Connection Chronicles

Connection Chronicle 43 - Let’s celebrate and connect!

How are you and how was your summer??? You may remember that in my last connection chronicle a few weeks ago, I let you know that I was going to be taking some time off writing daily as I wanted to have a bit more time for play in my daily life. Well, I played. Walking, drumming, gardening, lying in the hammock (yes, that is definitely ‘play’!), discovering new woods and sacred paths here in Cornwall, spending time with family and generally opening up to the playfulness that is always present in life, but that I sometimes forget about in my love of my work life!

Well today is a very special day. Firstly it is my mum’s birthday, and although she died over 20 years ago, it always feels a joyful and celebratory time to honour the day she was born. Secondly, it was this day, two years ago that birthed the seeds for the amazing team of women and men who work with me in PH. Everyday, they inspire me with their vision, commitment and huge skills to support the work that we all feel so passionate about sharing.

So, happy birthday Mum, happy birthday PH!

In celebration of these births I am going to start writing regular Connection Chronicles again. Not every day (I still want lots of time to roll around in the creative playtime that I have loved this summer), but at least twice a week. If there is anything that you would specifically like me to write about and share my ideas on then put it in the comments below and I’ll do my best in these upcoming weeks,

I’m excited we are on this ‘Chronicles’ adventure together,

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 42 - One of the most important questions

Do you feel like the balance of work, rest and play in your life is as you need to nourish and nurture yourself in every way?

If you have answered ‘yes’ then I am DELIGHTED for you, AND I suspect that you might just be in the minority within our society! For me, this question of balance and flow between work, play and rest is a central question and I ask it quite regularly of myself, (although it is probably quite telling that my family members ask me it even more often!!!).

Work: I never take for granted the fact that I love my work, that actually, my work isn’t just my job, it is my life’s work. This is such a deep joy and honour, and continually inspires me to write, to create, to teach, to vision and explore.

Rest: I am pretty good at resting. I love sleep, I love my bed, I love pyjama days and lying on the grass.

Play: mmmm, this is the one for me that can get edged out. My commitment to work can often impinge upon the space in my life to enjoy and play with my wonderful family, and the animals that bless my life, or to engage with my love of walking the woods and cliffs of Cornwall, or cycling through the tiny lanes, or floating along in a kayak.

When I ask myself the question of ‘Where is the balance in my work/rest/play?’ I realised that right now, and for a little while, I am going to increase my play time, my fun time, my restoring time. Because of this commitment to the play time in my life I am going to take a break from writing these daily Connection Chronicles. It is my intention to resume them in a few weeks as I so love getting to write about your amazing energy and reading your comments.

I wish you a wonderful summer (or winter, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere) and I look forward to returning to the Connection Chronicles in a while.

Take special care of yourself, with plenty of radical self-compassion.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 41 - The magnificent puzzle of your life

Imagine a friend gives you a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle in a clear bag. No box, no picture.

You pick up the bag and you tip out all of the little pieces on the table. At first all you can see is a chaotic explosion of colour.

Yet if you focus on the different pieces soon you are able to begin to bring organisation into the different parts of the chaos.

Maybe you are able to slot together all of the yellows and then all of the blues, you sort out the edge pieces so you have a framework to work within and gradually, because you are focusing attention on the puzzle a beautiful image begins to form in front of your eyes and your fingers.

Well, this is a lot like how you go about creating the image and story of your life! But let’s mix up the analogy a little; there is still no picture and no box, but this time, each of the pieces knows exactly where they are supposed to be. They are electromagnetic and this energy field guides them and pulls them naturally towards the place in the picture where they make up the essential piece.

That is the way your energy fields affect everything you are. Your energy fields know you to be a magnificent, essential being, and if you are trying to create a picture that shows you as small, fearful or worthless you may find that parts of your energy system struggle to accept this version of the truth. The misalignment in your flow with life will begin to create challenge and struggle until you arrive in a place of deep, heartfelt understanding that change is necessary. At this point, enough transformation occurs for each piece of your brilliant system to be able to find its rightful place and for you to embrace your fullest life.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 40 - So easy. So powerful.

Yesterday I wrote about the way that being well-hydrated so greatly affects your energy system. I also touched on the point that you may need more water when you are experiencing stress, but didn’t get to expand on it so that’s what I’m writing about today!

When you are experiencing prolonged stress, your energy system responds by initiating your amazing and powerful fight, flight and freeze system.

You probably know exactly what happens physiologically when you move into fight, flight or freeze, but let’s recap:

Adrenaline and cortisol course through your body system, increasing your blood pressure, and your heart rate, your breathing becomes more rapid and you sweat more. Blood leaves your fore brain (the thinking, processing and conscious part) and rushes to support all of your primitive survival systems so you can fight your enemy, flee from your enemy, or freeze in a rabbit-in-the-headlight kind of way.

All non-necessary physiological functions get suppressed so your system can focus on the threat and get to safety. These non-necessary functions include your digestive system, your immune system and much of your reproductive system.

Energetically, your system gets filled with the explosive fire of fight/flight/freeze and this creates an electrical surge through your system. The adrenal glands can become especially fiery and electric and it is this fiery electrical energy that burns up much of the hydration in your body, compromising your physical and emotional health and vitality.

The fiery and prolonged surge of stress is also very compromising for your deep and watery kidney health and that is why stress can leave you so tired, emotional and depleted. There are so many simple steps to beautiful and radical health; drinking enough water is one of the most important.

Much love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 39 - Water or wither?

Today has been a beautifully hot summer day here in Cornwall and as I spent the first many hours of it in a field with my daughter at a horse competition, and the second part of it on my bike cycling to a beach for my water-loving husband to swim, I have been very mindful of how much water I have had to drink.

How much water you need for your optimum health is very specific to you, your body, the climate that you are being affected by, and how much stress you are currently experiencing.

Think of your relationship with water as being one that is fluid and in constant flow (no puns intended!)

GENERALLY, what I have observed in my two decades of clinical practice, is that most people need between 6-8 glasses of water (8oz) for the electromagnetic flow of the body to be easily supported. This means that you can of course drink less than that and still feel OK, but you will feel better and more energised if 6-8 cups of water a day is your norm.

If you live in a very hot place or exercise a lot/sweat a lot you’ll probably need more than this for your optimum health. This is because water conducts electricity, and your energy system is electromagnetic (as well as subtle). When that electromagnetic flow gets compromised due to lack of hydration, and therefore conductivity, your body and energy get compromised.

This may show up as tiredness, tightness, stress, feeling stagnant or an inability to get on and do what you want in your life. Not drinking enough affects everything because the health of your energy fields is the determinant of your physical health, and not drinking enough water means that your vitality begins to wither.

And! Because I know it will be a question for many of you; no, in my experience, nothing other than water counts as water. Not tea, not coffee, not cordials or fizzy drinks - so you need 6-8 glasses on top of anything else you are drinking.

