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April Energy Forecast 2022 - Emergent. Explosive. GO!

Are you ready for April?

There is so much going on energetically this month. In this Energy Forecast blog post I’m going to share the key themes and write a little about them, but this would turn into a huge missive if I was to write everything energetic that will be occurring during this month, so I’ll explain more about it, as well as sharing effective energy exercises to help you align your own personal energy to the cosmic energy of April, in my two energy forecast videos as well. You’ll find my general energy forecast video a bit further down in this blog post, and my member’s only video on my Youtube membership channel. This member’s only video goes deeper into explaining more of the overview and themes of April and how you can align your own energy to help evolve your health and radiance. I hope you’ll join me for both because this month, the cosmic energy is fast moving, deep, and packed with personal and collective potential.

Since the new moon at the very opening of the year, the focus of cosmic energy has been moving both steadily and intensely towards this month, inviting you to get ready for an energetic leap.

I want to say straight away that sometimes these energetic leaps are chaotic, demanding and can push you into all of your corners. The great news is that I don’t see too much of that sort of vibration being held in this cosmic energy field that is fast coming in and will be here during all of April. This month brings energy that looks like winds of speed and movement.

This is the month to find the path beneath you already and run.

No more stillness, no more holding. Leap into trust and Go. Go. Go!

One of the reasons for this time of huge activity is that in April there are two new moons in the one month, one on the first day of the month and another on the last day of the month. Just as the second full moon in a month is sometimes known as a blue moon, the second new moon in a month is sometimes called a black moon. The energy of this month is therefore packaged into a neat container of explosive transformation.

The colour this vibration shows as in April is Gold. Not yellow, but a rich, radiant explosive gold. Like the gold that can be found at the very heart of a flame, and indeed, this April presents you with a strong and fiery vibration of a fire that is being birthed in your life.

Theme 1: Tending to your heart flame and Birthing Fire

Where do you need the clarity and power of fire in your own life right now?

How is your heart flame? Are you nurturing enough? What do you need to fan the embers of your heart so that your heartfield can be a beacon of strength, light, hope and joy.

Right now, we all need to be those beacons. For ourselves, for our beloveds and for each other. Anytime we are moving through a profound collective transition, and that would certainly be my definition of where we have been for the past few years, there can be the tendency to feel that we are each alone. You look around you and are horrified by what you are witnessing; the human tragedies, the environmental tragedies, the dysfunction of the political, financial and judicial frameworks in which you are living. In short, you are aware that the way in which most of the human world has been structured could do with an upgrade! An upgrade of the consciousness of unity, of the interconnectiveness of all of life. And yet what can you do about it?

I suspect that as you have moved through your world this week you have experienced times of overwhelm, grief, fatigue, and disheartenment. Perhaps you watched the news, listened to podcasts or read articles about what is currently going on in the world. Perhaps you witnessed a selfish interaction at your local supermarket, or an act of self-interest and aggression as you were driving. There is so much to deal with! And all woven together in such complexity that if you dare look with compassion at one part of the problem, it quickly becomes apparent that to help be part of the solution for that part, then you need to hold and house the other challenges too. And at that point, most of us can lose hope. The courageous warriorship that I spoke of earlier this year can waver, falter and at times, die, as you simply give up and bury your being back into your depths.

Theme 2: Radical trust

And that is where the next theme comes in; that of radical trust. If you need to tuck into yourself and rest a while right now, that's OK. You are protecting your heart, your soul, your entire being during those times. If you need help to nurture yourself exactly where you are, I have recently released a video to help support grief and empower your peace within. You might find that helpful as you tend to the wounds of being alive right now.

Energetically, this month will invite you to trust. Not in a small or meagre way, but in a radical and unfettered way.

  • How much can you trust in yourself?

  • How much can you trust that you are an essential and beloved part of this world?

  • How much can you trust in the kindness of others?

The energy of trust is self-realising and self-perpetuating. The more you trust, the more you are aware of how much is to be trusted, and therefore the more you trust.

Trust is not an attitude or an emotion, trust is a worldview. Trust is the knowledge that the ground is always beneath your feet and the sky is always above your head. Trust is knowing that you’ll mess up, you’ll ‘fail’ at some things, and that is part of the beauty of being. Trust is loving yourself and bringing compassion to all that you are, even the bits that you hide away from others.

I love how the mystic poet Rumi tells us ‘Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour’. That is a wonderful definition of trust.

Theme 3: Expansive hope

So yes, there is much going on in the birthing pains of our emerging world. AND YET! There is so much beauty, joy, and utter ALIVENESS in the world too. Every second of every day, every night. The vitality of life vibrates in every one of your breaths, every one of your cells.

And that is where the fire of this April gold can be birthed stronger and stronger. The vibration this month will encourage your whole body system to draw from the great cosmic web of life, of vitality, of radiance. You can experience this as joy, connection, laughter, compassion, hope and love. When you are able to tap into these emotions, these vibrations and energies within you, then you are able to release them back out into the world. These vibrations are magnified because of you. Because when you are CHOOSING to meet, embrace and then radiate these vibrations, you bring a level of consciousness to the world through your active choice, so that not only will you be that beacon of compassion, hope, wisdom and joy, but you recognise that you are not alone.

Your choices, your vibration, connects with others who are choosing the same thing. As you look around you, you realise that in their own ways, with their own precious uniqueness, there are tens, hundreds, thousands, millions of other people each being a beacon in their own lives, families and communities. Others who are saying yes to life, yes to compassion, yes to the emerging consciousness. You feel their energy and they feel yours. I feel your energy, and you feel mine. Gold is a wise and connecting vibration and for one whole month you get to experience it as it moves around you, through you and from you.

In my main Energy Forecast video below, I share with you a way you can use energy exercises and your consciousness to ensure that your energy field holds you strong, safe and able to meet the demands of your everyday, as well as the demands of the world.

You can access Video 2 by joining my membership channel. This month in my member's only video, I lead you through a personal favourite of mine of how to deeply source the essential energy for your body, your mind and your spirit. Sourcing your energy means connecting it deeply into the energy structure of the cosmos so you are able to feel vibrant, resilient and joyful.

The deep gift of this month is that experiencing this gold vibration gives you all you need to know it, to understand it, so you can tap into it and access this golden vibration in you long after the month has moved on.

I’ll be thinking of you through the month, and always with gratitude and the absolute knowledge that together, we can do this, we can be the consciousness transition that is waiting to emerge in its fullness; for ourselves, for our beloveds and for all of creation.

With love, Prune


I am so happy to let you know about my Energy Forecast membership videos. As well as the regular Energy Forecast video you'll find within these Energy Forecast blogs and on my regular YouTube channel, I am also releasing a second video for my YouTube members that goes deeper into explaining more of the overview and themes of the months and how you can align your own energy to help evolve your health and radiance.

You can join my membership channel by clicking the button below...

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