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Did you know that every month has its own energy field? Some are gentle, some are fierce, some are easy for the human energy field to resonate with and some push your energy fields to every edge you have. I know you have gone through times in your life when everything seems easy, and you can’t quite put your finger on why. Or times when suddenly you feel yourself struggling as challenge after challenge presents itself, and you can’t quite put your finger on why. This unexplainable shift is often due to the energy field that has settled into the current month, and that energy is affecting you.

I’m not talking about the way the month fits into the seasonal or annual energy, although that also exists as a rhythmic and more predictable energy that each month carries. I'm talking about the way in which every moon cycle carries a unique vibration created by the movement of all of the planets within the greater universal energy field that we exist within. So the energy of January last year was very different to the energy of the January we have just experienced, and no doubt it will be very different to January 2021. This unique and specific energy affects you powerfully, every month.

Each month, I watch this cosmic energy coming into being and settling into the human energy field. It happens at a powerful interface layer in your aura that is known as the Celestial layer. Once this cosmic energy meets the celestial layer in your aura, it gets brought deep into all of your energy systems and creates either supportive or challenging vibrations for you to work with in your daily life. During the past few years (that have been wonderfully busy!) I’ve never really had the time or space to be sharing these understandings, but, thanks to the amazing PH team, I now have some time to actually explore this and share these understandings with you so that you can make sense of what is happening in a big picture way in your own energy. I’ll be sharing exercises that can help support you as you meet the incredible opportunity that is always offered by the monthly energy pattern.

August 2020

OK! Throw your arms open and take a BIG BREATH. We are out of the storm.

Do I need to say that again?

We are coming out of the magnificent Cosmic storm that we have all been embraced within.

The cosmic energy of the past six months built towards the explosive scarlet of July, but IT IS SHIFTING and there is a lot to expand into and look forward to as we walk together these next few months.

PHEW! Maybe you cruised through the past few months, but I felt the pressure of them and was so very grateful that I had the energy understandings and tools to hold my strength, nurture my resilience and still be able to connect into beautiful, embracive joy. I really hope that you were able to use the understandings in these Energy Forecasts and the exercises in the videos to hold you more strong in that place too.

The energy field of this August has a vibration that shows itself as a luminous silver colour.

The Full Moon energy starts building from the very first day of the month bringing more space and light into the human energy field. This space and light offer you a chance for assimilating and integrating some of the huge changes that have been occurring over the past few months. And yes, I do mean the huge societal and global changes brought about by the coronavirus crisis, and all that is evolving with the Black Lives Matter movement. AND I mean the way in which your reflection on all of these collective changes is affecting and evolving you personally, especially how you are connected into the deep understandings that are moving out of the deepest layers of your energy systems.

Whenever you go through leaps of consciousness, which is what the past few months of cosmic energy have continued to initiate with you, there is powerful and continual exchange between the superficial aspects of your energy systems and the deep aspects of your essence or soul energy. This translates into the way you are experiencing shifts and changes in your relationship with your daily life as different levels of wisdom and understanding are brought forward more and more.

If you think back to the last six months, how do you feel different? What old patterns are clearing from your subconscious? What new awarenesses are coming forward? Can you name three ways that you feel like you have grown in understanding over the past six months? Can you name three ways of being that you want to evolve over the next six months because you recognise they are limiting you?

The cosmic energy field present right now offers the chance for more stability and integration of all that is unfolding in your profound inner life.

It is very likely that you are still going to feel wobbly in lots of ways. This big shift in energy may leave you feeling ungrounded and a bit unsure as you integrate and assimilate all of this energetic movement. Look to what you feel rooted in and by; perhaps that is your family, your faith, your connection to animals or to nature. Think about how you can ground into your supportive communities.

Last month there was very little easy access to joy and lightness, and this month is fairly similar, so continue to look for joy in your daily life. Notice where it is and breathe it in through every pore; you will be nourishing and nurturing the innate healing abilities of your body to hold you radiant and bright and, in doing so, you will begin to hold more and more of this beautiful luminous silver colour in your energy field as you align your own soul with the World Soul.

As the month evolves you will feel increasingly more stable and safe, and then is the time to GET CURIOUS about your essential place within this world. Why are you here? What are you here to do with your life?

