Connection Chronicles 2021

Connection Chronicles 68 - Spring brings magical gifts

I have just come back from a walk that has reminded me, deep in every cell, system,and thought that magic is a constant in life. As we walked our dogs...yes! Plural! The puppy is now 5 months old and happily running alongside us as we walk to the beach or along the cliff paths.

As we were walking through the hedgerows the abundance of spring gifts surrounded us and wrapped us up; blackthorn in full flowery bloom making the pathways white with petals. These masses of blackthorn hedges will later gift the sloes that I’ll use to make the nurturing sloe gin to be shared in the deep winter.

Vibrant yellow gorse flowers are a constant in Cornwall for most of the year and now is the time I love to nibble them as I walk along. If you are so tempted then do so in moderation as they can be toxic if you eat too many, but I love them for their energy and vibration and the way of feeling the power and energy of the sun melting in my mouth against the bitter coconut-y taste of the flowers. We picked nettles and wild garlic to make some power packed pesto to add to our dinner tonight and a big handful of cleavers to add to the water jug that is always beside me as I work. I’m drinking it as I write this and feeling the richness being absorbed inside me, carried through me and moving through all of my energy systems too.

All of these magical spring gifts hold rich nutrients and benefits for your physical body, but they offer far more than that. They hold the energy of spring. When you bring them into your body, they become the fuel for your cells meaning you are gifted vitality, connection and life-force. AMAZING!

I hope you are able to meet with the magic of Spring this weekend.

With love,


Connection Chronicles 67 - She is the guardian of your soul path

Happy Women’s Day!

As a woman you are amazing. You are powerful. You are magical. And deep in your body there is an energy system that I want to introduce you to, for to me, she is the wise warrior within everyone.

Known in Chinese health philosophy as the Heart Protector or the Circulation Sex system, this energy system has one main reason for being; to protect your heart and soul.

WOW! What a job. Can you imagine what that involves every second of every day and night?

This Heart Protector system is witness and silent supporter to your tears, your laughter, your dreams, and your longings.

She is the guardian of your soul path, and walks beside you every step of the way. She sees your falls and helps you get up to walk again.

She is silent and supportive, or ribald and rambunctious, whatever you need her to be in your depths.

She gives you that clenching of your gut when you are about to speak an untruth.

She holds your heart in her whole system embrace.

And she is always with you. She has been since you were just a few cells in your mum’s womb, and she will be with you accompanying you as you transition through the portal of death.

On this day of celebrating women, celebrate yourself, celebrate your heart and soul and celebrate your amazing warrior embodied in the energy of your Heart Protector. Wrap your hands around your heart space and feel her reaching out to hold your hands, letting you know that she sees you, hears you, and feels you in all of your rich and magnificent authenticity. You are amazing.

To you, and all the women in your life, your ancestry, and your world; thank you for being you.

With love,


Connection Chronicles 66 - Loving your liver means loving yourself

When you are working with transformation of any kind, there is one emotion that is of the greatest importance and will determine almost everything about how you move through that transformation. What is it? You know it already; compassion.

Compassion transforms your energy field the second that you consciously engage with it.

Even thinking about compassion engenders the energy of compassion. You are that connected and that powerful.

Compassion connects you to yourself as well as connecting you to everything else.

Compassion shifts congestion and stuck habits.

Compassion allows your natural joy to find its way through the joy channels in your body.

Compassion nurtures your heart, your soul and your dreams.

Compassion does not judge or criticise, hate or denigrate. Compassion invites balance and healing into all of life, including yours.

Earlier in the week I shared that I have been working closely with balancing and healing some areas of my energy field that needed it, and my first approach when I need to do this is to turn my attention to my liver organ. Liver is the opener of all energetic pathways in the body and holds the secret of infinite compassion. Loving your liver means loving yourself, and that is healing compassion at its best.

Wishing you a compassionate and joyful weekend,

With love,


Connection Chronicles 65 - Your great unfolding

Hi again! I’ve been silent for a couple of weeks as I’ve been deep in conversation with myself. I’d noticed there were a few places in my energy that weren’t moving as they usually do in their health and their balance. Of course, it took pain in my back and neck before I really paid attention to what was going on(!) but once I began to notice then I could explore more deeply what out of balance and how to help nurture it back into balance.

As you well know with your own life, sometimes, it is a quick fix and easy rebalancing and sometimes it is a deeper pattern that is offering itself up for the deep healing, and it is the deep rebalancing that is weaving itself in my own beautiful system. This is where I am at right now, and I love it, it is one of my most beloved places to be within my own energy system. I love the unknown of it, the curiosity about how to honour what needs honouring, how to release what needs to be released, and how to embrace what is calling to be embraced. I love the intricate dance of support and nourishment, giving to myself and receiving that gift, deep into the layer that is calling for balance, healing and expression.

