Connection Chronicles 2021

Connection Chronicle 75 - Celebrate life

Happy Solstice!

I LOVE the energy of the Summer Solstice, and the way it always offers a stop point in the middle of the year. Your energy always follows where you put your attention and the Midsummer invites us all to put our attention on celebrating life.

Celebrating abundance Celebrating love Celebrating community Celebrating the precious connections in your life.

These connections are the ones you have into your depth, into your longings and your joys, into your dreams, into the deep nourishments that will sustain you through the long days of winter. The precious connections you have with the world around you, the humans, the animals world, the natural world, the stars, moon, sun and planets. The summer solstice invites you to give attention to your connectiveness into the immense web of life that each of us have the mindblowing privilege of belonging to.


This picture is of my breakfast celebration feast this morning, a childhood family favourite of Eggy Poke Poke, which you may know as a soft boiled egg with toast that you dip in! So simple, and yet, it is how I break my fast on any celebration day.

I wish for you today is that you get even just a glimpse of how truly magnificent you are,

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicle 74 - The joy of feeling nourished

Take a minute. Right now. You can even time yourself if you really can only afford one minute in your day.

Use this minute to look around at your internal world and your external world and notice what is actively nourishing you and your soul?

Here I go with my noticing; The heat of the sun The sparrow chatter around me as I write The cup of nettle tea beside me The grass beneath my feet The dry rich earth beneath that grass The clouds The space around me with its warm air and aliveness The sound of a drum talking to the trees Bees loving the flowers Being on sacred retreat with wonderful people

And now it is the end of the one minute of attention and my energy is changed because of it. If you do it you’ll be more grounded, more connected, and more joyous.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicle 73 - Sacred connection with the land

One of the wonderful things about being on holiday, is being able to deeply engage in creativity. I am so lucky, as I get to be creative in my every day life and my work. And yet there is something different about being with the land and being creative with my hands.

Walking through the fells and valleys here in the Lake District there is the amazing continual bounty of sheep fleece. As I walk I collect the sometimes tiny, and sometimes handful, of fleece offerings and then I get creative with a felting needle.

In honour of the sheep that have given the wool, my first little figure today (as I sat in the sun with the lake and the mountains all around) was Goldilocks the Sheep!!!

The second, as I listened to the Spirit of the lake, was a tiny being in a cradle. It is my habit to make these little land guardians and then offer them back to the land.

At sunset tonight I will place the Being in the Cradle into the lake with prayers of gratitude and blessings to the land.

Goldilocks the Sheep will be left in a place where I hope someone will find her and be charmed by her craziness. Whether that happens or not, she was the work of creative love as I sat in the sun with my daughter in the peace and magnificence of today.

With love to you and your sacred creativity, Prune

Connection Chronicles 72 - The spirit of generosity

Every land, every place has its own unique energy. You may experience this as a feeling, as just a sense of knowing something about that area. You may perceive it as an emotion, or you may identify that the people from that area tend to have specific character traits or ways of being.

Those character traits are formed from the energy of the land they live in, the energy of the land that they’re from.

As you know, I am in the Lake District at the moment with my 18-year-old daughter, we are sharing time together, sharing stories, laughs, and pains, and continuing our now 18 year journey of growing together.

There is one word that for me sums up the energy of the Lake District, and that is ‘generosity’. There is a generousness here that flows through the water, through the trees, through the fells, the rocks, the flowers, and therefore through the very people. As I did my morning meditation I felt these waves of generosity rolling around me and through me and I greeted them.

This spirit of generosity was symbolised strongly as I walked through the village and watched visitors feeding the birds. It wasn’t the generosity of the people that touched me so deeply, but the generosity of a swan that was allowing a woman to stroke its neck and back. The energy of the swan wasn’t interactive, it wasn’t absorbing this affection as a more tame animal absorbs and shares affection with a human. It was simply allowing it. A huge act of generosity on the part of a wild animal.

Anytime we feel touched by the energy of the land, by the energy of place, it invites deeper connection and reflection within ourselves. For me today it raises the question,“How generous are you?” And even more importantly, “How and where can you be even more generous in your daily life?” That will be the question I take with me into the dream time tonight.

Wild blessings, Prune

Connection Chronicles 71 - Growing together

Parenting has to be one of the most rewarding experiences of life, AND one of the most challenging. Having spent two days in a car with my teenage daughter I am in awe of her and her generation. They carry a big burden to solve the current social, environmental, political and financial crises. It was already a big burden before the catalyst of coronavirus and now the next decade or so will help shape far into their future.

The young are inheriting a world whose complexities outstrip anything of the past, and, it seems as parents and careers, our role now is to help provide the care and guardianship each of their bright souls need.

For the modern children of today are different energetically from the past generations (our generations) in so many ways; they are much more empathic, more light-filled, more connected to each other and the different vibrations around them, and their energy systems vibrate quicker than most other generations. This all means that there are fundamental differences in the energy of parents and children and these can present deep challenges. Over the next while I’m going to be sharing more insights about these differences and how to help bridge them.

One of the most precious healers for the modern children is connection to nature. Today we have arrived in the Lake District to share together, grow together and exchange energy with the exquisite energy of water, trees and mountains.

Blessings on your weekend. With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 70 - What does the moon ask of you?

You may well notice that when the moon is full you feel more, think more, experience more and probably sleep less!

That is all due to the energy of the moon and the way it interacts with your human energy system. I have written previously about exactly what happens in your energy fields so I won’t repeat myself here again, but I do want to look at how the moon affects your soul energy.

When the moon is big, full and luminous it sends more light energy into your entire energy field, especially your energetic core.