One more thing to say about this energy. It begins to bring in the energy of the Cosmic Warrior. You are in the process of becoming a warrior of the coming times, a warrior of the new times. This birthing process brings space that you can expand into. You don’t have to DO anything right now, other than build your awareness, build your strength, assimilate the shifts you have experienced and swim in the new and very welcome space within you and around you.

I have put together a video with a short series of energy exercises to help you assimilate the shifts and expand into this new space. You can watch it by signing up on my energy forecast page.

Much love to you, I am so glad that we are here together,


July 2020

‘If everything around you seems dark, look again. You may be the light’ Rumi.

As June gives way to July, the energy field settling around us all is an explosive scarlet colour.

“How can a colour be explosive?” I hear you ask.

Well, the simple answer is that colour is merely a vibration and the vibration of this scarlet red has a vastness, an urgency and an explosiveness to it that makes me call it ‘explosive scarlet’. And in case you feel a little worried about a colour that has ‘explosive’ in its name, then yes, July is bringing a hunker down, buckle up and hang-on-to-your-hat sort of energy, as it will rock the entire world.

For a grounding moment, let’s remind ourselves of the energy of June as it moved from the vibration of amber to red. The Flame of Justice that was being carried on this colour brought a fundamental shift in human consciousness after George Floyd’s murder, and the energy initiating that shift in consciousness is continuing to build. It isn’t going to be comfortable, birth rarely is, and right now this explosive scarlet energy is supporting the death of legacies and outmoded, crippling paradigms and the birth of a new way of collective being.

If I watch this energy for any amount of time, it begins to look like mid-air explosions, or a wall of wildfire, and I have no doubt you will feel the huge pressure that will be pressing on you, and everyone else. Even the animals will be feeling it, so for those of you who share your lives with animals, be conscious of how much they support you, and look to see how you can support them too.

Of vital importance is the understanding that our children will also be feeling this huge pressure and for so many of them, it is a bigger energy than they have been encompassed by during their lifetime so far. Some will stand easy and strong within it but most will wilt before it. This makes it your job, as an adult who has the experience of having faced big challenges and crises in your life, to stand as the soul guardian of the children of our world. Look for them, hold space for their fears and their worries, their anger and their uncertainty, meet it with trust and calm and ask yourself, ‘How can I be their champion in this world where so many social norms are changing?’

One of the concepts being exploded by this scarlet is ‘Survival of the Fittest’. There is no outrunning this energy field, there is no leaving the weakest to die so you can live. This is the time to tend and befriend, to reach for connections whether they are family-based, community-based or global.

Now is the time to actively nurture your friendships and your networks of support; notice who needs support, notice who can support you.

Hunker down

Share meals

Share thoughts

Share kindness

Share laughter

This energy offers the invitation to lift the veil of illusion and separateness and understand your essential role in being part of creating a new future.

This month’s video shows how you can support your energy fields to meet this explosive scarlet, and hold your resilience, nurture your trust and embrace your gentle joy. These are the collective qualities that this immense energy can gift to you. You can watch it by signing up on my energy forecast page.

Hold your courage, and know you are loved by many, including me,


June 2020

There is a fascinating field that is moving into June.

Right now, it looks to be a warm golden amber and it gradually moves more and more into a deep red.

Behind it is an explosive scarlet, and yes, if you have a question mark about the term ‘explosive’, then you are right; the explosive scarlet energy of July isn’t such an easy energy field to stand peacefully within.

But, we aren’t there yet! Let’s look at June. This month invites you to look around and take stock of what is working in your life, and what isn’t.

I really want to urge you to start with what is working for you. This month is a great time for you to get some brainstorming done on what you love about where you are in your inner life, your relationships, your work, and your community life. Even as you read those words you have an immediate idea, from your deep wisdom ways of knowing, as to where your life is thriving, blooming, marvellous, and where it is meagre, tight, small and without vitality.

In the beginning of June walk, talk, think and explore these places in your life; the expansive and the constricted. It isn’t a time to bring action or dramatic changes to whatever you notice. Allow the energy of June to bring deeper and deeper awareness. If you love action then this is the time for vision boards or colour coded lists!!! If instead you love bringing your understanding forward somatically, then give yourself walking time to think and talk to yourself and listen to the great wisdoms that come forward when you prioritise yourself and your soul needs.

