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Coronavirus Chronicles

29th March to 10th June 2020

As we are all adjusting to the greatly changed societal situation brought about by this pandemic, I am writing these daily Coronavirus Chronicles to connect us together in hope, courage and maybe even joy! Please share with anyone you feel will be interested in being supported in living their most vibrant life. Yes, vital and joyful even in these challenging times, ESPECIALLY in these challenging times.

Sunday 29th March - You are ready

What a time we are living in! Did you see this coming? Did you feel prepared for all that is being asked of you in this swiftly changing time?

You may be answering NO! NO! And a bit more NO!

But I want to tell you differently. You were prepared. You are prepared.

Every step that you have taken in your life up to this point has prepared you for exactly what we are all experiencing now.

And you are ready.

You are ready to choose not to be overwhelmed with fear. You are ready to choose to hold your strengths close. You are ready to hold strong and look around you, to assess who you can reach out to, who you can connect to, who you can help and be helped by. The energy of this upcoming month is strong. Really strong. As a colour it is a deep, thick black and you have a choice. You can feel crippled before it, overwhelmed and paralysed.

Or you can call on your own strengths and meet it, with your support shields up and your heart smiles shining.

The three themes held within the energy of April are: Body: Holding fast amidst the storm Mind: Rooting down and raising your resilience Spirit: Opening to choice

How are you going to meet this energy? What are you committing to? With love,


Monday 30th March - Shapeshifting fear

Courage is not necessarily a natural way of being. Courage involves meeting fear and choosing to act in a way that moves beyond that fear.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines courage as: The ability to do something that frightens one; bravery. Strength in the face of pain or grief.

These are times that call for courage. Personal fear feeds into collective fear. Collective fear feeds into personal fear.

There may be times when you are hit by waves of fear, and waves of uncertainty.

That is OK. In fact, that is totally normal.

And yet, remember, above all things, humans adapt. We are remarkably skilled at adapting, at changing, at shapeshifting to meet new circumstances. Right now, you are shapeshifting. I am shapeshifting. Our society is shapeshifting.

Amidst this change, choose courage and remember there is immense freedom in shifting your shape. You are no longer constrained to old patterns, old habits, old and limiting ways of being.

How will you be changed, in the most magnificent way, when we are all able to resume daily life? What do you look like? At this time of transition, it is essential to vision how you wish to be changed, so your amazing sentient energy fields know how to coalesce in this great shape shifting.

Dream yourself into your new being. Dream our world into its new being. This is the time for courage and dreams. Let’s dream big, together.

With love,


Tuesday 31st March - You were born to make a difference

You are not a victim. Not to a virus, not to your own immune system, not to collective fear.

To imply you are a victim means that you have no choice, and in all situations you have choice.

I know that it doesn’t always feel that way, but in every situation you find yourself within, you are presented with a choice. Not recognising that choice is a choice. Not choosing, is a choice.

Right now, there is so much that you can be doing to choose vitality, to choose health, to choose to embrace the societal changes that the coronavirus pandemic is presenting you with. You were born to make a difference. You were born to be part of this great web of life, and not just any old part, or an indispensable part. You are absolutely vital. You, and your choices, are essential.

Energetically, the lungs relate to inspiration. The very word ‘inspire’ comes from the Latin inspirare ‘to breathe or blow into’. As you draw each breath into your lungs, you draw inspiration deep into your being. But do you?

Do you find our society inspiring? Do you feel inspired by the state of the world, how about our political systems? Do you feel inspired when you think of the environmental issues we face as a global collective? How inspired are you at how we treat the animal world, or how we treat each other as humans?

Right now, the global deaths due to coronavirus stands at just under 40,000 deaths. That is a tragic loss of human life. Last year 800,000 people committed suicide. No, I didn’t get too many ‘0’s in that figure. 800,000 people committed suicide. We are living in a time when it can be challenging to be inspired, to breathe that life force deep into your lungs and feel ‘I am so glad to be alive! I am so deeply delighted to be living at this time of human development’.

And yet, I am deeply inspired by the way that as individuals and as a society so many are reaching across the social distancing, across the self-isolation, across the financial turmoil, to act with inspiration. To inspire others to feel hope, to laugh, to sing together on social media or on balconies, to work in the frontline with courage and honour, to reach out and connect, to take their vital place in the human web of life. Perhaps, as a society, we are not victims of the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps we are choosing to be inspired, and to be inspirational. Perhaps you are choosing to inspire people in your life, your family, your community, to breathe life into the infinite smile that resides in the heart of every living being.

This photo is of a butterfly that was on a tree in a cafe in Cornwall. It reads, ‘I wish for a happy life for everyone, including me’. THAT, is deeply inspiring to me and to the child who wrote it, I say, 'Thank you for your magnificent wish. I wish that too'.

With love,


Wednesday 1st April - Happy April Fool’s Day!

I love the Fool! I love the Fool who reminds me not to take life too seriously (I can fall into that tendency!), and instead to look for the simple blessings in each moment.

The Fool is someone who trusts, even when others can’t find reason to trust. Someone who steps out each day with a child-like enthusiasm for life, even when others question what enthusiasm could possibly exist in this situation.

The Fool wears their heart on their sleeve, and loves it being there. The Fool laughs, just for joy of feeling the laugh move through the world. The Fool plays every day, for what other reason does life hold than to take part in the fullness of life; in play, in wisdom, in deep, foolish and joyful perfection.

Today let’s celebrate all of the amazing Fools in our lives! Do you have the perfect Fool in your life? Are you the perfect Fool in your own life? Where is the balance of joy? The balance of play? The balance of celebrating you, simply because you exist. Thank you you, thank you Fool. Let’s be Fools together.

With love, Prune the Fool This photo is of the perfect fool in my life, my husband Collin, who is always ready to remind me to laugh, to remind me that life is foolishly sweet, just as it is. This is him deciding to be an elephant meditating in the sun.

With love,


Thursday 2nd April - Your super-charged secret weapon

Do you know you have a secret weapon that you carry around with you every minute of the day and night?

This secret weapon changes the chemicals in your body every time you use it. It floods your hormonal system with the chemistry of balance and harmony. It improves your immune system. It reduces pain. It helps you live longer. It lowers your blood pressure. It lifts your mood.

And. A warning. IT IS SUPER CONTAGIOUS! Your super-charged weapon will activate all other super weapons.

Will you fire up your weapon and use it today? I’m sharing this picture of my super-weapon. Post YOUR SMILE to share yours.

And remember every time you smile, your brain erupts a flood of messages into your body. These messages create endorphins, serotonin, dopamine; all the GREAT stuff you want in your body right now.

Smile your smile bright today. Not only are you positively changing your chemistry and health, you are positively changing the world.

With love,


Friday 3rd April - What happens when you smile

It was SO GREAT to see all of the photos of your super-charged smiles yesterday!

Thank you.

It made me realise that I would love to share with you what happens in your energy fields when you smile. I have been able to see energy since I was born and it is endlessly fascinating to watch the way that the complex, dynamic energy systems that make up YOU, change continually depending on what you are thinking, how you are feeling, and what you are doing.

When you smile a few things happen immediately

If, before your smile, your energy fields were running patterns of fight/flight/freeze (in other words STRESS) these patterns immediately lessen.

A radiant energy begins to spread from deep inside your core. This radiant energy is deeply connective and one of your most powerful healing energies that you have in your body. A small smile (even a fake smile) will begin to invite some movement of this radiant energy from your energetic core. A warm smile helps it spread further, a BIG BEAMER sends this radiant, healing energy literally whizzing through all of your energy systems and physiology. The colours of your aura deepen and brighten. This in turn expands your auric field so that it is both more tightly woven and connective as well as being further from your body. This provides an amazing strong shield of joy for you to be living within.

Enough? I could keep going actually, and add that the energy shifts that happen when you smile also increases your groundedness so electromagnetic energy is able to flow more freely through your body, helping you feel safe, strong and connected.

Smile big today. If you don’t feel like smiling then pick up the phone to someone who always gets you laughing, or put on a funny film, put on your favourite music and dance until you just can’t help smiling. Look through photos that bring you joy. I’m sharing this photo of my wedding day and big beaming smile. Joy is essential at this time, for your physical health, for your mental health, and for the health of your families and society.

With love, Prune

Saturday 4th April - When am I a failure?

There is one very simple answer to this question. Never. You are never a failure. You never fail.

You can mess up. You can get things wrong. You can act in a manner less than the manner of your fullness. But you never fail.

Every step that you take along the journey of your life is a success to be celebrated.

Every breath you take is inspiration, taken in deep and then gifted back into the world.

You are always doing what you can to be all that you are, and those times you realise that you haven’t managed to express your fullest, or to hold your biggest resilience, or to shine your bright smile bright, then know that is because you didn’t have access to that fullest, or biggest or brightest part of yourself.

And you still did what you could do to be all that you are. That is amazing!

Can you think of the last time you sat down and thought, ‘you know what, I'm going to choose to be miserable today’. Or ‘I’m going to choose to be snappy with my partner today, that sounds like fun. I am going to be nasty today’. NO! You have never had that conversation with yourself. If you have been miserable, or snappy or nasty then it was because you were compromised in some way energetically. You might have felt exhausted, threatened, uncomfortable, overly protective. Your subconscious might have been playing out an old energetic pattern that you learned as a child, or from your first lover who messed around with your emotions, or any other limiting pattern held in your subconscious mind. But this is not failing.

Remember, you are always doing what you can do to be all that you are.

The more you give yourself permission to be ‘just’ you, to be who you actually are, in the quietest AND the most rambunctious parts of your deepest self, the more you open to the wild wisdom that lives within you. Your wild wisdom is the light showing you the way in the dark, your wild wisdom is your guide in this strange new world. Your wild wisdom connects your subconscious and your consciousness so that you are able to identify and heal those old patterns of limitation and have more and more choice about how you move through this magnificent world.

And when you greet and embrace your wild wisdom, who has always been your willing companion, the more you realise that we are all going to be OK, even amidst this current storm.

Your wild wisdom reminds you that you are OK. In fact, you are more than OK, you are amazing. You are essential and always, always, enough.

With love to you and your wild wisdom, Prune

Sunday 5th April - For those days you feel overwhelmed.

There are days when you may feel overwhelmed by what is going on in our world right now. You can’t smile your bright smile. You can’t radiate joy or all the other things that I’ve been talking about in these coronavirus chronicles.

You just don’t feel brave today.

And that is fine. That is OK. That is totally normal.It simply means that your courage and your joy are resting.

They haven’t gone forever, they haven’t even gone for long. They have journeyed into your deep cave of transformation to ask the necessary questions and to hear the answers in the magnificence of your soul.

Each of these days helps nurture a deeper courage, an even wiser joy. If you are having a day like that today, rest deep, nurture your body, nurture your soul. Be content to do nothing because you are already doing it all in the depth of your being, and that is enough.

AND! When you have a day like that, know that there are hundreds of thousands of people, maybe MILLIONS OF PEOPLE who ARE having good days. They do feel brave, they do feel radiant, they are feeling joy. And because they feel like that, they hold the space for your gentle and profound transformation. Because they feel like that, you are held in the great web of connectiveness and soon your courage, your radiance and your joy will find its way from the deep cave of transformation inside you, and be spread through your entire body system once more. At that point, you take your place in the great web of life and in doing so support others who, for that day, for that situation, for that time, also need to rest deep inside themselves. You are never alone. It simply isn’t possible.

With love,


Monday 6th April - Calling the wisdom keepers!

If you are reading this it is highly likely that you are a modern wisdom keeper.

Wisdom keepers remind us to weave traditional wisdoms and values into the modern way of living so that as well as thundering forward on the train of progress, we remain grounded and heart-wise in the values of kindness, compassion and courage.

Wisdom keepers have special gifts and abilities and are essential for the continued balanced co-creation of our modern society.

They remind you to dream, to be creative, to dive into the old stories and myths and to see yourself in the journey.

Wisdom keepers remind you to hold your soul closer than you hold your bank balance.

For many of you, one of the first wisdom keepers you would have known would have been a grandparent (or perhaps, if you were really blessed) more than one of your grandparents.

The grand wisdom keeper in my life was my maternal grandfather, Geoffrey Foster, who I just knew as Grandpa. For many reasons, I didn't really know him until I was in my early 20s. During our time together he would share stories, snippets of information, different perspectives than that of a 20 year old (!) and many little sayings that still hold me today, giving courage, nurturing humour and inspiring my heart. Many years after his death, he remains a huge inspiration to me and I feel his supportive presence in my ancestral energy field very often.

I have met hundreds if not thousands of wisdom keepers in my life. People who are inspired to share the wisdom of their souls with others in their life, and who are willing to face and embrace their fears and self-doubts to demonstrate through their thoughts, words and actions the kind of world we are all capable of creating.

Who is the wisdom keeper that inspired you in your young life? Whoever they are, right now, they are feeling grateful that you are carrying on their dream, and carrying on their gentle grace-filled belief that together we can weave the old and the new to create a world of balance, harmony and joy.

With love, and deep thanks to all of you.


