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Survival of the fittest

The survival of the fittest is one of the most damaging myths of our modern culture. The overarching structure in nature is co-operation and mutual symbiosis. Whether we look at ants or elephants, a pride of lions, or the Emperor Penguins, there is the focus on the collective.

I’ve recently become the honoured keeper of bees and as I’m learning about their complex social structure, the most striking feature is the emphasis on the health of the community. If an individual needs to be sacrificed for the good on the whole, then it is a necessary action, but that is a far cry from the central concept of the survival of the fittest.

This myth has as its central tenet the understanding that all beings are self-serving and those who are weakest are worthless. But, more accurately, nature holds that everything has its place in the intricate design of Creation, and no place is more important than the other. Even those who live in hierarchical societies, such as baboons or wolves, understand that the hierarchy only exists because of the interdependence of each individual on other individuals. It is not about mastery but about interdependence.

Now let us think of ourselves. There is more DNA in your system that isn’t yours, than there is that is yours. Cancer cell biologist, Joan Borysenko, informs us that of our 100 trillion cells, only 10 trillion are human mammalian cells. The rest are bacteria that live within you, and on your skin. In the gut alone there are over 4lbs of healthy bacteria that are essential for your well being. In fact, when you understand that there is more non-you DNA than you-DNA then it creates the question of who are you? Are you an individual or are you a symbiotic organism?

If we think of Planet Earth as a grand organism teeming with other organism then perhaps each of us is a miniature representation of the Planet. If you didn’t have the good bacteria in your gut system then not only your digestion but your immune system, your vitality and your very life force would be severely compromised. So you need that bacteria just as much as it needs you. You are a symbiotic organism, not an individual.

So throw out the concept the only the fittest survive. It is incorrect, and always was, although it perfectly suited the worldview of the mainstream culture that created it in the 19th century. And all of this is important as we begin to realise that life is not about fighting for survival. Survival should rarely ever have to be what we are hoping to achieve. Life should be about living, about thriving, about discovery and enlightenment.

And our energy fields hold this understanding deep within their templates. Yes, we have an incredible protective system that can take over most of the functioning of the physical and energetic when necessary, but we also have the template of health and vitality that operates at every level of our energetic anatomy. And it is this pattern of optimum health that we need to encourage daily and there are so many ways that we are able to do this. It is one of the most wonderful and empowering aspects of understanding our energetic anatomy and the way it affects our physical body; that we really can affect deep and lasting change by working with exercises and simple techniques.

Some of the most effective ways that we can help activate our template of health are:

Doing my Radiant Health Routine every day

Tracing your Radiant Circuits

Working to balance your Adrenal Glands


  • Spending time outdoors

  • Spending time with friends, and loved ones, including our beloved animals. This is another way to activate those powerful Radiant Circuits

Working with the Radiant Health Routine, Radiant Circuits and Adrenal Glands allows your body to move from survival and protective patterns, back into the patterns of optimum health and vitality so you can begin to truly thrive rather than simply survive.

Doesn’t that sound great?

With love, Prune


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