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March Energy Forecast 2021 - Cosmic Support. Shadow. Courage

I was just reading an article about how stardust is continually falling on us, and I mean this literally, not figuratively. Asteroids that exploded in the atmosphere millions of years ago are continually settling on your roof, your picnic table, your flower beds, the bonnet of your car, and also you if you are outside.

Mind Blowing!

And it is perfect information when it comes to understanding the energy that will be all around you and within you during March. We’ve had two pretty intense months, I hope that you are doing OK and have been held stronger and deeper by the exercises in the videos that help you align your energy field to the cosmic energy field for easy transformation and deep support.

The energy of March is a brilliant green, even brighter than lime green. It is beautiful, bursting with vibrancy and moving fast. It holds the vibration of paradox within it, almost like a tornado can hold immense stillness within it; this green holds extremes and spins them around and around for you to distill their essence.

I don’t think it is going to be an easy energy this month, but it offers massive potential. You may feel like you are in the grip of the swirling, whirling spin, but always remember that there is calm right in the centre. This month calls for you to find your centre and align with the speed and the brightness of this cosmic field. This month may be blinding and shattering, or peaceful, powerful and joyful; the difference will be in whether you are able to align yourself with it or not.

There is a scene in one of the Harry Potter movies when the three main characters fall through a trapdoor and land on a floor made of a plant called Devil’s Snare. It begins to envelope them, dragging them down as they struggle furiously against it, except for one who recognises it for what it is and knows that to struggle means to be overcome by the greater strength of the plant, while to surrender to it means that the plant allows passage for you to continue on your way. This story is a great example to help you understand how to meet the brilliant green vibration that will be present throughout all of March. If you struggle against it, if you find you are battling yourself, your friends, your family, your work, your politics, your community, then look for deeper understandings within yourself. Look for the quiet place where your heart wisdom and your head wisdom meet. Explore that meeting place, listen to it, sit with it, be with it. It is into that place that the song and wisdom of your soul sings most loudly, and is always present, it is just so often drowned out by the chatter, chatter, chatter of your own noise or the noise of others.

This brilliant, speedy green vibration offers options and opportunities. The consciousness of potential is buzzing on this brilliant green. It gives support for you to become aware of the place beyond paradox, polarization and duality. It invites you to look inside for the awarenesses that you have been either hiding from or avoiding.

This may be the light of your own gifts and strengths, or it may be the shadow cast by what you don’t like about yourself and do your best to hide from the world. This is the month to take a good look into these secret places, for they hold vast energy and empowerment for you as you bring them more and more into the awareness of your daily life. These are the places that your soul is longing to help bring into the world healed and balanced, helping you to live your fullest, most empowered and joyful life. This green inspires bravery and courage for you to be able to take these steps.

Like the green of the ocean when it is embraced in a massive curling wave, you can be the surfer, riding the wave, whooping with wonder and exhilaration. But you have to be in the water to ride that wave! This cosmic energy field requires action and movement, or you’ll stay in the swirling, confusing intensity in the months to come.

  • What parts of your life need nurturing?

  • What do you know you have to do that you haven’t done yet?

  • What parts of your life need more focus and attention.

  • What parts need to be forgiven and released?

  • What secret pains are holding you back from being you, and how can you support and bless them into balance?

Looking at the overall energy of this year, using the green vibration present in March could make the difference between this being a really challenging and complex year, and it being one that you find alignment with and joy and purpose within. The key is for you to do whatever it is that you know (deep down) needs your focus and healing attention.

Take the plunge. You have to. Or you’ll stay in the grip of that tornado, ungrounded, continually knocked off your balance. Trying to grab on with your fingertips, but everything you grab is in the process of change too, so is shape-shifting and slippery.

You are so supported by the universe and by this cosmic energy right now. (Remember all that stardust that is falling on you and all around you). It is calling to your cells, to your energy systems, to your thoughts, to your body, to your entire consciousness and reminding you that you are needed, in all of your gifts and all of your challenges. This brilliant green helps bring the courage and determination to get really, really curious about yourself and how to walk the next steps of your amazing pathway in your deep authenticity and your own unique and wonderful wisdom.

With love



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