Coronavirus Chronicles

29th March to 10th June 2020

As we are all adjusting to the greatly changed societal situation brought about by this pandemic, I am writing these daily Coronavirus Chronicles to connect us together in hope, courage and maybe even joy! Please share with anyone you feel will be interested in being supported in living their most vibrant life. Yes, vital and joyful even in these challenging times, ESPECIALLY in these challenging times.

Sunday 29th March - You are ready

What a time we are living in! Did you see this coming? Did you feel prepared for all that is being asked of you in this swiftly changing time?

You may be answering NO! NO! And a bit more NO!

But I want to tell you differently. You were prepared. You are prepared.

Every step that you have taken in your life up to this point has prepared you for exactly what we are all experiencing now.

And you are ready.

You are ready to choose not to be overwhelmed with fear. You are ready to choose to hold your strengths close. You are ready to hold strong and look around you, to assess who you can reach out to, who you can connect to, who you can help and be helped by. The energy of this upcoming month is strong. Really strong. As a colour it is a deep, thick black and you have a choice. You can feel crippled before it, overwhelmed and paralysed.

Or you can call on your own strengths and meet it, with your support shields up and your heart smiles shining.

The three themes held within the energy of April are: Body: Holding fast amidst the storm Mind: Rooting down and raising your resilience Spirit: Opening to choice

How are you going to meet this energy? What are you committing to? With love,


Monday 30th March - Shapeshifting fear

Courage is not necessarily a natural way of being. Courage involves meeting fear and choosing to act in a way that moves beyond that fear.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines courage as: The ability to do something that frightens one; bravery. Strength in the face of pain or grief.

These are times that call for courage. Personal fear feeds into collective fear. Collective fear feeds into personal fear.

There may be times when you are hit by waves of fear, and waves of uncertainty.

That is OK. In fact, that is totally normal.

And yet, remember, above all things, humans adapt. We are remarkably skilled at adapting, at changing, at shapeshifting to meet new circumstances. Right now, you are shapeshifting. I am shapeshifting. Our society is shapeshifting.

Amidst this change, choose courage and remember there is immense freedom in shifting your shape. You are no longer constrained to old patterns, old habits, old and limiting ways of being.

How will you be changed, in the most magnificent way, when we are all able to resume daily life? What do you look like? At this time of transition, it is essential to vision how you wish to be changed, so your amazing sentient energy fields know how to coalesce in this great shape shifting.

Dream yourself into your new being. Dream our world into its new being. This is the time for courage and dreams. Let’s dream big, together.

With love,


Tuesday 31st March - You were born to make a difference

You are not a victim. Not to a virus, not to your own immune system, not to collective fear.

To imply you are a victim means that you have no choice, and in all situations you have choice.

I know that it doesn’t always feel that way, but in every situation you find yourself within, you are presented with a choice. Not recognising that choice is a choice. Not choosing, is a choice.

Right now, there is so much that you can be doing to choose vitality, to choose health, to choose to embrace the societal changes that the coronavirus pandemic is presenting you with. You were born to make a difference. You were born to be part of this great web of life, and not just any old part, or an indispensable part. You are absolutely vital. You, and your choices, are essential.

Energetically, the lungs relate to inspiration. The very word ‘inspire’ comes from the Latin inspirare ‘to breathe or blow into’. As you draw each breath into your lungs, you draw inspiration deep into your being. But do you?

Do you find our society inspiring? Do you feel inspired by the state of the world, how about our political systems? Do you feel inspired when you think of the environmental issues we face as a global collective? How inspired are you at how we treat the animal world, or how we treat each other as humans?

Right now, the global deaths due to coronavirus stands at just under 40,000 deaths. That is a tragic loss of human life. Last year 800,000 people committed suicide. No, I didn’t get too many ‘0’s in that figure. 800,000 people committed suicide. We are living in a time when it can be challenging to be inspired, to breathe that life force deep into your lungs and feel ‘I am so glad to be alive! I am so deeply delighted to be living at this time of human development’.

