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Home sweet home

Your energy fields are in constant communication with all energy fields around you, and that includes the energy field that is the place where you live. Have you thought of your home in those terms? As a unique and complete energy field that you are continually living within?

I know you’ve experienced walking into a room or physical space and immediately feeling relaxed, connective, happy. You might have even said, ‘It feels really nice in here’ (that was you consciously perceiving energy and expressing it) AND I know you’ve experienced the opposite and have walked into a room/house/physical space and felt a bit less, a bit pressed in or just a little bit yucky. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you feel happier when you leave that space.

I remember in my teenage years regularly visiting my sister and her sweet babies in their new cottage. Downstairs was lovely, warm, friendly and inviting. But I would avoid going upstairs as much as I could because as I stepped onto the top stair I would be doused in icy cold energy. This cold would hit my chest and almost knock the air from me. I would pause for a moment, catch my breath and continue. There was nothing sinister about it, just a powerful shift in the vibration that wasn’t comfortable. Several years later, some research on the house would reveal its origins as a slaughterhouse and there was obviously some stuck energy in the upper area of the house that still needed some balancing. I have already written a blog on clearing and balancing the energy of your home and if you want to learn more then you can read it here.

This blog is about how to nurture the energy of your home, so it can nurture you right back.

It may well be that the energy of your home is the energy field you are in more than any other, especially at the moment with so many people working from home due to coronavirus. The energy of your home is the energy field that you are living within, sleeping within, laughing within, crying within, dreaming within, everything within. Because of this, your human energy field is in a constant relationship of exchange with it, and that knowledge prompts a question; how are you caring for this relationship?

How are you nurturing the energy field of your home so that it can, in turn, nurture you?

  1. Bring your awareness to the fact that your home has a unique and specific energy field. Even if you live in an apartment block, the energy of your space will be different from the energy of the neighbouring apartments. This is partly because you are essential in creating aspects of this energy field, but it existed before you moved in and will continue after you leave, so it is something bigger than simply an extension of your energy fields and awareness.

  2. Greet your home. Every day, when I first walk down the stairs from my bedroom to the kitchen, I always say Hi to my home. It is a little daily ritual for me. The words change depending on what is going on for me and the rest of us in the family. This morning my words were ‘Hi, Home. Hi Spirit of the House. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Wow, it is beautiful today (as the sun was shining through the front door). Thank you so much.’ I love my home, deeply. My spoken ‘thank you’ is an appreciation of everything that is held by the energy of my home; the dry, warmth, safety, the space to grow, to grieve, to dream, to do powerful work. My home supports me in every part of who I am, including the stroppy stressed parts and the parts that are so glorious that I haven’t fully claimed them yet. My home knows all of me, and I am so grateful that I am held and cared for.

  3. Notice when you enter the energy field of your home. When I return from being outside I fall into the energy of my home as if I’m greeting a beloved friend. Because I am. And that beloved friend greets me right back. The energy changes because I am now within it. Just as it does when any other member of the house leaves or enters. If there is one constant about energy it is that it constantly changing. When you are in conscious relationship with your home, this beautiful and immense energy field will continually be shifting, changing, and adapting to hold you in fullness. It is an anchor, a grounding, a hug, a constant source for you no matter whether you are within its walls or not. Just like a beloved friend.

  4. How about embarking on this challenge: For one week, as you open your door and enter your home after being out, greet your home. Perhaps even give appreciation for it. I think you will be amazed at how different you feel and it feels as you begin to have a deeper level of conscious connection and exchange.

  5. The energy of gratitude and loving connection changes everything about your own energy field, and also the energy field of your home. It lowers your heart rate, calms stress and allows the energy of joy to flow more easily through every one of your systems. Another small but profound act that you can do to deepen the joy within you and within your home is to light a candle in gratitude and conscious connection. If you are new to the concept of the exchange of your energy fields, and your power to affect them, then there may be the question of ‘What does that mean!!? What do I say? How do I do that consciously’. Every day, you have the ability to engage in what I call the Daily Sacred. Tiny, simple acts and thoughts that connect you into the great web of life more actively and consciously, for you are always connected to the web of life whether you are conscious of it or not. By thinking things and doing things that bring awareness to this connection you activate a more empowered joyful connection, and this affects everything about your energy on the level of mind, body and soul. Maybe you are going to eat your meal and you light a candle while connecting into your feeling of thanks to your home. You may say something to that effect out loud, or simply in your mind and in your heart. Perhaps you have a shelf in your bedroom that could house something that represents your home for you, and that is where you can keep a candle, and once in a while you light it to nurture the energy of your home.

When you are in conscious connection with the energy of your home, you also notice when something is a little bit off. Perhaps you and your beloved are going through a bit of a challenging time in your relationship and you need that extra bit of support and groundedness to evolve through the challenge together. Light that candle and ask your home to help. Or perhaps you have a child that is struggling at school. Light that candle and breathe with the energy in the home, determining together to make home life even more stable, nurturing and healing for your child. Perhaps you are going out to a job interview or to do something that is worrying you, as you walk through your door and out into the world, ask the energy of your home to help you feel more courage, knowing that at the end of the day it will be there to welcome you once more into its warmth, safety and welcoming space.

Working with your home in this way can be thought of as a type of ritual or ceremony. If you would like to learn more about how you can work with simple and powerful ceremonies, whether they are in your home, out in nature, with friends or on your own, then I have created a 90 minute online class designed to help you:

  • Understand what a ceremony is

  • Know how to access the healing potential it holds

  • Learn how ceremony affects your own energy field and how it affects people, places and situations in your life

  • Feel confident in creating your own simple and transformative healing ceremonies

Ceremonies work elegantly, simply and profoundly, and I believe them to be the single biggest transformer of the balance and healing of your energy fields. Every ceremony is impactful and healing, even a few seconds of sacred consciousness can transform everything about your day, and it is this understanding that I want to convey in this 90 minute class.

You are in relationship with every part of Creation; my wish for you is that as you become more and more aware of this, your home becomes truly the home of your heart, your courage, your hope and your joy so you are able to shine this energy not just into your body, your family, and your community, but that this foundation of strength empowers you to shine these qualities into the whole wide world.

With love to you, and your home,



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