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Clinical Approaches to CFS/ME

For more general EEM approaches for ME/CFS, or if you have ME/CFS, then start with reading the articles relating to CFS/ME in the blog.

TW and Adrenal Health
The deepest key to full recovery to health and vitality for those working with ME/CFS is adrenal health. In fact, I would go further to say that the onset of ME/CFS is all about the adrenal health. We know that the adrenal glands are governed by TW, and they can drain all of the vitality in the body if they are becoming exhausted or burnt out. Adrenal fatigue or burn out is also symptomatic, as the adrenal glands only become highly compromised when TW as a system is also highly compromised. This then means that the immune system is no longer in a place of effectiveness, which can be the reason why so many people take the final step into ME/CFS after a bout with flu/a bad cold/glandular fever/mono etc. It is not that the flu or cold caused the ME/CFS, but rather than the adrenal glands, TW/Sp and thus the immune system was already so compromised that when challenged by a new virus or bacteria the whole system shows itself as being unable to work cohesively or efficiently and spirals into ill-health.
Energetically Sensitive
Most clients are super sensitive to being worked with because they have been ill for so long. In fact, one of the reasons they got ME in the first place, is because they are very energetically sensitive people. As with any chronic illnesses, there is a need to go really slowly with any work. Often the first few sessions may only be 30 minutes or less. Especially when working with TW, it is essential to work very slowly and gently and often it takes weeks of strengthening TW before the whole-body system can adjust to changing. I always take an approach of nourishing the whole-body system, rather than ‘taking down TW’.
Initiating Trauma
I have yet to work with anyone experiencing ME/CFS who did not have a trauma 1-3 years before the onset of ME/CFS.  Often this can be a single incident that was the initiator for the ME/CFS, although it can also be sustained stress such as abuse/fearful experience/shock that began the spiral into ME.  It will be essential to work with this initiating trauma during the progression of the treatment, although (and this is of great importance) not until there is enough trust between you and there is enough strength within the client’s system to start working with this initiating trauma. It was big enough to knock out their whole balance, they have been ill for months or years, and you can’t simply introduce it early into the treatment plan, as it will be working in such a deep place. Much better that you build up the strength and resiliency in the whole-body system and then address the original trauma through very gentle exploratory work such as NVs.  While working with the initiating trauma it is essential that there is ongoing work to support TW and the adrenal glands,  for chemicals and hormones support our thoughts and if they aren’t coming into balance,  then the thoughts can’t come into balance or expansiveness.
Changing the Story
Another key is that the client begins to feel that health is a possibility. We need to find how to empower them to have the ability to change the story of their health and their illness. More than any other type of illness I see ME/CFS clients holding onto their story for dear life and a lot of this is because of the way in which their illness was initiated by a TW and whole-system decline after an originating trauma. I so often see that tipping point back to health is when they begin to believe they can be well again. Unless it is your personal experience that you have had ME/CFS and are now well, then have examples of people who have had ME/CFS and have recovered back to full health and vitality.

Dragon Breath 
Dragon Breath (you can read more here) is also a great way to change habits because it supports the TW/adrenals and connects them into the energy of the Earth. This in turn has a big effect on supporting the mitochondria/spleen/kidney). It also gives the client something to do that they can physically and cognitively manage and complete. This begins to repattern their expectations from ‘I can’t do it’ to ‘I can do this’. The Dragon Breath also works with to strengthen the aura from deep within the energetic core , bringing safety and a vehicle within which the energetic patterns of health can be carried.

5 Rhythms
Most ME clients also have had to minimise their life to the barest existence. Working with the 5 rhythms corrections can make deep shifts, although it can often take time for the shifts to begin to hold. I usually find imbalances in metal, regarding letting go of the original trauma and of the trauma of being ill, and in the control cycle it is often the earth to metal flow that is really stuck. But obviously your testing will show where your clients specific needs are.

Using Colour
Colour therapy is so gentle and nourishing that it can be wonderful for people who are working with ME/CFS. It can also be effective to test the client for various colours that strengthen them and invite them to start to wearing the colour that they resonate with, or one that they love. This helps bring the radiance back in tiny bit by tiny bit which in turn begins to open the whole-body system to health. Radiance has been so absent from the client’s life for so long, it is like a light that their cognitive aspect can’t handle. Often I don’t work with RCs until many sessions into a treatment plan as they can invite too much change too quickly. The exception is TW RC, although it is usually necessary to check for TW Reactivity regularly if working with the TW system.  It is important to note that  ME/CFS clients will probably have tried every supplement/diet/regime as they try to make sense of the situation and bring their health back  by controlling what they put into their bodies or how much they sleep. Many create a real regime around the illness which of course thoroughly supports TW in its fear and habit holding.

As a practitioner, one of the big differences that I see when working with clients who have ME is that is it a continuous dance to work out what specific key can unlock the situation and begin to spiral health and vitality back into the whole system. It is of great importance that any exercises that the client is doing, in fact any regime of any kind, does not become overly structured. For example, if, at 10am every day your client faithfully does their energy exercises in a set routine, then in my experience, this will not be of much benefit to them.
As patterns are ruled by TW , it is determined to keep the balance or imbalance of the whole-body system exactly as it is. This is because TW believes that (because you are alive) the existing pattern works. What we need to do is to bring TW onboard with first considering and then allowing the changes that will so greatly improve the health, vitality and therefore the life of the client. .  Thus, when bringing in exercises to help evolve the energy systems beyond the limitations of ME/CFS, it can be necessary to introduce them in a way that is unstructured. Think radiance! But such lack of structure can only be embraced by the client once metal imbalances are addressed, so until that time, then it can be helpful to choose a few exercises and encourage the ME/CFS client to do them at different times of the day, or in different rooms, or sometimes with music and sometimes without. Just changing it up so that TW is asked to allow the repatterning.

Because of their effect at healing imbalances at the cellular level (especially at the mitochondria level), the Electric system is an incredibly powerful system to work with for those experiencing ME/CFS. At first it may be necessary to do revitalising electrics for a very short time (2 or 3 minutes) until the client is strong enough for deeper electrics work. The Brazilian Toe Technique can be a wonderful way to work the electrics and of course, an easy, gentle and powerful homework can involve the client holding the electrical connection between the heart and the root chakra.
In summary, what EEM practitioners can bring to ME/CFS clients can transform their energy systems from holding extreme patterns of limitation into holding patterns of health, radiance and expansion. It is slow dance into gaining the trust of the TW system, and especially in working with the cognitive restrictions that being so ill has placed on the whole-body system, but it is an honour to assist in such deep and life-claiming transformation.

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