Monthly Energy Forecasts 2020

Understand the energy of the moment

Align with the energy that can support you now

Did you know that every month has its own energy field? Some are gentle, some are fierce, some are easy for the human energy field to resonate with and some push your energy fields to every edge you have. I know you have gone through times in your life when everything seems easy, and you can’t quite put your finger on why. Or times when suddenly you feel yourself struggling as challenge after challenge presents itself, and you can’t quite put your finger on why. This unexplainable shift is often due to the energy field that has settled into the current month, and that energy is affecting you.

I’m not talking about the way the month fits into the seasonal or annual energy, although that also exists as a rhythmic and more predictable energy that each month carries. I'm talking about the way in which every moon cycle carries a unique vibration created by the movement of all of the planets within the greater universal energy field that we exist within. So the energy of January last year was very different to the energy of the January we have just experienced, and no doubt it will be very different to January 2021. This unique and specific energy affects you powerfully, every month.

Each month, I watch this cosmic energy coming into being and settling into the human energy field. It happens at a powerful interface layer in your aura that is known as the Celestial layer. Once this cosmic energy meets the celestial layer in your aura, it gets brought deep into all of your energy systems and creates either supportive or challenging vibrations for you to work with in your daily life. During the past few years (that have been wonderfully busy!) I’ve never really had the time or space to be sharing these understandings, but, thanks to the amazing PH team, I now have some time to actually explore this and share these understandings with you so that you can make sense of what is happening in a big picture way in your own energy. I’ll be sharing exercises that can help support you as you meet the incredible opportunity that is always offered by the monthly energy pattern.

December Full Moon Energy and You

The energy of this December Full Moon is mind-blowingly magnificent.

Have you seen it in the night sky over these past few days?

Sometimes the cosmos aligns in a way that humans cannot fail to notice, and this Full Moon energy is one of these times.

Have you gone outside and stood in it? This is the moon to open your heart to, even during the day, for it has a specific energy that can flow straight through your heart field and into your depths to activate your soul light and inspire your profound connection with the special path that only you are walking.

Every moon has a specific energy and in my energy forecasts I am always aware of the specific hue that the moon is lending to the cosmic energy field that we are all living within. This moon is no different in that respect, but it is unique in that this moon comes at the threshold of the year, the pause point between 2020 and 2021.

Thresholds denote an ending and a beginning. With its etymological roots in the threshing of corn and grain, there is the understanding of a parting and a transformation. In modern language, we use the word threshold in lots of different ways; to illustrate a specific transformation point in physiological awareness, such as a high pain threshold or a low boredom threshold, or to denote a change in surroundings such as a door or gate into a house. In the ritual where a groom carries his new bride across the threshold of his home, there is much ancient tradition of the power and symbolism of the threshold.

Since I was tiny, I notice physical thresholds (such as leaving the outside world and going into a house or building) and energetic thresholds (such as where sheltered woodland meets an open meadow) for the energy of a threshold is always strong and rich; it is a change point, and as such offers alchemic change for you too.

When you are at a threshold you move from one context of experiencing into another, you are about to move into a different energetic existence and because of this, thresholds are phenomenally potent. There are three words that always leap out at me when I stand at or on a threshold; pause, power and potential.

And right now we are all standing on the threshold of the year, saying goodbye to one and greeting another.

2020 has been a powerful year, a swirling cauldron of transformation, holding destruction and death and creativity and birth. What kind of year are you dreaming into being for 2021?

This December Full Moon offers a transformational portal to all that you have been working within your unique walking on your path. In my video I share an exercise to help you deeply align to the magnificent energy of this December Full Moon.

Near the top of your sternum is an amazing part of your energy anatomy - a swirling portal that provides a bridge between your conscious and your subconscious, your internal soul and your connective soul, your experiencing of your inner world and your ability to co-create your outer world.

This full moon energy is shining straight into that point in a way that encourages healing on every level, physical, emotional and more. You can energetically bathe in the light that it shines into you, as well as bathe in your own light that gets activated more deeply by this nurturing, inspiring energy.

Wherever you are right now, whatever time of day or night it is, for a moment give your attention to the sky above you, even if there is a ceiling or multiple ceilings above you, for above them all is the night sky filled with the emanating energy of the moon and the rest of the cosmos.

