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The Best Energy Techniques for Pregnancy

This blog is in response to many mums who have contacted me requesting a simple energy technique to-do list during pregnancy. In the previous blogs we explored the importance of grounding, hydration, and balancing the yin meridians in order to nourish the whole-body system, you can find those articles right here.


1. Rest well, love well, be happy. I know, I know, this is not really an energy technique, but it is of primary importance for you as you move through your pregnancy. Spend time with your partner, look after yourself and don’t try to be superwoman; it really doesn’t benefit you, your baby or your family. When you feel like things are too busy or you are losing that balance, then work with the heart exercises suggested in my article Supporting your yin energies during pregnancy.

2. Keep Penetrating Flow activated. Your penetrating flow wraps the uterus, carrying emotions and energy deep into your whole-body system. Your thoughts, feelings, sexuality and vitality depend greatly on the health of the penetrating flow. You can find out more about the penetrating flow and watch how to trace it here.

3. Keep the Spleen organ meridian system strong. I have included links below to easy exercises that help support Spleen. Try them out and find the one or two that you really like, and then you can do them regularly throughout your pregnancy.

4. Hook up several times a day. Your governing and central meridians go all the way up the front and back of your body, forming a loop that encircles your body, your chakras and where the baby is growing. When they cease to operate as a connected loop, then all of this area is less protected and more exposed energetically. This can cause tiredness, emotional upset and even dizziness.

5. Do the Daily Energy Routine. For the 6 or 7 minutes it takes it is so worth it. This routine keeps all of your energies connected and really smoothes out the kinks that daily living can through our way.

6. Womb weaving. This exercise  deeply nourishes the energy of the first and second chakras as well as activating the Penetrating Flow. It really charges the lower dantien so that you have more energy and the baby is bathed in loving, grounded, health. Fabulous!

With love to you



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