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The Soul Knows No Fear

Your energy fields are fields of consciousness; when you are able to bring them into greater and greater balance, your template of health can radiate through all aspects of you. The result is that you can live the most joyful and empowered expression of yourself.

Soul care is healthcare so to re-establish your template of health with all that that means, it is necessary to help shift the old patterns and limiting programmes that are running in your energy and limiting the full expression of your template of health.

One of the most prevalent programs of our modern age is fear, but I want to tell you that your soul knows no fear. It is not a programme that the Internal or Connective Soul will ever run. Your soul knows no fear.

But for many of you, however, fear will be a silent companion in your life. And I don’t mean a companion that is hanging around to silently support your growth and expansion. Fear can be a programme that limits your full expression of yourself, until one day you realise that you are simply surviving through your own life.

I want to be clear here that I’m not talking about the burst of fear that can help you recognise that you are driving too fast into a tight corner, or the fear that grabs you when you are about to step out onto the road into the path of an oncoming vehicle. That fear is life sustaining, it is based on your fight/flight/freeze response and is designed to keep you alive when you are in the face of danger. It is about survival. In the wisdom of the physical, your fight flight freeze response, and all the energetic systems that go into ensuring that it is working beautifully for those life-threatening situations, is a magical and essential part of you.

But have you ever considered the times in your life when you were running that programme of survival, even though your life was not in danger? And perhaps I shouldn’t be talking in the past tense here... Are you living a life of survival? Do you function to pay bills, get that promotion, fulfil that job spec, meet the needs of the people in your life?

The fight, flight, freeze system can get stuck, and you begin to experience being a sort of auto-pilot in your own life. You get up, you do what you do, and you go to bed. Over and over and over. You take a two-week holiday to try to discover and put the pieces back together. You display your perfect holiday pictures on Facebook to show that you have the ideal life. And then you get up, you do what you do, and you go to bed. (Don’t give up reading this. I promise we’ll get to what you can do to change this situation).

You might recognise that you are in this auto-pilot place and that you want to change it, but the fear programme is on hyper-vigilance and is running the show, and it is a really powerful programme. Remember, this programme is designed to keep you alive. For many of you this will show up in stress, imbalance, burn-out, dissatisfaction with your life and with the world. It may move into anger at others, hatred of yourself, or a deep depression as you feel ever more disconnected from the depth of you, and from the reason you were born. This can change! (Very important take home point!!!) And for hundreds of thousands of people this changes when they begin to meditate regularly, they take up tai chi or yoga, they fall in love, or discover a new creative passion. Remember, your energy fields of consciousness want to keep you healthy. Your whole body system is designed for you to express and live your soul life.

So how can you de-programme this survival fear?

There are several steps to this, and the first one is simple. Start dreaming. Dream what you WANT your life to look like. Without an alternative, your energy fields won’t be able to create the new neurological pathways that you need. This is where you get to be a solution-based dreamer. (It’s awesome, try it). You get to really think up your fantasy life. And don’t get hung up on things like winning the lottery. Yes, money can buy you happiness, but only you can actively create your own happiness. Money can buy a lot of confusion and sadness too. The point is not the money, but you and how you can engage in your life. If you can be happy in your life right now, then that is worth more than anything. When you are happy your soul expression will shine through you, inspiring others and bringing balance to our world.

DREAM your life. You are the co-creator of the world, including your personal world. What brings you joy? What does a joyful life look like to you?

Right now, as I’m writing this, here is my dream

I dream my life as living joy. With each breath I take, I breathe in vitality, energy, inspiration and joy. My relationships are active and weave a network of gifting, and it is OK if sometimes the relationship gifts are challenging to me, I know that they will help me expand deeper and deeper within myself. But I don’t want too much challenge. I dream gentle expansion, and gentle growth. I vision lots of laughter and community and deep sharing. I vision my vibrant health, with my body easily keeping up with my soul needs. I dream a life of sharing hope. This is powerful for my soul needs. I dream an empowered, joyful life.

What does your joyful life look like? Give your energy fields an image, a dream, a vision to form around, in health, vitality and joy so that your whole-body system can bring this dream into reality and you can live the life you are here to.

With love, Prune


If you are experiencing fear in your life that you are finding difficult to manage or move past, then I have a 90 minute online class called 'Dissolve Fear, Embrace Vitality'. In this class I share essential understandings, tools and techniques to help you shift your fears so you can feel safe, secure and step more and more into your vitality - find out more and sign up here.


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