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The Ground Beneath Your Feet

In my last blog  I wrote about why it is important to be grounded and began to explain some of the anatomy of the energy system so that you can understand, perhaps even easily visualise, how your body’s energy moves and flows.

Having seen energy all my life, in people, animals, trees, food, plants and the Earth itself, I can tell you that your energy is breathtakingly beautiful and exquisite. And totally unique to you.

I hope that you know that already. Your body’s energy innately knows how to move, how to flow, how to re-generate and heal your body. It knows when to give you the signals that you are tired and need to have restorative sleep. It knows how and when to activate your protection or defence mechanisms to keep your safe or alert you to danger.

We are all energetic and intuitive as well as physical and logical.  We just have to learn how to listen a bit more deeply to these energetic messages, and feel empowered to help ourselves balance and evolve through our communication with our own energy systems. We teach our children that they have 5 senses, but it has been known for centuries that, as the Celtic Bard Taliesin writes in the 6th century, we have 7 senses:

  • One is for instinct

  • Two is for feeling

  • Three is for speaking

  • Four is for tasting

  • Five is for seeing

  • Six is for hearing

  • Seven is for smelling

At this time in the history of our planet we are moving rapidly through a time of great change. Change on every level of our consciousness. Our myths are moving, our societies are moving, gender divisions are merging, our very identity as human beings is changing as we recognise human responsibilities rather than simply human rights. And forefront to it all is the question of how we are going to balance this transitioning so that we create a sustainable society, harmonious not only to all humans, but for all of the inhabitant of this Earth. This is indeed, as Jean Houston writes, ‘humanity’s greatest  jump time’.

I began our exploration with sharing thoughts on groundedness. One aspect that I want to further explore here is the way in which it is getting more difficult for us to remain grounded. So even those of us who normally don’t have any challenges with staying grounded may have noticed that it simply isn’t that easy anymore. For some of us this will because of something that is going on within us, something that has knocked our internal balance and energetically the pattern that has previously held so well has now been shaken and is struggling to find a harmonious balance. But for others of us, it is less to do with changing internal energy patterns and more to do with the fact that the electro magnetic energy of the earth is shifting right now.

I still love the image that my science teacher solidified for me at school…that Earth as an orange with the crust of the earth like the skin of the orange. Imagine that the skin of the orange is not attached to the juicy flesh but is free floating, intact but not attached to the orange. Well, this is what is happening to the Earth right now. The crust (skin) is moving. In 1973 the North Pole moved on average 9km a year, it is now moving at 53 km a year, which is faster than at any other time in human history. In just the last decade the speed of movement has increased by one third and this is dramatic change for the ground beneath our feet. A good article that sums up this movement can be found here

Such movement is challenging for migratory animals who are having to evolve their navigation systems faster than in the past, but it is also highly challenging for our ability to be deeply grounded, and it is impossible for us to be healthy, vital and joyous if we are chronically ungrounded.

There are many videos on my Youtube channel to help with grounded so try a few to see what really works for you.  Take as much time as you can out walking or sitting in nature as you expand deeper and deeper in your ability to be grounded.

With love, Prune


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