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Space Clearing Your Home

With each moment of sentience we create an energetic imprint that gets positioned in the great energy matrix within which we are all blessed to live.

Recently I was asked to go into a house build that was nearing completion. The family wanted me to clear the somewhat chaotic energy of construction, and invite in the energies of balance and abundance before they moved in.

I went from room to room helping weave the web of energy that filled the house. One part of the house was to be where ageing parents would live. As I walked into this part I could strongly feel the energetic trace of the 89 year old man who had been to see his ‘home-to-be’ as it was being built and furnished. With all my senses I could trace where he had been in the house, feeling that energetic imprint as I moved through the rooms. When I went into the bathroom it was immediately clear that this wonderful Elder had not been into this specific room as his energetic imprint was not part of the web there. Later, through chatting to him, he confirmed that he hadn’t been interested in seeing that room and had never stepped through the door. Furthermore, his energetic trace held much sadness, and while talking with him, I was able to touch on that. He had recently lost a home in a fire that he had lived in for decades and, although he was looking forward to moving into a shared house with his wife, daughter and grandchildren, he also felt sadness for what he was having to let go of.

For me, this was an incredibly tangible example of how, whatever we are doing, whatever we are thinking, feeling, experiencing, we are creating an energetic imprint that is shared into the web of consciousness that continually surrounds us.

When I enter a room that I will be sleeping/learning/working/sitting in, I recognise the room, allowing my heart to open into its space, feeling gratitude for its presence and the container that it is gifting to me to pursue my activity.

Sometimes, if it feels particularly heavy, or if once I am in the room then I begin to feel there is some kind of energetic dysfunction, then I will weave figure 8’s throughout the room (maybe only in my mind and intention if I feel that it would cause alarm to others in the room!).

You are probably all familiar with the experience of feeling fine, walking into a room or sitting in it for a while and feeling knocked off balance. Often this shows up with less mental clarity than before, or just simply feeling tired. When you leave the room then you realise that you feel much better. Often we put that down to the fact that when we sat down realised we were tired, and sometimes that can be the case, but often it is the energy of the room that is impacting us, as energy is not flowing as the room requires. Feng Shui has recognised this principle for thousands of years.

If there are areas of stagnation or heaviness then normally figure 8s will allow the web to transmute such area into being part of the overall balance and connection once more. It is also important to remain mindful to your own thoughts and actions while in the room, knowing not only that they will impact everyone in the room with you, but also that they will continue to leave an energetic imprint that will continue to impact the energy of the room long after you have left.

When you do leave, thank the room for providing a nurturing nest for you. The sum total of all of this conscious intention would not total more than 10 seconds most of the time, yet the energy in the room can be greatly altered or reinforced.

If you are a practitioner, then you already know how important it is to take good care of your treatment room, so that it is at its energetic best to take good care of you and your clients when you are working together. It can really help the energy in any room to meditate, drum or sing. Each day as I enter my work space I greet the room, and as I leave, I thank it.


  • Smudging is a simple, easy and powerful way to clear the energy in a room. You can smudge with visualisation and intention, water, song, or weaving figure 8s, or you can use the smoke of a clearing and balancing herb such as sage.

  • Choose your smudge and walk into all the rooms/corners/spaces in your home. You can have something that is sending some smoke out like a sage bundle, or incense, or you can have a little bowl of water and as you walk around the house you dip your fingers in the bowl and flick/sprinkle the water around. Be especially attentive in the corners of the rooms and the doorways as that is where energy can get stuck sometimes. You can also use little cymbals or a drum to allow the vibration of the sounds to clear and smudge the area. Whatever resonates with you.

  • Before you smudge your space, smudge yourself! You can use smoke (such as sage or incense) and you can also use water and sound.

  • It can really help keep a space energetically clear if you have access to a window that opens. If you have no window in the specific room then you may have to clear the energy in that room more often.

Energetically clearing and blessing a new house

  • If you are clearing the energy in a house that you are moving into, then be conscious that you are engaging in a blessing for your room and home, your resonance with it, your gratitude that it is a home for you, a space where you will be happy, be sad, have challenges and have delights.

  • Make it a special event to clear this space. It is sacred. So have your favourite music on, maybe put a special scarf on or a fancy dress…. whatever feels right to you. You may chose to be on your own, or may choose to have friends over to do it with you. You can have lots of fun and still be sacred!

  • Once you have finished smudging the house then go around to all the rooms/spaces again and dance figure 8s. You can do it with your body, you can trace them with your hands, you can get a couple of scarves and swirl them in figure 8s. It is so powerful at resetting the energy and revitalising the space that you are in.

Keeping crystals clean

  • It is vital that crystals and stones that you have in rooms are kept energetically clean. Some of them, like a beautiful Obsidian I use, are specifically there to help hold negative energy that is being released. It is my responsibility (and honour) as a practitioner to ensure that the crystals and stones are clear energetically so that they can do their work too.

  • My preferred way to clean them is to place them all out in a large bowl of water in the full moon and leave them for the night. The next morning they are so clear I can almost hear them singing! But I have one stone that I need to clean more regularly than once a month, so I keep an eye on it, and work with it as appropriate.

  • Crystals (no matter how big or small) are beautiful, sentient objects and when they are left to sit in a room without attention then they can absorb a whole lot of energy that really needs to be cleared. So, know the characters and properties  of any crystals/stones that you have and make sure they are adding to the flow of energy in any room rather than negatively affecting it.

There are so many ways to be conscious of the energy in rooms, and to have intention to aid that energy, allowing more connectedness and more sweetness into all of our lives.


With love, Prune


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