Tuesday 7th April - The dance between all things

Today I am dancing in the in-between, and I love it. Many of you know that I had coronavirus 2 weeks ago. It was quite mild for the first week and after a fews days of mild symptoms, I began to recover. Then, quite suddenly, the energy of the virus flared again leaving me experiencing chest pain and exhaustion. The last week has been about me supporting my lungs, nurturing my heart and living in patience and compassion as my amazing body continues to find its way through this situation.

Today I feel the spark of health flickering back in my system. Like a slow, sparkling ripple that is still quite quiet in each of my cells, in each of my organs, but is beginning to move towards vitality once more.

Between your in-breath and your out-breath there is a pause. Between your out-breath and your in-breath there is a pause.

This pause exists in an energetic space I love. I call it the in-between, and energetically, the in-between is anything but empty. It is rich, connective and immense in its potentiality.

Life is full of the in-betweens: The precious time in-between sleep and wakefulness. The magical space in-between you and me right now where these thoughts are being created and shared. The turning of all thought, the dropping of prejudice, the ability to see a new way of being; these all exist in the in-between, for they involve the rich creativity of a new way of seeing, a new way of being. The in-between is the birthplace of all creativity.

As my body moves between illness and health I recognise this space of the in-between and I love it, it is a familiar and wonderful space and always invites me to dance within it; to dream, to fly, to wonder just what an amazing world we are in the middle of creating together. Wishing you a joyful dance in the in-between today,

With love,


Wednesday 8th April - This crisis is not unprecedented

If words have sentience then the word ‘unprecedented’ must be feeling star of the show right now, second only to the word ‘coronavirus’. Nearly every news bulletin, article and blog use the word ‘unprecedented’ and I have used it too over the past few weeks! And yet, it all depends on what kind of time scale we are looking at. This pandemic is certainly unprecedented in living memory.

And yet, our current situation is not unprecedented.

There have been epidemics and pandemics throughout human history with the first scientifically verified epidemic being over 5000 years ago. This great article sums up 20 of the worst epidemics that humans have worked with in history.

This means that although we don’t have living memory of these times in human history, we do have an energetic and genetic memory. Your ancestors experienced epidemics, pandemics, plagues. They lived and died their lives meeting the same challenges that you live and meet everyday, this current situation is no different. The big difference now is our understanding of how epidemics spread and ways to minimise these effects. The wisdom of your ancestors lives strong and deep in every cell of your body. Your ancestral field in your energy field wraps you up with protection, guidance and wisdom. Tap into this wisdom to ask how you can best meet this current situation, in all of its known and well-mapped territories.

One of the ancestors now, Julian of Norwich, was also known as Mother Julian and was a mystic and nun who lived in the 14th century. The author of Revelations of Divine Love, she is honoured as the first woman to write a book in the English language. Julian of Norwich lived through recurrent years of the Black Plague that devastated her home population of Norwich, and yet, she gave us a phrase that has been a grounding and inspirational force through all of the tough times and all of the joyous times in my life; All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

This profound statement both expands and embraces your energy field, inviting compassion and courage while honouring exactly where you are. I LOVE it.

Do you have a phrase or saying that holds you strong and gives you courage when you are wavering?

With love to you and your ancestors, Prune

Thursday 9th April - The crocus is not fearful

I’m from a county where we hardly ever get any snow. I saw snow twice when I was a child, so it wasn’t until I was an adult living in Canada for my first winter that I experienced ‘real’ snow. I loved it. The deep quiet and Sacred Silence that comes when the earth is blanketed was a beautiful revelation to me.

However, the single most astonishing fact to penetrate my soul was revealed when the snow left in spring.

For there, beneath my window, were beautiful purple crocus flowers. Not in bud, but flowering, unfurled, open, boldly showing up. Underneath the immense weight and depth of a winter of snow, this tiny plant had pushed its stem up, pushed its flower bud up and burst into flower.

Since that point, crocuses have been the symbol of spring for me. Not just because they are often one of the first flowers that raise their heads, but because they represent the immense life force that exists in all living things.

If I was under three foot of snow I think I might stay pretty still, I might keep resting and continue to hibernate. But not the crocus. It is ready. It has its time and it knows, whatever weather is going up ‘up there’, it is bursting forth. It isn’t fearful or limited by something like a huge blanket of snow!!!!

Right now, you are the crocus. There is a blanket of fear, a weight of worry sitting heavy in the human world. Yet, this spring, every one of you is the crocus, filled with life force, filled with beauty, filled with the quiet bold determination to continue growing and to continue living. Today, lift your face towards the sun and bask in the joy of the knowledge that all over the world there are millions of us smiling, growing and choosing to experience the joy of being alive.

With love,


Friday 10th April - The energy of your soul

Have you ever wondered what your soul looks like? Or where it lives, or how it is attached to you, or just what a ‘soul’ is?

I am no theologian or philosopher, but I do know energy. It is my language and I’ve been able to see the human energy system from birth. Since I was tiny, the one system that was always the most apparent to me (way before I understood about meridians, chakras, dantiens or the components of the biofield) was the energy of the soul.

Mostly this energy is so apparent as it is the brightest, the lightest, the BIGGEST vibration and also totally inseparable from your physicality. It shines through every other energy system within and around you, and I want to say right here and now, I have never seen a soul energy that is ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ or even corrupted in any way.

Your soul light shines brightly, my soul light shines brightly, every person’s soul light shines brightly. When a baby is born, their soul light is just as strong as an adult’s. Just before someone transitions into death, their soul light is incredibly bright, no matter what kind of life they have led. At the core of everyone is connection, brilliance and cosmic truth. Your soul light shines through your smile, and through your tears. It resides in every cell, every thought, every movement. You are your soul.

Tomorrow I’m going to share some thoughts on how different people have different soul colours. So, for now, as you hold your own soul close and precious, if you could think of its vibration in terms of a specific colour or colours, what vibrational colour is YOUR soul? First thoughts are nearly always right, second guessing is overthinking and usually inaccurate. I look forward to reading what you write.

With love, Prune

Saturday 11th April - The colour of your soul

Deep in the centre of your energy system and your body system you have your energetic core.

This core can be described energetically as a superhighway of light filaments, flowing from below your feet to above your head while simultaneously flowing from above your head to below your feet. This is the fascinating interface between cosmic energy (we are cosmic beings living within the universe) AND your deepest, most essential personal energy.

This is where the cosmic or universal soul and the personal soul meet and communicate, and it is from here that your soul energy emanates from within you as it radiates through every one of your cells, through your skin and into your unique biofield.

There is nothing electromagnetic about this energy. This is light energy, subtle energy; this is the radiance that you see pour from some people, and hide deep in others. From this core emanates all that is your deepest and most essential energy and its vibration is represented in a colour. Colour is simply a vibration, so the vibration of green is different from the vibration of the blue, and that is why we see them as different colours.

The energy and colour that emanate from your core is your soul colour, or life colour. Every person has a soul colour. This soul colour helps illustrate the strengths and the challenges that you have at your depths. If I was to look at you, I would see many different layers of colours all expressing different emotions, and themes (remember that colours are only vibrations so there is a different vibration for the emotion of love, a different vibration for the emotion of anger, a different vibration when you are feeling happy etc). Your energy fields are deeply affected by thoughts, so the colours will continually change depending on your thoughts. Some of these colours would be moving, swirling, exploding, popping, spinning like a tornado, dispersing like mist. Others may be quite still, showing up a specific theme or a set pattern of emotions. Some of these colours or vibrations of energy, thought and emotion are quite superficial and will spark or whizz across your energy fields quickly, (think a comet); a quick burst of thought emotion. You may experience this as a flash of irritation, a sudden humour, or simply a remembering of part of your shopping list. Other colours are a much more permanent part of your energetic whole. The deepest of these are the soul colour, as that colour begins in the energetic core and then emanates throughout your entire physical, energetic, emotional and cognitional systems. Every cell you have is bathed in your soul colour. Your skin is resonant with your soul colour, and as it continues through the energy field that surrounds your physical body, the soul colour spreads out to the very edge of your aura.

Yesterday, so many of you shared the colour that you feel is your soul colour, I loved reading them and getting a glimpse of your magnificence and uniqueness. As we are all adjusting to the shifts brought about by coronavirus and our societal responses to this crisis, it can be a balm to your whole being to further embrace the colour that thrums from your deepest essence. You can wrap yourself up in it physically by using a scarf/t-shirt/tablecloth that you resonate with, or perhaps simply visualise that colour and breathe it deep into your lungs, inviting that colour to be carried to every cell in your body. No matter what your soul colour, this powerful and nurturing technique activates your soul radiance, to bring calm and joy to your whole body system.

And if you have no clue what colour your soul colour may be then get curious about this idea. In your walking, in your meditation, in the quiet times between wake and sleep, ask yourself the question, ‘If I could see what colour my soul colour is, what would I see?’.

Your WHOLE BODY knows the answer to this question. Every part of your cells, your brain, your mind, your aura knows the answer to this question. Get playful and invite the answer in. It is so essential that your soul is strong, supported and nurtured right now so that you can continue to be the wisdom and joy that you are, for yourself, for your beloveds, for all of us.

Much love,


Sunday 12th April - Birthing pangs

Spring is here with all of the promise of physical and spiritual rejuvenation.

Traditions all over the world have festivals to celebrate birth and rebirth at this magnificent time.

The ancient Anglo-Saxon goddess, Ostara or Eostare, (from whom we get the name ‘Easter’ from) was heralded as the Goddess of the Dawn and had, as her symbols, the Egg and the Hare.

This is why in the modern interpretation of Easter there is a bunny who gifts eggs, something that always confused me as a child for I knew that rabbits give birth to live young, and don’t lay eggs at all!

At dawn this morning, I sat quietly with the ancient ones to reflect upon birth and how, for there to be birth and rebirth, there has to first be a letting go, or a death of an old way of being, an old way of thinking, an old way of doing.

All birth is a rite of passage, the opening to a new potential, and for new ways of being to be born, there has to be the releasing of the old ways, the letting go of limitations, the willingness of sacrifices. In so many ways we are in that powerful transition of birth and death now; we are making sacrifices and enquiring as to what old ways of being need to be let go of so that we can experience the birth of a new way of being. Perhaps where the given foundations of all relationships from the intimate to the global are kindness, community and co-operation rather than protection, self-interest and acquisition.

And no-one ever said that birth was easy! It takes work and commitment, it’s messy and the birthing canal is a tight squeeze; at times the pressure on those being birthed is huge. If you are feeling the pressure of being in the birth canal of transition today, hunker down into wondering and dreaming of what kind of newly birthed way of being you want to create in this beautiful world? In your vision of powerful co-creation what are you dreaming into being?

With love,


Monday 13th April - You affect everything around you

Right now I’m busy putting together videos for a free, nine day course for everyone who would like some energy guidance through this coronavirus situation.

In one email that I am preparing for the course I began to write about how your energy affects everyone else around you, and I realised that this is a great topic to explore here in these Coronavirus Chronicles.

One of the joys of being able to easily watch energy fields is that it becomes immediately apparent that every energy field impacts every other energy field. 400 years ago, poet John Donne wrote ‘No man is an island entire of itself, every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main’. Forgiving him for using the gender specific pronoun ‘man’ when he is referring to all humans, (he is writing 360 years before that level of consciousness appeared in most humans), what he writes is deeply true for the human energy system. As soon as your energy field comes into contact with another energy field it begins to exchange information. Oftentimes, it begins to absorb energy and give energy. This exchange occurs instantaneously and continues for the duration of your proximity.

When you walk down a busy street your energy field will be in exchange with hundreds of other energy fields. One of the fastest moving energies to be transmitted across human energy fields is the radiance of harmony. If you are sitting next to someone on the bus who is radiating health and harmony then by the time you get off the bus your energy field will have created much more cohesion, it will be operating more fluidly, more healthily and with much more ease.

However, there is one emotion that transmits quickest of all, and that is the energy of fear. We are social beings and as we evolved, we became hardwired energetically to notice danger and respond to it in order to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. If you are feeling fear and you walk into your living room, the energy systems of the people in that room will immediately pick up on it. If I was watching you and the others in the room, it would look like something suddenly hit their energy systems creating a brown ripple of movement. As this ripple moves through their energy fields the aura will tighten and shrink closer to the body, any rich and vibrant colours in their energy fields will lessen, often groundedness will retract, healthy crossover patterns retreat to same-sided patterns of distress, and as all of this is happening the physical body catches up and begins to release stress hormones such as adrenaline through the body. All of this will have happened well before you arrive at your sofa to sit down. We are social beings designed to communicate through our energy fields.

So, a question. Do you want to be conveying fear or anxiety to your family and loved ones? I’m going to take it that your easy answer is ‘No’. Your energy system cannot be experiencing harmony and fear at the same time. The energetic patterns are completely different. The physiology is completely different.

What is vital here is your active choice, and your ability to nurture and support this choice through understanding how to nurture and support your energy.

So today I’m sharing a video with exercises to release fear so that you can be radiating harmony and health through your energy systems, for yourself and for your loved ones.

Much love to you, thank you for stepping up so fully in these uncertain times.


Tuesday 14th April - Listening to your soul

When was the last time you felt fully, vitally alive?

If the answer isn’t, ‘Right now, all day today and every day’, then keep reading, because you have a birth right to experience your life in the richest, fullest way possible.

