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The Impact of Caffeine

In this article, I am going to explore the effect that caffeine has on your amazing Triple Warmer system, which governs the fight/flight/freeze response in your body, and share with you how the energy system changes when caffeine is present.

In a healthy person the aura is magnificent; a dynamic, constantly changing pulsing array of colour and vibration. Some can be dramatic and fiery, others fluid and gentle, housing and illustrating the character and moods of the individual. When caffeine is in your system, everything begins to look quite different!

When caffeine hasn't affected the system very much it simply produces a level of static in the aura. Some of the auric movements speed up, but mostly, at the subtle energy level, caffeine brings in a fogginess. The electrical energy of the body looks like it is a little hyperactive, but nothing too dramatic.

With a second shot of caffeine, or in someone who is more sensitive to caffeine, things start getting a bit messy! For a start, the whole body system moves into dehydration, leaving it more jittery and discombobulated. The electrical energy system starts really revving up, with much less organisation than usual. The heart can become affected which in turn activates the yin and yang protective systems called Triple Warmer and Heart Protector (also known as Circulation Sex). Both of these protective systems raise their heads in alarm, setting off a cascade of stress hormones and chemicals. Because of the jittery and hyperactive state of the whole body system, these powerful hormone messengers can act erratically resulting in peaks of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. With the next cup, the aura begins to look like a drunken dance floor with sections of it literally bumping it other sections. These are only patterns I see when caffeine is consumed, never at other times.

The crossover energy systems start dropping and any left/right (yin/yang) imbalance shows up leaving you struggling against a tiredness so deep that you reach for another shot of caffeine, or its partner, sugar. At this point Triple Warmer is quite desperate and you are in full flight/fight/freeze response. Being in this state repeatedly can contribute to adrenal compromise, fatigue, exhaustion or burn out, meaning you feel constantly tired unless you reach for caffeine or sugar.

OK, OK, enough of the scary! If you have had caffeine today it doesn’t mean that your aura is necessarily resembling a roller coaster ride. But if you feel compromised by caffeine, or you recognise you have a love-affair with it, then perhaps it is a good idea to work with some of the suggestions below in order to support your whole-body system and bring your relationship with caffeine into balance.

Here are a few exercises that will help your reassure Triple Warmer and nourish your whole-body system to reduce the fight/flight/freeze response.

And a final thought: eating well to encourage blood sugar balance, and drinking plenty of water can greatly aid your whole-body system as you move away from the limiting patterns of caffeine. Coffee is not a substitute for food! With each cup of coffee you drink, it takes two cups of water to begin to negate the dehydrating effects of the coffee. That means for every cup of coffee you drink you have to drink two cups of water simply to be at zero water intake.

And be aware that decaffeinated tea or coffee aren’t necessarily better options. Harsh chemicals can be used in the decaffeination process that can also deeply impact your health. Coffee that has either been decaffeinated using the Swiss water method or with carbon dioxide (CO2) are often easier and gentler on the system.

With love, Prune


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