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31 days with me to connect with the deeply transformative potential of autumn energy

Autumn is the most powerful time of the year for transformation - nature goes through a process of rapid change as the harvest is gathered and the shape of the countryside shifts from expansion to withdrawal, from abundance to the fallow times.


Just as the leaves drop from the trees to compost and nourish the ground beneath them, this is a time when your own energy patterns drop deeper inside of you to either be released or to nourish your inner template of health, bringing the potential for transformation at your deepest level of being.

For a whole month, we’ll be together every day as I offer you daily step by step support, tools, techniques and guidance, plus two live webinars, so you can easily and naturally invite in the potential for transformation at your deepest level of being. 

Come on a transformational journey with me and learn how to:

  • Release limiting, outdated patterns that hold you back and keep you feeling stuck

  • Heal your grief, and the resistance that surrounds it

  • Give new life to your mind and body

  • Access nourishing energy for restoration and transformation

  • Find compassion and acceptance in all areas of your life

  • Balance the pressure in your energy system with ease

  • Honour your ancestors for deeper healing for yourself and your family

  • Access your inner core for soul connection

Join me and learn how to deeply connect to the nourishing and transformative energy of autumn as you move towards greater and greater balance and health.

Your commitment? Just 15 minutes a day

Image by Johannes Plenio


So powerful and restorative

"This is my third seasonal energetics program, and I am more at home in my being and in the world as it is than ever before. I feel more available and able to serve my purpose in balance, harmony and love."


A beautiful deep experience

"Autumn Energetics with Prune is wonderful. I really recommend it to everyone. It is a beautiful deep experience."


I have embraced
every word

"I have embraced every word and loved every day logging in to expand my knowledge. Having found Prune, exploring the energy system with her beside me is sheer bliss!"


Wonderful as always

"Perfect timing and just what I needed to support me through some challenging times. The course proved invaluable.

Thank you."


The details

Cost: $297 or 3 x monthly payments of $102 (that's approximately £268 or 3 x monthly payments of £92)

What's included: 

31 daily videos 

Energy exercises

Energetic consciousness tools and techniques

Guided meditation

9 recorded webinars helping you fully align to autumn energy

Weekly nourishing nature lesson where I explore autumn herbs and nutrition 

Private community group where you can learn, share and explore together

Lifetime access to all course content (for the lifetime of the course), so you can enjoy it whenever you want*

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