You have a birth right to feel filled with the ‘yes’, dancing with the potential in every moment. This doesn’t mean that your life will be free from all problems or challenges as it doesn’t quite work like that!

But when problems or challenges come, you’ll be able to meet them and sit with them, and feel into yourself and connect with others, until what seemed like a problem has instead become a deeper understanding of yourself and your world. And you still feel fully, vitally alive.

Your birth wasn’t an accident. At no point did Creation simply hiccup and you occurred. Whatever the physical circumstances of your conception, the energetic and sacred aspect of your conception was perfect. You are meant to be alive right now. You are meant to be born to your parents, in your family, living the childhood that you lived. No matter whether all this was joyful and awesome, or whether it was really wretched, you are gathering to you the exact experiences that you need for your soul to begin to blossom from within you.

For so many of you, you will feel that tingle in your deepest being as you read these words. We all know truth when we hear it or read it. You will know the truth that you are ready to be empowered within your own life; to make the choices that bring your soul needs and desires into the everyday. During this pandemic and its associated social disruption take time to get close to your dreams, even the dreams that you have ignored for so long. Take the time to get close to your deepest needs, your magnificent soul energy that resides in your depths, in your dreams and in all the spaces in between.

With much love,


Wednesday 15th April - Energy connects us all

I have always been able to see energy.

Until my mid 30s I didn’t really realise that perhaps not everyone sees the world as I do.

Although we definitely all have the ability to perceive energy, it just isn’t really supported by our collective worldview so we gradually minimise that natural ability.

All living beings have energy fields. Some are vast and complex, others are more localised and simplistic, but all are connected into a cosmic web of consciousness.

This is a very simple fact for me that I have observed since I was tiny. When I walk in a forest I see the threads of energy connecting everything in that forest; the trees, the leaves, the plants, the animals, the humans. (Yes, it’s ok to think of Keanu Reeves/Neo in the film The Matrix).

Each of us have our own specific energy signature, and that signature, that living energetic force connects into this vast web of energy. We nourish and are nourished by a matrix of energy enfolding not just our human communities, but our entire planet, and of course, this beautiful planet is simply part of a greater web of cosmic connection in her place within the infinite galaxy.

When I sit with a group of people I can see their energy fields moving, swirling, reaching out, reaching in, connecting into each other and into a greater field of consciousness. I can see energy moving from the earth into each person, as well as from the air above and around each person. I can see the steadily expanding and contracting electromagnetic field that emanates from the heart, and the disarray in this electromagnetic field when a person is not connected into and living from their essential self.

You are an amazing, interconnected part of this living planet, and truly taking care of yourself is the first step in truly taking care of your society, and your global home. What are you doing to truly take care of yourself today?

With love,


Thursday 16th April - The daily sacred

Everything that you do in your daily life has meaning and purpose.

Nothing is coincidental in your life, or accidental. If you have done it, today, then that action has meaning.

Your work or job might not have saved the world, but it has helped pay for the life you live. Or perhaps your work is helping save the world? Either way, it has purpose.

The chat you had with your friend had purpose. Perhaps you helped him see something a little more positively, perhaps you helped him laugh when he was having a sad or lonely day. Perhaps in your chat the two of you did nothing but moan in self-perpetuating misery. Either way, that chat had purpose; to either raise the vibration of your shared experience, or to help you both realise that the self-perpetuating misery is not quite where you want to be putting your energy!

It can be so tempting to think of daily life as separate from sacred life, but every life is sacred in every breath, every step, every thought, every action. YOUR life is sacred in every breath, every step, every thought, every action. As we continue to grow together through these coronavirus times, remember your own magnificence, your own reason for being alive, and embrace yourself as an essential part of the daily sacred. There may only be one difference in letter placement to go from scared to sacred, but energetically and emotionally they are opposite sides of the spectrum, which one do you choose to embrace today?

With love,


Friday 17th April - Reconsecrating your day

‘Reconsecration ‘ is a wonderful word that means to ‘make something sacred again’. I want to suggest that each of us reconsecrate our world and our relationship with it.

Yesterday I wrote about the daily sacred, and I want to continue doing so today by thinking about the difference between ‘being’ and ‘doing’. Although they might be slightly different aspects of your life, there is no separation between ‘doing’ and ‘being’.

You cannot do without being, you cannot be without doing, even if what you are doing is simply breathing, digesting, thinking etc.

The more we try to ‘be’ the more we judge the ‘doing’. How about we try to be and do at the same time? How about when you are walking to work, you engage in the sacred of daily life. Or when you are with friends or colleagues you engage in the sacred of daily life?

Let’s think of some of the times you can engage in the daily sacred 1. Waking up 2. Getting out of bed 3. Going to the loo 4. Cleaning your teeth 5. Patting the dog 6. Saying hello to your loved ones (4 legged, 2 legged, plants, stones…. whoever!) 7. Getting breakfast 8. Eating breakfast 9. Washing up after breakfast 10. ……Ok, I think you probably get the message by now. EVERYTHING that you do in your life is the daily sacred. Sacred is a state of mind, a state of being, a state of energy.

If when you are washing up after breakfast you smile to yourself, breathe in some life-giving air and have a thought of the joy that you intend to experience during the day, then washing up after breakfast is the daily sacred.

If when you are saying hello to your loved ones, you greet them as if you love them and are glad to be sharing your life with them, then saying hello to your loved ones is the daily sacred. OK, you say, but what about being on the toilet…. no way can that be sacred. But it so can! How about you sit there and think, ‘fabulous, I get to sit down. Thank you for this time to sit down. Thank you’. Daily sacred.

OR! How about you sit on the toilet and think ‘Wow, my body is totally amazing. It does all this stuff, without me even really knowing how it does it. Wow. You are amazing, body’. Daily sacred.

You can bring greater and greater awareness into your life by bringing the sacred into the daily. And why? Because the daily sacred connects the Internal soul with the Connective soul, and each time you engage in the daily sacred you connect directly with the soul of the world.

And because when you bring the daily sacred into your life, your life is richer, more joyful, more abundant and you will never feel alone again.

Remember, 'sacred' and 'scared' are only one letter movement away, and yet, they are a world apart. When you are skilled at bringing the daily sacred into your life, fear has no place in your life. As you engage more and more with the experience of connection and flow, fear is replaced by trust, acceptance and compassion, and those are ways of being and doing that the world can do with a lot more of!

Much love to you, Prune

Saturday 18th April - Your template of health is perfect

Each person is born with a template of health. And when I say a template of health, I don’t mean a template of ill-health!

Health is vibrant, energised, connective, joyful, abundant, and radiant. At least, that is my definition of health. Every single person has this template in their energy fields. Your body, your energy, your soul KNOWS how to be healthy.

I see this template of health running through the whole body, but in a very specific way. It first shows up at the interface between your energetic core and the rest of your body and from this point, everything that is physical from that point is also coded in this way of health. This template of health is active in the nucleus of the cell, the cell membrane, the organ membranes, the interface points between the different cavities and compartments of the body, the skin and the membrane of the aura.

This all means YOU KNOW how to be healthy. You know how to be vibrant, joyful, expansive, and abundant. This is hardwired into your very physicality, and there is so much that you can do to maintain your health by activating your template of health. That is what energy exercises and techniques can DO for you; activate what your body already knows to bring it back into being.

At this time of coronavirus I have created two FREE courses for you to know which energy exercises are most effective for you to be doing, whether you are maintaining your great health, or recovering from being ill.

I hope you enjoy whichever one suits you best for where you and your health are right now.

With love,


Sunday 19th April - The exquisite beauty of your soul

When I look at the deepest level in the human energy system, it blows me away.

And I don’t quite know if I can do it justice through words. I can describe what the human energetic core looks like, but I don’t think I can express to you its sheer power and beauty, the way in which it has an essential human feel and also a stellar/cosmic energy that runs through it.

Think of the most beautiful thing you have ever seen; perhaps it is your newborn baby, or the most soul-touching sunset, or seeing your beloved after a long time apart. Now, describe what you see in words in a way that actually does it justice. Tricky isn’t it, because mostly what you ‘see’ is the feeling you have when you ‘see’ it. Otherwise you can simply say, ‘I am looking at a baby, with a little snub nose, a squished face, milky eyes, tiny fingers etc etc’. Instead, thinking of my own babies being born, it would be a little more like this. ‘I am looking at perfection, overwhelming, explosive perfection and I don’t know how to feel anything this big. And she is perfect, and she has a nose, and look at those fingers. They are perfect. How can anything be so perfect and tiny, and so huge, and I’m terrified, and she is perfect. And the joy is bigger than this entire hospital, in fact it is bigger than the whole world. And this baby is my baby, and, so perfect.’

Well, writing about the human soul energy is a bit like this, because of course, when that little baby is in your arms for the first time, you ARE meeting their soul and experiencing their soul in its human form and that is why it feels so big and beyond words.

Today is my daughter’s 17th birthday. I still remember that first meeting so clearly. Bring to mind a time when your soul has been deeply touched and hold that feeling close to your heart. Such soul recognition nourishes your health, your body, your emotions, your immune system and your entire life.

With love, Prune

Monday 20th April - Can you commit to your soul

It takes courage to make a commitment to live from the place of your authentic soul.

It takes bravery not to slide into the daily fear and confusion we can see in many of our political and financial institutions. You know there is more to the collective soul that you are currently living; more wisdom, more joy, and more consciousness.

But how can you access it?

You access it by knowing and shining your own soul light so strongly that those who are living from a place of fear, small-mindedness or greed mentality, are shown a different way of being.

When you commit to living from, and nourishing, your authentic soul you kindle the flame of your own light and this empowers you, and by that I mean you live in a place of balanced power.

When you commit to your soul, you become compassionate and strong, joyful and brave in your daily life. And right now, as you are reading this, there are millions of people who have already committed to their individual soul, the collective soul and the world soul.

Each of us who takes this stand begins to create a different level of consciousness, a raising of the collective vibration, and an expansion of greater awareness. We do not need to battle political or financial institutions, we need to inspire them to change, to catch up with the social revolution that is already happening. Thank you for being inspirational. You are changing the world we live in, just by being you in all of your magnificent fullness.

With love,


Tuesday 21st April - Times of immense change

We are living at a time of immense change as much of the old way of being and thinking is called into question. As we face coronavirus together, we are not only in a societal and scientific revolution, but we are also in a spiritual revolution.

Some days, that seems crazy exciting and filled with potential but on other days, this intense debate and questioning can be exhausting and overwhelming.

Or at least until it is easier for each of us to simply focus on this new kind of daily life, taking care of yourselves and looking after the family.

For many people, the great question of ‘what can I do?’ becomes a recognition and acceptance of their own disempowerment, rather than an investigative call for action. Gradually, the overwhelming nature of what we are dealing with encourages us to look smaller and smaller, with our attention being distracted by news, social media and box sets on TV. Even before coronavirus, alcohol use and drug use (prescription/over the counter as well as recreational drugs) is at an all-time high, and each year more people kill themselves in suicide than are killed in all current wars or terrorist acts. We are deeply aware that something has to change. And we are also deeply aware of the urgency of this need.

We have a choice right now.

Can reading this blog end coronavirus or stop climate change? Well, perhaps not, but it can support you in continuing to commit to your soul and expand your consciousness. And ‘you’ isn’t just one person, ‘you’ is many many people. ‘You’ are the consciousness revolution that each of us is waiting for. ‘You’ are huge, ‘You’ are powerful, and ‘You’ have been waiting and building towards this moment for several decades.

How do we change human consciousness? Well, the great news is that we already are. You already are. There are more of us working together to change our world than we possibly realise. And for me, anytime I feel overwhelmed by the current state of the world, I immediately remind myself of the fact that I am doing my bit for social and environmental justice. You are doing your bit for social and environmental justice. Together there are millions of us doing our bit, and that makes me part of an immensely powerful and heart-centred consciousness. And then I don’t feel overwhelmed. I know we will get there.

We are too smart, too creative, too aware not to figure this out. And what holds me in this place of hope is our children. No matter whether you are left wing or right wing, someone with millions in the bank or simply scraping by; you love your children. You don’t want them to inherit a shattered world. And this will drive each of us to wake up, to continue making those changes.

With love,


Wednesday 22nd April - What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?

The last two weeks of lockdown have brought a most exquisite and unexpected pleasure.

I have watched a cherry tree come into blossom day by day, branch by branch, flower by flower.

As I have moved though the 40+ springtimes of my life, I had no awareness of what I was missing each year.

I love nature, and spend a lot of my life in it, but as I watched the cherry tree across the road from my window slowly unfolding before my awed being, I was touched at my core; with gratitude for the gift of time right now that enabled this awareness. With gratitude to the great teachers of stillness, witnessing and wonder.

On this Earth Day, I am so immensely grateful for the beauty of our home. This poem is one of my favourites and a constant reminder to slow down, to be still, to be PART of nature, not just an observer of it, to be PART of the Earth, not just part of the human community. I would love to share it here in these Coronavirus Chronicles today.

Leisure by William Henry Davies What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare. No time to stand beneath the boughs And stare as long as sheep or cows. No time to see, when woods we pass, Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass. No time to see, in broad daylight, Streams full of stars, like skies at night. No time to turn at Beauty's glance, And watch her feet, how they can dance. No time to wait till her mouth can Enrich that smile her eyes began. A poor life this if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.