Raising a glass with you right now! Cheers!

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 38 - What does inspiration look like in your energy fields?

Some days inspiration comes easily, and you feel joyous and expansive because of it. And some days you have to really be conscious to look for it, to connect into it, to call it in, or to simply hold the awareness that although you may not be feeling it today, inspiration is still all around you, and you will be able to feel it again soon.

So I thought it may be useful for you to have a visual on what happens in your energy fields when you DO feel inspired.

First, think about what you find inspiring. Perhaps it is the courage of a friend, or the smile of a child who you passed in the street, perhaps it is something you have read today, or something you have said. Perhaps you have felt inspired by the beauty of nature, or the sound of a bird… call to mind what has touched you in that way today.

So, right now, as you are thinking about it, your energy field is changing and is lighting up!

Literally, there will be more radiance and light being carried through your entire body system, from your energetic core right out to the edge of your aura, and beyond. You will look like a gentle beam of radiance, lit by inspiration. And it doesn’t stop there, this inspiring beam of radiance and harmony will affect all those around you because harmony is contagious and radiance is catching!

Right now, thinking about what has inspired you today, you are beaming that light out, wherever you are in the world.

I find THAT is inspirational. Thank you for all you are doing to share harmony and radiance in this beautiful world.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 37 - Your energy thrives on honesty

Yesterday I wrote about the power of your thoughts and the way in which your energy fields coalesce around your thoughts. Thank you for all of your comments on Facebook and Instagram, I do love reading them.

Some of you wrote about how fear, grief, sleeplessness etc are holding you in thought patterns that mean that you can’t connect with the beauty of life, or of your own magnificence, and I want to reply directly to that today.

There is only one requirement when it comes to how you think about what you are thinking(!), and that one requirement is honesty.

Your energy system can hold its strength, its vitality and its resiliency as long as there is honesty and authenticity within your thoughts. And this doesn’t mean thinking positive thoughts, it means thinking honest thoughts.

If you are deep in the early stages of your grieving process and can’t connect to joy in your life because of it, then that is a place of powerful truth and honesty. Your energy systems will hold within that place. There will be the huge waves of grief and emotion that may feel destabilising, but is only so if you battle against them. Recognising the heartbreak and loss of grief allows this energy and emotion to be embraced by your whole-body system. It is part of the healing process and that is something that your energy systems are intricately involved in, in fact, they run the healing process!

Having radical honesty with yourself about all aspects of your thoughts, your words, and your actions is one of the biggest healers of all. Are you ready for that much self-compassion and self-acceptance? I am sure you are.

Blessings on your weekend,

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 36 - What have your thoughts created today?

This morning my husband woke me up by thinking too loudly! Have you had that experience too?!

Your energy follows your thoughts, and my husband woke up thinking about all the things on his to-do list today. Although he wasn’t physically moving at all, such intense thinking made his energy fields coalesce around his thoughts which initiated vast directional movement in them, until they were almost spinning.

Even when my eyes were still closed I could see and feel his energy fields whirring and soon enough, my own energy fields were responding to such strong thought movement and I was awake.

Thankfully, after over 20 years of experience of being married to someone who is pretty sensitive to energy (ok, understatement) he doesn’t respond negatively when I ask him to stop thinking so loudly because it is making me dizzy!

Have you noticed what you have thought today? When you know that your energy fields are directly affected by your thoughts, which of today’s thoughts do you remember?

Were your thoughts kind about yourself? Were your thoughts kind about others? Did you think empowering thoughts? Did you think about the beauty of life?

And what do you believe happened to your energies when they followed the thoughts that you created, allowed, and engaged with?

My wish for you is that your thoughts today fuelled your joy, your spirit, and your unique physicality. And if you have the gut feeling that actually, they didn’t, then invite in the conscious thought that tomorrow is a new day, where you get to notice, create and nurture every thought you have, to nourish every part of your energy and therefore, your life.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 35 - Unravelling the threads between stress and tiredness

Are you tired?

Oftentimes, in our fast paced life, tiredness can be the excuse that is used when actually it would be more appropriate to identify that you are experiencing stress.

And this is an important distinction because energetically there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between what happens when you are stressed, and what happens when you are tired.

This confusion can be compounded by the fact that stress can create extreme tiredness in your whole-body system, knocking down your vitality and resiliency so you FEEL TIRED all the time but when you are clear about the source of your tiredness it can be so much easier energetically, physically and emotionally to move back into health, joy and vitality.

Great questions to ask: Are you tired physically? How can you nourish your body more? Are you tired emotionally? What needs to change to resolve this? Are you tired of not being able to bring out your deep creative soul needs to live your magnificent life purpose?

Today, I am TIRED! I have sat for many hours at my computer writing, or in front of the video camera filming content for upcoming courses. So far it has been an 11 hour work day. But I am not stressed about this fact, in fact I am SO VERY VERY HAPPY, grateful and delighted.

Tiredness doesn’t have to mean feeling down, stressed or emotionally fraught.

My body is tired. I will get up in a little while and stretch to create space for energy to flow, and revitalise. My mind is tired after hours of creativity and intense thinking AND my mind is floating on bliss in gratitude at the work that I do and the people I share my work life with. My Spirit is blazing with a passion and joy of being able to bring my life purpose more and more fully into the world.

So, although I am tired right now, I know it is small, fleeting experience. Stress works differently. It comes in and takes a hold of your body systems, your energy systems, and slowly drains your vitality into tiredness and depletion.

How are you dissolving your stress today so you can experience your fullest life?

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 34 - And did you get what you wanted from this life?

Have you ever asked your friends or family why they love you? Not ‘if’ they love you, but why?

Give it a go. And really listen to the answers.

It can be so very, very easy to accept harsh words or criticism about yourself, especially when these words are supported by your own internal and perhaps ever present critic.

Or perhaps these criticism come from your children, your partner, your parents, your **** (insert relevant person in your life who is a regular critic).

But have you honestly explored within yourself why you are beloved? What are the things about your character, and your being, that other people respect and admire in you and make you lovable?

Ask your friends and really listen to the answers. In fact, write them down for times when you need to remember how precious you are.

You may well find that you have a very skewed opinion of yourself, and despite what you might have been warned against in your family or in your school, you will not have an inflated sense of yourself, but rather you will believe in a version of you that is skewed towards a more negative, limited, and meagre version than your friends know to be the true you.

You are profoundly lovable, dearly beloved, and uniquely precious in this vast web of life.

As I have been writing, Raymond Carver’s ‘Late Fragment’, has come to the fore of my heart. I wish the sentient held within it be true, for you, and all of creation.

‘And did you get what you wanted from this life, even so? I did. And what did you want? To call myself beloved, to feel myself beloved on the earth.’ By Raymond Carver.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 33 - Make sense of the pressure and intensity

If you are feeling under pressure and out of sorts then perhaps understanding the energy field all around you can help you make sense of what is going on in your own energy field, and how to support it.