Every person, every energy system, has layers of complexity, layers of gifts and layers of challenges. As you move through your life each layer evolves and reveals its gifts and challenges. Embracing each layer in its fullness is often the work that we are called to do; supporting the great unfolding to bring healing and balancing so each of us can madly truly deeply be ourselves.

Over the next few Connection Chronicles I’m going to be sharing more about this process of connecting into the great unfolding and how to work with it energetically, for the energy of this month makes it the perfect time to support this process.

With big love to you,


Connection Chronicles 64 - Your immense auric web

I have just come back from a beautiful walk. I began to turn my attention to what I wanted to write about in this Chronicle today and as I was pondering, the sun burst through the cloud and my entire aura sucked in the light and solar energy and lit up.

So, hey, here I am writing about your aura!

Your aura is woven together like a beautiful and immense tapestry.

Your physical, electrical and subtle energy creates billions of filaments of energy (think billions of fine, pulsing, silver threads) coming from your body, moving through your skin and weaving all around you to create your own magnificent and unique biofield.

This tightly woven energy field is all about PROTECTION, it acts as your first line of defence from EVERYTHING that is outside of your own energy field and is also all about CONNECTION.

For a moment, think of everything in terms of energy fields. Your friend is an energy field (a really lovely one). Your dog is an energy field (a deeply loyal one). Your garden and all of the plants in it are energy fields. Everything in this web of life has its own energy field and one of the crazy wonderful aspects of understanding this, is understanding where your energy meets the world around you.

Your aura is continually working to connect you to the energy around you that is supportive, nourishing and perfect for your continued growth and evolution along your life path. Your aura can wrap a friend in a perfect hug, connect into a vast forest of trees, reach up for the stars to be blessed by the returning energy from the cosmos.

Remember, you are never alone. You are always connected into this great cosmic web of life, and your aura is one of your most powerful connection points as you experience your unique and precious journey.

With love, Prune

Connection Chronicle 63 - The greatest friendship of your life

Your wild wisdom lives in every cell, every energy system, every part of your being.

You may call it your intuition, or imagination, or perception or emotional intelligence, or you may not call it anything at all.

I’m going to call it your wild wisdom because it is so much bigger than intuition, or imagination, or perception or emotional intelligence or any other boxed in package.

Your wild wisdom is vast, magnificent, wild, magical, and WISE.

It sees straight through deceptions, spin, and weasel words. It laughs at pronouncements, howls at dogma and shudders at dumbed down explanations of ‘how things really are’.

It stalks you as you plod methodically through your day lost somewhere within the functioning of your habitual reactive energy field. It rages every time you say, ‘It is what it is’ with a defeated resignation you call acceptance. It calls, prods, prompts and reminds you, walking alongside your every thought, your every emotion, inviting you to take one tiny step through its gateway.

And then it roars a different song through your dreams, through your creative projects, through your walks in the rain, through your times of passion and rage. It throbs a song of power, of connection, of peace, of joy, of sensuality, of claiming the sheer lusciousness of life. It clamours for your attention, waiting to show you how to be all that it already knows you are, in all of your vast potential. It is your wild wisdom and you are hardwired for it at every point of your energy. It never weakens, it never disappears, it never gives up on you, there is no escaping it, ever.

Which means you have two choices; you either spend a huge amount of energy and effort avoiding it or ignoring it, squishing it down, explaining your actions to it and feeling less. Or you throw open your arms and welcome it in, as the greatest friendship of your life.

Wishing you wild wisdom this weekend,


Connection Chronicles 62 - You are not broken

Whether you look at the statistics for anxiety, depression, self-harm, or suicide every mental health statistic is increasing each year. Every one of those statistics speak to the human story of a person not being able to access their health and their joy. A person not able to experience the empowered beauty of their unique and precious life.Every story is strikingly sad and cries the clarion call for the urgent need for more holism, more compassionate connection and more collective healing within our societies.

Time after time in my clinic I witnessed clients gradually realise that when it came to their own physical health, their own mental health, and their overall vitality and engagement in life, they were powerful.

Really powerful.

In fact, they were the ONLY PERSON in their life who could bring the necessary healing to empower themselves to take the leap forward they were so deeply seeking.

In modern language use around health, it has become increasingly popular to describe the body as either ‘healthy’ or ‘broken’. If ‘broken’, the resultant step is to pick up the phone and make an appointment with a pharmacist or a doctor to get whatever is needed to ‘fix’ you. This ‘something’ is almost always chemical in the form of a medication that will solve your ‘brokenness’.

But the brokenness is not you. The reality is so much more complex and empowering. Whatever is showing up out of balance in your body is a symptom. It is not the cause, and no matter what medication you use for the symptom it is unlikely to ever heal the cause. This is because, if it has got to the point of showing up as a physical symptom, then the root cause is held deep in your energy systems, and it is through healing that imbalance that the symptom can dissolve so you can once again experience your full health and vitality.

You can learn how to understand, interpret and nourish your energy so that in all situations you are resilient, now and always.

With love to you,



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