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Coronavirus Chronicles

29th March to 10th June 2020

As we are all adjusting to the greatly changed societal situation brought about by this pandemic, I am writing these daily Coronavirus Chronicles to connect us together in hope, courage and maybe even joy! Please share with anyone you feel will be interested in being supported in living their most vibrant life. Yes, vital and joyful even in these challenging times, ESPECIALLY in these challenging times.

Sunday 29th March - You are ready

What a time we are living in! Did you see this coming? Did you feel prepared for all that is being asked of you in this swiftly changing time?

You may be answering NO! NO! And a bit more NO!

But I want to tell you differently. You were prepared. You are prepared.

Every step that you have taken in your life up to this point has prepared you for exactly what we are all experiencing now.

And you are ready.

You are ready to choose not to be overwhelmed with fear. You are ready to choose to hold your strengths close. You are ready to hold strong and look around you, to assess who you can reach out to, who you can connect to, who you can help and be helped by. The energy of this upcoming month is strong. Really strong. As a colour it is a deep, thick black and you have a choice. You can feel crippled before it, overwhelmed and paralysed.

Or you can call on your own strengths and meet it, with your support shields up and your heart smiles shining.

The three themes held within the energy of April are: Body: Holding fast amidst the storm Mind: Rooting down and raising your resilience Spirit: Opening to choice

How are you going to meet this energy? What are you committing to? With love,


Monday 30th March - Shapeshifting fear

Courage is not necessarily a natural way of being. Courage involves meeting fear and choosing to act in a way that moves beyond that fear.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines courage as: The ability to do something that frightens one; bravery. Strength in the face of pain or grief.

These are times that call for courage. Personal fear feeds into collective fear. Collective fear feeds into personal fear.

There may be times when you are hit by waves of fear, and waves of uncertainty.

That is OK. In fact, that is totally normal.

And yet, remember, above all things, humans adapt. We are remarkably skilled at adapting, at changing, at shapeshifting to meet new circumstances. Right now, you are shapeshifting. I am shapeshifting. Our society is shapeshifting.

Amidst this change, choose courage and remember there is immense freedom in shifting your shape. You are no longer constrained to old patterns, old habits, old and limiting ways of being.

How will you be changed, in the most magnificent way, when we are all able to resume daily life? What do you look like? At this time of transition, it is essential to vision how you wish to be changed, so your amazing sentient energy fields know how to coalesce in this great shape shifting.

Dream yourself into your new being. Dream our world into its new being. This is the time for courage and dreams. Let’s dream big, together.

With love,


Tuesday 31st March - You were born to make a difference

You are not a victim. Not to a virus, not to your own immune system, not to collective fear.

To imply you are a victim means that you have no choice, and in all situations you have choice.

I know that it doesn’t always feel that way, but in every situation you find yourself within, you are presented with a choice. Not recognising that choice is a choice. Not choosing, is a choice.

Right now, there is so much that you can be doing to choose vitality, to choose health, to choose to embrace the societal changes that the coronavirus pandemic is presenting you with. You were born to make a difference. You were born to be part of this great web of life, and not just any old part, or an indispensable part. You are absolutely vital. You, and your choices, are essential.

Energetically, the lungs relate to inspiration. The very word ‘inspire’ comes from the Latin inspirare ‘to breathe or blow into’. As you draw each breath into your lungs, you draw inspiration deep into your being. But do you?

Do you find our society inspiring? Do you feel inspired by the state of the world, how about our political systems? Do you feel inspired when you think of the environmental issues we face as a global collective? How inspired are you at how we treat the animal world, or how we treat each other as humans?

Right now, the global deaths due to coronavirus stands at just under 40,000 deaths. That is a tragic loss of human life. Last year 800,000 people committed suicide. No, I didn’t get too many ‘0’s in that figure. 800,000 people committed suicide. We are living in a time when it can be challenging to be inspired, to breathe that life force deep into your lungs and feel ‘I am so glad to be alive! I am so deeply delighted to be living at this time of human development’.

And yet, I am deeply inspired by the way that as individuals and as a society so many are reaching across the social distancing, across the self-isolation, across the financial turmoil, to act with inspiration. To inspire others to feel hope, to laugh, to sing together on social media or on balconies, to work in the frontline with courage and honour, to reach out and connect, to take their vital place in the human web of life. Perhaps, as a society, we are not victims of the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps we are choosing to be inspired, and to be inspirational. Perhaps you are choosing to inspire people in your life, your family, your community, to breathe life into the infinite smile that resides in the heart of every living being.

This photo is of a butterfly that was on a tree in a cafe in Cornwall. It reads, ‘I wish for a happy life for everyone, including me’. THAT, is deeply inspiring to me and to the child who wrote it, I say, 'Thank you for your magnificent wish. I wish that too'.

With love,


Wednesday 1st April - Happy April Fool’s Day!

I love the Fool! I love the Fool who reminds me not to take life too seriously (I can fall into that tendency!), and instead to look for the simple blessings in each moment.

The Fool is someone who trusts, even when others can’t find reason to trust. Someone who steps out each day with a child-like enthusiasm for life, even when others question what enthusiasm could possibly exist in this situation.

The Fool wears their heart on their sleeve, and loves it being there. The Fool laughs, just for joy of feeling the laugh move through the world. The Fool plays every day, for what other reason does life hold than to take part in the fullness of life; in play, in wisdom, in deep, foolish and joyful perfection.

Today let’s celebrate all of the amazing Fools in our lives! Do you have the perfect Fool in your life? Are you the perfect Fool in your own life? Where is the balance of joy? The balance of play? The balance of celebrating you, simply because you exist. Thank you you, thank you Fool. Let’s be Fools together.

With love, Prune the Fool This photo is of the perfect fool in my life, my husband Collin, who is always ready to