The energy field we are all living within and being influenced by now has a hot bright scarlet vibration that brings an explosive energy into all that you may experience in July. It is bringing a hunker down, buckle up and hang-on-to-your-hat sort of energy, as it will rock the entire world.

This explosive scarlet energy isn’t going to be comfortable, birth rarely is, and right now it is supporting the death of legacies and outmoded, crippling paradigms and the birth of a new way of collective being.

If I watch this energy for any amount of time, it begins to look like mid-air explosions, or a wall of wildfire, and I have no doubt you will feel the huge pressure that will be pressing on you, and everyone else. Even the animals will be feeling it, so for those of you who share your lives with animals, be conscious of how much they support you, and look to see how you can support them too.

One of the concepts being exploded by this scarlet is ‘Survival of the Fittest’. There is no outrunning this energy field, there is no leaving the weakest to die so you can live. This is the time to tend and befriend, to reach for connections whether they are family-based, community-based or global.

Now is the time to actively nurture your friendships and your networks of support; notice who needs support, notice who can support you.

Hunker down Share meals Share thoughts Share kindness Share laughter

This energy offers the invitation to lift the veil of illusion and separateness and understand your essential role in being part of creating a new future.

Hold your courage, and know you are loved by many, including me.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 32 - Ways to support your kidney energy

A few days ago I wrote about the way in which each meridian is related to a specific calendar month. There were lots of questions about this concept, especially from those of you who know the meridians in a different context.

One of the paradoxes of the human energy system is that when an energy system takes precedence then it is the strongest system in your body, and therefore, if there are imbalances in that system then it is the most vulnerable.

Keeping the meridian of the month in its strength becomes of great importance for your physical health, your emotional health and your vitality and with this month being governed by your Kidney energy system it means that right now, and during the next few weeks, kidney energy is your greatest strength, and also your greatest potential weakness.

To support your kidney energy: 1. Rest, rest and rest a bit more. There is no way to overstate the importance of rest when it comes to nurturing and nourishing your kidney energy. And I don’t mean exhausted rest, but being mindful of rest before you get to that point! 2. Use energy techniques to support your kidney system. On my website and youtube channel there are many videos of my favourite techniques. 3. Nurture and release your fear. The energy of fear acts as a restrictive band around your kidney organs and throughout the kidney energy system. 4. Eat foods that nourish you and bring you joy to eat.

You can also join me on my free monthly webinar on facebook on Tuesday to learn more about how to nurture your deep and beautiful Kidney energy.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 31 - The Quiet Days

Some days are not made for words, and today is one of them. Not for any dramatic reasons, simply that there are days to be more quiet and days to be more still. I have spent much of the day in stillness and quiet with no need for thought, for movement or for words.

For a while I lay in my garden, with eyes open watching the clouds and birds, or with eyes closed watching the still inner landscape.

Quiet days begin to call me at some point as I move through my weekly life. At first there is a feeling of too many words in my day, whether written, spoken, heard or thought. I often begin to dream in words, seeing the words appearing before my eyes in sentence form telling the story of the dream, as if I am reading it as well as experiencing it.

And then there comes a soft yearning, a sweet longing for stillness and quiet as if a part of me is whispering, calling to be heard. When I am aware of this, I look at the earliest time available in my somewhat busy calendar, and I honour this yearning with a Quiet Day. In this space of no words lives rest, reconnection and, always, always wonder.

With the modern cultural emphasis on the merits of instant gratification, longing or yearning has a more negative interpretation, but the Ancients knew that longing was a gift from the soul to guide you along the beauty of your own life. Energetically, longing emanates from the interface point where your deepest layers of your chakras meet your energetic core. From this place it flows through all of your energy systems, and all that you are asking, seeking, yearning, longing.

What is your sweet longing and what do you need to do to actively create the time and space for it in your life? Only you are honoured enough to be able to listen to your soul, what song of yearning is it singing today?

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 30 - Your energy flows in so many exquisite ways

In my seasonal courses we have live webinars, and in our first Summer Energetics webinar yesterday a topic came up that I want to share more about here.

Within your energy system, each meridian takes turns to govern the flow of energy in your whole-body system, and this is broken down into a pattern of one month per meridian. It is a fascinating shift in your energy field as one meridian system begins to hand over the 'governance' of the body system to another meridian.

It was in my 20s that I first saw that different hue in people's systems, I just hadn't got the subtlety of energy understanding to notice it until that time. And yet, I couldn't quite put my finger on what actually shifted in the energy field.

Something did; the vibration was different month to month and I recognised that there was a constancy to it, so, for example, in December the specific deep purple was present in everyone's system no matter who they were, where they were, or what they were going through in their life. In August the buttercup yellow was there in everyone’s system.

It was during my early 30s that I began to understand that the different hue in the system was meridian based, and from that point on, it was simply down to tracking energy, and that is something I am fairly skilled at! And of course, once I knew what I was looking for it was made super easy by the fact that the Ancient Chinese had already tracked, recorded and understood exactly what was happening thousands of years ago!

The months and their meridians: January - Gallbladder February - Bladder March - Stomach April - Small Intestine May - Large Intestine June - Triple Warmer July - Kidney August - Spleen September - Liver October - Heart Protector November - Lung December - Heart

You and your energy system are amazingly interlinked with everything in nature, everything in life, everything in the Cosmos. You belong, in every way.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 29 - Interconnectiveness and beauty

I have just come back in from a beautiful walk in the Cornish mizzle (a perfect description of the super fine rain that is a mixture of mist and drizzle). In the village, I came upon an explosion of hydrangeas; 15 or more huge bushes all growing riotously together on an embankment.

I know I only wrote about your luscious lemniscates a couple of weeks ago, but after meeting these beautiful bushes, they are back on my mind and in my heart as the hydrangeas were simply humming with them.

It looked like the entire group of bushes was actually one organism, all pulsing with interconnectiveness because of the lemniscates that were connecting them through their flowers, their leaves, their stems, their roots and their auras.

You may know your lemniscates as figure 8s, or the Celtic Weave system, or the infinity sign. Whatever you call them, the millions of lemniscates in your energy fields are your most vital communication system.

They exist in parts of your energy field that can’t yet be measured by our current technology and because of this they are what is referred to as ‘subtle’ energy, as opposed to electro-magnetic energy. However, they are also carried via your electromagnetic energy fields because this lemniscate pattern goes EVERYWHERE that you are. It is the huge connective pattern that weaves through the web of the universe.

Moving from your deepest energy system, the energetic core, out to the furthest reaches of your personal energy and vice versa, it weaves all of your energy systems together, communicating, connecting, and protecting.

What struck me when I was watching the living energy of the hydrangeas is that I have never seen a group of humans quite so interconnected; perhaps this level of connection is what we are all evolving towards.

With love,


Connection Chronicles 28 - Golden joy

It was GREAT to see how so many of you have already been connecting into your powerful Golden Hearts, even if you didn’t have the visuals or a name for them.

