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Consciousness and Energy

It really doesn’t take much for us to be able live with energetic consciousness. There are so many tools available to use as anchors for our well-being, in fact there are so many ways that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. So a main intention of these blogs is to give you key insights and simple techniques to help you live sustainably, energetically and consciously.

I have been able to see energy since I was born. Simple fact. When I look at people I see just what you see; their clothes, their eye colour, their haircut, whether their expression is happy or sad. And I see their aura, the health of it, the shape of it, the colours that are weaving within it. I can see the way that the individual energy systems are moving within and around the dense, physical body. I can see the way that these systems connect with each other, or where they are trying to connect but not quite able to, or where there is energy congestion leading to pain, inflammation or disease.

If I am working with a client I open this perception wider to see, feel and hear some of the experiences that have shaped that individual in order to help them heal any outmoded patterns that are causing restrictions or limitations to their harmony, health and vitality. All such experiences and stories are held in your energy system; great databanks of stories that you use as navigation tools through the daily journey of your life. Such navigation tools help you determine if a situation is safe for you, or allow you to access ways of knowing to help you resolve a situation or to get the most out of something that you are experiencing.

Your energy systems weave between dense energy and subtle energy, your conscious mind and your sub-conscious mind, so when you can understand and work with your energy systems you have the ability to work with all that you are. David Feinstein, in his article ‘The Principles of Energy Medicine’ does a wonderful job of explaining that:

  • Energies form the dynamic infrastructure of the physical body

  • Energy has to move

  • Energy moves in specific patterns

  • Imbalances in the energy body result in imbalances in the physical body

  • When the energies of the body are healthy then they physical body is healthy

I hope that you are able to achieve your deepest, most joyful balance for the sake of yourself, your loved ones, and your local and global community as we walk together through this time of vital global transition.

With love, Prune


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