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March Energy Forecast 2022 - Reflect. Assess. Get Ready.

What did you create last month? In that centrifugal pressure, what alchemy did you work with?

So often in life we rush through from one goal to the next, never quite taking the time to pause, to reflect, to get curious about what is evolving within us as we walk the path of our life.

Although sometimes it may feel like a leap from one focus to the next, from one project to the next, from one to-do list to the next, there is a deeper flow moving through your entire life that is the connector to all of your experiences, to all of your thoughts, to all of your emotions, to all of your dreams, and hopes; this connective deeper flow is the journey of your soul.

When you are able to pause, to reflect on how your most recent experiences are settling into the deeper levels of your energy, the deeper levels of your reality, then you are able to ground strongly into the knowledge that you are ever evolving. You are an active and necessary part of the great creative principle moving throughout not just the human world, but the Cosmos itself.

So, what I’m saying is… take time!! Time to invite reflection, time to pause and marvel at who you are and how far you have come, time to get discerning and recognise the places in your life that may be a little stuck, stagnant or dysfunctional.

I have already shared that this year has two key themes; that of Sacred Transmutation and Courageous Warriorship. Both of these core energies running through the year will invite you time and time again to pause, to assess, to become aware of how you are moving through your own daily life and therefore how you are choosing to be part of the world.

As we stand at this transition point into the next season, I want to let you know a little about the energy of these next three months, for March in all of its splendour holds a special energy this year.


Alchemic pressure helped squeeze the places in your energy system that needed squeezing in order to find the stillness and to bring forward or birth deeper understandings in you


It's time to explore those new understandings and bring them more and more into your awareness to weave through the rest of the year. As the month progresses then you are encouraged to bring in more confidence in these awarenesses and step out into your own life a little more boldly.


Wow. April energy is ALREADY BUILDING behind the cosmic energy of March. It is fascinating to see it calling us forwards. It holds big, big energy and will urge you to take a leap, to begin to run along the pathway of your Soul. It holds big altruistic and connective energy within it. You get to really experience your place within the connective Universe.

And then May, June and July will dive you down into your deep shadows, the places of extremes and dualities, the places of confusion and feeling like you are either walking on shifting sand or wading through treacle.

So why am I peeking through this window to the energy of the year? Because the work you do in March and April will determine exactly how you are able to meet the energies of May, June and July. It will determine whether those later months feel rich, deep, powerful and amazing, or whether it feels like you are looping through stress, trauma patterns and old ways of being with no end in sight. YUK!

Soulcare is healthcare and healthcare is soulcare.

The more you are able to attend to your Soul needs in these coming months, the more and more energy you are going to release for your physical body. Your radiant Soul energy can flow through every cell more freely so that your physicality can support you in every step of your life journey.

So! Now you understand the importance of the way you meet March and April, let’s get to exploring a bit more about these next few weeks.

The colour of the cosmic vibration in March is a soft grey. April is a vibrant yellow gold, and as the month of March progresses, there is increasing blending of the soft grey into the yellow. It’s like April’s energy is reaching into March to call us all forward.

This soft grey colour invites you to really explore the gifts of your experiences in February. What a month of pressure it was! In much of the northern hemisphere, storm after storm built in intensity, moved over and through you and then lessened in intensity. Such quick movement of high and low pressure adds greatly to the internal and external squeeze in your energy system asking you to respond to the change again and again.

As you read this, commit to taking some time to really think about, journal, explore, walk and talk, draw, write poetry about ACCESSING the wisdoms that came forward for you during the pressure times of February. It is so easy not to identify them or bring them forward into your conscious awareness, for the busyness of life can simply focus you on the daily running rather than the deeper understandings that your whole body system is holding and continually evolving.

As you move from the Ice blue colour of February and towards the vibrant yellow of April, this month encourages a gathering of wisdom, to stoke your courage and the leap that is coming in your own life. For it is only as each of us take these individual leaps of consciousness that we can be part of supporting and creating the huge collective leaps in consciousness that are occurring in these powerful times of transition.

How do you nurture the space for your deeper wisdoms to come forward in your life? How do you bridge them from your inner world to your outer world, your daily life? Do you dance them forward into your awareness, draw them, paint them, sing them, walk them? What works for you? How do you access them and make the manifest? With every action you take to help this movement from the inner world to the outer world, you change your energy. And when you change your energy you hold the potential to change the energy in the entire world.

This month invites you to pay special attention to your kidneys. When I look at the kidneys they resemble entire galaxies with their immense darkness and brilliance of light within the darkness. Your kidneys hold the coding of your ancestry, of your previous Soul paths, and the power or energy to source your entire physicality through your life. This month, get curious about how to really nurture your kidney energy.

Each month I create two Energy Forecast videos to help align your energy to the cosmic energy of the month, to hold you resilient, strong, safe and expansive.

Video 1 below is available for free on my general youtube channel and this month I lead you though some essential exercises to support your kidney energy.

You can access Video 2 by joining my membership channel. This month in my member's only video, I share a beautiful and gentle technique to connect the energy from the past three months, forward through March, and into the next few months. This will help ensure that you move towards the intensity of May, June and July in more and more harmony.

March holds soft, deep potential within the human system. My hope for you is that as the spring vitality begins to pulse once more through all of the natural world, you too feel that call towards the mystery and magic within yourself.

If you are in the southern hemisphere and heading towards the transition of autumn you are going to have an easier time of it than those of us up here in the north(!). The energy of autumn and winter will sit more easily with the cosmic energy that I write of above, for autumn naturally encourages much of what these next few months will bring forward for us all.

Big blessings to all of you. Don’t be daunted by what is coming. In so many ways, it is already here, and what is much more important is how you are able to meet it, in that space of Sacred Transmutation and Courageous Warriorship.

With love,



I am so happy to let you know about my Energy Forecast membership videos. As well as the regular Energy Forecast video you'll find within these Energy Forecast blogs and on my regular YouTube channel, I am also releasing a second video for my YouTube members that goes deeper into explaining more of the overview and themes of the months and how you can align your own energy to help evolve your health and radiance.

You can join my membership channel by clicking the button below...

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