The Wind Points

I’m excited to share with you a very valuable energy understanding. Recently, I have noticed that many of my loved ones have been having real challenges keeping the wind points in the body stabilised. The wind points are access points where the energies of the environment can enter the body if the Aura is not vibrant and resilient.

Do you recall your grandparents telling you to always wear a scarf on a windy day? Well, they were right. And first up, you have to be aware that the ‘wind’ points aren't just about when it is a windy day. ‘Wind’ in the Chinese understanding means a force of external environment or climate, including various types of external energies such as damp, dry, wind, and heat, that can be carried into the body through the wind points when they are open and unprotected. The wind point has become a portal through which your vital life energy can leave you and the mischievous affects of the external climates can continue to flood into your whole body system.

These energies are called various names in the ancient Chinese texts, including the Wind points, Climate points, and (this one makes me laugh every time) the five pernicious devils!  It is very common to have challenges with the wind points when you are ill or when the seasons are changing.

First... the location of the points:  1. The powerpoint at the top of the neck where the spine joins the skull (Governing 16)

2. The points one inch either side of the powerpoint and one inch up (Gallbladder 19) 2. The point where the spine of the back joins the spine of the neck (Governing 14) 3. The points just behind the earlobes (Triple Warmer 17) 4. The top of the head (Heart Neurovascular / Governing 20) 5. The trapezius muscles above the clavicles - an easily reached muscle that goes from the neck to the top of the arms (around Gallbladder 21)

You can watch my video demonstrating the location and correction of the points below.

If you know how to energy test you can energy localise any of these points and test to see if they are strong or weak. If weak, then you can correct them as below. If you don’t energy test then you can simply work in the following ways on any or all of the points. Notice if any feel more vulnerable or sensitive than others and give them special attention. 

Corrections: Trace figure of 8s deeply into the point on the skin for a minute or more, before then tracing the figure 8s from the point out through the Aura several centimetres off the body. This will probably need to be done several times over 3-5 days to really keep the point vibrant and resilient to external winds. 

If you are someone who doesn’t like the wind or feels affected by being out in it, then you may need to work with these points every time that you go out in wind, until your points are more and more resilient, and you can also support the wind points by most definitely by wearing scarves when you go out into the wind! I hope this helps you keep your energies stable and joyful. With love, Prune


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