Breathe this vibration in deep; the upcoming year is dawning and we are all called to be ready. Let the moon illuminate you as you walk forward, filled with courage, compassion and determination.

With love, Prune


Well, if 2020 has been a challenge, it is ending wrapped up in the energy of peace, supportiveness and empowerment.

What a ride! We have gone through ups and downs, strains and joys, fears and bravery and all the time, the Cosmic energy was supporting us.

Sometimes it did so in ways that pushed and strained so we were able to more readily break down and release old ways of being, sometimes in ways that encouraged a rest and a deep breath before the next push.

If you feel like you are still working with some of those old strains and fears, that’s OK. In fact, it is perfect.

December gives you the opportunity to draw deep nourishment from the Cosmic energy into your heart, into your Energetic Core, into the very essence of your being. You have done amazingly this year. You have been vulnerable when you needed to be, and brave when you needed to be, and I know that you have held your kindness and compassion through it all; maybe not as much as the perfectionist in you would like to have, but it has been a year to challenge much, and you are still standing.

Feel proud of yourself for being part of this great evolution we are all undergoing, and know that I count myself in that celebration too! Please don’t ever think that I’m not going through EXACTLY what you are going through in the depth of yourself. There have been many times this year when I’ve been pushed to my edges too, for that is the way with Cosmic Energy; it is so vast that it touches all of us in the same way. For a moment, allow yourself to feel gratitude for all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you are in the process of becoming. Your energy fields and your body will receive that gratitude deep into every cell, to activate your joy and to nourish your pathway forward in 2021.

The energy of gratitude is especially powerful at the moment, for the energy that is around us this December connects into your conscious heart, your feeling heart, your listening heart, your witnessing heart, your trusting heart.

A gentle primrose yellow, the energy field contains all of the coding for strength, resilience and for your personal expression of who you are, how you want to nourish the whole, and how you need to be supported in doing so.

The December energy wraps the heart in beauty and gentleness, inviting you to sing the song of your heart for others to hear. What soul song/heart song has been waiting to come forward for you? What dreams have you been holding deep and close that can finally find expression in your life?

Sometimes the energy of a month comes in shouting and blasting, sometimes it peaks in the middle of the month, it all depends on the quality of the energy. This month comes in after the Full Moon of late November and gradually increases, supporting, nourishing, encouraging heart expansion through the Winter Solstice and right up to the last days of December with its magnificent Full Moon energy. Expect to feel more and more supported, peaceful and able to bring balance, joy and healing into every part of your life.

With this energy that supports full expression of yourself, it encourages you to find your place of leadership in your own life. I’m really aware that this is a wonderfully huge concept and I’m struck by it. Since I first understood that ‘find a place of leadership in your own life’ was held in this December energy field I’ve been thinking about the layers of complexity that this statement and cosmic encouragement holds.

What does it mean to you to become a leader in your own life?

Where are you currently a follower or an unconscious participant in your own life?

This December, the primrose yellow energy with its deep support for your heart asks you to embody balanced power, and not to embody just a bit of balanced power but the fullness of your balanced power. That is quite an ask. Are you excited by this, daunted by this, or both? However your logical, cognitional self reacts to this statement, your energy field is being held, supported and encouraged in this awareness. This is the time to get curious about just what it means to experience your fullness and to bring this forward into your life and into the world.

Because nothing is more important.

This entire (crazy) year has been preparing you to take your place in the great web of life as, together, we bring in a different consciousness, a different human experiencing, a different level of being.

I’m seeing the energy field that is behind this primrose yellow and it is powerful. It will be coming in on the edge of the New Year to set up 2021 with a very precise energy.

As you receive the nourishment of December, prepare your spear of awareness. Get your spear arm ready, as soon you will be called to unleash the silver arrow of your truth into the world around you.

In this month's video I guide you through exercises that align your heart energy to receive this support and deep nourishment, as well as to stay grounded, resilient and healthy.

AND! On a personal note, I have now written these Energy Forecasts for every month of 2020 and I have loved bringing them forward. Thank you so much for your support and your interest in learning more about how to align your energy with the energy that is all around you.

Wishing you everything that December can bring to you, in nourishment, nurturing and support. I am so glad that we are all here together at this amazing time.

With much love,


November 2020

The cosmic energy field that is settling in during November is both supportive and transitional as it continues to invite change at the deepest level of your human energy system.

