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August 2023 Energy Forecast - Returning Home. Restoration. Adrenal Boost

I’m delighted to share with you my August Energy Forecast. This month is a wowser in wonderful ways.

As I’m writing this, I'm sitting here watching the energy of July, still in its magnificent dancing green and continuing to invite our hearts to expand and embrace more cosmic consciousness. And just above it now, the energy of August is opening. And it is massive. And awesome.

At the close of the year, always around the Mid Winter Solstice, I travel to the west of Cornwall, where the magic is strong in the air, land and sea, and I channel information from my guides and the elements regarding the overview of the energy of the year and how it is shaped. Then each month, towards the end of the month, I watch the Cosmic and Earth energy meet, and I further explore the information held in this specific vibration to bring it forward and make sense of it for us. By understanding its big themes and then using energy practices to align to this energetic information, we are all able to meet the challenges and absorb the gifts that the month holds for us.

As I was sitting in deep communication with my guides on the Mid Winter Solstice, August stood out for me as a glowing and expansive energy. But now I see it in its fullness, it is so much more than that.


This vibration shows itself as a rich brown colour, deep and carrying the energy of infinity within it. Imagine a black hole that is chocolate-coloured rather than black, that is the closest I can come to using words to describe its vibration. It carries a deep sonorous thrum within it that will resonate through each of your cells, and all to activate a pivot, a Great Turning in your body, mind and soul.

This August brings a great flooding of Cosmic Energy, beginning on 1st August with a Super Moon and ending on 31st with a second Full Moon, meaning it is a Blue Moon.

And yes, you do get a chance that comes just once in a very blue moon. A vast expansive portal is open for one complete month showering you with illumination and cosmic coding to help you awaken to and dissolve the old and limiting programmes in your body and mind.

The pattern of energy that rose in 2012 is peaking now and this portal and how you meet it will set the energy of the next seven years in motion.

How are you going to respond? What is your part to play in the next seven years of your life, on both the individual and personal level, and on the collective level.

Not to be too dramatic about it, the time is now.

What choices do you need to make to support yourself in these next years to come? What do you need? What do you choose?

Key themes

  • The Great Turning is Now

  • Returning Home to Yourself

  • Boundaries and Balance

  • Blue Moon Adrenal Boost

  • Illuminate and Dissolve Old Patterns

Because it is such a vast month, this blog holds the overview of the energy and how to meet it, and of course, my video shares a practice for you to align with it.


I hope you can join me live on August 17th in my membership space, The Gathering Ground, so we can explore more together. This middle point in August is the apex of the turning energy of this month so it will be powerful to meet together at that time.

Before the live class, you’ll have the chance to post your questions about August energy in the Gathering Ground, to let me know what you want to take a deep dive into during our time together.

And I’ll be choosing one person who is in need of some adrenal support to work with during the Energy Forecast live session. This will give me a great opportunity to show you all some easy and effective ways to work with the energy of this month to really nurture your adrenal glands.


As we build towards the Blue Moon of the 31st, in this big energy of boundaries and balance, you get the opportunity to absorb this rich brown vibration straight into your electrical and adrenal energy system. As this is initiated you can take a deep breath of calm and nurturance that simply isn’t possible when adrenaline is being pumped through your system in fight-flight and freeze.

What it means for your body

The biggest theme held in this deep and infinite brown is rest. But not just rest for the sake of doing nothing, August invites you to rest in the true meaning of the word; restoration. And this restoration is to help bring balance so that you can experience reconnection. (Think of this brown colour as being resonant with the colour of not just rich earth, but Earth, Mother Earth, and it is calling you into balance and a re-membering of your own beauty and authenticity).

Rest can either be a passive process whereby you do nothing active, maybe you fall asleep on the sofa or turn on the TV and binge out on a series so that you don’t feel the need to do any of the numerous things on your to-do list.

Or rest can be an active process of restoration. What would that look like for you? For me, it can involve lying outside on the ground, opening myself to being with nature, listening to the wind moving through the trees. Or it could be a yin yoga practice where I simply relax deeply with no strain or effort. Rest(oration) can be a gentle wander through a park breathing in life, or can be cuddling your beloved animal as you lie on the sofa experiencing connection and love.

