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November Energy Forecast 2021 - Stability. Soul Path. Strength

Can you ride this month to help you release more and more of your natural vitality and wisdom? I think you can. The cosmos is making it gentle for you, continuing to build on the evolving vibration of the past two months. Remember, colour is simply a visual expression of a vibration and in September we were surrounded by and housing the cosmic vibration of citrine yellow. Then October brought a gentle yet bright green, and now it is moving, as if on a gradual slide, to a deep olive green. If you give yourself time you’ll almost taste the depth and calling of this energy as it moves around you, within you, being drawn by all of your energy systems, all of your consciousness, into the place of your soul energy, your energetic core.

This building, gradual movement of vibration makes it easy for you as there is no sudden leap or insistent push of cosmic energy, but rather a continual urging support for you to keep walking, keep waking, keep becoming. Every one of your energy systems is in service to you becoming. Becoming what? More and more you. From the moment you are conceived you are in a continual process of becoming. Of becoming more and more you. This month strongly supports you as you walk your brave, joyful, overwhelming, demanding, crazy, uncertain life.

The ground beneath your feet

How does it feel to you to stand at the edge of the ocean and feel the sand shifting beneath your feet? Do you feel excited about walking into the unknown of the water, do you feel uncertain and unsure, seeking a stability beneath your feet that just isn’t there, or do you stand experiencing the huge difference of earth and sea, noticing that you are standing at a liminal place, the place of the inbetween.

This is a great metaphor for you to carry into November with you, for as I have been watching the energy of it settling in, the colour and the vibration reminds me of seaweed or kelp, not only in its colour but in its watery, changeable aspect.

Because of the shifting sand, this month life could feel quite murky and uncertain. A month of illusion, a month of potential confusion as you assess how you are being invited to stand, or move, dig deep in yourself even while you walk into the water. You know how different it feels to be swimming as opposed to walking. How different it is to look at the underwater world as opposed to looking at the land and our daily world.

Same planet, different world!

This month brings the invitation to stand between the worlds of your external self and your internal self. Stand in the shifting sand and get curious, get exploring, get excited! What will you discover when you dive inside yourself?

As you bring your awareness between these two states of being, internal and external / subconscious and conscious you get more and more skilled at being joyful, being peaceful, being about to laugh from your belly. You are able to see, understand and embrace different perspectives, different versions of ‘truth’ and ‘reality’ and in doing so you are able to embrace those in your life without judgement, and even more importantly, for it is the starting point of all healing and expansion, you are able to embrace yourself without judgement, but with compassion and acceptance for all that you are.

Looking for the signposts

When you travel into new territories it can be easy to get lost. The usual and familiar signposts are unusual and unfamiliar. As you explore in this powerful and sacred space of the ‘inbetween’ you may find yourself feeling lost and uncertain.

But the signposts are there.

It is an irony isn’t it, that so often the signposts we are least familiar with are the ones that exist within ourselves. How many times in your life have you reached out to other people to offer you direction, to show you the way forward. But other people can only show you ‘a’ way, never ‘the’ way. This month, take that deep dive into yourself and get curious about your own pathway, exploring your own internal signposts. How does it make you feel when you consider doing something / being something? What happens to the signpost of your intuition? What happens to the signpost of your body with all of its wisdom and messages; those tight shoulders are a signpost to your fullest life. That digestive issue is a signpost to your fullest life. That illness is a signpost to your fullest life. That joyous leap of your heart is a signpost to your fullest life.

Be particularly mindful of your body messages and your intuitive signposting this month. Give yourself time to watch the clouds, to dream about what might be if you had no limitations, no blockers, no inhibitions. As you stand on the edge of the ocean, dream big.

Your guiding light

If you feel lost and uncertain, perhaps it is because the road map you are trying to live your life by is old and no longer up to date with the pathway of your life. The energy this month supports you as you explore more of your amazing internal world. The only way to get lost in your life is when you get lost inside yourself. You always have the wild wisdom that lives within you. Every one of your life experiences, whether they have been filled with joy or filled with pain, have helped you become you a little more. Every one of them has nurtured you. When I look at the human energy system there is a continual flow between your soul energy, your heart energy and the periphery of your aura. This continual flow carries information.

All of your wisdom is reaching out into the world, and the world supports you learning more, receiving more. This is especially done through the immense and magnificent energy of your assemblage point. I have written on the assemblage point in the past and I know that it always sparks huge interest and the desire to learn more. All I can say is that I hear that need and I feel the course building inside me to help guide you, let’s hold that intention together for the new year.

Meanwhile, I have created two videos that can help you align your energy more and more to the unique vibration of this month. The first video, below, is about strengthening your energetic core to help you feel stable and strong in your connection with the ground beneath your feet.

In the second (member's only) video on my YouTube membership channel I lead you through a way to deeply connect and nourish your assemblage point.

The cosmic energy gifts you all that you need as you move through your journey of becoming, and this month its gifts are big and bounteous. If you are determined to stay the same, determined to hold on to old ways of being, determined to grab at and notice the crappy parts of your life, your family dynamics, the global situation, the environmental crisis etc etc etc (the list is long, long, long), then that is what you’ll find in great abundance. This thick green energy is generous! However, if you are open and curious about shifting and growing, open and curious and noticing the places in your life where things can evolve, open and curious about noticing the places in the world and our societies that are amazing, creative, dynamic and housing the ability to bring balance and healing then this is what you will find in great abundance. This thick green energy is generous!

What do you choose to experience this month?

How do you choose to experience this month?

Wishing you all you need for your own precious and unique life this month and always,

With love,



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