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Courageous Warriorship

Recently, Ukrainian leader Mr. Zelenskiy asked ‘Who can stop the war?

His reply vibrated through every energy system in my body;

“Who can stop the war? People. These people are among you, I am sure.”

I am sure as well, for I believe that you are that person. I am that person, every individual is that person. Together, we are the people he was speaking of.

In my Energy Forecasts I have been sharing information about how one of the two big themes of 2022 is Courageous Warriorship, the other is Sacred Transmutation. We watched both of these themes become more tangible, more visible, more REAL recently as we watched the tanks roll into Ukraine, and the corresponding global response.

It is not ok.

It is not ‘just what happens’.

It is not only happening to other people somewhere else.

At this point in collective human consciousness, and material globalisation, we are too interconnected in every way not to feel the ripples of discord and suffering as they move through Ukraine, through the west and continue into the greater world.

As you watch or read the news at the moment, then you know this already for you feel it in your body as you hold witness to what is occurring. Your heart constricts and your emotions respond. Disbelief, anger, fear, uncertainty, outrage. You have probably experienced a whole gamut of emotions as you have been processing the unknown potential of this situation and the deep suffering of the Ukrainian people.

But don’t feel disempowered. Remember, YOU are that person Zelenskiy is talking about. WE are those people.

I know this as I know that you are a person of peace, and therefore you are already committed to Courageous Warriorship.

Here is my advice for you today and in the upcoming days:

- Nurture your strength.

- Consciously connect to your joy to nourish your courage.

- Hold your vision of peace and fuel it with active prayer.

- Pray in your own way, to empower the Spirit of Peace throughout the entire Cosmos.

- Honour your fears or doubts, hug them close.

When I woke up this morning I felt sad, and this is what I did.

I crossed my arms over my heart and tucked my fingers into my armpits. This Heart Hug is a powerful re-connector and calmer of a sad or anxious heart.

And then I spoke to my sadness.

“I am sad. Hello sadness. Hello grief. I love you. You are so precious and you are never alone. Thank you for being here with me today.”

In this way, I invited peace to be at the very centre of my body, the very centre of my being, and my own gratitude reached out to hold hands with and support my sadness and grief.

Peace always starts within, and I intend to shine that vibration of peace very very very brightly over the next few decades. With you. Let’s do it together.

I know that when you change your energy you change the world, and we have quite a lot to change as our new ways of being are emerging. And those new ways of being do not include war, dominance over, hate, or oppression.

Over this next while I’ll be sharing lots of simple and powerful techniques to help us all as we become more and more the people of peace Zelenskiy was talking to. You can access lots of these resources through my YouTube channel exercise and energy forecast videos and my imaginal soul podcast.

You can also watch a recent conversation with me and Shamanic practitioner Imelda Almqvist that took place last week. The theme of our conversation was peace practices for these times, and we covered some important topics, like what we can do when we feel disempowered or overwhelmed by the situation in Ukraine, ways we can support peace, how we can support our youth through the current mental health crisis they are experiencing, and we also included a prayer for the children of today. You can enjoy this discussion on my YouTube channel here.

With love, always



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