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Clinical Approaches to Ear Pain

  • Electrics are an excellent way to work with ear problems and in most situations a deep electrics session will greatly reduce or eliminate the pain in the ear. When working with children with ear infections I will do a deep electrics session until the pain has left and then show parents how to do 2 or 3 revitalising electric sessions in the same day. The parent would continue to do the revitalising sessions over the next few days. All the revitalising sessions would be in the main electric points rather than any secondary electric point.

  • If the eustacian tube is very congested (Glue Ear) then holding a 3 fingered notch over the heart electrics and a three fingered notch on TW 17 (directly behind the ear lobe), and letting the electrics cycle run a few times can often start shifting the congestion.

  • Children with Water constitutions have a greater propensity for recurrent ear aches due to the relation with Kidney as their primary organ system. One way to deeply work with Water is to test every one of the acupoints on the kidney and then the bladder meridians. Check each point for polarity before checking it for effectiveness. Balance each point and continue doing this protocol regularly until all the points in Kidney and Bladder show regular and effective energy.

  • I also teach parents how to do the vortex revival and ask that they do it weekly. Children are usually deeply perceptive and can let their parents know when the energy has moved all the way up from the feet to the head, but even if they can’t then weekly vortex revivals keep the kidney energy topped up in the child’s system. I also teach them to do it if the child seems very tired or has a shock or trauma like a big fall or an upsetting exerpeince. Shock or fear hits the kidney energy really strongly so a vortex revival on those days keeps the kidney energy balanced and much less likely to result in ear problems.

  • Being guided by the child you can also work each of the acupoints around the front and back of the ear. (GB 2, 10, 11, 12.)( SI 17, 19)Some of them will be very sore so often I’ll ask the child to massage them directly, or to press them deeply depending on what feels best for them. This is covered in the ear-rubbing technique but you can work more directly with testing the points for balance and clearing them as appropriate.

  • I teach the parents the Brazilian Toe Technique. Most children love it…especially if there are several renditions of ‘This little piggy went to market….’ or any similar toe song! Remember that BTT is an electric treatment. It can really help with ears, kidney, grounding and pulling up that earth energy through the yin vortex as well as bringing any energy down the legs that may be stuck in the torso/head.

I hope you find these approaches useful in working clinically with ear problems in children (and adults of course).

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