Tips for Autumn - Solar Energy

There are some wonderful physical/energetic and nutritional aids that you can bring in at this time of year to help the transition from the yang-fuelled Summer months into the cooler Autumn months, and it feels important to understand what happens energetically as we move through the seasons.

In these September months, it is a time to start to gather our energy, so we have plenty to carry us through the darker, deeper months of Winter. Much as during the harvest festivals where we celebrate the abundance of harvest and store/freeze/can/preserve what we need until the bounty returns next year; our energy system mirrors this natural occurrence.

Hopefully, wherever you are, you have had the opportunity to stock up on the amazing abundance of sun energy that was plentiful in Europe during this summer. Vitamin D is carried into our whole-body system firstly through our aura, and then our skin, and this is also how we bring in the vital yang energy of the sun. As we progress through Winter, for many it will become important to supplement Vitamin D, but at the moment, as long as you were able to spend time outdoors over the summer, your natural stocks of Vitamin D should be plentiful. In my clinic I generally start testing clients with Vitamin D supplements in Jan and most do not need it until February or March. It seems ironic that it is often the return of the sun that sees us most deplete in this vital vitamin but in the early spring we aren’t really getting much D from the sun so it can be important to continue to take Vitamin D through the spring.  This is where energy testing your supplements can be so important to your health and your finances!

Having a good stock of solar energy and Vitamin D is not only a big determinant as to how you will respond to bacteria and viruses over these next few weeks, but also how your mood will manage throughout the Winter before the return of the sun in the Spring.

So, priority number 1 is to keep the aura active and vibrant to enable us to continue absorbing the vital solar energy that is still available to many of us.  You can do this with the Celtic Weave exercise or by tracing lots of figure 8’s throughout your biofield. Your aura cannot be strong without your whole-body system being grounded, so ensure you are grounding well. (You can refer to my blogs on grounding or work with Spooning your Feet and Connecting Heaven and Earth). And, I know it is obvious, but I’ll say it anyway….get outdoors! The more time you spend outdoors at the moment the vaster the benefits to your aura, your grounding and to your whole health (physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitional and energetic).

More to follow on how to be healthy, vital and resilient this autumn.

With love, Prune