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The Womb - Soul, Sex, Sensuality and Power

Did you know that you were born with all the eggs that you have produced in your fertile cycle? That means that when you were in your mother’s womb, you already had those eggs. Just as your mother was a baby girl with all her eggs inside her mother’s womb.

This means that your grandmother’s womb held the baby girl with her eggs, one of which became you. You (in your egg form) were inside your grandmother’s womb.

OMG! I have known this fact for decades, but it still blows my mind and heart.

Because I am a woman, and because they were women, I was inside my grandmother’s womb (a grandmother I never met as she died when my mother was young), and yet, we are linked through our wombs down the generations of women. The power and sacredness of the womb is something that can never be captured by the bio-medical view of the ‘uterus’.

And often, we come to sex with no concept of the power, the sexiness, and the desires of the womb. Have you ever thought about the different types of orgasm you experience?

Energetically, there are three different types of orgasms; the clitoral orgasm that is gorgeous and sends waves of energy and warmth from the external genitals (clitoris, labia), into the vagina where it gets transmitted through an energy channel called the penetrating flow everywhere in the trunk. Sort of on a scale of 4 or 5. Lovely. The aura enlivens, the electrical system dances and waves, the radiant circuits glow, the chakras get a good dusting.

The vaginal orgasm is a bit deeper than this. This is the stuff of the famed g-spot (although what that is I have no clue!). The energy of this orgasm begins deeper in the body, not quite the womb, but in the vagina, the clitoris, the perineum and as it waves through the body it has a deeper core to it. 7 or 8 on the orgasm Richter scale. The chakras shift and expand pop, pop pop, the electrical system sparks brighter, the aura gets strengthened, the radiant circuits bloom.

And then there is the womb-gasm. This is the full engagement of the fibres, nerves, and consciousness of the womb as well as your clitoris, vagina, perineum. It rises and rises, until it is held in the womb, to be released in a watery fire explosion through all of the lower body, reaching into the heart field and taking a second explosion as the empowered electrical field of the womb meets the electrical field of the heart. Off the scale. These are often the orgasms that release a load of emotion with them, either tears, laughter, both, or simply emotions that are so big that for a few breaths they roll through you again and again as you experience them as too powerful for words or consciousness. The aura explodes into colours and connectivity, the radiant circuits gets wired in power and grace, the meridians become super charged and balanced, electrically everything is aligned and connected in flow and power, and the energetic core comes alive.

And this is the difference between the three types of orgasm. When you experience a womb-gasm, the energetic core starts shining your bright soul light through your physical body, through your energetic body and into the world. You literally light up the world. This is all to do with your womb, and is irrespective of whether you are giving yourself an orgasm, whether you are having oral, penetrative, anal or any other kind of sex. Any kind of sex can be womb sex, and any kind of sex can be far, far away from even touching soul/womb connection.

What I really want you to hear, is that as women, there is only one way to shine your soul light in this way, and that is through connection to the womb. When you are in relationship with your womb, compassion for yourself is at the very centre of your experiencing and your sensuality comes into every part of your life. You notice the world around you, you experience your essential role in it. Your soul is sensual, and when you are in relationship with your womb, you are a sensuous being, loving your world and your life.

Sensuality is so very different from sexuality. Sensuality is to do with the experiencing of the senses, sexuality is to do with sex (or gender, but in this article, we are going to be using the word ‘sexuality’ to refer to sex rather than gender).

The reason that there is a HUGE difference between sensuality and sexuality is that one isn’t loaded with social and personal expectations! Sensuality is touching, feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing. I am a deeply sensuous person. I love touching things just to feel them, the texture of food is as important to me as the taste, I notice and adore the smells of the universe, I notice all the little sounds around me (from someone grinding their teeth, to the birds starting their morning warm up). Are you sensuous? Are you in relationship with them? Do you ever thank your nose just because you can smell? When you see that soul-touching sunset, do you feel amazed at your own eyes as well as the colours in the sky?

When we are deeply connected to our womb, each of us have the ability to be exquisite beings living a sensual, soulful experience.

You may enjoy this recorded talk about womb wisdom from the Energy Medicine summit a few years ago.

With love,



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