It proves just how much the human energy system is universal and how much you instinctively and intuitively understand about your own energy. I LOVE watching children naturally adjust and correct their own energy ALL THE TIME; a sharp breath here, a stroke of the skin there, a clasp of an ankle, or a poke in an acupoint.

You are born knowing how to be in a deep and profound relationship with your energy.

Because your golden hearts are connected into your energetic core, they are deeply responsive to your thoughts and consciousness. Just thinking about them right now will be affecting their vitality and flow. Take a few breaths and allow your attention to settle to these beautiful areas. Maybe it helps you if you place your hands over the Golden hearts.

Your conscious thought and your conscious touch helps create balance, and flow in these points, opening them as portals of exchange between your core energy and your daily life. You’ll probably also notice that when you think or hold these areas it feels protective, healing, nourishing and JOYFUL!

One of the questions that came up a lot in your comments is ‘What if these areas are tender or painful?’. As with any tenderness in the body, it is an indication that there is a need for more balance, a need for more nurturing of that area. As well as simply holding these areas, another of my favourite ways to do this is through gently tracing the lemniscates (figure 8s/infinity sign) either on the skin or just off the body in the area of your tenderness.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 27 - Your golden hearts

On many of my Energy Anatomy images you’ll see golden swirls depicted where your body and your arms meet.

These are what I call the Golden Hearts and, connected to your energetic core, they are an amazingly powerful and sacred part of your energy. Imagine smearing that part of your body and aura with honey and then throwing gold dust on it; if you are seeing that in your mind’s eye then you are seeing what it looks like when energy is moving in and out of those points.

This is because the Golden Hearts are an exchange point between your spirit energy and the universal energy within which you exist.

There are times when this area is not at all active or open, and that feels right for those times, but when it is active there is an openness, a beautiful vulnerability that you will be experiencing.

When a broken heart is healing, the Golden Hearts are open and sweet, beginning to reach out to the world again. When an unexpected act of kindness has caught someone by surprise and moved them from a habitual state, the Golden Hearts ease open, unsure but delighted. During a healing session clients often find a sense of trust and peace within themselves and, as this is connecting, the Golden Hearts open and shimmer.

And, particularly relevant to right now, they LOVE the sun. Sometimes, when I am on a beach or in a park where people are sitting and lying around in the sun the Golden Hearts are so vibrant that people’s faces can be obscured as those areas drink, drink, drink up the goodness of the sun energy, filling your body and energy system with life-force, power and vitality.

Your energy system is AMAZING!

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 26 - Cosmic Connection

Walking around today has been quite fascinating.

How have you felt these last two days?

Over the past two days the full moon and Lunar Eclipse have really affected the human energy fields so that most people I saw today looked filled up with celestial energy. Naturally, the energy that emanates from deep inside your body means that you have a somewhat spherical biofield around you.

Yes, it can also follow the shape of the body, but think about yourself being encased within a beautiful sphere of your own energy.

Within this biofield there are places that are powerful repositories of Cosmic energy. The Stellar Diamonds that you see in this picture are a powerful holder of Cosmic energy, the Middle Cauldron that I wrote about yesterday is another place, and one of the outer layers of your aura also gets really juiced up and expanded by Cosmic energy. So today, as I’ve been looking at people most of you look like big white berries shining with luminosity, or like human-sized moons floating around!.

When your energy fields are holding this luminous information then you can feel amazing; vast and connective OR you can feel pretty overwhelmed by the bigness and oddness of your own system. As if you can’t quite trust the ground beneath your feet.

I’m thinking that for many of you who are reading this, then the truth today will have been that you are moving between these two states and are probably feeling quite tired because of it!!! Give yourself more quiet time today and tonight to feel into this beautiful light in your system. It will lessen over the next few days, so for now you have the opportunity to connect into that beautiful and powerful Cosmic energy and embrace it.

With love to you and your luminosity, Prune

Connection Chronicles 25 - Three powerful energy centres

Well, you’ve got me thinking about bones now! I even dreamt of the skeletal system last night and in my dream I watched the densely sparkling vitality of this system change from deep red to bright silver to rich gold. Energetically this makes so much sense as these colours are the sequential colours of three vast power centres in your body.

The Chinese Ancients called these the Three Dantiens, the Celtic Ancients knew them as the Three Cauldrons.

These vast reservoirs of energy live within your deepest energy system, the energetic core and they govern the energy of your bones. The Three Cauldrons have an immense power and radiance about them.

When I look at them, the Lower Cauldron, the Cauldron of Warming, has a deep red hue and resides in your abdomen. If this Cauldron is not vital then this red will be faded and your body will be less energised or empowered.

The Middle Cauldron, the Cauldron of Vocation, resonates with a silver energy and is situated in your chest. When vital it holds the incredible radiance of the heart field, as from it emanates the lemniscate 8 from the centre of the chest, holding you strong, radiant and connective.

The Upper Cauldron, the Cauldron of Wisdom, has a more golden glow and when it is vital and balanced that glow emanates around the head; it is this energy that people see when they describe a halo, for this Cauldron is housed in your head.

When in balance, the vitality of the Lower Cauldron flows into the Middle Cauldron, which then flows up to the Upper Cauldron, but if one of these Cauldrons isn’t holding balance then none of them can be. They are my favourite system to work with and you’ll find more about them and other parts of your Energy Anatomy in my blogs, videos and courses. I’ll write more about them tomorrow.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 24 - You can feel it in your bones!

After all of the interest in yesterday's Connection Chronicle, let’s talk about ways to nourish your bones!

1. Conscious breathing.

Your bones need oxygen for constant nourishment and rejuvenation so use your favourite breath techniques to ensure that your amazing capillaries get enough oxygen into your bones. My favourite is Dragon Breath and I have a video of it on my YouTube channel.

2. Your bones flare and shine with electrical activity.

There are lots of ways to enhance your electrics system but the exercise that I see as most effective in accessing and nourishing bones is strong and simple. Your groin crease is the area on your body between each hip bone and the edge of your pubic bone. Place the fingertip of your middle finger into this area (left hand on left groin crease, right hand on right groin crease). Hold these points on your body for 3-5 minutes. This activates your body’s deep healing electrics and helps energise and nourish your bones.

3. Keep your aura strong, vital and vibrant.

One of the key components of your aura is the lemniscate ‘8’ pattern, and this pattern carries vitality through your aura, your skin, your cells down into your bones. Bone marrow is absolutely packed with these lemninscate, more densely than in any other part of your body system. There is so much you can do to support your aura. I have written about it in the Chronicles and there are many blogs and videos about it on my website.

You are so powerful in affecting every part of your health.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 23 - Your beautiful bones

When I was in my early 20s I had a pretty massive car crash and broke my sternum as well as my left knee, and left ankle. In various other accidents (most of them to do with horses) I have broken ribs, foot bones, both arms, my back and coccyx. With this physical legacy, there are days when my skeletal system is a bit creaky and sore, and I am so grateful to have tools to help nurture and energise all my bones.