As the month proceeds, your information gathering and insights will shift to more of an analytical process where you begin to call upon your abilities of focused precision and active decision. This deepening amber carries the Sword of Precision within it. This will tie in powerfully to the energy that continues to land before the Summer Solstice, as the energy field shifts from amber to a deeper red and settles, creating a serious, non-frivolous atmosphere. Your energy systems will respond with a focus and clarity that might knock your sense of humour out of play for a while. Sometimes the cosmic energy brings abundance and joy, but this deeper red will bring a seriousness that means you need to look for the joy in the stillness. There is always joy available, sometimes it needs to be looked for. Perhaps for you joy can be found in the quiet moment of a bee coming to land on a flower, the changing clouds in the sky, the smile of a family member (even if that smile is on Zoom/Facetime rather than in person), or a photograph of a joyful time.

This deep red also carries a fiery energy; I see it as the energy of The Flame of Justice. This flame is rising as you move towards July meaning that by the end of June your energy fields will be needing to hold boundaries of strong resiliency and deep integrity. If you have aligned yourself well to the energy of the beginning of June then this resiliency and integrity will be much more able to hold with ease.

I have created a video for this month that follows these themes to help you align, expand and continue to move forward along your powerful and magnificent life purpose. You can watch it by signing up on my energy forecast page.

With love,


May 2020

Have you been feeling restless? Argumentative or stressed in your relationships at the moment?

I want to share with you the Energy Forecast for May, or at least, to be clearer, the Energy Forecast for the first part of May. This month is very much a month of two halves energetically, so it feels most important to share information about the energy that is surrounding you right now and how you can meet it in health and vitality.

I have watched a beautiful sparkling emerald green energy settling over us all these last two days. The thick black energy of the past few weeks has made way for this sparkling vibrancy and it will bring a welcome relief from the energetic pressure and resulting tiredness that has been around. For a metaphor of understanding for this emerald energy, think of this as being energy that encourages and enables the shedding of your skin or for you to shape shift from one way of being into another.

It is the last, supported aspect to the transformation that the energy in April brought to your energy fields and although it will feel so much easier, there is still a bit of change to go through before this stage of expansion is complete.

You are getting through the layers of releasing old patterns, but like an animal that is shedding its skin it may feel a bit itchy and irritating!!!

Have you been feeling irritated or stressed recently? Or have you noticed that your family members are getting stressed and frustrated? This strain may also show up in increased tiredness, headaches, nausea or dizziness.

Take a deep breath, and head over to my energy forecast page where you can sign up to watch the five minute video I have put together to show you the energy exercises that will help you feel more relaxed, more healthy and more vibrant during the first two weeks of May. Share it with your friends and family if you have noticed that they have been struggling a bit too.

We are coming out of the storm!

Hang in there just a bit longer. As this month progresses, it will get easier and easier.

I mentioned that this month is a month of two halves energetically. Because of this, rather than put two videos up at the same time, I’ll share another video with you in a couple of weeks, once I see that change entering the cosmic energy field.

With love, Prune

April 2020

What a time we are living in! Did you see this coming? Did you feel prepared for all that is being asked of you in this swiftly changing time? You may be answering NO! NO! And a bit more NO!

But I want to tell you differently. You were prepared. You are prepared.

Every step that you have taken in your life up to this point has prepared you for exactly what we are all experiencing now.

And you are ready.

You are ready to choose not to be overwhelmed with fear. You are ready to choose to hold your strengths close. You are ready to hold strong and look around you, to assess who you can reach out to, who you can connect to, who you can help and be helped by.

The energy of this upcoming month is strong. Really strong. As a colour it is a deep, thick black and you have a choice. You can feel crippled before it, overwhelmed and paralysed. Or you can call on your own strengths and meet it, with your support shields up and your heart smiles shining.

The three themes held within the energy of April are:

  • Body: Holding fast amidst the storm

  • Mind: Rooting down and raising your resilience

  • Spirit: Opening to choice

With love and blessings to you at this powerful time of human consciousness. Thank you for being here at this vital time.

April Update!

Usually at the end of the month I’m sharing the energy of the upcoming month with you, in the spirit of out with the old and in with the new. But the old is not old!

