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The question that changed my life

A few years ago, I was leading a Wisdom Womb retreat in the Netherlands with a wonderful group of women, all committed to healing limiting patterns in their life and embracing their full (and magnificent) power.

As we were sitting around the dinner table one evening I was asked about seeing energy, specifically...'when did I first realise that what I see as ‘normal’ isn’t particularly ‘normal’?'

I remember the moment very, very clearly. It changed my life.

I was standing in my kitchen with my husband, watching a 10 year old friend of my son’s walk up the drive. As he walked by the window I said to my husband, ‘It is amazing how Jimmy’s light shines so brightly, isn’t it?’.

He looked at me and said, ‘You know I don’t see energy,’

‘I know, but you see that?’ I said, turning to him.

‘No’, he answered me.

I was astounded, in fact, I didn’t believe him.

‘You see that light just in front of his chest that he follows? That really bright guiding light, that soul light?’

‘No. I don’t’, he answered.

I don’t think I said anything for many, many minutes. I was processing this information and the dawning understanding that was reshaping my entire world. I was aged 36.

I was born with the ability to see energy. Just as we all see the physical body, with its various shapes, colours, sizes, I see the energy systems of the human energy body too, with all of its various shapes, colours and sizes. And not just the human energy body, but the energy body of animals, plants, stones, trees, the earth and the energy that connects us all.

If you grow up in a city, you learn that hustle and bustle are normal. If you grow up in the country, you learn that quiet and space are normal. If you grow up seeing energy, you know that seeing energy is normal. So being able to see colours moving around people and within people, being able to see the deepest essential energy at the core of every person or animal, being able to see patterns of health and disease, emotional balance or emotional distress; all of this is my normal. And as a young person I had no idea that seeing energy like this wasn’t quite the norm!

It was in my 20s that I began to realise that not everyone perceived energy in the way I did, but still, we can only understand the world through our own lens. And my lens was energy and I knew no different. So standing in the kitchen on that leafy autumn morning and being told that most people don’t see the guiding light / soul light was a big surprise. If they didn’t see that light, then how did they understand the core, the essence, the depth of the other person? If they didn’t see that light, then what else didn’t they see? How did anyone get by in relationships if they couldn’t see their partner’s energy? Wow, I was blown away as my understanding of the world reconfigured.

I grilled my husband mercilessly over the next few hours about what exactly he saw, and then I asked friends, and family members until I gradually built a picture up of a very different world than the one I was used to inhabiting. A world where people navigated mainly through awareness of the physical, which is the densest and slowest of matter.

Now, I want to say right here, that whether or not we have the language for it, we all perceive energy. You may be sitting in a café waiting for a friend and as the friend walks in the door, you know immediately that he is happy/angry/sad. You interpret this by the expression on their face, the subtle and not so subtle body language, AND you are also interpreting their energy fields.

If you don’t believe me, then think of the times when you have been walking down the street and you get a sense that someone is looking at you. A sort of persistent, itchy feeling. And you keep walking, keep walking, keep walking, and then something in you forces you to look in a certain direction just as you catch the person who had been staring at you look away. That wasn’t a visual cue that you interpreted. You didn’t ‘see’ that person staring at you for all of those seconds. It was an energetic cue. Your energy fields correctly interpreted that someone else’s energy fields were focused on them, and you were aware of the message that your energy fields communicated to you.

Because your energy fields are fields of consciousness. Everything that we are and everything that is, is held in your energy fields. Your amazing beautiful body plays out the tune that your energy fields create, and at the deepest parts of your energy fields, at your energetic core, is the energy of your soul.

We are aware that seeing is believing, but keep in mind that believing is seeing. On that life-changing day in my kitchen, I made the commitment to share understandings about energy, to share what I see about how energy works in the human body. I have taught thousands of students and clients, and what they have taught me is that the more a person understands energy, and the more they understand the energy of the world and the people around them, the more they are able to fully engage in living the life that they were meant to live. A life that is beyond the limiting story of a bad childhood or a chronic illness, a lover’s betrayal or a life-long feeling of inadequacy. Instead, through understanding energy, you are able to create and fully experience the life you are here to live.

With love,



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