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September Energy Forecast 2022 - Soul Activism. Warriorship. Welcoming the mystery

OK! Are you ready to jump into the work once more?

And what IS the work? For me, the work is showing up, every day. Showing up to keep exploring how you can be more you. How you can live life with more ease, more joy, and more empowered and active hope. How you can continue to be the change that you so wish to see in the world. That is my definition of ‘the work’. And just a little proviso here….I totally recognise that there are days when it feels that showing up actively and consciously just isn’t possible. The days when you feel too tired, too defeated by the ever-changing complexity of life, the days when you just have to concentrate on breathing to get through the day. Then the work is still about showing up, but simply with compassion for yourself and for the difficulties in our world. Compassion for yourself is always the best way to re-hearten your body, your mind and your soul so you can dance along your soul path once more.

And after the ease of August, this month is a GREAT month for moving once more into expansion and inner exploration of the essential question; what do you need to be more you? What do you need to do? What do you need to be supported in? What do you need to draw more to you? What do you need to release or move away from? What do you need to be more you?

Key Themes

The cosmic energy field that is moving all around you and through you this upcoming month of September will invite you to…

  • Dance even deeper into your own ever-shifting layers

  • Explore the mystery housed within your own potential

  • Recommit to the theme of Courageous Warriorship

  • And encourage the expansion of your consciousness

Are you ready to dance the next step along your soul path? (I KNOW the answer is ‘YES!’).


This month’s vibration shows itself as a golden crimson colour. This colour is an interesting blending of vibrations bringing in the wisdom and spirituality of gold and the passion and earthiness of crimson. Together it is a vibration that supports connection between apparent duality. This colour heralds a call to action, a commitment to yourself, to your life and to the world.

Golden crimson also asks you to become more and more aware of how you perceive the world...

- How do you see the world?

- How might this be different from how others see the world?

- How do you see the world on your good days?

- How do you see it on your bad days?

- Can you move within the mystery of your different perceptions to find the balance in the centre, to ignite the great curiosity within yourself, far beyond judgement or prejudice?

Einstein asks “Do you believe in miracles? Well, you should. In fact, life itself is a big miracle. There are so many things that are beyond our understanding. There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

This golden crimson invites you to feel your life, your experiences of the world through your body AND invites you to feel your life, your experiences of the world through your soul and sacred awareness so you truly can live as if everything is a miracle.

What it means for your body

September’s energy helps your whole body system ground a little deeper and stabilise more into your physicality. So that is great news! Don’t be at all surprised if your senses are a bit more finely-tuned during September. Sensuality abounds within this golden crimson energy.

Take time to notice and experience your world through your senses; the sensations on your skin, the smell of your environment, the sounds that both stimulate and calm you, the tastes that call your body into being, what you see that inspires you, what you see that concerns you. There is a vast and magnificent potential in all of your perception senses; when you are skilled at accessing the information that is continually flowing through your senses you enhance your intuition and transform your life.

Any gold is an ancient colour, any red brings in heat and passion. This is true through the entire red spectrum from the gentle passion of pink to the wild passion of scarlet. So this crimson gold brings these two very different energies of passion and wisdom together, meaning it is a great month for sensuality, and lovemaking.

The middle path is the way to wisdom. Rumi

Because of its combining of opposites, this golden crimson may destabilise the energy around your throat. This is because the throat chakra holds the essential job of combining all vibrations within you and allowing them to be expressed.

You can use the energy practice I share in my September energy forecast video further down this page, to help stabilise your throat chakra so that you are able to feel more confident in expressing your thoughts, your needs and yourself.

What it means for your mind

This golden crimson is not a gentle colour and yet it doesn’t demand a lot of you either. Think of it as supporting you, encouraging you, connecting the parts of you that are most essential for you to be more you. This may or may not be entirely comfortable, but then it is rare to grow or evolve while living inside your comfort zone! There is a space, a musicality, a lust for life inside this month’s energy that reminds you that it is a great time to connect with other people, to reach out, to laugh, to listen and to remember that you are never alone, no matter what is evolving in your life right now.

Find the joy in the space in between things and enjoy the fun that this month holds in its promise.

This is a great month for moving through pain or places where you blame others. This month calls for responsibility, self-responsibility and spirals right down, deep into the places of how much do you know yourself? How much can you love yourself? Where are the places that stop you loving yourself? How do you give your own energy back to yourself? This is the month to get learning, get curious

What it means for your soul

Whoop whoop! This is a beautiful energy for supporting your soul energy. Gold and crimson are both vibrations that are held within your Radiant Soul energy, moving in pulsing waves through your extraordinary channels from deep inside your energetic core to the very edges of your aura.

It means that this cosmic energy is supportive of you being you.

Supportive of joy moving through your system, your day and your life.

Supportive of laughter and insight, ease and empowerment.

It is a good month for you to test the water with just how much you can bring your deep dreams into your daily life.

September continues the theme of bravery, and places the