This month is all about POTENTIAL, on both the personal and cosmic level.

The colour of the cosmic vibration that is all around you and within you this November is a thick, rich copper colour and it so deeply supports the embracing of your own potential. It’s beautiful and invites you to be radically curious about yourself.

As we have all collectively moved through the massive energies of the middle of this year, you have continually been invited (more like pushed!) to clear old patterns, to evolve beyond any limiting stories and to shape-shift to a different consciousness. It has been much like the shedding of an energetic skin in order for you to experience a fuller, more conscious and vibrant version of yourself.

The bright silver vibration of last month brought respite from effort, and I hope you enjoyed the potential for easy expansion and rebalancing in your life. I really want you to take on board that there is a tangible difference in your energy fields since the beginning of the year. Some of you will already be able to easily identify this and others of you might not.

Take a moment to think about how you might have described your energy as you came out of last winter, and how you might describe it now. What has changed? What has shifted? It is always so easy to look at what needs adjusting / healing / changing in the present or the future and not really be aware of just how much has already changed in the past 10 months. And if in doubt then ask the opinion of a perceptive (and kind!) friend or family member. Often how you have shifted and evolved will be even clearer to them than it is to you, and they will be able to reflect this information back to you. And when you hear it and realise it, then take it in, pat yourself on the back and give yourself a hug! It is so important to celebrate your commitment to yourself and your choice to experience your magnificent potential.

This rich copper invites your cells to vibrate at a slightly deeper and richer vibration which in turn will inspire your electromagnetic energy field to change and deepen. It is also a deeply grounding vibration which brings so many benefits to your energy, your physical health, and your emotional health. This means that November can bring powerful healing to your whole-body system and allow you to radiate this health and vitality more brightly and easily. This in turn raises the question of how you are using your radiance and your life light? What inspires you? Where do you put your attention and focus? What is your unique role in the cosmic web of life? The rich copper vibration asks you to consider, as elder Gigi Coyle so eloquently phrases it,What is MINE to do?”

Because of the deeply supportive and grounding nature of this rich copper colour, you may find that you are much more aware of the places of interface in your life. In other words, where your energy meets the energy of others, and the power and potential in that space. Or where your thoughts and the thoughts of others meet, and the power and potential within that space. Or the power and potential in the place where your skin meets the outside world, or between your sleeping state and your waking state, or the myriad places where the physical, the emotional and the sacred meet. There are so many thousands of points in daily life that are rich with the potential to support your conscious choice of being an essential part of co-creating the kind of world you would like to be living in.

This rich copper vibration encourages you to think about who you share time with and how you choose to interact with them.

Who and what nurtures you?

Who and what challenges you to explore yourself so that you can become even more clear, healed and balanced?

Where in your life do you have stimulating, and transformational experiences?

Perhaps a person or group in your life thinks very differently from you and you find time with them always invokes deep responses from you. Allow this rich copper vibration to hold you grounded in your heart awareness so that you can expand beyond limiting and transactional patterns of being / doing / seeing / saying. This month’s field encourages and supports personal reflection so that you can be more and more aware of yourself and therefore experience more and more of your own magnificence as well as the magnificence of those you share your life with in the personal and collective arenas.

This is the month to hold your hand out and to see who takes it. As your electrical field deepens, your heartfield can also become more stable and coherent. Not only is this deeply healing for your whole-body system, but this copper vibration is able to be carried on your electrical stability to invite the energy of generosity into every cell in your body.

Take a moment and consider...

Would you describe yourself as a generous person?

If so, why?

If not, why?

When did you last experience generosity from another person?

What was it and how did it make you feel?

Generosity is giving from the heart. When you are generous or experience generosity from another (whether this is a person, an animal, a tree, a beach...) the energy field of your heart is ALWAYS affected. It gets stronger, more vibrant and more coherent. If I watch someone being generous there is a deep flood of colour through the heartfield, that then flows throughout the whole-body system. This in turn affects the electrical field of your brain and brings a deeper, more balanced rhythm into the electrical field of your entire body. This means that being generous, and being the recipient of generosity, affects every cell in your body.

