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Chakras and Consciousness

Guest post by Jyotish Patel

Your physical, psychological and spiritual evolution is reflected in your chakras. Every thought and experience you’ve ever had in your life gets filtered through the chakras. They are an energetic imprint of your personal story as well as the template to realise the clear light of bliss.

In yogic tradition, the theory of the chakras is related to the belief in a universal soul with which the individual’s soul can unite.

They reflect how the unified consciousness of humanity is divided to manage different aspects of earthly life. All of your senses, all of your perceptions, all of your possible states of awareness, everything that is possible for you to experience, is mapped in your chakras. Beyond the specifics are elaborate pictorial and mythological associations which have developed over the centuries. These poetic statements and myths share the visions and experiences yogis have encountered as they have activated the specific chakras.

The body is considered to be “the Shrine of the Spirit” where the power of nature dwells. An understanding of each chakra will suggest that knowledge of the yoga system enables access into the rich and ancient reservoir of the body’s natural wisdom.

The human experience can be demanding and often damaging to our true nature. How have you designed yourself to function? What are you not honouring? Has your uniqueness felt misplaced? Why did you go so far out of balance? What did you lose sight of?

The normal, unstimulated awakening or energising of the chakras follows a natural progression in human growth, often considered in seven year cycles.  This is the inherent order of progression, although in all the chakras, the layers are acting and overlapping each other all the time. Their functions are with us throughout our lives, although each one prevails or leads the dance at different times depending on our life process. Energetically the path through life may be seen as a spiral, where we perceive life issues from the different window of perception of the seven chakras. We interpret our personal history and our relationships through these portals. The same issues, the same questions come up in each period of our lives as we spiral upwards but have different implications as our vantage points change.

Insights into the challenges you have chosen to overcome and living in conscious partnership with your chakras will empower you to experience the pure consciousness that lies within each one of us. We need only learn that we already posses the required energy to live our highest destiny.

Time to honour you, time to regain balance within self and refer within to know yourself and your connection to the web of creation.

About Jyotish

Jyotish’s Energy Medicine journey began in 1996 when he met Donna Eden, which started a lifelong fascination with energy. He is now a certified Advanced Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, certified Zero Balancer, Touch for Health Practitioner and an Aromatherapist. Drawing on his diverse background and over twenty years of experience in the Healing Arts, he is able to offer an integrative approach with intuitive insight to help facilitate client’s optimum health and radiance.

He has pioneered the application of Eden Energy Medicine into the world of business, creating and delivering innovative programmes designed to bring a new awareness to individuals, leaders and their teams to optimise their health and performance within organisations.

He collaborates with Prune Harris on various engagements including creating new approaches to client work and practice, co teaching ‘The Illuminous Chakra” workshop and in bringing EEM to Charitable Foundations.

Jyotish maintains his primary practice in Lewes close to where he lives in rural E Sussex with his partner Lianne, daughter Anousha and Leela the spaniel. He is inspired by shamanic practices, consciousness studies, loves cooking, yoga, being in nature with family and having fun.  Contact:


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