to feel hopeful and empowered about your ability to fully heal.

And I know this because I've been there.

I am passionate about helping people reclaim their full health and vitality, so they can step back into their life with courage, hope and fully connected to their soul purpose, and I have created a course designed specifically to help you overcome CFS/ME or long COVID - two conditions that are so very prevalent in our current times, and share many similarities in their symptoms and underlying root causes.

It's called Regenerate! Overcome Chronic Fatigue, Long COVID and Deep Exhaustion

In this course, you’ll learn essential understandings and a tried and trusted collection of energy techniques you can keep at your fingertips to help you navigate your bad days and to reinforce your healing potential on the good days, so you can gently and powerfully reconnect to your pathways of health.

You’ll come away from this course with:

  • Practical techniques to help you or your loved ones

  • Specific exercises and tools for both your bad days AND your good days

  • A clear step by step recovery pathway

  • A renewed sense of hope and connection to your soul path

  • Activation of your deepest template of health

  • A grounded understanding of the techniques from three live demonstrations involving me working with members of the audience

This course is suitable for all ages and taught at a level to suit everyone. Whether you are able to attend in person or join me via livestream, you’ll be part of a strong, supportive community of like-minded people.

For full details and to sign up

With love, Prune


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