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The energy of parenting - how are your current parenting strategies working?

Modern children are not like us, and by ‘us’ I mean the generations that now find ourselves parenting these amazing kids. I’m quite sure that every generation has their challenges and struggles with the attitudes or norms of their parent’s world, and yet there has never been a generational ‘norm’ shift like we have gone through in these last 25 years.

As a very small example; I remember sending my first email! Do you?

I remember when opposable thumbs were remarkable in their own grasping right, not when they were undergoing rapid changes in shape, dexterity and usage due to the evolution of the digital age. Do you know there is now an ailment called ‘Texting Thumb’ and that clinicians see thousands of people a year with it? The digital age has brought vast changes to everything about our lives and to the lives of children, and none more so than in the energy systems of modern children.

Neurological diversity is energetic diversity and it seems to me that as a culture we need to get more and more able to understand and explore how to support these modern children, for their stability depends on it. And our world depends on their stability. Right now some are thriving, but most are struggling. The statistics on youth anxiety, depression and suicide are a profound and lasting sadness in our cultures.

  • Globally, depression is one of the leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents

  • Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death in 15 to 19 year olds (see link)

I get so frustrated when I hear casual commentary that our children will need to sort out the social, environmental, financial and political messes that we have both inherited and, in so many ways, continue to create. Our global future does not depend on our children; their individual and collective future depends on us and our actions now. And yes, so many of those actions are to help bring about the changes we truly wish to see in the world in order for our children to inherit the world we would like for them.

AND there is another question (and one more in my area of expertise) and that is the question of how do we best support them as parents, and guardians? And please know that when I write ‘parents’ and ‘guardians’ I mean anyone who cares for and guards the children of today; biological parents, adoptive parents, co-parents, grandparents, godparents, community parents, teachers, etc. If you play a role in helping to guide young people then I’m including you in those terms of ‘parents’ and ‘guardians’.

The parenting strategies that worked (or didn’t work) for your childhood are not appropriate anymore, for the world is a totally different place. For a moment, and even if we ignore the massive changes that Covid has introduced into our lives, just compare it to your own growing world; no mobile phones, very limited internet, perhaps a computer in your house, perhaps not. Cash instead of plastic cards. Shops that you didn’t serve yourself in.

School uniforms, an occasional trip to the high street to buy some new clothes, an occasional take away or a meal out on special occasions.

And now? Super speed in every direction of life. Instant gratification, same day delivery, fewer and fewer personal relationships within community, microwave dinners or regular takeaways, and screens replacing personal relationships. Human neurology is changing, the human energy system is changing and we need strategies that can embrace the old wisdoms and ways of integrity and bring them forward to support our super sensitive and aware children.

I am the mum of two of these modern young people. They are into early adulthood now, finding their steps in the world. I am also an auntie to 12 young adults, and a grand-aunt (sounds somehow… grand!) to six wonderful children all currently under the age of 10. Children have been in my life since I was first an auntie at the age of 14. I have also worked with many children in my clinical practice of 20 years.

The key energetic differences between the majority of children we grew up with and the modern children of today are:

  • Their energy systems operate much much quicker than most adults alive today (although there are some exceptions)

  • Nearly all of them are empaths who experience the world at a sensory level that would baffle, confuse, exhaust and overwhelm most adults alive today… yep, including you. If you already define yourself as sensitive, empathic or a highly sensitive person then multiply it by many times when thinking of these modern children.

  • They are hardwired to understand collective consciousness. And right now, that is more overwhelming than can be imagined. They feel the pains, the griefs, the losses, the uncertainty, the fears, the EVERYTHINGS in the world. These impossible to understand or process emotions show up as social anxiety, self-harm, depression, eating disorders, panic attacks, extreme sensitivity to being around others, over-stimulation of senses while at the dining table (if you even still have a dining table), night terrors and nightmares. The list could go on, but it already feels way, way too long!

You may read these differences and wonder, but what does it MEAN? For me, it means understanding the basics of the human energy system and how to help keep it healthy and balanced. I was so lucky on my own parenting journey to be able to bring in the energetic understandings of seeing the human energy field all of my life. I could support the children in my life on a very different level and help empower them with insights and techniques to keep themselves strong, stable, and safe. And I want to share these understandings with you.

Because it is simple, awesome, joyful, and empowering. You have already done the really hard job of recognising that your current parenting skills need more support or you wouldn’t be reading this. I hope that my blogs, videos, website and courses can support you on your parenting journey so that you and your children can grow together.

With much love to you and your modern child,



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