And yet, I am deeply inspired by the way that as individuals and as a society so many are reaching across the social distancing, across the self-isolation, across the financial turmoil, to act with inspiration. To inspire others to feel hope, to laugh, to sing together on social media or on balconies, to work in the frontline with courage and honour, to reach out and connect, to take their vital place in the human web of life. Perhaps, as a society, we are not victims of the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps we are choosing to be inspired, and to be inspirational. Perhaps you are choosing to inspire people in your life, your family, your community, to breathe life into the infinite smile that resides in the heart of every living being.

This photo is of a butterfly that was on a tree in a cafe in Cornwall. It reads, ‘I wish for a happy life for everyone, including me’. THAT, is deeply inspiring to me and to the child who wrote it, I say, 'Thank you for your magnificent wish. I wish that too'.

With love,


Wednesday 1st April - Happy April Fool’s Day!

I love the Fool! I love the Fool who reminds me not to take life too seriously (I can fall into that tendency!), and instead to look for the simple blessings in each moment.

The Fool is someone who trusts, even when others can’t find reason to trust. Someone who steps out each day with a child-like enthusiasm for life, even when others question what enthusiasm could possibly exist in this situation.

The Fool wears their heart on their sleeve, and loves it being there. The Fool laughs, just for joy of feeling the laugh move through the world. The Fool plays every day, for what other reason does life hold than to take part in the fullness of life; in play, in wisdom, in deep, foolish and joyful perfection.

Today let’s celebrate all of the amazing Fools in our lives! Do you have the perfect Fool in your life? Are you the perfect Fool in your own life? Where is the balance of joy? The balance of play? The balance of celebrating you, simply because you exist. Thank you you, thank you Fool. Let’s be Fools together.

With love, Prune the Fool This photo is of the perfect fool in my life, my husband Collin, who is always ready to remind me to laugh, to remind me that life is foolishly sweet, just as it is. This is him deciding to be an elephant meditating in the sun.

With love,


Thursday 2nd April - Your super-charged secret weapon

Do you know you have a secret weapon that you carry around with you every minute of the day and night?

This secret weapon changes the chemicals in your body every time you use it. It floods your hormonal system with the chemistry of balance and harmony. It improves your immune system. It reduces pain. It helps you live longer. It lowers your blood pressure. It lifts your mood.

And. A warning. IT IS SUPER CONTAGIOUS! Your super-charged weapon will activate all other super weapons.

Will you fire up your weapon and use it today? I’m sharing this picture of my super-weapon. Post YOUR SMILE to share yours.

And remember every time you smile, your brain erupts a flood of messages into your body. These messages create endorphins, serotonin, dopamine; all the GREAT stuff you want in your body right now.

Smile your smile bright today. Not only are you positively changing your chemistry and health, you are positively changing the world.

With love,


Friday 3rd April - What happens when you smile

It was SO GREAT to see all of the photos of your super-charged smiles yesterday!

Thank you.

It made me realise that I would love to share with you what happens in your energy fields when you smile. I have been able to see energy since I was born and it is endlessly fascinating to watch the way that the complex, dynamic energy systems that make up YOU, change continually depending on what you are thinking, how you are feeling, and what you are doing.

When you smile a few things happen immediately

If, before your smile, your energy fields were running patterns of fight/flight/freeze (in other words STRESS) these patterns immediately lessen.

A radiant energy begins to spread from deep inside your core. This radiant energy is deeply connective and one of your most powerful healing energies that you have in your body. A small smile (even a fake smile) will begin to invite some movement of this radiant energy from your energetic core. A warm smile helps it spread further, a BIG BEAMER sends this radiant, healing energy literally whizzing through all of your energy systems and physiology. The colours of your aura deepen and brighten. This in turn expands your auric field so that it is both more tightly woven and connective as well as being further from your body. This provides an amazing strong shield of joy for you to be living within.

Enough? I could keep going actually, and add that the energy shifts that happen when you smile also increases your groundedness so electromagnetic energy is able to flow more freely through your body, helping you feel safe, strong and connected.