Did you know that your bones regenerate every day at every stage of your life?

Throw away the myth that as you age your bones get weaker and it is only a matter of time before they begin to crumble into what is known as osteoporosis.

You have the potential to grow strong bones with every mouthful you eat, every step you walk, and every stress-free thought that you think. Even standing up helps your bones!!! How easy is that?

Your 206 AMAZING bones form the foundation of your physicality, they are literally the base that holds the rest of you together, and this correlates to their energy as they sit very firmly in the energetic core of your energy. Your bones buzz with life force. They play a part in controlling sugar metabolism, energy balance and weight, and evidence suggests that the skeleton is actually a member of the endocrine system!

I’ll write up a beautiful way to help energise and nurture your bones and share it with you tomorrow.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 22 - For all the carers, healers and healthcare professionals

When you care for another human being your heart is lifted into a magnificence, and yet your body can become exhausted.

There was a time when, if you were a healer in whatever capacity, you were nourished by your community.

The relatives of loved ones you had helped would honour you by bringing you meals, ensuring you always had enough water, food and fuel.

It was understood that to work within the healing field demands a vast amount of life-force and that there is a responsibility and need for an individual working in this way to have time, space and deep nourishment to revitalise that life-force.

Instead, many of you nurses, massage therapists, midwives, doctors, body workers, light workers, surgeons, and energy healers work full days every week with clients and patients, and are potentially gradually burning out your own life-force.

Whatever your modality, if you are a healthcare professional within either the mainstream medical system or within the alternative and complimentary healthcare system, you know the times when your body feels like you just can’t go on. When at the end of a day, or week you know tiredness deep in the bones, the aching weariness that makes lifting your legs difficult as you walk, and the soul-longing to have some rest time where you feel the lightness of spirit again.

You came into this work because you wanted to help people, to bring balance and healing into the world. But let me ask you a question, if you help others at the expense of your own life-force, does that bring balance and healing into the world?

How can you care for yourself so that the work you do with other people and for other people also feeds and nurtures your body and soul?

I love for you for showing up, for being the caring heart, and I know that at this time of coronavirus you have played a role bigger than can ever be recognised. Not just those of you on the visible front line, but all of you who have worked in the shadows with prayer and ritual, with medicine of the body, mind and soul.

Thank you. For taking your place so valiantly; thank you.


Connection Chronicles 21 - Layer upon layer of wisdom

Within your aura are multiple layers, each holding specific information. Every layer is amazing!

At their edges they shift and merge into each one and yet each one resonates with a slightly different vibration, holding levels of information and coding about specific parts of your system and your life.

So, for example, when I look at the layer that is very close to your skin it looks like another layer of your physical body.

Or perhaps more like a reflection of your physical body but as if you are looking at it through a mirror, but it is a fuzzy, staticy reflection so you need to be thinking of looking through a dusty mirror (that takes no imagination in my household!!). This closest layer of your auric field is one of the places in your energy system that holds your template of health. When you stroke your skin, then you are also stroking and activating that immense and powerful layer of the aura holding your template of heath. This can support your physical and emotional health in every way.

Do you doubt it?

Stroke your arm. How does it feel? Can you think of a time when someone stroked your skin with kindness? Or perhaps when you stroked a baby's face and saw them immediately relax. Studies show us the huge benefit of touch and partly it is because of the wonder of the skin, but also because that first layer of the aura lives in the interface point between your physical body and your biofield/aura.

There is so much you can do, at any time of the day or night, to help your energy systems be in balance so you can experience your fullest vitality and health. Pretty amazing, isn’t it!

With love to you, and your aura, Prune

Connection Chronicles 20 - An ancient legacy for modern times

I love the energy of symbols.

I have spent a lot of the day (quite a lot really which is why I’m writing this late in the evening!) exploring the symbols of the ancient Celts.

From there I took a supposedly short excursion into the symbols painted by our ancient ancestors on the walls of caves and on slabs of rock and several hours later I lifted my head out of the pages, having been entranced by these petroglyphs for many hours.

Symbols are specific forms that contain energy. They are immediately recognisable on the archetypal or mythic level of your energy field so even if you don’t understand on a logical level how to interpret what you are seeing, the ancient resonance of the symbol is being identified, recognised and met by your wisdom and awareness held in your energy fields.

Have you ever seen and sat beside petroglyphs? How did you feel? What was happening in your awareness?

Your energy systems can connect into energy, awarenesses and wisdoms outside linear time and space. Like you are an antennae picking up signals from something that occurred a long time ago but whose song is still singing through the voice of the universe. These ancient symbols were created from the hearts, minds and bodies of people just like you and me. They loved, they thought, they fought, they cried, they slept, they dreamed.

Is it possible to be accessing ancient knowledge and living in the present time? Yes, in fact I believe it to be an essential weaving together of these ancient and modern wisdoms that will bring harmony and balance back into our lives.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 19 - Your energy fields sing your unique song

When your energy is in balance and flow your very life-force hums. Literally. You become a resonant force and you create a sound. Now, perhaps you are OK with the idea of me seeing energy, but what about hearing energy?

Do you hear energy?

There are so many different ways to perceive energy and you will have some senses that perceive energy more naturally than others.

Do you see it, hear it, feel it in your body, smell it, or simply know it? And no, I’m not making this up!

Each of these forms of energy perception even has its own fancy label, clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), clairalience (smelling) and claircognizance (knowing).

You may even be clairgustant which means that you taste energy. Do you ever have tastes in your mouth that you can’t quite explain? Pay attention to them, observe what is going on around you or who is around you when you experience that taste; perhaps you will build up a rich understanding of how you perceive and filter external energy through your senses.

So let’s get back to the fact that your energy fields emit a sound, a hum, a gentle resonant song. Be very still, place both your hands over your throat and listen, feel into, drop into your own beautiful vibration. Sometimes it helps to make a gentle hum in your own throat and let it shift until you notice you can hardly hear it any more. At that point it will be resonating with the same sound as your overall energy field.

You are amazing.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 18 - Where is the balance? Where is the imbalance?

When it comes to essential energy understandings to enhance your physical health, your emotional health, and your vitality, balance is key. It really is the be all and end all! So the obvious question arises. Where is your life in balance? I always start tracking the STRENGTH in a system when I begin to explore health and healing.

It tends to be obvious enough where the imbalance is, so let’s look for the balance as that is the source of your strength, your harmony and your health.

Can you name or write down five places in your life where you feel balance? Perhaps in a close relationship where exchange is nourishing and mutual. Perhaps in the amount of time a week that you can engage in expressing your creativity? Where is the balance in your life?

And now, name or write down five places where you know that for your health, your harmony and your vitality, you need more balance.

