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Calm and Conscious at the Dentist

What happens to your energy when you go to the dentist? Well, of course, the answer is specific to you and your experiences around the dentist. Maybe you love everything about the dentist? Maybe your mum was a dentist and you associate the dentists with love and nurturing…… But it may be an area of much fear, and also pain!

Sitting with a bright light in your eyes, your mouth wide open and up to two sets of hands moving in and out of your mouth with metallic instruments emitting a high pitched squealing noise is not generally most people’s definition of fun!

Yesterday, I went to the dentists to have two my old amalgam fillings replaced. I have the most wonderful dentist; Wendy and her assistant, Kelly. Both go out of their way to inform me what is happening, empower me to feel comfortable and to be as quick, gentle and efficient as possible.

And yet, for my whole-body system,  the experience can still be pretty stressful! As I was lying there and the drill was squealing in my mouth, I checked in on my own energy systems; my heart beat was raised and erratic, and Triple Warmer was squealing as loudly as the drill, pumping adrenaline through my system. This in turn was affecting my meridians, my hormones, my aura and my groundedness.

My sensory system (tonal) was really out of any comfort zone and generally I was not in a place of balance. And no surprise! The pain of the 5 injections, the dullness and physiological processing of the anaesthetic, and the ever present threat of mind-blowing pain aren’t my idea of balance. And yet I was choosing to be there, despite what Triple Warmer felt about the experience. Exemplifying the fact that the experiences we choose aren’t always good for our whole-body system… but the good news is that we can do something about it to quickly resume balance once the experience is over.

So what can be done to help your whole body system while at the dentist to make any negative impact as little as possible?

Firstly, be in as good a place energetically as you can be prior to the appointment. Make sure that in the run up to your appointment you have been doing your Daily Energy Routine and tracing your meridians. Also keep your aura strong by doing the Celtic Weave or Swimming the aura. If you are someone who struggles with grounding them pay extra attention to spooning your feet or whatever exercise most grounds you.

If you are working with fear of the dentists then hold the main neurovasculars while thinking of the upcoming appointment. If you need to then print this out to keep in your pocket so you know what to do after the appointment when perhaps your logical brain isn’t working too well. (Remember that anytime Triple Warmer activates then the brain rushes to the reptilian brain, leaving us with less logical thinking capacity).

In the waiting room:

  • Hook Up

  • If you are nervous place one hand on the heart and tap the back of the hand in a soothing rhythm

While in the dentist’s chair:

  • Be mindful of your body and your breath

  • Regularly scan your body so that you can make sure that:

  1. You are breathing!

  2. No area of your body is locked or rigid (those white-knuckle experiences when you realise that you have been gripping the sides of the chair).

Immediately after the appointment: (either in the dentist’s waiting room or the restroom)

By that time you have probably spent enough time in the restroom!

When you leave the dentist’s clinic then consider tracing your meridians. If you can do this outside then all the better. Give yourself the time to really help your system settle and ground after the intensity of the experience.

If you have had any major work and there is tooth/mouth pain as the healing process continues then you can also do plenty of figure 8s over the area of pain to aid connection and also to help prevent any vortices forming over the area of pain. Continue working with any of the above exercises until you feel like you are fully back into your whole-system balance. It may take a couple of hours, it may take a couple of days.

With love to you, Prune


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