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May 2023 Energy Forecast - Wild Connection. Expansion. Grounding

Great news! The cosmic energy field this May is bright, light and dynamic. After the intensity of the past few months expect to experience a notable softening of the external and internal pressure that you have been working with.

The vibration that is all around us and within us shows itself as a soft, shimmering silver. The best way I can describe it is this; imagine you are lying on your back stargazing in an indigo sky. As you watch the stars you begin to see the whole shimmering stellar network connecting together until you can barely notice the indigo anymore. That is the visual, the colour and the vibration of the month.

Key themes:

  • Wild reconnection

  • Assemblage point alignment

  • Dynamism and vortexes

  • Let’s make sure you can stay grounded

What is immediately apparent and fascinating to me is that there is vast dynamism within this vibration. As I look at it, it is filled with tiny vortexes, all spinning together, inviting you to move, to lift, to stretch into the new space that is possible within yourself and within your life.

This is a month to dive into life, taking time to reconnect with the natural world all around you. And that is relevant whether you live in a city or in the middle of nowhere. Nature is always all around you, the very air you breathe, the very ground you walk, no matter if that ground is soil or concrete.

This is the point in the year where the cosmic energy field begins to more strongly weave one of the key themes of 2023; Wild Reconnection.

  • What does that mean for you?

  • Do you feel you have a Wild Connection to yourself? Your life? The world around you?

  • How do you define Wild Connection?

Let me tell you some of how I define it.

  • Wild Connection means not holding back. Not taming the life force that pulses through every single cell in your body.

  • Wild Connection means roaring with laughter at the joy of life, and roaring with frustration at all the imbalance in the world.

  • It means telling the truth.

  • It means showing up for yourself.

  • It means suddenly stopping as you notice the beauty of the world at that precise moment and are awed by it, and digging your fingernails in the soil just to know and feel the rich abundance of Mother Earth.

  • It means drinking dew nestled in roses and eating fruit straight from the bush.

  • It means having those important conversations even when they take courage, ESPECIALLY when they take courage.

  • It means taking as much as you give, giving as much as you take.

  • It means saying YES to all that is life affirming

  • It means saying NO to all that is not.

So let me ask you again, how do you define Wild Connection? I’d love to know! Connect, be wild and share it with the world!

How to align to the energy of this month

You will have noticed last month that there is a difference in the format to how I’m sharing information in these energy forecasts. This blog gives you a delicious overview of the monthly energy, and I also now get to share the delights and details of the energy of the month in a live class in our membership space, The Gathering Ground.

This month, I shared practices to help you align your own energy system with the cosmic energy field in order to be able to continue experiencing your biggest soul path alignment by gathering the benefits and knowing how to flow with the challenges that this month brings.

The first practice, which you'll find in the video below, is a sequence to help you support your liver energy so it can support you! Your liver does so so so (so!) much for you, every second of every day. Its healthy function is essential for hormonal happiness and for that reason alone we all do well to love our livers, but it is also key for your metabolism and detoxification, for storing vitamins and minerals and synthesising proteins.

Energetically the liver is all about movement! When your liver energy is happy then your entire energy system can move in flow and harmony, taking the ups and downs of daily life in your stride. When it is out of balance then wow, so much begins to slip. You can feel stagnant, or overwhelmed, ready to burst into tears or burst into a fight. Your liver function deeply affects the polarity that each of your cells holds, and ensuring your liver is happy this month could make the difference between you feeling like you are continually flipping between polarities or opposite experiences, to feeling stable and joyous.

This month, the dynamic vortexes in the shimmering silver will invite lots more dynamism in your own energy system and the practice I have created will help keep you and your liver grounded, resilient and expansive.

I am especially excited to share with you how working with the vortexes in this shimmering silver vibration can help you experience the activating and enlivening of your amazing assemblage point, the part of your energy system that comes from deep in your energetic core and provides a guiding light for you to walk your unique and precious soul path.

I wish you a joyous and empowered May.

With love, Prune


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