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Deep Peace Project

For over a decade I have worked with the ancient sacred wells in Cornwall. Either housed in small stone structures, or down in the earth, being with the wells invites you to step inside the primal elements of both water and earth. Like a womb filled with birthing waters it is a liminal space, outside of ordinary time and space.

For thousands of years, these deep water sources have been used by people who were in deep and profound relationship with their energy, their healing powers, and their place in the connectivity of all of life. For, from the minute you are birthed into this world from the waters of your mum’s womb, water flows through you, around you. You drink it, bathe in it, swim in it, splash in it and play in it. Water connects us at the molecular level, past, present and future, and as such it contains the potential of all the creativity of the cosmos.

I have worked with the sacred wells in many ways during my life...

- Sometimes it is just to sit with them and breathe in the pause.

- Sometimes it is to clean, steward and care for the wells.

- Sometimes it is to connect with and communicate with the spirits of nature.

- Sometimes I take the waters asking for healing for myself or others.

- And sometimes it is to work with the healing energy of multiple wells, one after another, to connect, inspire and empower a healing theme.

And that sacred task is what I am about to embark upon now, and I am inviting you to join me.

This sacred project is to inspire and empower the emergence of Deep Peace throughout our world, for all beings and all realms. From the Spring Equinox (March 20th) until the Summer Solstice (June 21st) I will be working to connect, inspire and empower this theme of Deep Peace. In the quiet of my heart there is an additional intention too, another layer of the work that I hold close to my heart always. And that is that I do this work especially for all of the children in the world, children of all beings, and all realms. They are the ones we are shaping the world for right now and are always central to my work.

There are several ways you can join this sacred project to inspire and empower the Deep Peace.

  1. Visit your own local places of watery beauty and power. Perhaps you don’t have ancient wells around you but you have a lake, a pond, a spring, a duck pond. All water is connected, there is no hierarchy in the water world! Yes, perhaps a gigantic waterfall is more dramatic than a puddle, but it is all the same element, and all the same in the life cycle of our planet. We tend to attach hierarchies of worth to different parts of nature, but remember, everything around you is nature and it is all therefore essential and part of our collective life. When you are with your special water, give thanks to that body of water AND to the waters of the world; sing, pray, dance, write a poem, lie on your back and daydream. Do whatever you do to honour life in your way.

  2. Do the same when you are in the shower or the bath. Send the gratitude of love through the water that you are bathing in, knowing that the water will move on to others and into the greater world, holding the vibration of love and sending those ripples through the cosmos.

  3. Do the same when you take a drink of water. Without it, you die, I die, life dies. There are millions of people alive today who don’t have the luxury of clean drinking water. As you drink yours today, bless it for the wonder it is. You can dedicate each glass you drink in just a blink of consciousness to inspiring and empowering the Deep Peace. A breath, a pause, a moment of thought, an intention of creating a different world. A bonus here is not only are you engaging in magical consciousness that can change the world, but the molecules of water accept that blessing and then move through your body system, blessing you too!! When you change your own energy, you have the potential to change the world. This may be a small step, but when we do it together, it is mighty.

I will be doing all of the above too. And because of the way I am already in relationship with the wells I will be working with, I will also be connecting the web of wells together so they reach even deeper, even further. Perhaps the energy of Deep Peace reaches all the way to the waters of Ukraine and Russia, to Sudan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, to the places in our own cities, in our own streets, towns, villages, in our own heart. All the places where the Deep Peace needs to be re-membered in every heart, every word, every emotion and every action.

As I visit, walk, honour and engage with the ancient sacred sites I consciously hold and walk the energy of Deep Peace, and on a physical level I am doing this not only with my prayers, songs, joyful dances and beautiful exchanges with other people, I also collect little stones, feathers, wool etc. at one site and leave it at another. I carry a small woven basket with me in my bag to collect these tiny offerings. When I get home, that basket goes on my altar, where I do my prayer and healing work. Then, next time I go out, I bring the basket with me. It is simple. All Deep Peace work is. Every tiny offering in that basket is unobtrusive, natural, and blessed with the energy of the earth, the sun, the winds, and the waters. I add to it the blessings of my heart intention for healing and balance within the world, or in this case, the inspiring and empowering of the Deep Peace. Here in Cornwall, the land is filled with quartz and serpentine and often as I walk, I find small pieces of these crystals to further empower the world.

The energy of the earth stones that we have termed ‘crystals’ oftentimes hold even deeper or brighter vibrational energy than ‘regular’ pebbles. For me, they have an addition that often looks like stellar energy, or cosmic coding rather than simply the vibration of the earth they come from. For this work, I will be adding the energy of crystals into the work to call on this luminous stellar energy and bring even more light to the theme of Deep Peace.

With love to you,



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