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What is the Story of your Heart?

According to ancient Chinese health philosophy, December is the month that the heart takes precedence over all other parts of your meridian system. For one whole month, the heart governs the tendino-muscular meridian system, the unique part of your energy system that holds responsibility for your protective and defensive systems.

This month, because of its role, your heart determines the focus and efficacy of your immune system as well as what you will choose to bring deep into your awareness and what you’ll choose to ignore or simply let roll over you.

Your energy fields are fields of consciousness, and this month your heart is leading the charge in your consciousness, balancing what is going on in your deep internal world, and how you are bringing that out into your wonderful external daily world. Each organ has a very specific vibration and each of them adds a slightly different energetic hue or lens to how you interact with your internal and external worlds.

It is no coincidence that this is the time of year we focus on peace, joy, connection, re-connection and love; these are all qualities of heart consciousness, that immense and rich wisdom that flows from the very centre of your being and gets passed through every bit of your body system by your amazing rich and bountiful blood, then through your energy system by your complex and dynamic heartfield.

Since being in hospital with coronavirus, I have been sitting in deep communion with my own heart, getting curious, listening really closely to its song.

It is singing to me, reminding me, re-membering me in slightly different ways, bringing me closer and closer to my own energetic core, my own soul energy. It has got me thinking even deeper about the pathways of the soul, and how each of us can live in full expression of that energy that is your soul.

I’ve expressed gratitude to you before, and I’m doing it again here. Because you exist, I can express my own soul more fully. You empower me to write, to think, to dive deeply into the cosmic energy field to gather new insights and information. You help me become more me, and for that I am forever grateful to you. And I know that in turn, I help you become you, and so the cycle of soul expression evolves. And my goodness, we need it now, so deeply.

If you could read my inbox you might well feel overwhelmed. Every day, story after story comes in with requests for help, advice and healing. Help for you, help for your young children, help for your adult children, help for your ageing parents. The feelings of uncertainty, desperation, disempowerment, disheartenment are the story threads of our time as we all encounter the effects of stress, the crumbling of health and the shattering of resilience. I read story after story and I hear you. Each story fuels my heart fire, and gives passion to my courses, my teaching and my writing.

We are all in this together and each of us is in the process of remembering that we have the ability to create our own consciousness. In fact, more than that, we have the RESPONSIBILITY to remember or re-remember our collective consciousness, our empowered place of belonging.

Since I was tiny, I’ve seen the interconnectiveness of life. The dead, the living, the sentient, the unseen. The immense spiralling of energy exchange that every single one of us engages in, whether we are aware of it or not. As I’ve sat with my heart and soul these past few months, I have made a commitment to myself, to you and to the world to help make the invisible visible, so that each of us can be an ACTIVE and empowered part of the great unfolding that we are currently all living within.

My mission is to inspire the re-membering of the individual soul to heal and empower the world soul.

Healthcare is soulcare, and I deeply believe that when you start getting curious about how to get close to your soul wisdom, the whisperings that come forward in your quiet times, in your deep times, in your epiphanies and your dreams, in the places of challenge and the places of ecstasy, when you start getting really inquisitive about that place then we will create a totally different world. Starting with you. Starting with me.

A world we can feel balanced, healthy, harmonious and joyful in, each and every one of us. And no, in case this vision activates your inner cynic, I’m not thinking of a world of rainbows and unicorns, I'm holding and empowering a vision of a world where humans live in balance with each other and with the cosmos. Simple and possible. We just need to iron a few glitches out in our current ways of understanding the world and transform some of the unhealthy assumptions that underpin our current societal structures.

Assumptions such as:

  • The Earth is simply a resource to master

  • There is a natural order or hierarchy to life on Earth, with humans being masters at the top.

  • The dead no longer affect us

  • History is in the past

  • The economy needs to grow

  • The biomedical model of health is the only model of health

  • I’ll live the life I want to when I retire or when I win the lottery

  • I am not quite enough as I am, I need to strive to be better

  • There is no other way

  • It is what it is

No. This current reality is not the reality we are here to experience. We have inherited an old system that is shifting, changing, and becoming. Right now we are in the process of becoming more, becoming different, becoming a new level of consciousness. As a collective we may not have the right answers yet, perhaps we don’t even quite have the right questions yet, but we are becoming, and you have a role in that, I have a role in that. And together we will help shape the world that is waiting to come into being.

So much to say, and I’ll be saying more and more over the next few months, few years and few decades!

So, let’s finish this in the same way I started; with the heart. Be gentle with yourself this December (and always). As you move into the busyness of the mid-winter festivals, take a bit of time to cosy up to your heart. Get curious… What is the song of your heart? How can you translate that song into the story of your heart and then to bring that story out into your daily life?

Beautiful questions for us to be sitting with this December as we move towards the deep times of winter.

With love, always,



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