As you think of these places of imbalance in your life, cross your hands over your chest and place your fingers in your armpits to support your heartfield. Take some nourishing breaths to invite space into your whole body. This energy exercise won’t magically resolve this imbalance, but it can begin to strengthen your heartfield to give you the wisdom, courage and commitment to bring the small and profound changes in your life that your soul is guiding you towards.

Remember, you have a birthright to feel magnificent, healthy and empowered. When you look to bring more balance in your whole body system then your whole body system supports you in all the right ways!

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 17 - Your loving lemniscates

The vast organisation in your auric field means there is nothing random or coincidental about the intricate and complex patterns that it both creates, and is created by.

This is one of the beautiful aspects of your energy; it exists beyond duality in a place of continual unfolding and enfolding. It means that your energy system is always looking to find balance and harmony. For a moment, just think about that. Your energy system is always looking to find balance and harmony.

No matter what is going on with you right now, no matter whether you are vibrant, resilient and joyful or whether you are struggling emotionally, physically, or with your life purpose. Your own energy system is supporting you to find balance.

One of the most exquisite of your energy patterns that support your balance and health is the lemniscate, or figure 8 pattern. I love the word, lemniscate. From the Greek ‘lemniscatus’ it translates as ‘decorated with ribbons’, and that is exactly what it looks like in your aura; billions of vibrant, pulsing ribbons that move and interact within the lemniscate/figure 8 pattern. Each lemniscate is coded with information, each carrying your template of health, and this template is connected through every single one of your energy systems, and in every one of your cells.

The lemniscate pattern is huge, a single one embraces your entire body, AND miniscule, with some being smaller than your DNA. They connect all that you are and hold you lovingly ready at all times to aid balance, harmony and health.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 16 - The infinite seed of hope

I have spent two days journeying to meet, honour and explore the emotion of fear. I have been sitting with and meeting all the places that I have witnessed or imagined fear as it exists with the human, animal and other realm experiences. I am deeply tired, and deeply humbled.

Whenever I am going to be facilitating a transformational course, I travel into the place where my soul meets the soul of the world to journey to enquire for whom I can dedicate the energy of the course.

In this way, I have dedicated courses to children, specific animals, trees, the unseen realms, and many, many other sections of this beautiful web of life that we are each a part.

I look at and observe the energetic field of the upcoming course, and then become aware of how it fits the vast energetic field of our universe. From that interface point it becomes apparent to whom, and for whom, the course needs to be dedicated.

This means that the course is experienced in service to a healing energy bigger than itself. This expanded field offers the potential of greater connection, healing and transformation for those to whom the course is dedicated, and also for all who are participating in the course. The dedication, or sacred intention, becomes an energetic thread of healing that is central to the course and to co-creating a different reality where wholism, compassion, equality and respect are societal norms.

My upcoming course, Summer Energetics; Embracing Abundance, is dedicated to all throughout the worlds who live with fear, or in fear, with the intention that their infinite seed of hope be nurtured and nourished.

If you have space in your life, please join me and say a moment's prayer or blessing for all who live with fear, or in fear. And know, that if that includes you, then you and your fear are witnessed and loved.

In honour, Prune

Connection Chronicles 15 - You are living, walking magnificence

Yesterday I wrote of the three simple steps to use your own energy to heal whatever isn’t working in your life. This may be physical or emotional, or simply that feeling that you aren't quite living the life that you are MEANT to be living.

Over these next few days I’m going to be sharing understandings about your energy anatomy so that you have more and more ability to bring in the change that you wish to see.

If, as you read, you get curious about more to do with that specific energy system then I’m pretty sure I will have written more about it in my many blogs.

Get curious. Get empowered. Get healing!

You have six energy systems:

  • The Aura or biofield

  • The Chakras

  • The Energetic Core

  • The Heartfield

  • The Elemental Rhythms

  • The Meridians

Each one of these systems could be the topic of a book in itself, so as we move forward from here, I’m going to be weaving in and out of how these immense, complex and beautiful aspects of your energy systems affect your every day life in all of its immense complex and beautiful aspects!!!

The Aura. Your aura is amazing. It is splendiferous. It is mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, fabulous. I wish, wish, wish you could see your own aura, as I’m telling you right now - it is one of the most beautiful sights that you will ever see.

Your aura is the electrical and subtle energy fields that are powered from deep inside the electricity in every cell of your physical body. This energy emanates through your body, through your skin and radiates all around you. Its massive job is to protect you and connect you into yourself and all of creation. Your aura will be moving and swirling in patterns, with every thought or emotion sending streaks of light and movement through your entire energy field. Wow!

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 14 - I really meant it! Understand your energy, understand your life!

So many of you commented or emailed about yesterday’s Chronicle! Thank you.

The big question was WHAT DID I DO TO CHANGE that hugely limiting and restrictive fear I had of speaking to more than a few people?

I reprogrammed my chakras. I connected the places in my energy system that kept playing the REPEAT button on that old story.

This old pattern was especially sitting in my throat chakra (expression), my third chakra (personal identity) and my second chakra (innocence).

Will this work for you? Possibly, and one of my upcoming 90 minute online classes is going to be on Reprogramming your Chakras. But I want to explain more here.

When I write ‘Understand your energy, understand your life’ I mean it. For me, this limiting imbalance was sitting in my chakras, for you it might be sitting in your chakras, your aura, or your meridians; when you have a basic understanding of your energy systems, then in three simple steps you are empowered to bring about all the change you wish to see.

Step 1: Know the basic anatomy of your amazing energy system and how it supports and connects everything about you Step 2: Learn how to tell if these systems are in balance or out of balance, if they hold patterns of health or disturbance and dis-ease. Step 3: Know the simple activities or exercises to re-pattern, nurture and evolve your energy so you have choice in every situation

This is why I’m concentrating full time on creating the pathways to help EVERYONE navigate these three simple steps. My blogs, classes, courses and videos are all designed for that purpose. I’m so glad we are doing this together,

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 13 - Understand your energy, Understand your life

When I was 11, I was the lead role in a school musical. Although not a natural performer, I could hold a tune and it felt just fine to play a 21 year old pirate called Frederick! It didn’t occur to me to question my ability to do it, the teacher thought I could and I was happy to trust that; until dress rehearsal day when my voice cracked as I sang a note and my classmates laughed at me.

It was harmless laughter, not malicious, they just thought it was funny that my voice cracked.

But it changed my world. From that point on I was increasingly terrified to speak up in front of any group of people.

The older I got, the more entrenched this fear became. Even THINKING of saying something would make my heart start beating like crazy, my face flush red and my entire body begin to shake. It took immense courage simply to speak up in a group of more than 3 or 4 people, and I oscillated between telling myself it was crazy that I was worried about saying what I wanted to say, and the fear that would hit me physically any time I thought about doing it! A deeply internal process, it was pretty miserable; I felt squished in my own life as I couldn’t communicate who I really was because something was blocking that ability.

