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Energy Overview of 2024

At the start of each year, I sit and connect with my guides to track the cosmic energy that will be rolling out and impacting us during the upcoming year. I always think of this exploration as stepping over the threshold of the window of the year to bring forward the key energetic themes and insights to help you enhance your ability to understand and align with what is coming up in the next 12 months. 

Here are the key understandings for you:

2024 is not going to be an easy year

That doesn’t mean it’s going to be terrible either, but there is still much about our existing mode of being that is inviting collapse. I want you to hold a strong vision of a dragon egg warming in a fire of nurturance and love as you read this energy forecast overview for 2024. For inside the egg there needs to be heat, there needs to be pressure, there needs to be guardianship for the new strength to emerge. The cracking of the shell of the dragon's egg is noisy and disruptive, and it’s hard work done in uncertainty. But it is also perfect, miraculous and heralds new life emerging rich with potential and manifest power. That is the vision to hold onto for 2024.

Polarisation continues to gather pace as each of us is pushed to move right into duality in order to move beyond it

Until we have experienced the edge places of this OR that, we can’t understand that the truth of alignment, radiance and love exists in the AND rather than the OR. The space between all things is rich and full with potential, with harmony, with interconnectedness. There is no separation, no one way or the other way. All ways hold each other, all paths lead to the same place within the spiral of life. 

Digging deep to find the treasure

Put on your brave pants and wrap the cloak of courage tightly around you. Your need for courage is equal to your courage. Let it flow from you. You are beloved. The universe is not out to get you. The lessons that are part of your soul medicine will shine forth this year, in challenge and in ease and you are up to the challenge. Be brave, look for support, align your own human energy with the cosmic energy of that month and draw on community. Your emergence supports our emergence. Our emergence supports yours. 

Holding Hope

Hold your own sweet hope as tenderly as you hold a newborn baby. Meet your hope with the same level of reverence. As an energy in our world, hope is an energy that is getting quieter. The mainstream story of separation, of patriarchal power over others, of fear, hate, conflict and possession is subverting the energy of hope. Many people have forgotten what it truly means, how it truly feels to experience hope. Hope for yourself, and your beloveds. Hope for the planet. Hope for love. Hope for peace.  This year, tend to your hope. Seek it. Befriend it and nurture it until you can be the hope. For yourself and for all of us. Hope generates hope. And together, as soul guardians of each other and of the world, we can regenerate it.

Finding the sit spot of your soul

This year, find the sacred sit spot within your own life. Maybe you are familiar with the concept of a sit spot in nature. A place where you go each day to simply observe until you can become that place of stillness and connection with the area around you. 2024 deeply supports you finding the sit spot of your soul. Where can you go (internally as well as externally) to witness your own changing seasons of soul wisdom. Where can you go, internally and externally, to nurture the wellspring of radiant hope that is ever present in your energy.   Find it, connect with others there, and once you have found it then can you commit to it? The 2024 cosmic energy offers a level of collective consciousness beyond duality, filled with empowered hope. What do you need to create in your life to let that energy in?

Sacred midwifing of the world 

The foundations of our global human society are crumbling and being rebuilt; simultaneously. Each of us has a sacred role as the midwives to our new world. It is a radical revolution, vast in its potential and already in process. This year we are invited to get really curious about how we honour the death of the old ways, the institutionalised imbalance and the injustice in the world? How do we bring our own sacred medicine bag to the death bed of what needs to be transitioned in our lives and in our cultures, and work with compassion and tenderness to midwife ourselves and each other? 

We are living in a time of death and as such we are living in a time of birth. 

This year we bear witness to the dying of an age in all of its bigness, all of its horrors, and all of its magnificence. Tend to your courage, tend to your hope, encourage your radiant soul to shine through your every thought, every word, every act. Now is the time for sacred witnessing of yourself and all that is to come. 

Become the soul guardian of the new way of being. Be you. 

Much love to you, 



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