With love to each of you, and deep thanks for being part of the great web of life that is home.

Happy Earth Day.


Thursday 23rd April - We got that one really wrong

One of the most damaging myths of our modern culture is the myth of survival of the fittest.

In case you need a recap, it goes like this:

All of life is a competition Only the strong will survive For your survival, someone or something else has to be sacrificed You are on your own

Each of us has grown up believing this to be the basis for our human and natural evolution.

And yet nature doesn’t support this premise as the overall model for evolution. In fact, I think if ‘Nature’ could, she would be groaning a little at just how wrong we got it for the past few hundred years.

Nature co-operates, nature evolves through collective collaboration. Nature looks to balance the whole eco-system so that there is harmony.

Time and time again, nature offers us examples of connection and collaboration; male emperor penguins that huddle together in -20C temperatures to stay alive and keep their eggs warm, continually rotating from the edge of the huddle (cold!) to the centre of the huddle (still cold, but warmer!). This is not survival of the fittest, it is highly coordinated collaboration.

When elephants perceive a threat, the first thing they do is call their babies to them, and then the adults reverse themselves into position to form a circle of protection around those babies. They don’t run off thinking, ‘I’m fit, I’ll survive, and thank goodness the lions can eat some of the weak and young instead’!

Meerkats, wolves, chimpanzees, orcas, the examples of cooperation and collaboration in the natural world are, quite literally, endless. It is even interesting that the very example so often used to support survival of the fittest (lion hunts prey, moves in on herd of wildebeest, wildebeest run, lion gets weaker herd member) doesn’t focus on the fact of the immense cooperation and collaboration of the lionesses!

Animals that work in packs illustrate how nature supports collaboration and co-operation far more than the concept of survival of the fittest individual. Why would we think that human beings are any different?

So how did Darwin get it so wrong? Well, he didn’t. Darwin actually had a far more expansive understanding of the nature of evolution, but it suited the time and place in human history for the mainstream thinkers, scientists, powers-that-be to grab the concept of ‘survival of the fittest’. Remember this is a time in human history when vast nations were engaged in a seismic race to amass continents, riches and power.

‘Survival of the fittest’ simply fit into the thoughts and needs of the time. It helped fuel and justify the mass decimation of indigenous communities, the theft of land from those communities, and supported the ‘natural order of being’ that enabled men, women and nations to perpetuate slavery. It created and supported a ‘them and us’ mentality, and this was an essential worldview for that time and era. But we are quite a long way on from that time and era. Most of us, thankfully, would no longer see conquering empires as bringing forward the kind of collective human evolution that we are ready for.

So here we are, a new era, new consciousness, and a quite desperate need for a new story that moves beyond ‘Survival of the Fittest’. I love the African proverb ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’. How about that as a contender for our collective story?

I’m looking forward to going far, with you, Prune

Friday 24th April - Opalescent joy

A few days ago I wrote about the fact that each person has their own, amazing, and rich soul colour.

I want to take a moment to share information about a very specific soul colour as there are many young people right now who have an opalescent quality in their soul colour/life colour. This opalescent quality indicates a soul vibration of connective joy and inspiration.

On numerous occasions, I have been in a room with several people and seen one of these children with the opalescent quality to their soul colour walk into the room. Instantaneously, the energy field around all of the other people in the room activates. A gentle joy begins to buzz through their energy fields. And this is irrespective of whether these people have even seen the child, they can have their back to the child and their energy fields will still begin to vibrate with joy. The soul colour of the young person has communicated directly with the energy fields of the other individuals and has initiated a gentle but profound change. And all of this has happened without anyone else in the room knowing about soul colours or opalescence or anything to do with energy fields.

This is who we are. This is who you are; someone who is intricately and intimately connected to all of Creation. Everything, everyone, every thought, every action. You are connected.

Amazing! I suspect from this description you can immediately identify a young person that you suspect has an opalescent quality to their life colour. Be grateful for what they bring to you and to all of creation.

With love, Prune

Saturday 25th April - The Peaceful Pause

In your deepest energy there is immense radiant joy.

Feeling connected, contented and joyful is your natural way of being; it is who you are at your depths.

And yet, you may well find that as you move through your day, your week, even your life, you don’t feel like you are regularly experiencing that deep, radiant joy.

When you are stressed, tired, worried or just too busy playing catch up within the chaos of daily life, your energy systems will be responding to the situation with a series of strategic protective patterns; all of which will move you into a fight, flight freeze reaction.

These protective patterns will have evolved during your childhood stresses, your adolescent stresses so now, whenever you hit stress in your life, your amazing protective systems take over habitually, helping your body create adrenaline and cortisol, and keep you doing exactly what you have always done when you are stressed and to react in exactly the same way as you have always reacted.

Ahhh...Do you notice a flaw here? If you always react the same way, how do you stop getting stressed, worried, fearful or anxious? How do you move away from these stress patterns so you can feel that deep radiant joy moving through all of your day, everyday?

One of the most powerful techniques I can offer is ‘The Peaceful Pause’. It is not possible for your energy system to be operating patterns of stress and of joy at the same time. If you notice that you are stressed, worried, fearful, anxious, angry, just-too-busy, feeling pressure (the list can go here!), pause. Remember that deep in your being is limitless joy, limitless contentment.

Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your abdomen. Pause. Bring to mind something that always makes you smile, something that you associate with deep joy. Pause. Your energy systems will respond by moving into their healthy, connective patterns so that deep joy can flow through you once more.

With love Prune

Sunday 26th April - Only you hold the key

Several years ago now, I was sitting with a First Nations teacher of mine, Elder Albert Marshall from the Mi’kmaq First Nation. We were discussing the urgent need for holistic environmental understanding and I made a comment about the need to ‘save the planet’.

He looked at me, ‘The planet will be just fine,’ he stated, ‘She has been through much before us and much after us. It is the humans that we need to concentrate on’. There is great wisdom in this understanding!

At this point in our human evolution, we are rapidly destroying the very planet that our lives depend on. And not through malicious intent or a desire for self-destruction, but rather through a lack of awareness about how powerful we are to solve the issues that are before us.

From the cellular level to the galactic level, we are interdependent. Each of us is a vital tiny piece of a vast puzzle and only you hold the key to what it means to be you. You, in your fullest and most conscious place of health, vitality and harmony.

Since this coronavirus situation, I’ve been thinking much about the question of our individual and collective responsibilities, as opposed to our individual and collective rights. How do you fit into this immensely complex and wonderful puzzle of human life on earth? What are you doing to step into your unique and essential role?

With love, Prune

Monday 27th April - The pressure is building; there is so much you can do

We are now a few days after the new moon in April, and it remains an intense thick energy that is surrounding us in the cosmic field.

This thick energy is pushing hard in all the human energy systems and it may well be you have felt the intensity of it over the past few days. It is especially affecting the energy systems that I call the Courage system, comprising the heart field, the grounding system and the kidney energy.

One of the ways that you may feel this pressure is that you feel disheartened and low, lacking in courage, energy and joy; that you simply feel flat. Another way this intensity might be pressing on you is that you feel unstable, emotional, moving between calm and chaotic in a manner of minutes. Do either of these ways sound familiar to you?

Your amazing heart system acts as a conductor of the rhythms of your whole body, as well as bringing the needs and wisdoms of your soul forward into your daily life.

In my Energy Forecast for April I shared ways that you can be keeping your courage strong and resilient right now. I think this is as important as ever as we come into these last few intense days. I’m seeing that this field stays present through the end of the month and into next week. If you are feeling the pressure of now, watch the video and do the routine to get your courage up and feel that beautiful space in your day and your life again. Much love from my heart to yours, Prune

Tuesday 28th April - You hold immense power

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling vibrant, happy and engaged with life, you never get ill, even if every member of your family are being hit with seasonal colds and flu!

Your energy system protects you and when you are in your vital and harmonious energy, then your physical body will be kept in that very same place.

Now let’s take a different example. Have you ever noticed when you’ve had a headache, you were already feeling stressed or out of sorts beforehand. I doubt you’ve been struck by a headache on the days you felt amazing, vital and vibrant, it just doesn’t work like that. Your energy system was already a bit off and that is why you developed your headache. Your physical body manifests the imbalance in your energy system as physical symptoms.

Everything that you experience in your health and body has already been present in your energy system for a while. And if you have chronic physical conditions such as migraines, IBS, recurring slipped discs, or autoimmune diseases then these energy patterns have been in your system for a long time.

Everything that you experience is already held in your energy patterns, so when you can learn to change those patterns then you can truly and deeply heal your physical body, balance your emotions and change your interaction with your own life.

Your energy is the first place you experience your world. When you wake up and you are feeling a bit vulnerable, that is because a pattern in your protective energy system isn’t quite holding. And if you know how to shift and manage that energy system then you can quite literally change your life and how you experience it. Because you are very, very powerful. You have complete control over your personal world and your worldview. 100%.

How will you change your world today? Much love, Prune

Wednesday 29th April - You feel amazing

How do you feel when your energy is coherent?


That is what you feel like. Whatever your own personal version of amazing is. When your energy systems are in coherence, you can experience joy, stability, mental clarity, easy connection to people, animals and the world around you.

You can keep your balance when someone or something throws a curveball into your day, you can even keep your sense of humour.

You feel expansive and trusting. You feel like you can deeply engage with your own life. You feel like you belong, because you do.

I really, really hope for you that you have experienced times in your life when you felt this way. You have a birthright to feel this balanced, connected and happy. I’m also pretty sure that you will have experienced the opposite of energetic coherence, when you have been crippled with emotion or overwhelm. Maybe you have felt lonely, desperate, angry, depressed, stuck in mind-fog, frightened to take the next step of growth in your life, non-trusting, not safe.

And I know that each of you have felt disconnected from others and disconnected from your own personal power and joy.

Your energy is the bridge between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. By understanding it, and knowing how to balance it, you begin to experience more and more choice about how to respond to anything and everything in your daily life. The more you learn about energy the more you keep your energy systems coherent. And how do you feel when your energy is coherent? Amazing!

With love,


Thursday 30th April - When the heart knows hope

I was born on this day, 47 years ago. As I have gone about my day with my family (2-legged and 4-legged) I have had a lot of time to pause, to enjoy, to reflect (and to eat cake, and laugh, and eat cake, and walk, and EAT CAKE!). Here are my thoughts from the quiet times today.

I have never been as grateful for my life, for my life path, and for those who I share my life with, as I am right now.

Each year brings more and more beauty, or rather, each year I can perceive more and more beauty and feel myself to be part of it.

We live in a stunningly spectacular world. Mind blowing in its complexity. Heartwarming in its simple and continued support. Humans are kind and compassionate, clever and caring. Humans are joyous and loving.

My soul is excited and my heart is full of hope for the future.

We will get creative with solutions to current global challenges, because we care. Because we are kind and compassionate.

Because we all love our children and we care enough about them to get creative, to bring our huge wisdoms to figure out how to live in harmony, all beings, together. I am so grateful and honoured to be alive right now and to be part of this great creative collective.

With love, Prune

Friday 1st May - You are a mind blowing team of a human being!

You might think that you are simply you; 100% human and 100% you. But you aren’t. You are actually something much much cooler than this.

Your body is made of only 30-50% human DNA. No, I’m not suggesting that you are an extra-terrestrial, but a biologist will tell you that you are made of approximately 30 trillion cells, and only 30-50% of them are human mammalian cells!

The rest, over 50% of ‘you’, are bacteria and fungi that are essential for the other 30-40% of you to live in balance.

When you think ‘you’ are digesting your dinner, be aware that that over half of what is at play in the digesting is the bigger you, the collective you, the 30 trillion cells that work together, live together, and plan together.

These 30 trillion cells exist in a symbiotic relationship totally dependent on each other for the whole body system to function in health. I always find this a wow moment, each time I think of it.

I look at my skin and am amazed that what I see is ‘me’, but what I know is that ‘me’ is a collective community made up of lots of different creatures. It is a good job we all get on!!!

And of course, there are times when the community doesn’t get on; like when you have issues with gut health (bacteria/fungi imbalance) or parasites or candida/thrush infections. Those are the times when we are aware that we are actually a colony of different organisms coming together to create one flourishing community.

You are not a single entity. You never can be. With each breath you take and each step you take you are bringing in energies vaster than yourself.

They are deeply connective energies of the air, breathed by countless others, and earth energy, which in turn is part of the living matrix energy of the Cosmos. Our systems are a great web of connectiveness and at the same time, your energy systems are quintessentially yours. They vibrate with your unique patterns, colours, sounds. You are AMAZING.

With love,


Saturday 2nd May - Your heart beats with the song of your soul

You are an essential part of the fabric of this universe.

Nowhere is there a person whose heart beats with the same rhythm as yours. Your heart beats with the song of your soul, and your soul is exquisitely, vitally, yours.

Do you know it? Do you hold it close and nourish it?

Are you the conscious bearer of your soul and your destiny, or are you wandering, living the life that others have determined for you?