When I understood how to clear this pattern energetically, it took me less than 20 minutes to shift this old glitchy programme of embarrassment and fear out of my system and now I regularly speak to audiences of hundreds without any fear, or concern. Understanding your energy fields helps you bring the changes that you want to see in your life. You are so powerful.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 12 - Healing questions

No one chooses to struggle in their life. No one chooses to be bumping along, reactive and uncertain, fearful or angry.

If you have experienced big challenges in your life, either related to the coronavirus pandemic or not, I know you have been trying your hardest to do everything you can to get your life back on track.

Whatever challenges you are experiencing right now are not the result of a conscious choice that you made willingly, and fully informed of all of your options.

You will have been bringing all of your commitment and determination to get yourself sorted out physically and emotionally, for yourself and for all of your relationships.

I know you have been doing all you can, firstly because experience and energy has taught me that everyone always does the very best that they can do in the circumstances they are in, but also, secondly, I know you are deeply committed to this because you have reached for a book to help you in experience a fuller, better, more empowered and joyful life.

You possibly have a desire to be a better you. But I want to tell you, you are the better you already.

There are just some old habits in your energy fields holding you back from being able to deeply experience the joy and ease of your own life. The question, ‘Surely it doesn't have to be this hard?’ , will be dancing through your dreams and through your energy fields. I’d encourage you to ask another question as well; ‘How can I support myself in this transformation I am going through’ Keep asking it, questions mean curiosity, and curiosity means space in your energy; space to flow, space to connect, space to heal.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 11 - Awaken your spirit to adventure

A blessing on this beautiful midsummer, to call your magnificent courage forward to bring wonder into your own life, the life of those you love, and for all of us.

For A New Beginning, by John O’Donohue In out-of-the-way places of the heart, Where your thoughts never think to wander, This beginning has been quietly forming, Waiting until you were ready to emerge. For a long time it has watched your desire, Feeling the emptiness growing inside you, Noticing how you willed yourself on, Still unable to leave what you had outgrown. It watched you play with the seduction of safety And the grey promises that sameness whispered, Heard the waves of turmoil rise and relent, Wondered would you always live like this. Then the delight, when your courage kindled, And out you stepped onto new ground, Your eyes young again with energy and dream, A path of plenitude opening before you. Though your destination is not yet clear You can trust the promise of this opening; Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning That is at one with your life's desire. Awaken your spirit to adventure; Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk; Soon you will home in a new rhythm, For your soul senses the world that awaits you.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 10 - Cosmic Connection

This weekend heralds Midsummer, the Solstitium, when the Sun seems to literally stop into stillness and rise in exactly the same place on the horizon for four days.

All over the world, the ancients celebrated this longest day of the year, and many modern humans also connect into the energy of the earth, the sun and the moon at this time of year.

The sun represents the blazing glory of your life. Without the sun, there is no life.

Simple. Without the sun, there is no you, no-one you love, no nature, no oceans, just a planet (that is still beautiful, for she will be beautiful even in barrenness), but one unable to support life of any kind.

I have got out of my warm bed, very early, to welcome the Solstice sunrise for many years, and today was no exception. When the first rays of the sun touch me I always feel a surge of joy, of energy, of the immense gift of life, and connection into the magnificence and beauty of the Earth. Humbling, breathtaking, awe-some, empowering and LIFE AFFIRMING. During Solstice the energy of the Earth is especially deep and embracing, and this time of year has long been recognised for bringing powerful dreams, prophetic visions and changes in human consciousness.

Tomorrow is another chance to wake up early and be with the amazing and rejuvenating Solstice sunrise energy, and with a new moon, as well as a solar eclipse occurring just after sunrise, this energy offers you the opportunity to let go of all of the old patterns that no longer serve you, and to step into YOUR life, in all of its strength.

See you in the cosmos at sunrise! With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 9 - Tiny and profound


1. Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down 10 things you would like to change about your life. 2. Now look at this list and choose the three changes that would bring about the most transformation for you. 3. What would this transformation look like? How would your life be different because of these changes? 4. What are you waiting for?

AAAAhhhh! If only it was that simple and by identifying what is holding you back, the issue would simply solve itself and you could get on with living the life that you came here to live. And yet, when you can work to bring balance to your energy fields, then this simple transformation isn’t so very far away.

I have worked with thousands of clients in clinical practice and saw most of them undergo profound, empowered and joyful changes in their lives. BUT! (and this is the really, really important bit) the quantity of change within their energy fields was remarkably small for such a big effect.

It is often a simple understanding or a small side step to where you already are that will bring about huge results. Don’t think you have to understand everything about your energy fields to experience much more ease, health and vitality in your daily life.

A slight shift in vibration, a small readjustment of a pattern that got stuck somewhere along the way, a tiny expansion that leads to full body alignment. That is what I want you to keep close to your heart and mind as you read this.

Tiny changes in your energy fields can bring profound changes to your life.

With love,Prune

Connection Chronicles 8 - How do you perceive energy?

You were born with the natural ability to perceive and interpret energy through all of your senses, all of your own energy fields, even your skin, but unless you grew in an exceptional household then this natural ability wouldn’t have been supported. It wouldn’t have been part of your shared experience with your family or your school friends, and because of this it would gradually have been replaced by interpreting what you could see with your physical eyes, and how you processed this information through your rational brain.

But our societal norms are full of experiences of perceiving energy and you do it ALL THE TIME.

What about when a friend walks up to you and you notice immediately that there is something wrong with them? Yes, it will partly be what you are observing on a physical level with how they are walking and their body language, and this is how it can rationally understood, but you also know what your friend’s energy fields look like when they are vibrant and joyful, and what they look like when they are upset or constricted.

I have taught energy perception to hundreds of students and at some point in the perception journey, I give them paper and pencils and ask them to draw the energy field of the person in front of them. When they stop feeling convinced that they CAN’T perceive energy, then, hey presto, they are able to draw the energy fields in front of them very effectively.

The biggest part of learning to perceive energy is UNLEARNING the narrative that you can’t! How do you perceive energy? I know you do, and would love to know how it shows up in your life.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 7 - Which colour lights you up?

Colour has always seemed such an arbitrary categoriser. When I was at school I learnt that green is green, but when I sit here today looking out of my window at the hills, the grass, the trees, the plants, I am seeing huge variants in what can be called ‘green’.

As I sit looking at it, (MARVELLING at it !) it is all moving and gently buzzing because colour is simply the expression of different energetic vibrations; colour is energy!

What you perceive and interpret as red is vibrating at a different rate than what you perceive and interpret as green, or orange, or yellow, or any other colour.

You are a unique and complex myriad of energy fields, all vibrating at slightly different rates. Colour is the same, and when your energy meets colour these different fields connect and engage with one another. The effect of this connection may be neutral, negative or positive on your own energy, your mood, your vitality and your health. Neutral colours are those that you perhaps don’t even notice today.

