Starting October 4th 2021

Are you ready to release limiting patterns and sow the seeds of transformation?

Your commitment? Just 15 minutes a day.

Autumn is the most powerful time of the year for transformation - nature goes through a process of rapid change as the harvest is gathered and the shape of the countryside shifts from expansion to withdrawal, from abundance to the fallow times. Just as the leaves drop from the trees to compost and nourish the ground beneath them, this is a time when your own energy patterns drop deeper inside of you to either be released or to nourish your inner template of health, bringing the potential for transformation at your deepest level of being.

Imagine if you could work with Prune every day this autumn, as she brings her wisdom and insights to guide you through the three specific vibrations of your energy fields; the physical, the energetic and the sacred, with daily support and guidance for a whole month. 


Come on a journey with Prune and learn how to:

  • Release limiting, outdated patterns that hold you back and keep you feeling stuck

  • Heal your grief, and the resistance that surrounds it

  • Give new life to your mind and body

  • Access nourishing energy for restoration and transformation

  • Find compassion and acceptance in all areas of your life

  • Balance the pressure in your energy system with ease

  • Honour your ancestors for deeper healing for yourself and your family

  • Access your inner core for soul connection

Whats included:

  • 31 daily videos from Prune (recorded pre-coronavirus)

  • Energy exercises

  • Energetic consciousness tools and techniques

  • Guided meditation 

  • 2 live webinars with Q&A

  • 5 x recorded webinars with Prune

  • Lifetime access to videos, meditation and recordings of webinars so you can listen whenever you want

Join Prune for her Autumn Energetics programme and learn how to deeply connect to the nourishing and 

transformative energy of autumn as you move towards greater and greater balance and health.


Cost £225 - to buy Autumn Energetics, or to sign in to your account, click here

"I can't say enough positive things about Prune as a teacher. Her confidence, breadth of experience, graciousness, and wisdom shine through clearly. Looking forward to continuing with this flow throughout the coming months. Thank you" S.L.