Energy Medicine Solutions to Daily Life

The purpose of this blog is to give you the techniques that are a quick fix to daily situations. There is a vast amount of information available about energy medicine techniques. Even in these blog pages there are literally hundreds of techniques, tips, and protocols. But what do you do with it? How can you most effectively incorporate such knowledge into your daily life?

The Daily Energy Routine is the foundation of your work of evolving your energy into balance and health, and when you do it daily then there will most likely be a big improvement in your situation. If you do it more than once a day then even better! But there is a big difference between using Energy Medicine techniques as a stand-alone technique to do in a one-off daily sequence, and weaving them in as necessary while you move through your day. And the bridge from using them just once in the day to using them as needed is consciousness.

We need to be able to be aware of how our energy fields are at any given time. And that means two things; the first is the ability and willingness to check in with yourself, the second is the understanding of how each of the energy techniques that you have in your tool kit affect you.

If you don’t know how it feels to you when you are grounded or ungrounded, then when will you know how to do extra grounding techniques? If you don’t know how it feels when your aura is attached or detached, then how will you know when to strengthen your aura? And , before you stop reading this with the thought ‘I’ll never be able to do that!” know that interpreting our energetic situation is not hard to do, we just need to pay attention.

We are all energetic beings. Our very survival depends on us being able to interpret situations around us, so we really are wired at every level of our consciousness to interpret energy.  When we understand this then it is simply the case of forming the habit of checking in with yourself.  And we do this all the time!  How often in a day do you tell yourself,  ‘I’m tired’, or ‘I’m hungry’, or ‘This computer has made my brain fuzzy’. We do notice how our energy is, we just don’t have a culturally supported language for expressing it.

For example, most of us have experienced the sensation of having sat for a while and then, upon standing, feeling a flash of dizziness; energetically this can indicate that we are ungrounded or that in some other way, our energy has become stagnant. There are simple tools to work with both of those situations. Consciousness Energetics means rather than thinking, ‘Oh, I was dizzy then.’ and that being the end of it, we can adjust our energy in the situation so that it is continually evolving into stronger and stronger patterns of optimum health; that way, feeling dizzy when you stand can become a thing of the past.

Below is a list of common situation and choices of energy medicine techniques that you can apply directly to affect change and bring greater coherence and balance to your whole-body system. My suggestion is that you try the one technique that calls out to you, and if you don’t feel better after doing it then move onto the next one. Notice how you feel before you do the exercise and notice how you feel after; in this way you really begin to figure out what you need to do in any situation. It becomes instinctive. Of course, these are generalisations, but remember that our energy fields are so deeply wise…often all that is needed is the slight shift/push in the right direction and then the wisdom of your energy takes over, correcting what and where as needed.

All of the exercises below are on individual videos on my youtube channel and on my website.

  • Ungroundedness.: Spoon your feet, Connecting Heaven and Earth, Hook up

  • Feeling vulnerable: Hook up, Zip up, Celtic Weave

  • Tiredness: 3 thumps, Activating the Cells, Connecting Heaven and Earth, Crown Pull

  • 3pm slump: Massage Neurolymphatics or share a Spinal Flush with a friend, Hook up, Nourish the Mind, Homolateral Crossover

  • Feeling overwhelmed: Wayne Cook or Neurological Processing Exercise, Hook Up, Activating the Cells

  • Frustration:  Activate the cells, Hook up, Activate the Cells, Sedate Triple Warmer, Crown Pull

  • Feeling reactive: Hook up, Activate the Cells, (Sedate Triple Warmer regularly as part of your larger EM program), Homolateral crossover

  • Sadness: The heart loop, Hook Up

  • Sluggish to wake up: Hook up (and hold for a few minutes), Homolateral crossover (you can do it in bed, under the covers and still have your eyes shut even!), The Three Thumps

And! The really great news is that you will find that there will be one or two exercises that help you out in almost every situation. They will become ‘yours’. This is because it will be the key correction for your whole-body system to form cohesion around. For me, Hooking up while doing the Dragon Breath will correct just about anything that is moving out of balance. That doesn’t mean that I don’t also do other exercises, but I know what I need to do to deeply affect immediately change and get everything moving into balance. Have fun exploring what one exercise is your daily essential.

With love, Prune


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