The Microcosmic Orbit

Some meridians are both organ meridians and extraordinary meridian. Donna Eden calls these the Radiant Circuits. I have chosen to call them by one of their original TCM names of the Extraordinary Channels, as they really are extraordinary.

Yes, they carry radiance, but they also carry the wisdom of the Energetic Core out through all of the body, into and through the biofield and then out into the greater energetic matrix of the universe. They are the Penetrating and Belt channel, the Yin and Yang Bridge channel, the Yin and Yang Regulator Channel and the Central and Governing Channels. The most extraordinary attribute of the Extraordinary Channels are that they can go anywhere.

They hold a deep wisdom and radiant consciousness that can carry through all of the aura, the chakras, the energetic core…everywhere. They transcends any one single system.

In this blog we are going to explore the magnificence of the Central and Governing Channels. Central runs from the pubic bone up to the mouth and it is the meridian we activate when we ‘Zip up’. It is a yin meridian. The governing runs from the sacrum up the back and over the head to the mouth. It is a yang meridian.

In reality the energies of the Central and Governing meridians continue to form one continuous loop, meeting deep inside the lower dantien and also in the back of the throat. Thus, rather than thinking of them as two separate meridians, we can understand that they are a beautifully balanced yin yang loop running around our energetic core, holding the energy of the chakras and helping to seal, nourish and protect our whole-body system.

The governing meridian brings energy and vitality into the brain, while the central meridian helps hold the heartfield strong and coherent, allowing us to experience our place within the world in safety and wisdom. One of the unique aspects of the Central and Governing meridians is that as well as flowing in the direction  I described above (central up the front of the body to the mouth, and Governing up the back of the body to the mouth) they actually flow in both directions at once, with the yin of central also continuing the yang flow of governing around the body from the mouth back down the front and under to the sacrum. The Governing meridian likewise allows the yin energy of Central to flow up over the head, down the spine and around to the pubic bone. Such movement along the yin yang channels enhances communication through all of the organs and organ meridian systems.

Even at this point, they seem pretty wonderful don’t they! But this is still only the way they functions at a superficial level.  As Extraordinary channels they also create the heavenly orbit which is also known as the microcosmic orbit. It is through this microcosmic orbit that the energy of the governing and central meridians is carried out from the superficial right through the aura to the auric membrane. It is magnificent to see. When the microcosmic orbit is active everything within the whole-body system is more active and vibrant. It is both a shield of loving protection and a beacon of loving radiance, attracting all that is beneficent.

So, how to work with the central and governing meridians.

  • Tracing Central and Governing meridians

  • Doing the Zip up regularly

  • Doing the Hook Up regularly

The way that I love to activate the microcosmic orbit is to hook up the central and governing meridians by placing them middle fingers of each hand in the belly button and the third eye. If those places don’t resonate with you then try alternate hook ups shown here. Continue to hold the hook up while you work with the instructions below.

  • As you inhale, breath up through the energetic core from beneath the feet, up the central Taiji Pole, to the crown of the head.

  • As you exhale, send the energy of the breath out of the central and governing meridians, visualising breath and light moving from the superficial meridians right out through the aura to the auric membrane.

  • Continue to hold the hook up as you work with several rounds of breath.

  • The more you do this, the more resilience and enlivened your microcosmic orbit will remain.

Enjoy! With love, Prune


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