If, as you are sitting drinking your cup of tea, or travelling on the underground, or sitting in the pub, or watching the news, you ever wonder, ‘What on earth is happening to this society? What on earth is happening to our planet? What on earth is happening in my own life?”

If you feel disempowered and unable to make a difference in this world, a world in which you are an essential part, then I’m going to say it again; You are an essential part of the fabric of this universe. No-where is there a person whose heart beats with the same rhythm as yours. Your heart beats with the song of your soul, and your soul is exquisitely, vitally, yours.

How are you nourishing your soul today?

With love, Prune

Sunday 3rd May - Do you want to kick something, punch something or cry?

Many of you are experiencing the edge places in yourself right now. Let me say, right up, THAT IS FINE. THAT IS OK. THAT IS NORMAL.

Feeling pissy, getting irritated, getting weepy, kicking a can, punching your pillow, stamping your feet.


In fact, most of it is just long, long, long overdue.

This week we are still in that edgy place of the end of the energy that has been sitting with us all during April. And it is intense, and it is shaking things up, and all sorts of junk will be moving through your energy system.

And this isn't other people's junk so you can't get justified about not looking at it or not processing it, or simply projecting it on other people.

This junk is your own junk, the stories that you haven't listened to close enough, the stories that you couldn't listen to because they hurt too much or were just too confusing. The stories that pushed your buttons and triggered your triggers. The stories that you thought you had dealt with, but now you are figuring out that this last little bit needs dealing with. Or the stories that you have avoided ever since you experienced them.

Well, all of those stories, all of those experiences, all of those energetic imprints and patterns have been squeezed and pressed, pushed and pulled by this April Energy. So no wonder you feel edgy! You have been doing big big work as you have had to respond to all that change in your energy.

You are shedding the skin of all of those limiting stories. Think of it as a really thorough exfoliation of your energy systems!!! No one said it was going to be particularly enjoyable.

But you are still here; even in your irritated, weepy, can-kicking kind of way. You ARE figuring it out. Even if you are a maelstrom of resistance and grumpiness. YOU ARE DOING IT ALL RIGHT.

With love,


Monday 4th May - Erase the full stop. Open the door.

Yesterday so many of you let me know that yes! You are feeling irritated, stressed and more emotional right now.

Perfect! Although not easy, this is just where you need to be to align with the May energy that is settling in around you. As I’m watching this emerald green energy field beginning to settle in, I’ve just filmed the next Energy Forecast video so that you can align your deeper systems to this cosmic energy and find your balance once more.

Irritation, grumpiness, anger, weepiness, they are all doors to deeper understandings. Now, I’m not asking you to go through that door, only you can decide when and if you want to do that, but at least consider holding it open. In my 15+ years in clinical practice I would often hear statements such as:

‘I have been diagnosed with ‘insert specific illness’’. (Full stop. Door closed) Or. 'I had a miserable childhood.’ (Full stop. Door closed) Or ‘Since my divorce I have felt incomplete’. (Full stop. Door closed)

I want to encourage you NEVER to have that full stop at the end of your sentence about you. I want to encourage you NEVER to close the door on a statement, a feeling, a way of being.

Holding the space for your own possibility is the most powerful route for the deep healings that last a lifetime, and maybe beyond!

Imagine if ‘I have been diagnosed with cancer’. (Full stop. Door closed) shape shifts into ‘I have cancer, and who knows what is next’. (Door propped open, even just a bit)

Or. 'I had a miserable childhood and I don’t want my adult life to be like that.’ (Door open).

Or ‘Since my divorce I have felt incomplete and I’m bored sick of feeling like that. I want change’. (DOOR WIDE OPEN)

No matter how you are feeling as you meet this energy around you right now. Erase the full stop in all of your defining stories, in all of your definitive statements. Open the door to your own potential. The universe is looking to support you in all of your unique magnificence. Open the door and let it in. WOW!!!!

With love, Prune

Tuesday 5th May - Your soul knows no fear

Body, mind and soul are not separate.

This is probably not new news for you, the last few decades have brought more and more awareness of this fact with research showing us what the ancients had always known; that we are an intimately connected network of life.

Nothing can happen within our body/mind/soul dynamic without it affecting the other aspects.

You might say, Ah ha! But what about when I get up out of bed and stub my toe on the side of my cupboard. That is just physical. Nothing emotional, cognitional or spiritual about that. But. Why did you stub your toe today instead of all the other hundreds of times that you have walked past that cupboard?

What was out of balance in your overall energy system that prevented you from navigating successfully something that you have navigated past safely before?

I grew up hearing about biorhythms and not really understanding what was being meant by them, but if you stubbed your toe, or fell off the curb, or walked into the doorframe then it was because your ‘bio-rhythms were off’. Perhaps that’s not quite how I’d describe it today, but the general idea is very accurate. All of your energy fields are designed to be healthy, well, organised and fitting together perfectly. We can call all of this ‘coherent’. When your energy fields are coherent then you are able to live your life in balance, internal balance and external balance. And this means that you don’t walk into door frames!

But when you have a lack of coherence somewhere in your energy field, then that is going to throw something out of balance. It might show up emotionally - feeling down/angry/frustrated/sad for no specific reason, physically - illness/ailments/stubbing toe, or spiritually - disconnected from life, lethargic, unsure of purpose, or lacking life passion.

For you to live joyfully and powerfully, you want your energy fields to be coherent. What have you done to support that coherence today?

Much love to you, and your energy fields WHATEVER they look like today! Prune

Wednesday 6th May - Yes. You can

If there was one energetic/emotional and cognitional programme I would like to wave a magic wand over and eradicate forever, it is the crippling programme of low self-worth. And this programme is far reaching, for within it are the programmes of self-doubt and low self-confidence.

You were not born with that programme, it is not part of your template of health.

That was a programme that developed as you grew.

Up until the age of seven your brain operated mainly in Alpha and Theta brainwave cycles. These are the same cycles that operate when you are in hypnosis or deep meditation. It means that up until age seven you walked around absorbing everything that you needed to know to exist within the complex social system of your world.

There was very little discernment during this stage in your life. Instead, your highly programmable mind took in everything that it needed to figure the world out. If you have ever experienced hypnosis you will know that it is very easy to create new impressions and realities during hypnosis. This is what was happening to you from birth until you were seven.

There may be no truth to what programmes you developed, or that were developed for you during this time. You created an impression of what the world was like and how to interact with it. This impression is not based in truth, but in experience.

You can think of it as a version of the truth, but only one version.

So if your parents were nervous people you learnt that the world was scary. If you were physically hurt, you learnt that you needed to protect your body at all costs.

If you were continually let down by a parent, or had a parent that was not capable of loving themselves and therefore not capable of loving others, you learnt that you were not worthy of love.

And none of this is operated on the conscious level. Up until age seven you were like a massive antennae, picking up every programme that you needed to figure out your life. The biggest gift of understanding your energy is that you can change the patterns. You can activate your template of health; powerfully, easily. You have that choice. Are you making it?

With love, Prune

Thursday 7th May - The difference between giving up and letting go

Sometimes you give up.

Sometimes you let go.

Energetically there can be a huge difference between the two.

Giving up is when something has defeated you in your perceived purpose. Letting go is when you choose to no longer continue with that perceived purpose.

GIVING UP: When you feel that you have given up on someone or something, there is an energy of failure, rejection, frustration, exhaustion, and resignation.

These patterns restrict the flow of energy through your whole-body system, and usually you will find that these patterns simply invite more situations in your life that feed into that pattern of giving up. Now this isn’t some kind of perverse self-sabotage, it is your energy system looking for balance. Sometimes (often!) you need to have the message sent over and over from your subconscious mind through the repeated experiencing of your daily life, before you choose to do something about it on a conscious level. When your energy patterns attract similar situations into your life, it is the energy fields' consciousness that are simply sending you the same message again and again to give you the opportunity to solve them once and for all.

LETTING GO: When you choose to let go of someone or something, there is an energy of release, acceptance, understanding, and often even the energy of offering or gifting forward in some way. This creates an expansive space in your energy fields, which enables you to feel stable, present and joyful within. Have you noticed that often, when you choose to let go of something, you experience a new curiosity or interest about something else in your life? This is because of your increased energy flow in all of that expansive space.

In the newness of the space left by the letting go of an old pattern or way of being, the whisperings of your soul can be heard, and being able to hear this soul song guides you to the next perfect step on the path on which you are already walking.

With love, Prune

Friday 8th May - Healthcare is Soulcare

Many ancient cultures knew that soul care was an essential daily, monthly, and yearly activity.

Feast days, rites of passage, personal ceremonies such as birth-days or naming days, societal ceremonies such as story-telling during mid-winter to nourish the soul in the dark days of Winter; all of this was not only normal but understood to be essential to the physical, emotional and sacred health of each member of the community.

To differing extents this is something that we have lost in our fast-paced, modern cultures.

If we go to different ancient texts then there will be various, complex, beautiful, mystical cosmologies and theologies around the soul. All great, all with big truths within.

How do they relate to you today? Well, the honest truth is that they probably don’t very much.

What do you know about the theology of the soul? If someone said to you, ‘Please describe your soul’ what would you say? How do conversations about the soul fit into your daily life? You might talk about something profound or beautiful ‘touching your soul’, or enjoy listening to ‘soulful’ music, but most people really don’t think much about Soul Care in their daily life.

Can you imagine having this conversation when you are sitting in the cafe with your mates? ‘Hi Charlie, how are you doing?’ ‘Well, not so great today, Frankie. I experienced some soul loss at work and I’m still nurturing it back into wholeness.’ ‘Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. What happened? ‘Well, I just got a real shock that unsettled me and I felt myself fragment a bit at a core level. I’ve been working with conscious breath this afternoon but I’m still a bit rattled.’ ‘OK. What can we do? ‘Well, if you can get a cup of tea, I’ll ground myself and invite those soul bits back to me. If I’m still a bit shaky, can you help by holding some space and thinking of me in my most vibrant health while I’m doing it? ‘Sure.’ ‘Thanks.’ ‘I’ll go get the tea’

Quirky? Yes. Totally possible? Yes.

Can you imagine this conversation? Let’s start dreaming a new world into being, together.

With love, Prune

Saturday 9th May - I’m saying it again! Healthcare is Soulcare

In the depth of your energy flows your energetic core, and this is where your Soul energy first resides. You will be very well aware that you have muscles, tissues, molecules, chemicals, glands, bones, and many other intricate components within your beautiful body.

The physiology and anatomy of the human body has fascinated humans since the dawn of the scientific revolution, but you may be amazed to know that the first modern surgery was early 1800s. That is only 200 years ago.

For the thousands of years before that time, physiology and anatomy was only one part of the focus of health and healing that encompassed the care of the soul as well. Thus, the physical, the emotional/cognitional and the sacred aspect of the human was taken into consideration.

Have you noticed that you never get a headache when you are joyous and brimming with health? Headaches accompany stress. So, you can pop a pill to dull the pain and keep you running through your day, but you have done nothing to rebalance the stress.

If you had the tools to work on the emotional/cognitional level of health, or dive straight into the sacred level of health, you are able to rebalance the stress, return the joy and get rid of that headache at a deeper and profound level. Possibly even get rid of your headaches for good.

It was understood throughout the evolution of human healthcare that all three of these levels, the physical, the emotional/cognitional and the sacred, were intimately interwoven, This essential interweaving, created not only the necessary balance for health and vitality, but also for the expression of the human soul in reflection as a part of the soul of the world.

With the scientific revolution, soul and spirit became the domain of religion, while the physical became the domain of bio-medical experts. For a long time, the emotional/cognitional aspect was stuck somewhere between these two often opposing world views, and we are still living the legacy of that with the stigma attached to mental health issues, and the branding of many people as being ‘over sensitive’ or ‘over emotional’.

If we embrace a holistic view of humans as being a glorious, intricately interconnective web of energy, physicality, emotions, and thoughts then we begin to have a model for health, a model for wholeness, a model for every human to be able to express the fullness of themselves in balance with themselves, each other, and all of Creation. Sound good? Oh yes. And very, very possible.

With love, Prune

Sunday 10th May - Wow! You really are this beautiful

In these Chronicles, I’ve been writing about the magnificence of your core energy, your Soul energy, and here I want to share more, including this beautiful image that was made for my work by a dear friend and colleague.

Your Energetic Core is a superhighway of light filaments, weaving in a dance of your uniqueness, and yet also inseparable from the energy that comes from the earth and comes from the cosmos. Energy runs through this Energetic Core both ways, from above to below and from below to above.

Often there are gold or silver filaments that are super-speeding through this Energetic Core. For Star Trek fans, think of the visual that accompanies Warp Speed; for Star Wars fans, think Light Speed; and for Marvel and Thor fans, think of the Bi-Frost that links Asgard to Midgard!

A metre or so above the head is an energy centre that heralds the top of your Energetic Core. This is the Sun Star. It is a powerful energy centre that connects you with all that is above us. Likewise, about a metre below your feet there is a powerful energy centre that connects you with the Earth beneath your feet. This is the Earth Star.

You can think of the Sun Star and Earth Star as the interface points between your human energy and the energy that is continually around you from the Earth and the Cosmos. Through the energetic core, your internal soul energy meets the world around you through the Sun star and Earth Star.

