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The Energy of Food

We have all heard the old adage, ‘You are what you eat’, and it is true on so many levels.

Energetically there are two main components of this. Firstly every item of food has its own vibration and energy field and second that we need to be able to resonate with the food’s vibrational energy in order for us to benefit from eating it.

The energetic vibration of food

There is a vast range in the vibrational energy of the food we eat. Imagine a scale ranging 0 (no vibrational energy at all) to 100 (bursting with vitality and vibrancy). Now think about placing every food item that you eat somewhere within that scale; I suspect there may be a few surprises. When we eat food that is energised, vibrant and in resonance with us, then we give our digestive system a gift. It is so easy for our whole-body system to absorb, assimilate and process the food and its nutrients, as well as to eliminate what isn’t needed by the body. After we eat energetically vibrant food we have energy! We feel good and our whole system health is enriched by being in resonance with the food that is now giving us life.

And yet, I often see food on plates or on shelves that has no vibrational energy at all. Time after time I go into restaurants, supermarkets, cafes and see ‘dead’ food. And it makes my heart ache. This is food that should be nourishing us, fuelling our bodies, energising us, and instead it is flat-lining. It will still give us some nutrients. If we take a nutritional reading of the values of the food then there will still be some calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates etc, but the life-energy is missing and when we eat food that is flat-lining, our cells also diminish in their vitality. Now just imagine that you are regularly eating food that has no life-force in it, or that a mass section of our society is eating food that has no life-force in it, or that our children are mainly eating food that has no life-force… what do you think that will do to your/their whole-body health, and not only to the development of your/their bodies, but also the development of your/their consciousness.

We are currently undergoing a real revolution in the consciousness energetics of food so perhaps there is very little new in the information that I’m going to give you in the list below as far as what food is good for you, but the reasons are perhaps a little different.

Food that has the most vibrancy and life-force

  • Fermented foods (Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kefir etc) I love looking at fermented food  (I love eating it too). More than any other food, fermented food has a rich array of colours and vibrations. I have gone to my fridge to open up my sauerkraut to look at it as I’m writing this blog. It is now sitting on the table in front of me and has a vast energy field around it. Generally, the more vibrant the food is, the more the energy field emanates from the food, and this is so true of fermented foods, but there is also something that is quite unique about them, and that is that the energy within and around the fermented foods swirl. They move and dance and swirl in a rainbow of colours. It is like they are thousands of living foods rather than one. Perhaps this is also the energy of the bacteria and fungi that are co-creating the fermentation process, and making is so powerful. Most fermented food is a definite 100 on the scale and my most favourite food for its energy, its richness and its life force.

  • Food that has been loved by the sun, the earth, the rain and humans I know, I know, this sounds so terribly corny, but it remains so terribly true! The more nourishment and nurturing the food source has had, the more life-force it contains to be passed on to the human eating it. If the plant or animal has been given harsh chemicals or medication in order to break its natural cycle with life then that will show up in a drop in its vibrancy. The wholeness of the plant or the animal is broken at that time. They are no longer in right relationship with their natural environment and when you eat that food, your energy systems and your cells inherit this imbalance.

  • Food that you have grown/raised yourself In this extension of the previous point, a plant or animal that you have grown or cared for will always resonate with your whole-body system far more greatly than one that you have bought.Local food. There is great power in the resonance with plants and animals that have been grown and cared for within the energy of the same piece of the earth that you live within. The energy of our land is the energy that we most specifically resonate with, (it is literally the energy that we are gifted every day), so plants and animals that have also been given life by that piece of land can resonate with us even more deeply. For some of you this may be a radius of a few miles from your home, for others it will be more like 100 or 200 miles as you recognise that the energy of your land spreads in similarity for a long way around you. Here in Cornwall where I live there is a specific energy held within the culture, but the energy of the land spreads out for most of the West country up to and into the county of Somerset, so if I’m buying food from Cornwall, Devon or Somerset then my cells are still in deep resonance with the cells of those plants and animals.

  • Food that has been grown or raised by someone else who loves caring for the plant or animal Right at the bottom of list is: Food raised in monoculture with pesticides/growth hormones  etc. This is devastating for the crops and the animals that are forced to endure gross conditions of survival. When such plants and animals are viewed merely as a resource rather than for their own sentience within the interconnective web of life, then we have robbed them of the vitality of their life experience and this is deeply reflected in the energy of the food that is then carried into our whole-body system.

So, yes, what I am saying is that all food has the ability to be vibrant or completely lacking in all vibrancy; vegetables, meat, grains, dairy…. If we want to eat the healthiest and vital food in order to be our most healthy and vital selves, we really can’t follow a model of ‘eat this food and don’t eat that food’. It is much, much more the quality of food that we are eating that will impact our whole-system health for both the short term and long term.

With love, Prune


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