A Weakened Aura - What To Do

The wild winds we sometimes experience in Cornwall can affect the health of my aura. Last night I went to bed with a tickle in my throat and when I woke up this morning it had moved into my chest. No pain, but a hollowness.

Looking at my own aura this morning, I could see that the area over my chest was very depleted and that actually from the waist up my aura began to lose its cohesion. A vibrant, healthy aura has thousands (millions) of filaments or threads that weave together to form an incredible matrix of living energy. From below my feet, up to my waist, that matrix was thick, woven, dynamic, and charged with energy. At the waist the filaments began to be much more infrequent and dissipated. The colours became much less vibrant and it looked like there was even more depletion over the chest and throat area. The aura started weaving strongly again around the middle of my face.

So, in essence, I had a hole in the strength and vitality of my aura. The wind here found a way to enter my energy system and had stripped the strength of the aura. The challenge with this is that most often, the aura reflects what will manifest as physical in the body system, as problems show up in the aura before they show up in the physical body. So if I can’t change this energy pattern then a cough could start, or it could move elsewhere in my respiratory system. Or I could feel depleted today as my whole body system begins to work to repair this energy imbalance.

So, what did I do about it? One of the amazing ways of working with energy is that there are always simple, effective techniques that can help your body heal itself. And not only that, but the exercises also help evolve the energy systems involved so that they can change from any patterns of dysfunction into patterns of balance and health.