Smile big today. If you don’t feel like smiling then pick up the phone to someone who always gets you laughing, or put on a funny film, put on your favourite music and dance until you just can’t help smiling. Look through photos that bring you joy. I’m sharing this photo of my wedding day and big beaming smile. Joy is essential at this time, for your physical health, for your mental health, and for the health of your families and society.

With love, Prune

Saturday 4th April - When am I a failure?

There is one very simple answer to this question. Never. You are never a failure. You never fail.

You can mess up. You can get things wrong. You can act in a manner less than the manner of your fullness. But you never fail.

Every step that you take along the journey of your life is a success to be celebrated.

Every breath you take is inspiration, taken in deep and then gifted back into the world.

You are always doing what you can to be all that you are, and those times you realise that you haven’t managed to express your fullest, or to hold your biggest resilience, or to shine your bright smile bright, then know that is because you didn’t have access to that fullest, or biggest or brightest part of yourself.

And you still did what you could do to be all that you are. That is amazing!

Can you think of the last time you sat down and thought, ‘you know what, I'm going to choose to be miserable today’. Or ‘I’m going to choose to be snappy with my partner today, that sounds like fun. I am going to be nasty today’. NO! You have never had that conversation with yourself. If you have been miserable, or snappy or nasty then it was because you were compromised in some way energetically. You might have felt exhausted, threatened, uncomfortable, overly protective. Your subconscious might have been playing out an old energetic pattern that you learned as a child, or from your first lover who messed around with your emotions, or any other limiting pattern held in your subconscious mind. But this is not failing.

Remember, you are always doing what you can do to be all that you are.

The more you give yourself permission to be ‘just’ you, to be who you actually are, in the quietest AND the most rambunctious parts of your deepest self, the more you open to the wild wisdom that lives within you. Your wild wisdom is the light showing you the way in the dark, your wild wisdom is your guide in this strange new world. Your wild wisdom connects your subconscious and your consciousness so that you are able to identify and heal those old patterns of limitation and have more and more choice about how you move through this magnificent world.

And when you greet and embrace your wild wisdom, who has always been your willing companion, the more you realise that we are all going to be OK, even amidst this current storm.

Your wild wisdom reminds you that you are OK. In fact, you are more than OK, you are amazing. You are essential and always, always, enough.

With love to you and your wild wisdom, Prune

Sunday 5th April - For those days you feel overwhelmed.

There are days when you may feel overwhelmed by what is going on in our world right now. You can’t smile your bright smile. You can’t radiate joy or all the other things that I’ve been talking about in these coronavirus chronicles.

You just don’t feel brave today.

And that is fine. That is OK. That is totally normal.It simply means that your courage and your joy are resting.

They haven’t gone forever, they haven’t even gone for long. They have journeyed into your deep cave of transformation to ask the necessary questions and to hear the answers in the magnificence of your soul.

Each of these days helps nurture a deeper courage, an even wiser joy. If you are having a day like that today, rest deep, nurture your body, nurture your soul. Be content to do nothing because you are already doing it all in the depth of your being, and that is enough.

AND! When you have a day like that, know that there are hundreds of thousands of people, maybe MILLIONS OF PEOPLE who ARE having good days. They do feel brave, they do feel radiant, they are feeling joy. And because they feel like that, they hold the space for your gentle and profound transformation. Because they feel like that, you are held in the great web of connectiveness and soon your courage, your radiance and your joy will find its way from the deep cave of transformation inside you, and be spread through your entire body system once more. At that point, you take your place in the great web of life and in doing so support others who, for that day, for that situation, for that time, also need to rest deep inside themselves. You are never alone. It simply isn’t possible.

With love,


Monday 6th April - Calling the wisdom keepers!

If you are reading this it is highly likely that you are a modern wisdom keeper.

Wisdom keepers remind us to weave traditional wisdoms and values into the modern way of living so that as well as thundering forward on the train of progress, we remain grounded and heart-wise in the values of kindness, compassion and courage.

