Supporting Yin Energy During Pregnancy

In our last blog we looked at the importance of grounding and hydration when pregnant, and in this article we are going to explore the yin energy that supports all of the hormones and the life of the baby.

There are three meridian organ systems that are primary in the maintenance and balancing of the yin energy in the whole-body system.

  • Kidney

  • Spleen

  • Liver

All three of these meridians start in the feet and move into the area of the body where the heart resides, and this brings us to the fundamental and most important yin energy in the whole-body system; responsible for overseeing our physical, spiritual, emotional health, our vitality, our hormonal health and is also intimately related to the health of the baby; The Heart.

The heart is the most electrical organ in our body, with an electric and electro-magnetic field that is easily measurable. Every day in hospitals hundreds of thousands of ECGs are taken, reading the electrical energy of the heart. Your baby grows within the rhythm of your heart beat and will know your heart beat and be calmed by it for many many months after birth; as babies developing in the womb it is a sound we know through every physical and energetic system we have, even before we have the ability to hear. Like all sound, the heartbeat is a vibration and one that we can feel every second of the day if we attune to it. Take a moment as you read this to notice your own heartbeat.

The electrical energy of the Earth is brought by liver, kidney and spleen to our heart and carried deep into the human electrical system. In fact, even writing the term ‘human electrical system’ is a little misleading as we cannot have an electrical system that is separate from the electrical system of the earth. We draw electrons from the earth, into our body and in doing so bring in our ‘chi’ or vital life force. There can be no such thing as a separate ‘human electrical field’, and when we think of the baby then he or she has an electromagnetic field that is inside the electromagnetic field of the mum, who is within the electromagnetic field of the Earth.

From  the dense electrical heartfield, electrical, electro-magnetic and subtle energy are dispersed throughout all of the system. In Chinese medicine understandings the Heart is known as the Emperor. It is not only the primary power of the whole-body system, but the primary yin organ too, regulating all functions and organ systems. But for the heart to do its incredibly wise regulatory job, it needs to be nourished by the yin energy that is brought from the earth by Kidney, Liver and Spleen.

Within our hormonal system, the Kidney, Liver and Spleen meridian organ systems work with a myriad of jobs to produce, regulate and support the endocrine system. And of course, all three meridians travel through the area that the baby is growing within. But there is also another, and deeply important meridian that connects the heart with the uterus and baby: the Bao Mai, also known as the Uterus Vessel. 

So hopefully we are building a picture here (both incredibly complex and beautifully simple):

The heart needs to be strong to help the baby and mum during conception, pregnancy, birth and afterwards. For the heart to be strong, Liver, Kidney and Spleen must also be strong as they are the primary sources of nourishment of Heart’s yin energy.

So how do support Liver Kidney and Spleen?


With love, Prune


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