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December 2023 Energy Forecast - Curiosity. Radical Honesty. Transformation

To really help you understand the energy of this December I want to talk to you about the energetic information held within the vibration of violet, for that’s the colour of this month’s cosmic energy.

It is a progression from the ice blue vibration of November and a welcome one.

Violet is a high and fine vibration that, as you read this, is already all around you and within you, inviting curiosity and change. It is the energy of alchemy, and will invite you to continue to release and integrate everything that no longer serves you in your life. All of those old limiting patterns or ways of being that although you recognise and would like to change about yourself, they creep up on you again and again.

- Perhaps these old patterns show up in your relationships with others, meaning that you fall into old ruts and patterns.

- Perhaps it shows up in your relationship with yourself, your self confidence, self esteem or healthy boundaries.

- Perhaps it shows up in the way you feel about your life, why you are here and what you are going to do with your precious time alive right now.

Your soul path is unique to you, and when you understand your energy, you receive support to dance along it rather than struggle with these old patterns.

And this month’s violet energy supports you in this.

I can’t promise it will be easy, although my wish for you is that you are so ready to integrate and release these old patterns that your transitioning this month is as natural as breathing. Every part of your energy anatomy, every part of your being, knows change.

You could say that every second of every day brings change to you and that by the time you go to bed at night you are subtly and beautifully different from the you that got out of bed in the morning.

You are always becoming more you as that is the journey of your life.

Because of the specific and penetrative energy of violet, this month it will be VERY useful to understand the way your own deep energy resonates and radiates through your life. This information is held in your soul colour.

Many of you will have downloaded my free book to learn more about the colour of your soul and what practical ways you can understand and support your own unique soul path (if you haven’t then you can do so here). I’m mentioning it here because this month’s violet cosmic energy will encourage your expansion, invite your evolution, and support your emergence; and all of that is expressed and therefore best understood through your own soul colour.

Have you ever wondered what your soul looks like? Or where it lives, or how it is attached to you?

I have been able to see energy since I was tiny and the one part of the human energy system that was always the most apparent to me (way before I understood about meridians, chakras, dantians or the components of the biofield) was the energy of the soul.

Mostly this soul energy is so apparent as it is the brightest, the deepest, the most profound and exquisite vibration that you have and also because it is totally inseparable from every other part of who you are.

Every cell you have is bathed in your soul colour. Your skin is resonant with your soul colour, and as it continues through the energy field that surrounds your physical body, the soul colour spreads out to the very edge of your aura.

This soul colour helps illustrate the strengths and the challenges that you have at your depths. Because December’s energy is violet it moves quickly and easily into every part of your energy system inviting you to move into a deep, even radical honesty with yourself.

And sometimes that is hard! Places where emotions have been tucked away get revealed as you are invited to meet them and bring the healing integration necessary. Don’t be surprised if this month brings tears, and if that is the case for you, I want you to really remember that they are tears of healing; the waters of life that can flow through your body and out of your eyes as you sit in awareness and compassion of old pains, old patterns, old energy.

In my December Energy Forecast video below I share with you a gentle and supportive practice to help you remain grounded and open-hearted even if you are feeling pinched or pressured by your day to day life or by processing events of the past. And I’ve kept it short and super simple! I know you are busy in December so I wanted to make sure you feel good with just a couple of minutes of practice.


And I’ll be going live in my membership space, The Gathering Ground on Thursday 30th November, to deep dive into December’s bright hard energy, to answer your questions and to share with you more about the meeting point between the heart energy and the heart protector energy.

December is the month when the Heart energy in the body steps into precedence within the protective energy systems of the Sinew meridians, and that means that this violet energy can either deeply support the flow of energy through your heart system or it can get restricted and constricted by the Heart Protector. I want to ensure you have the understandings and practices to make sure you experience the flow rather than the tension of this month.


Key understandings for my December Energy Forecast

  • The violet energy of this month invites you to get more curious about your intuition and your deep and wild wisdom that lives within you. Take time to listen to yourself as much as you listen to others (or maybe even more!)

  • You will be even more aware of what is going on in the world. Violet connects you into the collective consciousness. You already care deeply about the world around you, so don’t be surprised this month if you feel shocked at the imbalance and pain you perceive in our current societal situations. The practice in my Energy Forecast video can really help support you and I’d recommend you do it daily to maintain your courage, your resilience and your joy.

  • You can also support this increased awareness with inspired action in other ways: - at the level of the physical (get involved in charity work, donate what you can whether that is money, time or wisdom) - at the emotional level (reach out to others, support yourself emotionally so you can be present and compassionate with others) - and at the sacred level (work with simple ceremonies of healing and peace)

  • Nurture (or discover) your personal joy. Violet invites the Alchemist in each of us to flourish, taking those base or limiting patterns and processes you engage in and transforming them into the energy that you need to be more and more you. You in your bigness, you in your authenticity, you in your fullness.

My advice for this month is to incorporate playtime into your day, every day. It will be that alchemic ingredient in your life, and help change those tears of pain and pressure into tears of joy. Play is essential for your soul needs and can help you bring your own courage, wisdom and tenderness into a world that so greatly needs you.

BIG love to you this month. May the mid winter festivities bring joy and peace to you and your beloveds.



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