When those powerful energy hubs are not connecting well, then you can feel cut off from your support, or from your inspiration. You can feel like you are alone or drifting through your life with little inspired purpose.

When these energy hubs are active, connected and vital then that is exactly how YOU feel; active, connected and vital. From this place of connection and flow you move through your world feeling guided and able to truly be present to the choices and the grace of your life. The world moves around you and within you effortlessly.

Look at this image of your energy. You really are that beautiful. With love, Prune

Monday 11th May - My wish for you

Each person is born with an energetic template of health. This template holds vitality, energy, connection, joy, abundance and radiance and every single person has this template in their energy fields.

This means that your body, your energy, your soul KNOWS how to be healthy. You know how to be vibrant, joyful, expansive, abundant. This is hardwired in your very physicality. So why aren’t you?

Because, over time, you picked up programmes of ways of being that are compromising your full expression of your template of health. Sort of like a software glitch. Now, instead of your whole energy field saying, ‘Oh my goodness, you are beautiful, wow! You are a glorious human being’, your energy field holds a programme that says, ‘Wow, look at her, I’m not as beautiful as she is. I wish my thighs weren’t so big, and why do I have my dad’s huge nose. She must live a really happy life. She deserves it much more than me. I will never be good enough.’


OK, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but not much.

How about this programme, ‘I am an essential part of Creation. The whole world is pulsing with gentle joy because I exist.’ Are you able to think this about yourself? Have you thought this about yourself today, because it is true.

Or perhaps does that programme run a bit more like this, ‘Money is STRESSING me out. My LIFE is stressing me out. How am I going to pay my bills this month? What is happening in our society right now? If only I could actually get on with my life. If this is really what my life is going to be like then it sucks. I suck!’ Now, you can continue this sentence in any way, just know by now that your energy fields are in free fall and your adrenaline is in overdrive as your fight-fright-freeze response kicks in.

The human energy system is the foundation of your health. Understanding how to support your energy means being able to support your physical health, your mental health and your vitality. You are so powerful. You have the ability to evolve any of these software patterns so you can experience the fullness of your life. This is what I wish for you, today and everyday.

With love, Prune

Tuesday 12th May - Throwing open your world

There is a phrase I’m hearing a lot in modern workshops ‘You are perfect just as you are’. Let me tell you what I observe about participants’ energy fields when they hear that phrase and watch their energy respond.

First, there is an enervating pulse that rushes through their entire energy system. They hear the truth in that phrase. They know it at a cellular and soulular (!) level.

Their aura leaps into expansion as the electrical energy from their heartfield pulses stronger and more secure. For a moment, the person is lit up with truth, connection and love. And it is beautiful.

And then it collapses. The programmes they have learnt kick in and it literally looks like the rug is pulled from under their energetic feet. The aura tumbles as these glitchy software stories shout their power, ‘You? You aren’t perfect. You are a liar, you are a cheat, you are not worthy, you aren’t beautiful enough/strong enough. You need to work a lot harder before you can be called perfect. And who are you anyway to even think that you, you, could be perfect. You are ridiculous.’

As these programmes run through the subconscious fields, the light leaves the system, conflict and shadow crash around the whole body system and settles into the places of imbalance in the energy field and in the body.

And then a strange comfort kicks in as the person rests back into the safety net of their programmes. But, this isn’t a safety net. This is a trick. This is the illusion of safety.

Yes, you can live your whole life running the patterns that you picked up as a young person, and through every informative experience in your life. You can learn that the world isn’t safe, or that you aren’t quite good enough, or that you’ll never be as smart as your older brother, or that it is safer to live in fear than to step forward in trust.

You can live this limited life; it is safe. It will never throw your world open. And if you go through your life without any transformative experience, then you will transition into death without ever having known the beauty of your soul. You will have known the limitation of life, without knowing how divine, joyful and powerful your life can be. Is that what you want? I’m pretty sure it isn’t.

You want to figure out how to shift those programmes of limitation. You want to feel close to your soul. You want to feel the preciousness of your own existence and know that you are intimately connected to the very soul of the world. That you are essential and never alone.

And you can shift those programmes of limitation. That is your birthright. It is time for you to take your essential place in our world. We need you to, all of us, including the animals, the plant life, the oceans, me. The very planet herself needs you to recognise this truth and step into your own template of health in all its power and beauty. Thank you for showing up.

With love, Prune

Wednesday 13th May - What happens energetically when you don’t feel great?

Sometimes, when you get stressed, overtired or overwhelmed by the demands of your day, your energy patterns can lose their regular healthy flow and begin to hold patterns of dysfunction instead.

The patterns start to unravel and, little by little, your energy cohesion and organisation unravels too.

If you are able to rest, sleep, exercise, have fun or whatever you need to do to return to your balance, then these processes will help restore the healthy pattern and flow to your energy systems.

BUT! When you experience stress, tiredness or overwhelm day after day for a prolonged period of time, your energy systems can begin to hold a chronic pattern of imbalance. And this results in emotional turmoil, ill health or disease. Dysfunction is always apparent in the energy systems before it gets through to the body.

It is just basic physics that the subtlest energies will be affected by other energy before the densest energies will respond. So your subtle energy systems in your aura will show up imbalance long before it has solidified into ill health in your body. The GREAT news is that you can do something about these energy patterns. Easily. Simply.

One day in the future, essential energy understandings will be taught in the home and in school. I am convinced of it. When enough people understand just how powerful they can be in affecting their own balance, health and vitality, it will become the new normal.

And you are here, reading this Chronicle on your energy, which makes you one of the pioneers in this new way of being, one of the pioneers in evolving human consciousness, and for that I thank you from my heart to yours.

With love, Prune

Thursday 14th May - Are you impossible to love?

What a crazy question! Loving you is essential. Loving you is your birthright.

But I’m not talking about someone else loving you. I’m talking about that so-much-more important ability of loving yourself. Loving yourself is essential for your energy, your health, your vitality, and your reason for living. Loving yourself is simple. Unless it isn’t. And then it can feel like that simple act of self-love is absolutely impossible.

What do I mean by self-love?

For a moment, think of a friend in your life that you love deeply. You see your friend for who he/she truly is. You see their strengths and easy graces, and these inspire you. And you see the parts of their character that they struggle with, and you hold the light for your friend to be able to develop those parts into strength and balance too. You love and accept all aspects of your friend, and cherish them for who they are and what they bring into your life.

Now, imagine that YOU ARE THAT FRIEND. YOU are the person that you love and accept, just as you are. You see your strengths and graces and you cherish them. You see the character traits that you struggle with, and you cherish them too, holding light for them to develop into strength and balance, in their own time.

Imagine each time your voice of self-criticism, self-denial or self-judgement started whispering or shouting to you, you told that voice that you loved it for sharing its opinion, and gave it permission to exist. That you give ALL parts of yourself not only permission to exist, but the permission to be loved, to be accepted, and to be embraced.

When you are your own best friend, the entire world benefits.

With love to you today, Prune

Friday 15th May - The Warrior Within

These are times that call for courage, and you are perfectly positioned for bringing forward that courage, right now.

You know why I know that? Because inside you there is a Warrior. She, or he, is part of your energy system, part of your physicality, part of your being. When your Warrior Within is active and thriving you are able to access your courage, your strength and your magnificent wisdom ways of knowing.

We are living at a time of great cosmic shifts and global transition, and in such times humans have always needed to be able to access the Warrior Within to guide us individually and collectively through the necessary changes.

When you are balanced, you are powerful. When you are powerful you are able to actively create the world in which you live, for you recognise that at every moment you have a choice. Your choice is; do you react or do you respond consciously?

Responsibility is the ability to formulate a response. The ability to formulate a response consciously to a situation, a person, or an event rather than to react unconsciously. Step by step, breath by breath, you are more able to fully accept self-responsibility for all of your thoughts, your words and your actions. This is true warriorship.

Warriors do not blame others for any faults in their life or in the world. They take full Response-Ability for them, and actively seek to bring greater balance to the situation by bringing greater balance to themselves. Let’s create the world we live in, moment by moment, consciously and respectfully to bring greater balance to ourselves, to each other and to our beautiful Planet.

With love, Prune

Saturday 16th May - The Songlines of the Body

All over your body there is an interconnected web of energy made up of vibrating, resonating filaments. It is an amazing part of your energy anatomy that sings your body into being and because of this I have always referred to them as the songlines of the body.

They run on the skin, under the skin, deep in the tissues, and wrap around your organs.

They exist throughout all of the aura, weave and connect into all of the chakras and are connective and connected to every part of you.

In Ayurvedic health philosophy these songlines are referred to as the ‘Nadis’ and it is understood that there are 101 main channels in the body. Each of these 101 channels splits off to create a total of 72,000 in the whole body field with a dense concentration around your navel, your heart and your brain where you have three powerful energy centres.

The word Nadis is derived from the word, Nad, meaning hollow stalk, sound vibration and resonance, and when I discovered this I was delighted at the similarity in name between what I had perceived them to be and what they have been known as for thousands of years. That is one of the beautiful and fascinating things about energy; no matter what healing tradition, from what country, at whatever time in human history, the human energy system remains the same. There may be different names or variants on how it is interpreted, but the essence of human energy remains universal, reminding us that we are all the same, even in our beautiful uniqueness.

I love these Nadis. They were one of the parts of energy anatomy that took me the longest to identify as the vibration of this part of your energy is attuned to all other parts of the human energy system. It would be like me asking you to perceive the water in your physical body. You know that you are made of 70% water, and yet it isn’t like you could show me the water in your body. It is the same way with the songlines.

They are everywhere and yet non-distinct from other parts of your energy anatomy. I first really started noticing them when I would be working with a client and hear the songlines activate when deep healing was taking place, for they would begin to resonate, to hum, to sing in a different way.

It is this pulsing vibration that led me to give them the name ‘Songlines’ as that is what they seem to me, they sing the body alive, and when you connect with them, when you tune into them, you hear the vibration of your body. The more you connect to them, the more you hear the song of your body, the song of your spirit, the song of your soul.

With love, Prune

Sunday 17th May - Are you feeling the shift?

Can you smile that bit more readily, breathe that bit deeper, and smile that bit easier? I hope so.

I wrote to you last week to share how the beautiful emerald green energy of May was going to bring a month of two halves, and so it has.

The itchy, skin-shedding, shapeshifting aspect of this green is beginning to dissolve, bringing in the prospect of your gentle expansion and increasing balance. You will be able to embrace a change in your vibration to one of harmony.

PHEW! Honestly, that feels long overdue! With all of the coronavirus intensity being added in a very human way to the cosmic intensity of April and early May it has felt like a bit of a long haul from where we were in March, to where we are now.

This emerald green energy is especially affecting the yin and the yang energy flows in your whole-body system so it will look to support the active weaving of balance throughout your energy system. When you can align yourself to this energy then you can use it to support balance in all aspects of your life. Essentially you are able to bring more balance to your masculine and feminine energies, and all that represents physically and symbolically and to have that reflected in your world;

- Find greater harmony in receiving as well as giving - Nurture your gentleness as well as your fierceness - Enjoy the balance in your day and your night, and with the balance of rest, work and play. - Enjoy coherence between your head and your heart - Reach out to others even while you reach in to yourself as community and connection bring greater stability and joy.

The exercises in this video can help you to align with this beautiful emerald energy and complete your shapeshifting from feeling the pressure of your life, to feeling the joy of it.

With much love,


Monday 18th May - The Beautiful Balance

Energetically, each one of your energy systems is involved with keeping you alive and allowing you to live your most balanced, vital experience.

Your energy systems hold the balance between your ability to survive and your ability to thrive; a balance that is dynamic and changes with every thought or situation.

You are not only here to survive, you are here for far more than that.

When you are in survival mode then you are living the most constricted existence that you are capable of. Surviving is having to fight for your place. Surviving is having to continually make an effort to be heard or respected.. Surviving is that feeling you get some days when you wake up and the only thing you look forward to is being able to go back to bed at the end of the day. Surviving is stress. Surviving is joyless.

The good news is that there is a lot you can do to help change your energy patterns from that of survival to that of thriving. So let’s have an exploration of what it feels like to thrive:

Thriving is living the most expansive existence you are capable of. It is that feeling that nothing is insurmountable, even if it is challenging. It is seeing the magnificence in all of creation.

Thriving is being able to burst out laughing with no hesitation. It is being able to live from your heart centre with trust and openness. Thriving is being able to say, ‘I love myself. I love all of creation’.

Your energy systems are continually involved in a beautiful balance between looking after your body and looking after your soul. Understand them and you understand how to support all aspects of yourself, so you can thrive in every way, everyday.

With much love, Prune

Tuesday 19th May - Finding comfort in chaos

My husband is an expert at finding comfort in chaos. He can simply cruise through whatever chaos is around him, remaining connected to his joy, his peace and his natural rhythm through his day.

If the house is a mess, he is fine and happy. If projects are piling up, he is fine and happy. If the kids are in their stress places (or if I’m stressed!), he is fine and happy and able to support and hold, all in his rhythm and peace.

That is a magnificent gift, and perhaps like you, it is not one I was naturally born with. But instead of this comfort being a natural way of being, I want to let you know that it is an energetic skill that depends on the health and balance of your energy systems. And because of that, it is a skill that that I am working on and getting on pretty well with!

