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July Energy Forecast 2021 - Exploration. Intuition. Play

There is a gentle glimmer to the opalescent colour that I’m watching sparkle in right now. It is tucked behind the fuchsia pink vibrational energy that June has held us so strongly within as it offered the opportunity to release and heal old patterns.

This opalescence is a cheering colour. Some vibrations have a direct, narrow focus; June was a bit like that with the directness of the fuchsia pink energy that penetrated deep into your energy systems, but this opalescence is broad and far reaching, rippling around you and through all parts of your system. (It is a bit like the difference between a song being belted out at full volume, and an enjoyable supportive hum that is a reassuring constant in your day and night).

This is a month to explore and play. That sounds GREAT doesn’t it? After the last 18 months that we have all experienced, it feels like a bit of space for playful exploration is very, very welcome. Because it has been a bit intense hasn’t it!

Initiated by the energy of the full moon on December 30th 2020, the energy of this year has been a year of light and dark, of bright radiance illuminating deep shadows. This movement between the light and dark, especially during the two recent eclipses and super moons, was deeply transformative for your pineal gland and your third eye. You’ll remember that month after month, my videos that accompany these energy forecasts built in pineal gland and third eye support as these amazingly sensitive systems were being asked to respond to the cosmic energy and evolve accordingly.

Because this is what is happening right now.

When I look closely at the changes in the human energy system that have occurred over the past few months, it looks like we are getting a tune up.

Your energy system can hold more light than this time last year.

It can radiate more light than this time last year.

And that means you are able to connect more easily and experience a different level of connective consciousness. Maybe you were already deeply and profoundly connected into the world around you and maybe you weren’t. You are walking your own unique and wonderful soul path, and wherever you were in yourself and your energy system a year ago is a very different place than you are now.

One of the fundamental understandings about energy is that every energy is part of three distinct vibrations; the three fundamental energy lines that traverse every situation, being and system.

There are so many ways this is represented; maybe you know these three vibrations as body, mind, spirit, or the physical, the emotional/cognitional and the sacred. The Chinese call these three essential vibrations The Three Treasures: Jing, Chi and Shen. In Hinduism it is the Three Gunas: Tama, Sattva and Raja. We find these threes represented in myths and religions as well, as they are recognised as a fundamental principle; in Christianity it is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Indian Trimurti are Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, and there are examples of the triple Goddess throughout much of history as the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. Three distinct energetic threads run through the Ancestors, the Living, the Descendants who are yet to be born. All of us are aware of the interweaving threads of the Past, the Present and the Future. I’ll stop here but these are just a few of the thousands of examples that you could bring forward.

In your energy system these three vibrations show up again and again (and again!). In your energetic core, you have three dantiens and each one of them is dedicated to these differing vibrations.

In your chakra system you have the heart chakra, acting as a house and pivot for the energy of the three chakras below it and the three chakras above it. Each chakra holds all three vibrations AND moves in service to your whole with the lower three housing more physical human energy, the upper three holding more cosmic connective energy and the heart spiralling all three threads together; the Earth, the Cosmos and the human experience.

Recently I was chatting with my friend and colleague Nat Hunter, she is a systems coach, and as I was sharing with her how energy systems carry the individual, the collective and the cosmic energy fields in them, she said “oh yes, the same as I, we, world.”

I, We, World. I love that!

How would our entire world be different if in every decision made, we all considered how it affects the individual, the human collective and the entire world; I, We and World!

Now why am I writing about this in Julys’ energy forecast blog!? Because the changes that your pineal gland and your third eye have been experiencing have greatly expanded your ability to connect into the ‘we’ (collective) and the ‘world’ (cosmic) vibrations. Your subconscious, conscious and superconscious faculties are all more heightened.

Over the past six months we have all walked further along the spiral path of consciousness that invites a daily awareness of more than just you as an individual. Through the increased vibration of your pineal gland, your connective third eye is linked closer to energy all around you, and by ‘all around you’ I don’t just mean what you can see or touch. Energetic waves of information have no problem travelling across walls, cities, borders and oceans, which means that you may well be feeling more, understanding more and picking up more than usual.

  • You are more intuitive than you were, able to hold more clarity about big picture topics.

  • You understand that when you see someone struggling on the television, part of you is also struggling as you know that in some ways we are all linked.

  • You are more able to discern truth and untruths.

  • You are more able to travel between your own conscious and subconscious, which can help you unlock old patterns and ways of being that you are bored of continuing to experience.

So what are you going to do about this new level of connection and awareness?

That is what July’s opalescent vibration is all about; inviting you to get curious about yourself and explore this new expanded and connected space within you.

This is time to learn how it works now and play with your new awareness. You can join me in my video this month to support your energetic core and your stellar diamonds to continue to encourage the integration of your evolving pineal and nervous system, and also the stable expansion of your inner wisdom.

It is also of vital importance to keep really grounded this month, for the increased vibration in your whole body system could leave you feeling unsettled in the extreme. As well as doing energy exercises to support yourself, this month, get precious about your quiet time, your fun time, your time in nature and with your beloveds. Hug yourself close as you explore how to be in a changing world.

With much love to you, wishing you a joyful and playful July,



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