Negative colours are those that you instinctively move away from today, and positive colours are literally sucked into your energy field and absorbed; you NEED that vibration for your vitality, for your healing, for your enjoyment today.

And notice I keep writing ‘today’ because every day may bring a different relationship with each colour depending on your energetic needs.

What colour can enhance your vitality today? With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 6 - Being a soul guardian to the children of the world

Every month has a different energy depending on the changing dynamic of the multiverse. I think of it, in a very simple way, as each moon bringing a different and evolving energy that embraces our planet, affecting all sentient beings, including humans. I write a monthly energy forecast blog sharing the big themes of the upcoming weeks and how to align your energy to meet it, and today I have written about the energy field that is fast approaching and will be here in July.

Next week you’ll be able to read more on my website and watch the exercises I have created to help you meet this energy.

It is going to be an intense and turbulent month and there will be the essential need for you to stand as a soul guardian for the children of the world. It made me wonder...

What do I do for the children of our world?

What do YOU do for the children of the world?

How are you protecting their living inheritance of this amazing home, Mother Earth? What do you do, in your own way, to be that soul guardian of our children?

I would love to know. I would love for each of us to know that we are not alone in our care for the future, in our dreams and desires for the children’s happiness and valued sense of belonging.

When you stand as soul guardian for the children, there is no act too small or too insignificant to mention or share. Every thought you have, every prayer you give, every care you extend, matters. Perhaps it matters more than anything else in the world.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 5 - The night sky lives in you

Whenever I meet someone there are two energy systems that always stand out most clearly. If we were together right now, or if I was looking at a photograph of you, the first thing I would see is the radiance held in the deepest energy of your energetic core.

This magnificence, beauty and immense wise joy would be flowing through the centre of your body and radiating from that core so every cell in your body is being bathed in that radiance.

The other energy that is most apparent are the huge swirling colours contained within your aura. I worked with a dear friend and wonderful artist called Annamaria Pacuilli to create the images I use. It was a wonderful process. We would decide on an energy system, I would share with her what I see, and within 24 hours she would create an image that captured what I had shared with her. Mind blowing!

When it came to creating this picture of the swirling colour in the aura, I talked about how the aura is an extension of the core energy within you and is like a colourful galaxy orbiting the body. She screwed up her face and wondered out loud, ‘How am I going to capture that!’ And yet she did. Do you want to know her secret? She went to the images of nebulas captured by the Hubble telescope and used that as her inspiration.

So if you ever need a reminder of what your energy looks like, look up to the night sky; see its patterns, its vitality, its movement and now paint a rainbow through it all! That is what your aura looks like. Especially when you laugh.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 4 - How do you connect to the living energy that is all around you?

Are you a tree person, or a park person?

Do you love water, whether that be a canal, a river, a lake or the ocean? Is it deserts or mountains that inspire you, or do you ride the whispers of the wind? Are the stars your source of wonder, or is birdsong the song of your soul?

You are a unique and essential thread within this great web of life, and your energy system will be woven to have a special connection with threads that have a similar or resonant vibration.

This is of course relevant to other humans or animals that you have a strong and immediate connection with, and it is also relevant for the elements and the natural world.

When you are next in, and with, the landscape you love, whatever it looks or feels like, realise that this is because somewhere, somehow, you and that landscape have a shared vibration, and perhaps some shared energetic history or lineage.

My husband belongs to the waters of the world. Since we have been together we have always lived near water as he needs it as much as he needs oxygen. I need to be able to listen to the land, to feel it breathing through the day, to hear it become more restful at the twilights; meadows, fields and hills are where my energy fields receive their sustenance. How do you connect with the living energy that is all around you? What of the natural world nourishes your heart song and soul?

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 3 - Every human baby is born with the ability to perceive energy

That means that when you were born, you were able to see energy, and would have continued to do so for the first several years of your life. Have you been around newborn babies and watched what they watch? Sometimes their eyes are locked on yours, absorbing all kinds of information and energetic exchange, and oftentimes they are watching about 1 metre above your head. This is an exquisite part of your energy field where your own energy meets and interacts with the energy of whatever is surrounding you.

It is also the place where your soul colour shows most brightly in your energy fields. This soul colour holds amazing coding and I believe that it is the magnificent sparkling vibrancy of this soul colour band in your energy field that babies are deeply drawn to. So you were born with the totally natural ability to see energy, and not only see it, but to perceive energetic understandings through all of your senses and all of your energy fields.

I have absolutely no doubt that this ability never leaves you, but from about age 7 you began to learn that energy understandings are not valued by our modern society, and so this natural ability becomes less and less noticed, less and less talked about, more and more invisible, until you simply forget it. Let’s say I am undertaking a delightful mission to remind you of this natural ability of yours because understanding your energy is understanding your life :)

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 2 - You are born connected

Your energy fields are fields of consciousness and memory. Every experience that you have ever had is held in your energy fields. I clearly remember coming into this world and being received by warm hands.

The feeling of touch on my skin-out-of-water was like thousands of warm electrical jolts and my skin responded, with its own electrical sparks flying across the entire skin system, (which is deeply electrical in every person).

At first, all I could see was energy, continually shape-shifting as people moved, talked, thought and existed around me.

Interestingly, I don’t really remember sounds from those first few days. The energy of touch and the energy of life, that was my sensory understanding. And the nourishment of milk. The explosive energy, like shock, in my own body as I drew milk into my throat for the first time and it moved through the centre of my body. The incredible living energy of that sustenance and the way my physicality became more alive, more solid, more matter as it coursed through me.

The energy field between a baby and a mother is one that is deeply connected on every level for the filaments of energy within the aura of both of them is woven into the aura of the other. This remains true even when mum and baby are in different rooms, or different cities, and remains so until the baby is about 2 years old.

From birth you are interconnective with all that is around you. This never changes. Wow!

You are amazing,

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicles 1 - I am so delighted that you are here

Thank you.

Through these Chronicles we are going to go on a journey together and my primary objective on this adventure is to remind you that you are powerful, you are wise, you are packed with vast potential that can help transform not only your life, but life for all of us. You are an essential part in this great fabric of life, and if you are already here reading this, then it is because you already know this, and perhaps you feel that you haven’t quite stepped into it fully yet. But you can, and you will.

My hope is that these Connection Chronicles will provide some essential way markers and navigational aids to bring your vast and magnificent potential into your world everyday.

The human energy system is the foundation of your health. Understanding how to support your energy means being able to support your physical health, your mental health and your vitality.

When you understand how to support your energy fields you become immensely powerful in your own life. On a personal level you no longer have to play out the old patterns of dysfunction or pain, and on a collective level you realise that you are a co-creator of the world in which we all live.

In every moment, every day, you have choice, and if you don't believe that yet, that’s OK. You will, because it is a simple truth, held in every part of your energy. Your energy fields are fields of consciousness, you just have to understand them to transform your life and the lives of those around you.

It’s quite a trip. Let’s go. With love, Prune