To find comfort in chaos you have to LOOK for comfort in chaos.

If you feel that you are being pushed into an edge place by a person, a situation, or a circumstance, then the first place of looking for comfort in chaos is to recognise you have a choice. You do not need to react in old ways created by an old programme in your system, that were in turn created by an old way of being that you didn’t actively choose to develop.

At this point in your life, you have choice about how you respond. To all things. Everyday. And the more you understand your energy systems, the more you are able to support them so this choice becomes an every moment reality.

When you LOOK for comfort your energy system responds immediately. It is fascinating what happens the second you begin this thought process for it is like a temporary pause button is hit in your entire energy system. The railroad of emotion that you were about to engage in is stopped in its tracks. From this pause button your energy systems begin to flow in healthy patterns again, connecting and supporting the flow between your subconscious and conscious mind. This space and flow creates the option for you to CHOOSE how to react, what to focus on, and how to respond. And that gives you the option to always experience comfort, even in the chaos of this beautiful, immense and sometimes crazy world.

With love,


Wednesday 20th May - The Healing Hive

Today is World Bee Day so let's talk about bees! They have a very specific vibrational energy and are exquisite to watch while they are moving through the world doing their sacred work.

There are over 20,000 different bee species globally, and most of them are solitary bees, but the rest are bees that live within huge social networks, and it is this factor of living as a group, thinking as a group, moving as a group that has always fascinated me.

For a short while I was the caretaker of three beehives. It was amazing to be working with the bees, observing their life, and often being in the middle of the energy of the hive. My own energy system would vibrate differently for several hours, sometimes even days, after working with them, vibrating quicker and in a more connective way.

Bees are the greatest pollinators on Earth and most of our wildflowers, fruits and crops depend on bees to some extent. Right now, bees are in trouble with their numbers rapidly declining due to loss of habitat, over use of pesticide. And if bees are in trouble then we are in trouble. As Coronavirus moves throughout the world it is apparent that much of human action has fallen out of balance with nature. The argument raging, regarding whether the coronavirus originated in a Wuhan wet market or a Wuhan laboratory, is irrelevant to this greater issue as both of these theories would illustrate just how far human action has moved out of balance with the natural world.

What can we learn from the bee?

Bees operate within a hive mentality; they exist because the hive exists; their consciousness is so connected that often when I watched the bees working it was as if energetically there was no individual bee, instead there was a conscious organism made up of thousands of beings. And this is very much like the human body. You are an amazing organism made up of thousands (trillions) of cells that include human cells, bacteria, and fungi. And when we think of the human race, then we could say the same thing; we are a conscious organism made up of billions of beings. As one of those beings you affect the consciousness of the entire human race.

You are powerful. You are essential.

Thank you Bees, for doing all you do, and reminding us just how essential each being is to the health and consciousness of the whole.

With love, Prune

Thursday 21 May 2020 - Singing your songlines alive

A few days ago I wrote about the magnificent songlines of the body that sing your body into being.

That post must have activated something in your own songlines as so many of you have written in with questions about them!

I remember so clearly the clinical session when I first saw them come alive in a fundamentally different way than before.

My understanding leapt as it became apparent that although they were intimately connected to all other systems, they held a separate energy and a specific vibration and were a complete system in themselves.

That day, the client I was working with spoke, for the first time in her life, about a life circumstance she had been experiencing for over a decade. She was emotional and distressed. As I sat with her, supporting her grief by holding powerful points for stabilising and balancing deep emotions, I watched as a flicker of energy began to flash in a seemingly unconnected way through her energy. A sudden ripple of bright energy here, a streak over there, at first perhaps one every 10 seconds but increasing rapidly until there were several flashes at the same time. And then I heard them, for there was a flash of sound each time they activated.

It was as if someone was trying to hum but the hum was getting stuck in the throat. My empathic system kicked into support the client’s energy and I began to sing into the energy field. As the vibration of sound moved into her field, it immediately responded and the whole network of nadis appeared, flickering and rippling in every part of the field. At first it was as quiet as the quietest hum, but gradually the strength of the vibration increased so that each songline grew more vibrant, more resonant, louder and more brightly charged.

As this was occurring in the songlines, transformation was occuring throughout all of the other energy systems, realigning, recharging and enlivening. She left that session with a strength and a new empowerment that is still coursing through her to this day, and I have observed this about the songlines again and again; trauma can close down their vitality and vibrancy, but once you get them back up to their strength, they become your strength. They wrap you up and sing your vitality, your resilience, your empowerment, and your own magnificence.

Your songlines are activated by sound vibration, especially sound that you make consciously to support them, so sing, hum, tone, use an instrument that calls to you, listen to music you love and just start making sound. Let me know how it feels when you meet your own songlines.

With love Prune

Friday 22nd May - The winds and you

Here in Cornwall today there is a wild wind, strong and gusty.

As I was out for a walk and a particularly strong and long gust blew around me I wondered what direction the wind was coming from.

My point of reference for wind direction is the colour of the wind, for the winds of all 12 directions have their own colour, their own feel, their own emotional and physical associations.

As with everything in the universe wind is simply energy and the energetic vibration of the winds here in the Northern Hemisphere depends on the direction that it comes from. This is something that the ancient Celts knew well and their rich stories are full of references to the characters of the specific directional winds.

Thus the North Wind is the Black Wind that is severe and formidable. When it blows you can feel under attack and not even know why. You might be more defensive or argumentative. The East Wind is a Purple Wind that inspires truth. When the Purple wind is blowing around and through you life feels easier, you are more inclined to feel curious and expansive, laughing is more accessible.

Today, the wind around me is blue which lets me know that it comes from the South West. This is a usual wind here in Cornwall and so one that we are all very familiar with. The Blue wind is high and carries an energy of impetuousness. There is a wildness to it, especially when it is gusty like today. If the Purple wind was a person it would be a pirate or a smuggler! Living by its own rules, perhaps loyal, perhaps ruthless, perhaps both. There is a wildness to it that can be quite ungrounding for the human energy system, but also brings great freedom. I love this wind. It is the wind that raised me.

What wind is the usual wind where you live? What is its character? How does it affect your energy? And if you aren’t sure then start noticing the direction of the wind and notice how you are feeling that day. If you are fortunate enough to have animals in your life then especially notice how THEY are in the specific winds. I know in my life, when we have a Grey Wind, which would be North West, then our horses will be unsettled and super sensitive! And perhaps I am too!!!

Much love to you, Prune

Saturday 23rd May - You create the universe even as it creates you

Your relationship with all of Creation is interconnective. The sun shines for you and your radiance, the rain falls for you and your nourishment, the crops grow for you and your body’s needs, that beautiful tree in the park nearby reaches towards you as you sit beneath it, grounding you, healing you.

You are in relationship with everything and because of this you have a part to play in holding the harmony of the cosmos.

It is a unique role that only you can play. It is an essential role that only you can play.

When you actively engage in that unique role you know yourself to be connected, informed, held and helped by the very cosmos that you are a unique, essential part of. You live in alignment with the cosmos and this is where your energy systems come in because everything that I’ve written about here is not the slightest surprise to your energy systems.

At your core level understanding everything that I’ve just written is easier than breathing. Much, much easier than breathing.

Your Soul knows itself to be in total interconnectiveness with all of Creation. Your Soul has spent every moment since your birth helping with this essential way of being. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your unique gifts and your commitment to your being your most real and authentic you, for that is all it takes to change your world, to change our world and co-create it as the world we all wish to live in.

With love, Prune

Sunday 24th May - The Spiral of Life

For you to live joyfully and powerfully, you need your energy fields to be coherent. I see your energy fields moving in a spiral.

At the centre of the spiral is your soul energy, as it travels out through the spiral this energy is expressed as emotional or cognitional energy (feeling and thought energy), and at outer level of the spiral is your physicality.

This magnificent spiral doesn’t only flow one way though; there is also a flow of energy from the physical, through the emotional/cognitional to the soul level. Everything you do, think, say, and experience is created at a point in the spiral and then flows both ways to its whole-body conclusion.

A strong emotion will flow further through the two directions of the spiral than a less strong emotion. Some energy also travels faster and more fully than others. If you feel sad, with that emotion coalescing in the emotional/cognitional (thought and feeling) part of the spiral, this energy will flow somewhat towards your core soul energy and somewhat towards your physical body. If you experience sadness for a long time then it can spread further in both directions, becoming stuck, and leading to depression or illness.

It is important to state that all emotions are perfect. No matter how heart-rending they are at the time. Sadness, grief, anger, they all have their role in helping you develop on your soul’s journey as you experience the depth within you. An emotion that creates imbalance in your energy field helps you grow through turmoil and challenge. However, so does joy, ease and laughter. If you are attached to the personal story that you have to struggle for your growth then perhaps you WANT the turmoil and challenge, but I hope that for most of you, you would actually quite like your life to be easy, joyful and powerful!

How does that sound? Can you bring this concept fully to mind? Can you fully imagine that your life can be joyful, and that can bring your powerful soul-led life forward in a way that benefits you and all of your world? I know you can. Let’s get started!

With love, Prune

Monday 25th May - A choice point

I have spent the last 20 years working in clinical practice, helping people heal themselves through activating the aligned power of their energy systems.

Just like every other animal on this planet, we hold specific electromagnetic and subtle energy flows within our body. For thousands of years these have been known by every culture, even if the specific cultural and healing focus may differ slightly.

Thus our ancestors have passed down to us a vast repertoire of the understanding of the human energy systems; meridians, chakras, nadis, the aura, and many others.

As I grew, I could see all of these different vibrations within the human body. I can see the skin of the person, the clothes, the eye colour, everything ‘normal’, and I can also see the places in the body where energy gathers and circulates, or not. The way in which the cells in the body conduct electromagnetic energy, or not. I can see energy congestion that results in what we experience as pain, and I can see aggressive energy imbalances that we know as tumours. I could see the dysfunctional misaligned energy that shows up as hormone imbalances and on and on. All of this is my normal, and the normal of many other people past and present and future.

Each of you have an energy that is totally unique to you. It is your specific vibration, created from the essential depth of yourself and being expressed in a variety of exquisite energy patterns. I can categorise the energy fields, aura, chakras, meridians etc, but just how they flow in you is unique and ever dynamic. The human energy field is constantly changing, conveying information from the internal depth to the external world, and also conveying information from the external world to the internal depths. It is through this continual interface that we evolve in our consciousness. Right now, with this pause to our societal norms due to coronavirus, we have a pause in the collective energy of our society too. What do you want to create in that pause? How do you vision your life forward from this point? Think big, dream your dreams. Let’s bring them into being...together.

With love, Prune

Tuesday 26th May - A new narrative for us all

If Survival of the Fittest is no longer either a true or relevant foundation to where we are in our human story, then what is?

We need a new cultural narrative and I am going to suggest that this new collective story is a story of interconnectiveness, of interbeing. Central to this new story is the understanding that everything we do affects everything else in creation.

That it is not possible, in any way, to be separate or isolated. That not only do we live within full connection, but that each of us are co-creators of the reality in which we live.

Just for a moment, consider the possibility that you create consensual reality. If you feel that time is speeding up, then this awareness, this feeling, helps time speed up. If you think that the world is a dangerous, unsafe place, then this thought helps create the world as a dangerous unsafe place.

If you know that all human beings are essentially beautiful souls, then you help every human being expand into that place of beauty, including you. Can you handle that much responsibility?

The simple answer is yes, you can, because you know it to be a truth. We have evolved through many times of consciousness,and right now we are in a time of vast and unparalleled expansion. Many millions of people are lifting their heads, looking around and beginning to ask just where we are heading as a human race. For the past 100 + years we have been vastly focused on our rights, perhaps now it is time to start asking what our responsibilities are, and how to weave those rights and responsibilities in a way that is sustainable for all of humanity and all of creation.

The new narrative of interconnectiveness helps bring forward, and provide the grounding foundation, for a new paradigm; one that is already in process of being created. It is a paradigm that asks each of us to look long term as well as the short term, to look at our place as an essential part of the collective, as well as an individual.

With much love to you this transformative time, Prune

Wednesday 27th May - The colours of consciousness

My mum was blue. I don’t mean her skin was blue, rather the energy around her and within her was blue. A blue that was gentle and rich at the same time.

She was a profoundly gentle person, sometimes amazed at her livewire daughter, and sometimes befuddled by my changing explosions of passion and determination, but she was always blue, and that energy or vibration of blue was kindness, gentle strength, compassion and caring.

Sometimes, if she was annoyed, there would be a spike or ripple of a yellowy green that flashed around her and through her, a warning to me that I was stepping over a line of hers, or more often, that I was leaping and smashing over that line!!! Everything we are, have been, and ever can be is held within our energy fields.

There is an energy of rage, an energy of depression, an energy of joy, an energy of hope. Every physical and emotional experience that you have is represented in your energy fields. Your energy fields hold the habits of our physical and emotional experiences.

You can think of energy fields as shaping you, holding your specific level of consciousness. When you are able to help your energy fields come into balance and alignment then you are able to access the depth of your being and live powerfully and joyfully from that place.