What does rest(oration) look like for you? I can tell you what it will look like energetically. The static buzz that can come in the Summer due to the increased Fire in the system begins to quieten, the adrenal glands calm, electromagnetic energy from the Earth and the Cosmos is absorbed much more readily into your entire energy system being so that you feel energised and have more vitality. You move from the habitual reactive energy field into the creative and responsive. And you feel great.

The practice in the video below that I have created for you this month empowers you to be able to stay deep and grounded by working with receiving and giving in equal measure, and in doing so help initiate the energy of balance in your whole-body system.

Given the bigness of the Cosmic energy this month I suggest you do it several times a week if not daily.

As I’ve already mentioned, the other big place this month affects is the adrenal glands and I’ll be sharing more about that on 17th August in The Gathering Ground.

The cosmic energy this month is a deep one for reminding us again about the inherent balancing of ourselves, of our life, of our planet.

What it means for your mind

As much as we might not want to think about it, this month's cosmic energy points us towards the turning of the year. It holds a pivot or fulcrum energy and is an invitation to begin to return home to your depth. You get to begin that long journey into yourself that culminates in the dark depths of Winter. This is the energy created by the Cycles of Change as the wheel of the year moves inexorably. No matter what balance or chaos is currently in your life, the seasons continue to cycle and from this point on, we move here in the Northern Hemisphere towards Deep Winter, and in the Southern Hemisphere, towards High Summer.

And this fulcrum or turning energy is big, like a great portal of potential. You can either choose to meet it consciously, or it will push and press on you until you are more aware of it. If the latter happens, the hamster wheel feeling of your life will speed up until you may feel you are close to breaking point, juggling to hold everything together in a growing intensity.

Stop. Rest. Restore. Breath. Reconnection.

This is a great month to give yourself permission to do less, even to be less, in your own expectations of yourself.

Get curious - what drives you? And conversely, what deflates you? Where are the pinch points in your life that need more nurturance and reconnection and how can you provide this self-care?

If you consider that this is the month that sets up the next seven years of your way of being, how important is it that you give time to yourself, your needs, your dreams, your you-ness?

What it means for your Soul

You are ready for this. We are all ready for this. As the intensity of societal life increases at every point across our global community, the cosmic energy will encourage each of us to take a leap this month.

We don’t know quite where we are going to land, there is so much emerging as so much breaks down. Can you trust ?

As this next cycle of energy moves through you, your soul is already responding. Meet this energy, allow it to dissolve old and limiting patterns of doing and being.

One of the most essential questions occurring right now is about compassion. Can you have compassion for yourself as a soul being? Yes, a human being, and a soul being. Not to be compared or judged as lacking or less than, but part of the great web of life, replete and abundant with living souls all interconnective. You don’t look at a tree in a forest and think, it should be doing more. You don’t watch a programme about a dolphin and feel that it isn’t quite good enough. When did our lives and worth get to be about productivity? This warped lens of our individual worth fits with the modern concepts of the mainstream world, with its huge marketing campaigns to ensure you never quite feel good enough and therefore spend money to be/look/feel improved, but it does not fit with the old ways, the wisdom ways, where each soul is valued as a precious and essential light within the web of life.

Allow the moons and cosmic energy this month to illuminate and add to the dissolving of the legacy of the modern story of separation, let yourself unfurl with no straining to do or be anything more than you already are, simply by existing.

There is no uncertainty at your soul level. You know that this is the work that you came to do, in joy, in commitment, in compassion, in laughter, in love. The more you are able to ground down into trust, the more the ground beneath your feet is ever present, holding you safe even in big uncertainty. Take a breath, step into the unknown and know you are an essential and beloved part of creation.

The energy of September is already within the portal energy of August and I’ll be talking about it on August 17th in The Gathering Ground too, as they are so connected. A bright yellow it will feel like the sun is shining on you, captivating you, maybe even enchanting you, enlightening our world.

And that sounds good to me.

Much love to you, I am so grateful you are here. Thank you.

See you on 17th August.



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