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12 week programme with natural health and energy expert, Prune Harris

Join Prune in this exploration of The High Vibration Heart. Our heart is the place of our greatest wisdom and highest consciousness. It is through the dense electromagnetic heart-field that all of our energy fields are organised, including our ability to walk through our life grounded and energised. It is through the heart organ that our nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood gets pumped around our body to every cell, and it is through the energetic heart that we experience emotions and conscious connection in our life.

Our heart can limit us or expand us, it can create a balanced, safe and joyous interconnection with all of creation, or it can enclose us in a prison of our own making, unable to perceive the radiant joy peeking around every corner.

In Chinese understandings, the Heart is the Emperor of our entire body system, housing our ability for consciousness, and this understanding is reflected in myriad other cultures too. If we are working with a commitment to our soul, we need to nurture and nourish our High Vibration Heart.


When we experience a High Vibration Heart we are:

  • Peaceful

  • Joyous

  • Resilient

  • Grounded

  • Healthy

  • Able to connect easily with others

  • Assertive

  • Compassionate (to self and others)

  • Creative

  • Unafraid

During the 12 weeks, you will embark upon an educational and experiential journey that will transform your heart health and your connection to your Soul. 

Each month we will explore a different aspect/level/vibration/consciousness held within the heart, spiralling closer and closer to its awe-some and infinite connective consciousness:

Weeks 1-4 : The Human Heart
Weeks 5-8: The Energetic Heart
Weeks 9-12: The Cosmic Heart


Prune will facilitate and lead this journey with:

  • Weekly videos: demonstrating easy and powerful exercises and techniques to support your Heart, plus meditation and breath work

  • Weekly Soul Food: nutritional advice for balancing and nourishing your Heart

  • Weekly articles: ongoing energetic, scientific, and anatomical information on Heart health and transformation

Please note:

I’m so delighted that you are looking at this course and feeling the call to work with it. I love designing and creating the content of this course and it has helped so many people transform their health, and their life. There is one thing that is really important for you to know though, as I don’t want you to be disappointed.

I created this course over five years ago before the amazing Prune Harris Team came into being, and this means that some of the videos in this course have a little background noise or aren’t quite the top quality that we are now putting out via my courses. For this reason, the course is greatly reduced in price from its real value. 

Cost $297 - click the button below to sign up

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