Although we are very near the end of April, that thick, black, rich and fertile energy that I described in my April Energy Forecast videos is still here, surrounding us in the cosmic field. This thick energy is pushing hard in all of the human energy systems and it may well be that you have felt the intensity of it over the past few days. It is especially affecting the energy systems that I call the Courage system, comprising especially of the heart field, the grounding system and the kidney energy.

One of the ways that you may feel this pressure is that you feel disheartened and low, lacking in courage, energy and joy; that you simply feel flat. Another way this intensity might be pressing on you is that you feel unstable, emotional, moving between calm and chaotic in a manner of minutes. Do either of these ways sound familiar to you?

Your amazing heart system acts as a conductor to the rhythms of your whole body, as well as bringing the needs and wisdoms of your soul forward into your daily life. The energy of the body is like a finely-tuned orchestra made up of a myriad of different instruments, with the Heart as its conductor. If the conductor is feeling sad or low, the tune coming from the body will be very different than when the conductor is feeling vibrant and energised.

In April’s Forecast video I shared ways that you can be keeping your courage strong and resilient right now. It is as important as ever that as we come into these last few intense days of this rich black energy field, you are able to help support yourself. This field is so rich for transformation and yet also so challenging in what it brings up in your daily life. It will especially be highlighting your shadow side and because of this all the places in your life where you might experience the edge of yourself; the parts of your character or life that you know need more attention. This may be in your personal relationships, in your boundaries, in your self-love, in any part of your life that you have either been already nurturing to bring more into balance, or you have been burying your head in the sand to avoid dealing with!

Well, this April energy is not being very compromising, and definitely not supporting avoidance tactics! The human energy system is the foundation of your health; the more you are able to support your energy system, the more you are able to support your physical health, your emotional health and your vitality.

I’m seeing that this intense, black energy field stays present through the end of April and into next week. There is a light green energy field sitting behind it, but it isn’t quite here yet.

If you are feeling the pressure of now, you can go to my energy forecast page where you can sign up to watch the April forecast video and either do the whole courage routine, or simply pick and choose the exercises that most call to you now, to get your courage up and feel that beautiful space in your day and your life again.

With love to you as we ride this magnificent wave together,


March 2020

Thank goodness! The energy that is arriving, and will be with you for all of March, brings ease and the opportunity for space and relaxation. Thank you March!

You will be able to experience more joy and more lightness than perhaps you have been feeling these past two months. And it looks to me like it is a ‘pause and be thankful’ kind of month as the energy moving in behind it and will show up in April is intense and tumultuous.

This March energy invites you to nourish yourself and put yourself first. What does ‘nourishing yourself’ mean to you? Perhaps it is time with friends and lovely food, perhaps it is time on your own or taking walks in nature, perhaps it is doing regular energy awareness exercises to take care of your mind, body and spirit. Whatever it is, this energy that is coming in right now and will be present for the next 3-4 weeks is a nurturing and nourishing energy, so bring your attention to doing things that nourish you (and, for so many of us, that means NOT doing things that you know drain you or that push you hard into the edges of yourself). This is time to take stock and see where the exchange of energy really sits in your daily life and commit to nurturing YOU.

Nourishing yourself also lays the foundation for connection, and that is a big theme this month. Connection to yourself, connection to the world around you, connection to inspiration and the greater cosmos. When you have time and space to relax, you can both pay attention to the details and also keep the beautiful broad overview about your life, meaning you don’t get caught up in the intensely personal, you can travel between your depths and your daily life, weaving effortlessly so that you are able to embrace your essence and bring it forward into your everyday thoughts, words and actions. This way of authentic being and conscious doing allows you to live with ease, health and joyous empowerment.

There are two videos about the energy of this month. One that concentrates on this energy of ease, how it affects the third eye and your processing/thinking ability, and shows you an exercise to help align your energy fields with this sunny yellow March energy so that you can reap the rewards of it.

The second video looks at how to activate your resilience in preparation for the energy that will be arriving in April. When you activate your energetic core, the deepest and most profound of your energy systems, you can prepare for the upcoming dive into the dark so that you are able to meet it in ways that benefit and support your growth and consciousness rather than feel like you are simply being buffeted by wave after wave of intensity.

To watch the videos, you can go to my energy forecast page and sign up.

With much love to you and wishing you an easy, joy-filled March,