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One of the deepest honours I have experienced in my life is teaching thousands of people how to effectively use energy understandings and techniques to empower and enable health and vitality not only in themselves, but in their clients, colleagues, students or loved ones. 

It is always one of the highlights of my year to create and teach an advanced level class for those of you who are practitioners, educators and carers to empower you to enhance your professional skills and practice. I know that if you have chosen to walk the path of helping others to their health, vitality and consciousness, then you are not only walking your career path, but your soul path, and it is my deepest joy to support you in your essential work.  

Due to the coronavirus pandemic I am currently concentrating on creating my online classes, including creating and teaching advanced classes online to continue to support you. There are lots of resources on my website to help you enhance your skills and training - my energy anatomy information, articles, videoscourses and advanced level short online classes.

Brush up on your energy anatomy by reading more about the energy systems, which are the foundation of your physical health, your mental health and your vitality.

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My selection of practitioner

articles offer a richer understanding of health conditions plus tools and techniques to use with your clients.


You'll find practitioner level

courses as well as advanced level short online classes covering subjects such as working with clients online, and the different energy systems that can transform your clients' health.

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In my free video you'll find insight on spooning the feet. You'll also find hundreds of energy exercises on my YouTube channel - great for using yourself or sending to clients.

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I love Prune's teaching style and always have. She encourages each student to have a unique voice, she listens with absolute presence.


Thank you so much for putting so much time and energy into this class. I am so impressed by your passion and love for what you do.


Prune, I find you to be an inspirational master and teacher! Anyone can learn and benefit in such a short time due to your expertise.


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