Wisdom keepers have special gifts and abilities and are essential for the continued balanced co-creation of our modern society.

They remind you to dream, to be creative, to dive into the old stories and myths and to see yourself in the journey.

Wisdom keepers remind you to hold your soul closer than you hold your bank balance.

For many of you, one of the first wisdom keepers you would have known would have been a grandparent (or perhaps, if you were really blessed) more than one of your grandparents.

The grand wisdom keeper in my life was my maternal grandfather, Geoffrey Foster, who I just knew as Grandpa. For many reasons, I didn't really know him until I was in my early 20s. During our time together he would share stories, snippets of information, different perspectives than that of a 20 year old (!) and many little sayings that still hold me today, giving courage, nurturing humour and inspiring my heart. Many years after his death, he remains a huge inspiration to me and I feel his supportive presence in my ancestral energy field very often.

I have met hundreds if not thousands of wisdom keepers in my life. People who are inspired to share the wisdom of their souls with others in their life, and who are willing to face and embrace their fears and self-doubts to demonstrate through their thoughts, words and actions the kind of world we are all capable of creating.

Who is the wisdom keeper that inspired you in your young life? Whoever they are, right now, they are feeling grateful that you are carrying on their dream, and carrying on their gentle grace-filled belief that together we can weave the old and the new to create a world of balance, harmony and joy.

With love, and deep thanks to all of you.


Tuesday 7th April - The dance between all things

Today I am dancing in the in-between, and I love it. Many of you know that I had coronavirus 2 weeks ago. It was quite mild for the first week and after a fews days of mild symptoms, I began to recover. Then, quite suddenly, the energy of the virus flared again leaving me experiencing chest pain and exhaustion. The last week has been about me supporting my lungs, nurturing my heart and living in patience and compassion as my amazing body continues to find its way through this situation.

Today I feel the spark of health flickering back in my system. Like a slow, sparkling ripple that is still quite quiet in each of my cells, in each of my organs, but is beginning to move towards vitality once more.

Between your in-breath and your out-breath there is a pause. Between your out-breath and your in-breath there is a pause.

This pause exists in an energetic space I love. I call it the in-between, and energetically, the in-between is anything but empty. It is rich, connective and immense in its potentiality.

Life is full of the in-betweens: The precious time in-between sleep and wakefulness. The magical space in-between you and me right now where these thoughts are being created and shared. The turning of all thought, the dropping of prejudice, the ability to see a new way of being; these all exist in the in-between, for they involve the rich creativity of a new way of seeing, a new way of being. The in-between is the birthplace of all creativity.

As my body moves between illness and health I recognise this space of the in-between and I love it, it is a familiar and wonderful space and always invites me to dance within it; to dream, to fly, to wonder just what an amazing world we are in the middle of creating together. Wishing you a joyful dance in the in-between today,

With love,


Wednesday 8th April - This crisis is not unprecedented

If words have sentience then the word ‘unprecedented’ must be feeling star of the show right now, second only to the word ‘coronavirus’. Nearly every news bulletin, article and blog use the word ‘unprecedented’ and I have used it too over the past few weeks! And yet, it all depends on what kind of time scale we are looking at. This pandemic is certainly unprecedented in living memory.

And yet, our current situation is not unprecedented.

There have been epidemics and pandemics throughout human history with the first scientifically verified epidemic being over 5000 years ago. This great article sums up 20 of the worst epidemics that humans have worked with in history.

This means that although we don’t have living memory of these times in human history, we do have an energetic and genetic memory. Your ancestors experienced epidemics, pandemics, plagues. They lived and died their lives meeting the same challenges that you live and meet everyday, this current situation is no different. The big difference now is our understanding of how epidemics spread and ways to minimise these effects. The wisdom of your ancestors lives strong and deep in every cell of your body. Your ancestral field in your energy field wraps you up with protection, guidance and wisdom. Tap into this wisdom to ask how you can best meet this current situation, in all of its known and well-mapped territories.

One of the ancest