Because this rich copper colour supports and holds the energy of the heartfield it inspires courage as well as generosity. It inspires and supports you to notice and pick up that litter in the street or in the hedge as an act of generosity to society and to the planet. It inspires and holds you as you reach out to offer support to a friend, a family member or a stranger, in an act of human-to-human generosity. It inspires and nourishes you in all ways, holding your heart strong so you can live bravely and courageously, experiencing your fullest you. Sound good? OH YES!

Looking at the vibration of the upcoming months, February 2021 is the first month where we’ll have to weather a bit more of a cosmic emotional storm, so you have three months to try on this cosmic cloak of courage and generosity. I think once you are wearing it, and experience the beauty of easy generosity, you’ll choose to never take it off again.

You can help align your own energy field to receive even more by doing the exercises in this month's video.

Wishing you all that November has to offer you

With love, Prune

October 2020

Are you ready for a rest? It's been quite a year hasn’t it; bringing all of the challenges of fear and uncertainty as well as the gifts of opportunity for renewal and co-creation of our personal and collective ways of being.

The vibration of this month is a cosmic silver colour. Beautiful, exquisite.

Bring to mind the colour you think silver stardust is; that is the colour that is settling all around you and through you. It denotes light, space, rest, expansiveness without effort. It invites you to be open to receiving what you need. This month can help you as you move away from stress and the fight, flight and freeze response and towards kindness, compassion and joy; for yourself and for others.

October is a rare blue moon month with a Full Moon on the 1st and on the 31st, and the saying ‘once in a blue moon’ is so appropriate for this cosmic silver energy. It is magnificent, rare and I want you to really be able to align to it and experience it in its fullest.

I have had the immense honour and privilege of being present at the birth of many babies. When a baby is born their energy systems respond to being out of the birth canal by a sudden vast expansion; this both initiates, and is initiated by, the first full lungful of air. Energy comes in on the breath. As that first sacred inhalation fills the baby’s body, the energy field also fills with this rich cosmic silver colour. Just for a moment it is like looking at a brilliant silver light, illuminating the entire room, and then the exhalation happens and the baby’s system begins to move in all kinds of unique and magnificent ways.

This month, you get to breathe in that enlightening and illuminating colour once more. Celebrate this rest, celebrate this enlightenment. Don’t feel that you have to DO anything right now. Just by breathing, you are doing enough. We all know there will be plenty of time for launching into conscious action again! So rejoice that the cosmic energy is supporting you in just BEING, just being you. Drop the mantle of striving, of trying to be more, or of trying to do more. Allow this silver vibration to support you in your every day, and to support you in connecting more and more joyfully into your essence, your radiant energetic core.

By being alive right now you are an active part of the great awakening and this silver energy will remind you of that, and that sometimes the most powerful course of action is self-nourishment and dropping into the simple joys of your every day.

When you notice the small things that make you smile you continually support your radiance and the vast energy that travels between your core/soul energy, and your daily life. When you notice the small joys you ensure that you are able to shine that light of your radiance out into your life, and out into the world that is so wanting to see your beauty and unique radiance.

This month reminds you that you are essential; there is NO ONE else in the world like you, with your energy, your gifts and your radiance. You hold an essential thread in this great web of life. Claim your place, rest up, celebrate and get ready for your next step in the amazing journey of your life.

In my October Energy Forecast video I show you how to bring your energy field fully into alignment with this cosmic energy, enabling you to hold and radiate more light for your own health and vitality, and that of your families and communities.

With love, Prune

September 2020

I love September. Without doubt it is my favourite month of the year as the great turning from summer to winter really begins. The nights begin to get cooler and longer, the leaves begin to fall and the days alternate between the remembrance of summer warmth and the promise of winter cold.

I’ve been watching the energy that is coming in behind the soft silver vibration that has been surrounding us these last few weeks, and it is showing up as a magnificent Indigo colour.

The first thing to say is that there is a big difference between these two vibrations, so you may well feel a few days of transition between the end of August and the Full Moon of September 2nd; this might be a bit of a wobbly time as you realign and readjust. In my September Energy Forecast video, I show you some energy techniques to help hold you stable for this transition time.

But don’t focus on or worry about those first few days! Indigo is an exciting energy that brings huge potential for connection and communication and can even bring the enchanted weaving of mystery and magic into both your daily life and your dream life.

There are three big themes of this month:

  1. Weaving new webs

  2. Holding the vision

  3. Conscious choice

What have you been waiting to bring forward out of your dream life and into your daily life?