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April Energy Forecast 2021 - Physicality. Sensuality. Support

The energy of April brings a magnificent Indigo vibration, moving all around you and within you; it is super fast, light-filled and hardwired with potential.

This is a month to fill your lungs with a deep refreshing breath and open your arms to your world. It is also time to get sensuous.

The cosmic energy of the previous months have been calling you to tend to your thoughts, emotions and places that needed balancing and clearing in your daily life. This month invites you to explore your body. The message written in this Indigo is loud and clear:

Tend to your body

Tend to your physical

Tend to your home

If you were able to work with the invitation of last month to find your way to the centre of yourself, April offers the opportunity of ease, peace, and laughter. If you are still finding your way to your centre, then April might bring you a few pressure places, but it will still be much easier than 2021 so far.

This month you don’t have to work so hard; the energy all around you will help you find your laughter and re-programme your stress.

A sneak peek ahead at May

The speed and depth of this Indigo vibration is building towards the energy of May, which will be packaged between the two Super Moons of April 27th and May 26th. You may find the end of April arriving like a sonic boom so take the time to love your body and get it ready! I’m not going to sneak peek ahead too much, but May will be a month of immense cosmic downloads and shape shifting magical energy. You want to be ready for it so you can thrive rather than feel overwhelmed and pressured by it.

Tend to your physical

What does it mean to you to tend to your physical?

Do you need to rest more, move more, dance more?

Are you still transitioning between seasons, needing more stillness before you move on, or is the transitional energy of this time of year making you restless and irritable, ready to leap into something else?

The big question this month is what do you need to do to support your body more?

If you receive emails from me you will know already that I have been working with my Love Your Liver programme to really help my own system meet, greet and thrive within this upcoming energy. I knew I needed a vibrational change in my own physicality to support what has been evolving for me during the winter. Energetically Liver is the opener of all pathways of energy in the body so that is what I needed to focus on. But what about you?

For a moment, think of your body and all of your trillions of cells in terms of energy and vibration rather than muscles, bones, fat, skin etc.

  • How is your energy?

  • How is your vibration?

  • Does it need anything for balance and vitality, and if so what?

If that feels too difficult Ask yourself the question with a big IF in front of it:

  • “IF I could understand exactly what my body and energy need from me this month, I would understand that it needs……”.

You are what you eat

This April Indigo energy is a bit unforgiving around the way your body will respond to the food that you are eating. Because it is such a fast moving vibration it carries the nutrition rapidly and deeply into your system, meaning that if you eat food that isn’t great for your body, then the vibration of that food will be deeply affecting everything about your body system. Remember that food is energy, and the kind of energy that you are putting into your body will determine everything about the kind of energy that you have and that you are.

If you take as a premise ‘You are what you eat’ then just what are you? You can try working through these steps to help you connect the energy of food with the energy of your whole body system as you evolve and nurture yourself.

  1. Is there a quality or attribute that you are consciously evolving and nurturing within yourself?

  2. Bring to mind how you are right now in all of your fullness (the squirly uncomfortable you-bits and the amazing and magnificent you-bits!)

  3. And now leap forward a year. If you take your mind to this time next year, how have you evolved?

  4. Are you more compassionate or more assertive or more gentle or more efficient? Are you more active or more able to rest? Are you more fun, determined, brave, peaceful, joyous?

  5. Now consider what you are inviting into your life and what foods inspire you when you think about how you are evolving towards becoming that person?

  6. For example, if you think of food that nurtures compassion, what comes to mind? If you are going to buy food that nurtures your assertion what comes to mind?

  7. How are you going to nurture your body more this month?

Time to get sensuous

Your senses are the communication system of your physical body. When you take your conscious awareness to your senses they can enliven everything about your day, your month and your life. Here are some questions for you to ask yourself to help you tune into your senses.

  • How much have you paid attention to your senses today?

  • What have you heard?

  • What have you tasted or touched?

  • Is there a smell that filled your heart today?

  • And what wonder have your eyes brought into your world? Did you really see the beauty of nature as you opened your curtains or took that walk today?

  • When you ate your meal did you take time to explore the sensuality of it and the way that each flavour communicated their difference to your taste buds, to your whole sensory system?

This month will support you really exploring and playing with all of your senses, and each time you do it will help ground you into the magnificent reality of your own body and just how amazing it is to have one! Give yourself permission this month to get sensuous and fully experience your own physicality. This may be your natural way anyway, or it may not be, but this is the month to explore it.

The light gland

In this month’s Energy Forecast video we are concentrating on grounding down, grounding up and connecting deep inside the brain and nervous system to balance and connect the pineal gland. April’s Indigo energy presents with a beautiful complexity between being light filled and being fast. It means that grounding your physical body is essential while also focusing on a most magical and powerful part of your physical and energy system; your pineal gland. The pineal gland is one of the most mystical energies in your entire body and it is beginning to be activated by this Indigo energy to invite more personal and collective transformation, expansion and consciousness.

In this month's video, I take you through some ways you can work with your amazing pineal gland so you can shine your light forward into your life. Bringing attention to your pineal gland now can not only bring you into much easier alignment with next month’s cosmic energy but begin to unfold the cosmic patterning of your own template of health so that you can be more and more fully you.

See you next month

With love



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