This is the energetic structure that houses your deepest essence-energy/soul energy. When it gets supercharged with lunar luminosity it begins to radiate more of your essential energy from your core through every part of your energy system, every part of your physicality and therefore every part of your daily life.

Because of this, full moons are powerful times to listen to what your soul is calling for.

Perhaps you feel more emotional, especially when the moon is a supermoon as it is today. Identify those emotions and listen to them. What are they trying to share with you?

Perhaps you feel restless or you feel an urge to do something specific? What is calling you?

It is a great idea not to let anything pass unnoticed when the moon is big. Take a bit of time to explore, reflect, and get curious about how your magnificent soul is communicating to you in all of your awareness.

For me and my daughter, this May Supermoon has brought the calling of mountain energy, and a deep longing to be in the stability, depth and power of mountains. So tomorrow we head off to the Lake District to honour this calling and meet this longing. I think my hiking boots are as excited as me!!!

With much love to you and your dreams, Prune

Connection Chronicles 69 - My love list

How is Spring moving through you and with you? It is a big month energetically as we breathe in the light and dark of these two super moons. I spent some beautiful time last week in the big moon, the big sun, in woods, stone circles and by rivers. Those are the places I go when I need to deeply recharge my energy system. Since the deep winter I have been thinking much about how to find the easy balance between input and output, or to put it in energy terms, how to empower the sustainable and joyful balance between yin and yang.

And even more importantly; what do we need to change in our individual and collective lives to truly empower it as a societal normal?

Perhaps for you this is an easy no-brainer kind of question and you are awesome at ensuring that you live in a daily ebb and flow of how much you give and how much you receive. But I suspect that most of the time it is a bit more challenging than that!

How would your life be different if you nourished yourself every day? And how would you do it?

Here is a love list of the 5 ways that I nourish myself everyday.

1. Loving my body by eating food that enables every cell to vibrate with vitality 2. Noticing and loving all the magnificent blessings in my day whether they are tiny, silly, huge or magnificent. 3. Taking time for myself as I savour a cup of tea, dreaming, thinking, rolling around inside myself. 4. Stretching, walking and creating the space for my energy to do what it needs to do in balance and health. 5. Laughing…. with my family and friends (human and other). Laughing with myself.

And is it always easy and effortless? No. And those are the days that I actively remember this list and start breathing them into my day. What about you? I’d love to read what nourishes you, as each of us engage in this precious daily dance of life together.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 68 - Spring brings magical gifts

I have just come back from a walk that has reminded me, deep in every cell, system,and thought that magic is a constant in life. As we walked our dogs...yes! Plural! The puppy is now 5 months old and happily running alongside us as we walk to the beach or along the cliff paths.

As we were walking through the hedgerows the abundance of spring gifts surrounded us and wrapped us up; blackthorn in full flowery bloom making the pathways white with petals. These masses of blackthorn hedges will later gift the sloes that I’ll use to make the nurturing sloe gin to be shared in the deep winter.

Vibrant yellow gorse flowers are a constant in Cornwall for most of the year and now is the time I love to nibble them as I walk along. If you are so tempted then do so in moderation as they can be toxic if you eat too many, but I love them for their energy and vibration and the way of feeling the power and energy of the sun melting in my mouth against the bitter coconut-y taste of the flowers. We picked nettles and wild garlic to make some power packed pesto to add to our dinner tonight and a big handful of cleavers to add to the water jug that is always beside me as I work. I’m drinking it as I write this and feeling the richness being absorbed inside me, carried through me and moving through all of my energy systems too.

All of these magical spring gifts hold rich nutrients and benefits for your physical body, but they offer far more than that. They hold the energy of spring. When you bring them into your body, they become the fuel for your cells meaning you are gifted vitality, connection and life-force. AMAZING!

I hope you are able to meet with the magic of Spring this weekend.

With love,


Connection Chronicles 67 - She is the guardian of your soul path

Happy Women’s Day!

As a woman you are amazing. You are powerful. You are magical. And deep in your body there is an energy system that I want to introduce you to, for to me, she is the wise warrior within everyone.

Known in Chinese health philosophy as the Heart Protector or the Circulation Sex system, this energy system has one main reason for being; to protect your heart and soul.

WOW! What a job. Can you imagine what that involves every second of every day and night?

This Heart Protector system is witness and silent supporter to your tears, your laughter, your dreams, and your longings.

She is the guardian of your soul path, and walks beside you every step of the way. She sees your falls and helps you get up to walk again.

She is silent and supportive, or ribald and rambunctious, whatever you need her to be in your depths.

She gives you that clenching of your gut when you are about to speak an untruth.

She holds your heart in her whole system embrace.

And she is always with you. She has been since you were just a few cells in your mum’s womb, and she will be with you accompanying you as you transition through the portal of death.

On this day of celebrating women, celebrate yourself, celebrate your heart and soul and celebrate your amazing warrior embodied in the energy of your Heart Protector. Wrap your hands around your heart space and feel her reaching out to hold your hands, letting you know that she sees you, hears you, and feels you in all of your rich and magnificent authenticity. You are amazing.

To you, and all the women in your life, your ancestry, and your world; thank you for being you.

With love,


Connection Chronicles 66 - Loving your liver means loving yourself

When you are working with transformation of any kind, there is one emotion that is of the greatest importance and will determine almost everything about how you move through that transformation. What is it? You know it already; compassion.

Compassion transforms your energy field the second that you consciously engage with it.

Even thinking about compassion engenders the energy of compassion. You are that connected and that powerful.

Compassion connects you to yourself as well as connecting you to everything else.

Compassion shifts congestion and stuck habits.