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May Energy Forecast 2021 - Light. Alchemic Magic. Mystery

I hope you had a good April and were able to nurture your body and nourish your cells.

In my last Energy Forecast I wrote about how April was the time to enjoy the physical and experience the sensuousness of daily life to bring a deeper level of grounding in your whole-body system.

Being grounded right now is going to hold you strong during this next month, for May is going to be a beamer of a month, literally packaged in the massive light of the two back-to-back Supermoons of April 27th and May 26th.


All full moons affect the human energy field by flooding it with more intense light than at any other time in the moon cycle, and it will be no surprise to you to know that, because of their proximity to the Earth, Supermoons beam even more strongly. I want to share with you what happens in your energy field when you are influenced by big full moons, but bear in mind that this is an overview and there are myriad ways that your individual and specific energy systems will be affected by the energy of the full moon.

  1. You light up, literally. Your energy field holds more light and vibrates more quickly than usual and this affects everything about your energy and your physicality.

  2. But! don’t think this light and speed makes your vibration finer, as this is one of the paradoxes of full moon energy; your subtle energy field holds more light and speed AND your electromagnetic energy field gets thicker and denser. So your energy field changes shape to accommodate the way in which both your subtle and electromagnetic energy flexes during the three or four days of the full moon.

  3. Your aura flattens and widens taking on more of a toroidal shape (think satsuma or clementine instead of orange).

  4. This makes you more open to the energies of all that is below you and all that is above you as the energy hubs below your feet and above your head are affected by the moon’s light and gravitational pull. As they bring in more energy, your energetic core becomes more charged up, inviting greater radiance through your whole body system - that supercharged energy needs to go somewhere!

  5. As you absorb and emit more light, the primary body structure that gets affected is your pineal gland (which is why last month’s energy forecast video concentrated on helping you support and balance your pineal gland). Full moons and especially Supermoons flood the pineal gland with light, supercharging it to send light through your entire cerebrospinal fluid and then into all of your nervous system.

  6. Anytime you are affected by the energy of a Supermoon your energy systems, as communication systems, go through a subtle and electromagnetic reboot. This can be a complete rewiring (which is always pretty intense), or can merely look for a greater expression. Remember that your energy fields are always in service to you becoming your real self, your authentic self, your fullest expression of you.

So! A lot happens when moons are full, especially when two supermoons are back to back. When your energetic core is beaming bright and radiating your essential soul energy through every one of your cells, it is an opportunity for the communication systems within your energy field to clear and connect congested or depleted places. Old patterns of dysfunction get cleared and new healthy patterns of communication and connectivity are re-membered.

And all of this is awesome, fabulous, exactly what needs to happen for you to live your big life, and yet it isn’t always comfortable. Often the subtle and electromagnetic clearing and connecting that can occur around full moons shine a light on old dysfunctional patterns, even sparking them into action to get your full awareness of all of their glorious dysfunction!

Alchemic magic

If you are ready to bring these patterns into healing and balance then the full moon energy enables that in easy, profound and beautiful ways. If you still need to bring more awareness and consciousness to ways that old patterns are no longer serving you, then the light of the full moon offers insights and experiences to help you. Remember your energy always follows your thought intention so simply reading this and inviting your attention and intention to bring greater balance and healing into all of your energy (and life) during May can create the necessary open pathway.

And that’s because May is like 31 days of full moon energy! Instead of the three to four days that the human energy field usually works with that level of light and shadow, May’s magical energy will keep that level of light intensity throughout the entire month. This offers you the chance to transform the old and tiring patterns that are limiting you into the energy you need to live your most magnificent life. Do you know how much energy is tied up in those old patterns of dysfunction or imbalance? A HUGE AMOUNT. Time to use the light of this month to engage in the alchemy of transforming this locked-in energy so that you can live more fully, more beautifully…. more you.

This will especially be true by the time of the Supermoon at the end of May, for it shows an energy that is filled with the magic of transformation, offering you the ability to turn base material into gold, like the mystical alchemists of the past.


Magic and mystery are housed in the entire month of May as the vibrational colour of this cosmic energy field is Isis Blue. It is a beautiful, magical, mystical vibration and you will be influenced by it whether you are uber practical and down to earth, or whether you are a dreamer and intuitive.

As your pineal gland will be so strongly affected this month, which in turn influences all of your nervous system, you may find that this month has a dream-like quality making you continually aware of other ways of being, other realms, other forms of reality; the call of the Imaginal Realm will be strong amid all of this fast, beaming light.

Don’t be surprised if you feel that you are continually receiving information, channeling or downloading snippets of images, thoughts, understandings or memories that don’t seem like they quite belong to you. They probably don’t. Rather they belong to the great collective consciousness that we all live within. The Isis Blue of this month will bring them closer to your awareness, moving energy from the cosmic energy field to the collective energy field and into the personal energy field.

If you have the time to walk through nature, lie in the ocean, and sit with ancient trees, then this month will be one of expanded consciousness and deeper insights into your relationship with the universe. HOWEVER! If you still need to go through your busy daily life, put money in the bank, food on the table, and all of the other very practical and mundane parts of your day then the constant invitation into this dream-like quality could leave you feeling very, very ungrounded, and potentially exhausted by the end of the month.

The routine in my energy forecast video this month helps your physical body stay grounded and your nervous system stay nurtured so that you are able to meet the energy of May safely and joyfully with an open heart, ready to receive the bounty of light into every part of your life.

With much love to you,



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