I love the fact that, right now, there is a huge consciousness movement evolving from the depths of each of us as we awake to the awareness of our human potential, fired up by the urgent need for a new societal story, a new way of balanced being.

With love to you on this beautiful day, Prune

Thursday 28th May - Being your own transformation

Energetically, the physical body is the most dense, and therefore the slowest to respond. This means that when you feel ill, the energy of illness and imbalance has been in your energy fields for several days, in the case of a cold, or several weeks, months or years in the case of an imbalance such as cancer. This energy of imbalance has sat in your more subtle energy, slowly moving through the spiral of your energy fields to find its way into the physical.

What are your subtle energy fields holding? Health and vitality, or imbalance and dis-ease? One of the ways to identify what is in your subtle energy fields is to explore how connected you feel to the wonder of your own life. When you are feeling disconnected from life, especially your deeper soul life, you may experience blips of imbalance and dis-ease from the subtle energy fields that can show up as repeating spirals of limiting patterns.

This will show up in your daily life in whatever way it is that YOU fall out of balance; it may be anger or perfectionism, depression or addiction, it may hit your chest with recurrent coughs or chest infections, it may be much more that you get stomach or throat issues, or that you develop auto-immune illnesses. It may be that you are someone who holds it all internally, with blood pressure rising and high risk of heart attack.

There are many different energetic dispositions within the spectrum of human energy fields, and the great news about ANY imbalances in the energy field is that they can shift and move quickly.

Your entire body renews itself countless times during your lifetime. The retina of the eye is renewed completely every 8 days, you have an entire new surface to your skin every 2 weeks, the liver replaces itself, in its entirety, every year. Therefore, if your physical ailment was simply physical, it should hold that every few years, when you have an entirely new body, you no longer have the physical ailment.

But of course, we know that not to be the truth.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, even year after year in the case of chronic illness, the physical constraints that prevent you from living your most joyful and powerful life, are held in your whole-body system.

At this point, your energy fields are holding a pattern of blockage, lack of coherence, and dis-ease. Therefore, no matter how often your cells are totally renewed, the energy fields that run the programme of your physical body run the flaw in the programme too. This is very little to do with DNA, it is all to do with energy.

The great news is that your body, your energy, your soul KNOWS how to be healthy, you simply have to understand how to shift those limiting patterns. Loving yourself, healing yourself begins with understanding your energy fields so that you can live your biggest life. You are awesome, and hold the power for transformation and healing within your own life, and therefore the life of the planet.

Thank you for being here,

Much love to you, Prune

Friday 29th May - A profound moment in my life

Your energy fields are fields of consciousness. Everything that you are and everything that is, is held in your energy fields.

Remember they are the software programmes that you run and that run you. Your amazing, beautiful, body plays out the tune that your energy fields create, and at the deepest parts of your energy fields, at your energetic core, is the energy of your soul.

Just over 10 years ago I was standing in my kitchen with my husband, watching my son’s 9-year-old friend walk up the drive.

As he walked by the window I said to my husband, ‘It is amazing how this little guy’s light shines so brightly, isn’t it?’

He looked at me and said, ‘You know I don’t see energy,’ ‘I know, but you see that?’ I said, turning to him. ‘No’, he answered me. I was astounded, in fact, I didn’t believe him.

‘You see that light just in front of his chest that he follows? That really bright soul light?’ ‘No. I don’t’ he answered.

I don’t think I said anything for many many minutes. I was processing this information and the dawning understanding was reshaping my entire world. I was aged 36.

If you grow up in a city, you learn that hustle and bustle are normal. If you grow up in the country, you learn that quiet and space are normal. If you grow up seeing energy you know that seeing energy is normal. So being able to see colours moving around people and within people, being able to see the soul energy at the core of every person or animal, being able to see patterns of health and disease, emotional balance or emotional distress; all of this is my normal. And as a young person I had no idea that seeing energy like this wasn’t quite what other people meant by ‘normal’!

It was in my 20s that I began to realise that not everyone perceived energy in the way I did, but still, we can only understand the world through our own lens. And my lens was energy and I knew no different. So, standing in the kitchen on that leafy autumn morning and being told that most people don’t see the soul light was a big surprise. If they didn’t see that light, then how did they understand the soul of the other person? If they didn’t see that light, then what else didn’t they see? How did anyone get by in relationships if they couldn’t see their partner’s energy? Wow, I was blown away.

I grilled my husband mercilessly over the next few hours about what exactly he saw, and then I asked friends, and family members until I gradually built up a picture of a very different world than the one I was used to inhabiting. And yet every single person perceives energy, and is intimately linked to their own energy! Your energy system is the foundation of your physical and emotional health, it is the foundation of every relationship you have, and every relationship you don’t have. It is the foundation of your entire life. Understanding your energy means being able to choose to live your biggest life, the one you are meant to be experiencing, and to help others do the same.

Much love to you,

Prune This photo is of my son whose soul-light also shines so beautifully strong. Just like yours does.

Saturday 30th May - The richness of rest

I think Ovid got it very right when, over 2000 years ago, he wrote, ‘Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop’.

You may be finding that right now you need a lot of rest even if it seems that you aren’t doing very much; your whole-body system is continually working to adjust to the changes that we are all going through at individual, the familial and collective levels.

Rest is essential. Rest is inspirational. And I don’t mean sleep during the night time, I mean that delicious permission you can give yourself to rest during your day!

Within the busy-ness of your day, it can become ‘normal’ to run on the hamster wheel of life, doing one thing after another, moving from activity to activity with no pause in between. After a while this can become addictive and even if the activity is inherently peaceful such as gardening or cooking, it is still activity. Think of rest being the pause between the in-breath and the out-breath, that moment of pause where your energy subtly but deeply shifts, where just for a moment there is neither yin nor yang, but something beyond duality, a moment rich with fecundity, where the many wheels of life can connect. That is what rest can do for your whole-body system.

When you rest, the space and flow in your energy system becomes tangible. Suddenly what was feeling overwhelming, feels possible. What was feeling squeezed for time, seems manageable.

Scan a typical day for you and see where you can bring conscious rest into your day. Explore it and get curious how your life will feel more spacious when you bring in that restorative richness. What is the ‘bountiful crop’ that will grow from your rest times?

With love,


Sunday 31st May - Rest and rituals

What are the daily rituals that lend a richness to the fabric of your day? Perhaps for you it is something special that you at a certain time every day; a dear friend of mine always sees the sunrise with a hot drink, another does yoga every evening before bed. Their day would feel poor or incomplete without them.

Or maybe you make a ritual of something that occurs more regularly in your day?

When I decide to make a cup of tea it becomes a ritual. First the kettle goes on, then I choose the tea that is the right tea for the moment, next I choose the cup that suits the situation, and if needed, the teapot that calls most loudly to me. I pour the water on and then I sit down or even put my feet up on the sofa. And I rest.

Breathing, taking the tea into my body. Resting. Not thinking of the next thing I need to do or trying to multi-task, but giving myself permission for those few minutes, the length of the heat in the tea, to drop inside myself, rest my body, rest my mind, and simply enjoy the amazing fact that I am alive and can drink tea.

When you engage in simple daily rituals, there are profound energetic shifts within your system, for into the space that is created when you engage in the richness of a daily ritual, radiant energy flows. Big, beautiful, graceful, healing, and wise, radiant energy is a natural birthright for everyone. But when you are squeezed by stress, and busy-ness, your protective fight-flight-freeze energy comes into play and your natural radiant energy becomes diminished.

Daily rituals restore your radiance and restore your connection not only with your deeper self but with the entire web of life. When you weave the understandings of rest and rituals together then your everyday takes on a beautiful hue.

With love, Prune

Monday 1st June - Don’t worry, it's only 100%!

Every second of every day you are in direct energy exchange with the great web of life that connects us all. This energy exchange occurs in every situation, action and thought and as a beautiful, walking, talking, living being, you are 100% responsible for your part of this energy exchange.

I love Carol Steinel’s definition of responsibility: “We are only responsible for three things: what we think, what we say, and what we do”.

With that definition in mind, think of the concept of the great web of life that connects us all. You are linked with billions of tiny energy threads within this great web so that there is nothing that you aren’t connected to, no matter how far apart or how unknown it is to you.

That means that any action you undertake puts direct energy into that Cosmic Web, and you must take responsibility for that energy as it reaches all of Creation. If you are angry or tell a lie, that is the energy that you are adding into the Web. If you are miserable, or stressed, that is energy you are adding into the web of life and need to take responsibility for it.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t times that you are going to be stressed or upset or out of balance. You are human and that is going to happen. But when you take responsibility for it, then you bring consciousness to how to recover your right relationship with the situation.

Perhaps you infuse the challenging situation with gratitude, thanking it for being a great learner for you, or you bring gratitude to the people and beings in your life that are helping you manage the situation. The act and energy of gratitude quickly flies through the tiny filaments of the web to not only take the stress out of the situation, but also to invite greater and greater balance to it, and, as an essential part of the web of life, this directly benefits you as well as every other being.

Thank you!

With love,


Tuesday 2 June - Blackout Tuesday

No post today

Wednesday 3rd June - Evolving Consciousness

How is your heart right now? As I have been reading and watching events unfolding across the world in relation to George Floyd’s death, I have been aware of the deep sadness sitting in my heart and being communicated through every cell in my body. Have you felt that too?

To be living in a human system that continues to support racism and violence, and approves of dominance over others, brings heart-breaking sadness and grief.

Maybe for you, this heart-break leads to righteous anger and action, or maybe it leads to a feeling of overwhelm and powerlessness. Or maybe, like most people, you will keep moving back and forth between these different states of emotion and being, again and again as you experience hundreds of emotions about the state of the world and what you can do about it. This rollercoaster ride is the immense wisdom of your heart guiding you on the energetic journey beyond dualism; beyond the isolated places of anger or grief, of left or right, of black or white.

This time of evolving consciousness is beginning to demand that these places of separation and of ‘other’ evolve to be places of wisdom, compassion, respect, and interconnectiveness. If you are feeling the extremes of emotion at this time, support your heart, and know that by feeling all that you are, you are exactly where you need to be.

A powerful way to support your heart energetically is the Heart Hug. Cross your arms over your chest, place your fingers in your armpits and rest your thumbs on your chest. Hold this for several minutes as you breathe, feel, breathe, evolve. The more you can stabilise and support your heart as your consciousness makes the journey again and again beyond dualism, beyond pettiness and beyond vested interests, the more we all grow, together. You can do the Heart Hug as often as you need to support your energy, your emotions and our conscious evolution.

With big brave love to you today, regardless of skin colour, of age, of gender, or any other false dividing category that has been accepted for the last several centuries but whose time is ending.


Thursday 4th June - Your life light

Every second of every day your body emits light. These biophotons radiate from your skin - literally shining your life-light (bio-photon) into the world. They are always present, so whether you are feeling filled with vitality and health or feeling low or ill, you still emit biophotons.

I want to share the times when I see those biophotons light up even more, when you are literally shining your light brighter into the world: When you act in kindness When you receive kindness from others When you witness an act of kindness even if you weren’t involved in it directly . When you are being genuinely embraced, and are embracing back with love in your heart . When you are inspired; this inspiration may be because of someone else you are listening to or watching, or it may be that an awareness comes from inside you that is inspiring . When you are beginning to transform from deep healing. Oftentimes when you are in a deep healing process your life-light is being used in those deep processes and is therefore not shining so bright from you, but as you begin to transform in that healing then the huge life-light released from the depths radiates out from every cell. . When you are with someone else whose life-light is shining strong

How radiant is your life-light today?

With love to you and your magnificence Prune

Friday 5th June - The unfolding of your potential

You are amazing, just as you are. AND your energy fields hold the potential for all that you are yet to become, which is also going to be amazing.

The word ‘potential’ and the word ‘potency’ come from the same latin root of ‘potentia’, meaning ‘power’, so your potential is held in your potency and in your energy. In other words, your potential unfolds when you are in your power.

Now let’s be clear, this doesn't mean having power OVER anyone else, OR being in your power at the expense of someone else’s disempowerment.

For a long while, ‘energy’ and ‘power’ are two words that I have used interchangeably. Think about it for a minute and see if that works for you. If you take a sentence such as, ‘I just have no energy today’, that can easily be changed for ‘I have no power today’.

Or ‘I lose my energy whenever I’m with that person, it is like they suck it out of me’/ ‘I lose my power whenever I’m with that person’.

Or ‘That concert had so much energy to it’ / ‘That concert had so much power to it’

When you think of your own power, your own potency, how much are you in relationship with it? A transformative practice is to ask ‘What is my potency right now, in this moment?’, and then assess it. Give it a rating out of 100%.

  • 100% potency means you are full of energy, full of power, and therefore that your potential is unfolding within you.

  • 75% potency means you are doing Ok, and you can ask yourself how you could nurture your energy to restore it immediately. A quick stretch? An energy exercise? What do you need to get back up to full power?

  • And what if your potency is less than 40% right now? This means your battery is pretty run down, your power is low and you are not able to be engaging in your natural potential.

Perhaps it is just that particular day and a good sleep will restore you. But what if everyday you feel like your potency is lower than you need for you to truly step into your own life, your own magnificence?

What is your potency today?

With love, Prune